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// dear imgui: Renderer Backend for Metal
// This needs to be used along with a Platform Backend (e.g. OSX)
// Implemented features:
// [X] Renderer: User texture binding. Use 'MTLTexture' as ImTextureID. Read the FAQ about ImTextureID!
// [X] Renderer: Support for large meshes (64k+ vertices) with 16-bit indices.
// You can copy and use unmodified imgui_impl_* files in your project. See main.cpp for an example of using this.
// If you are new to dear imgui, read examples/README.txt and read the documentation at the top of imgui.cpp.
#include "imgui.h" // IMGUI_IMPL_API
@class MTLRenderPassDescriptor;
@protocol MTLDevice, MTLCommandBuffer, MTLRenderCommandEncoder;
IMGUI_IMPL_API bool ImGui_ImplMetal_Init(id<MTLDevice> device);
IMGUI_IMPL_API void ImGui_ImplMetal_Shutdown();
IMGUI_IMPL_API void ImGui_ImplMetal_NewFrame(MTLRenderPassDescriptor* renderPassDescriptor);
IMGUI_IMPL_API void ImGui_ImplMetal_RenderDrawData(ImDrawData* draw_data,
id<MTLCommandBuffer> commandBuffer,
id<MTLRenderCommandEncoder> commandEncoder);
// Called by Init/NewFrame/Shutdown
IMGUI_IMPL_API bool ImGui_ImplMetal_CreateFontsTexture(id<MTLDevice> device);
IMGUI_IMPL_API void ImGui_ImplMetal_DestroyFontsTexture();
IMGUI_IMPL_API bool ImGui_ImplMetal_CreateDeviceObjects(id<MTLDevice> device);
IMGUI_IMPL_API void ImGui_ImplMetal_DestroyDeviceObjects();