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// dear imgui: Platform Binding for OSX / Cocoa
// This needs to be used along with a Renderer (e.g. OpenGL2, OpenGL3, Vulkan, Metal..)
// [ALPHA] Early bindings, not well tested. If you want a portable application, prefer using the GLFW or SDL platform bindings on Mac.
// Implemented features:
// [X] Platform: Mouse cursor shape and visibility. Disable with 'io.ConfigFlags |= ImGuiConfigFlags_NoMouseCursorChange'.
// [X] Platform: OSX clipboard is supported within core Dear ImGui (no specific code in this back-end).
// Issues:
// [ ] Platform: Keys are all generally very broken. Best using [event keycode] and not [event characters]..
@class NSEvent;
@class NSView;
IMGUI_API bool ImGui_ImplOSX_Init();
IMGUI_API void ImGui_ImplOSX_Shutdown();
IMGUI_API void ImGui_ImplOSX_NewFrame(NSView *_Nonnull view);
IMGUI_API bool ImGui_ImplOSX_HandleEvent(NSEvent *_Nonnull event, NSView *_Nullable view);