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// Wrapper to use FreeType (instead of stb_truetype) for Dear ImGui
// Get latest version at
// Original code by @Vuhdo (Aleksei Skriabin), maintained by @ocornut
#pragma once
#include "imgui.h" // IMGUI_API, ImFontAtlas
namespace ImGuiFreeType
// Hinting greatly impacts visuals (and glyph sizes).
// When disabled, FreeType generates blurrier glyphs, more or less matches the stb's output.
// The Default hinting mode usually looks good, but may distort glyphs in an unusual way.
// The Light hinting mode generates fuzzier glyphs but better matches Microsoft's rasterizer.
// You can set those flags on a per font basis in ImFontConfig::RasterizerFlags.
// Use the 'extra_flags' parameter of BuildFontAtlas() to force a flag on all your fonts.
enum RasterizerFlags
// By default, hinting is enabled and the font's native hinter is preferred over the auto-hinter.
NoHinting = 1 << 0, // Disable hinting. This generally generates 'blurrier' bitmap glyphs when the glyph are rendered in any of the anti-aliased modes.
NoAutoHint = 1 << 1, // Disable auto-hinter.
ForceAutoHint = 1 << 2, // Indicates that the auto-hinter is preferred over the font's native hinter.
LightHinting = 1 << 3, // A lighter hinting algorithm for gray-level modes. Many generated glyphs are fuzzier but better resemble their original shape. This is achieved by snapping glyphs to the pixel grid only vertically (Y-axis), as is done by Microsoft's ClearType and Adobe's proprietary font renderer. This preserves inter-glyph spacing in horizontal text.
MonoHinting = 1 << 4, // Strong hinting algorithm that should only be used for monochrome output.
Bold = 1 << 5, // Styling: Should we artificially embolden the font?
Oblique = 1 << 6, // Styling: Should we slant the font, emulating italic style?
Monochrome = 1 << 7 // Disable anti-aliasing. Combine this with MonoHinting for best results!
IMGUI_API bool BuildFontAtlas(ImFontAtlas* atlas, unsigned int extra_flags = 0);
// By default ImGuiFreeType will use IM_ALLOC()/IM_FREE().
// However, as FreeType does lots of allocations we provide a way for the user to redirect it to a separate memory heap if desired:
IMGUI_API void SetAllocatorFunctions(void* (*alloc_func)(size_t sz, void* user_data), void (*free_func)(void* ptr, void* user_data), void* user_data = NULL);