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dear imgui
This document holds the user-facing changelog that we also use in release notes.
We generally fold multiple commits pertaining to the same topic as a single entry.
Changes to backends are also included within the individual .cpp files of each backend.
- Keeping your copy of Dear ImGui updated regularly is recommended.
- It is generally safe and recommended to sync to the latest commit in 'master' or 'docking'
branches. The library is fairly stable and regressions tends to be fixed fast when reported.
- Update submodule or copy/overwrite every file.
- About imconfig.h:
- You may modify your copy of imconfig.h, in this case don't overwrite it.
- or you may locally branch to modify imconfig.h and merge/rebase latest.
- or you may '#define IMGUI_USER_CONFIG "my_config_file.h"' globally from your build system to
specify a custom path for your imconfig.h file and instead not have to modify the default one.
- Read the `Breaking Changes` section (in imgui.cpp or here in the Changelog).
- If you have a problem with a missing function/symbols, search for its name in the code, there will likely be a comment about it.
- If you are copying this repository in your codebase, please leave the demo and documentations files in there, they will be useful.
- You may diff your previous Changelog with the one you just copied and read that diff.
- You may enable `IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_FUNCTIONS` in imconfig.h to forcefully disable legacy names and symbols.
Doing it every once in a while is a good way to make sure you are not using obsolete symbols. Dear ImGui is in active development,
and API updates have been a little more frequent lately. They are documented below and in imgui.cpp and should not affect all users.
- Please report any issue!
VERSION 1.90.5 WIP (In Progress)
Breaking changes:
- More formally obsoleted GetKeyIndex() when IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_FUNCTIONS is set.
It has been unnecessary and a no-op since 1.87 (it returns the same value as passed
when used with a 1.87+ backend using io.AddKeyEvent() function). (#4921)
- IsKeyPressed(GetKeyIndex(ImGuiKey_XXX)) --> IsKeyPressed(ImGuiKey_XXX)
- ImDrawList: Merged the radius_x/radius_y parameters in AddEllipse(), AddEllipseFilled()
and PathEllipticalArcTo() into a single ImVec2 parameter. Exceptionally, because those
functions were added in 1.90, we are not adding inline redirection functions.
The transition is easy and should affect few users. (#2743, #7417) [@cfillion]
Other changes:
- Windows: Scrollbar visibility decision uses current size when both size and contents
size are submitted by API. (#7252)
- Windows: Double-click to collapse may be disabled via key-ownership mechanism. (#7369)
- Tables: Angled headers: fixed border hit box extending beyond when used within
non-scrollable tables. (#7416) [@cfillion]
- Tables: Angled headers: fixed borders not moving back up after TableAngleHeadersRow()
stops being called. (#7416) [@cfillion]
- Tables: Angled headers: rounding header size to nearest integers, fixes some issues
when using clipper.
- Menus, Popups: Fixed an issue where sibling menu popups re-opening in successive
frames would erroneously close the window. While it is technically a popup issue
it would generally manifest when fast moving the mouse bottom to top in a sub-menu.
(#7325, #7287, #7063)
- Style: Added ImGuiStyleVar_TabBorderSize, ImGuiStyleVar_TableAngledHeadersAngle for
consistency. (#7411) [@cfillion]
- DrawList: Added AddConcavePolyFilled(), PathFillConcave() concave filling. (#760) [@thedmd]
Note that only simple polygons (no self-intersections, no holes) are supported.
- Docs: added more wiki links to headers of imgui.h/imgui.cpp to facilitate discovery
of interesting resources, because github doesn't allow Wiki to be crawled by search engines.
- This is the main wiki:
- This is the crawlable version:
Adding a link to the crawlable version, even though it is not indended for humans,
to increase its search rank.
VERSION 1.90.4 (Released 2024-02-22)
Decorated log and release notes:
Other changes:
- Nav: Fixed SetKeyboardFocusHere() or programmatic tabbing API from not working on
windows with the ImGuiWindowFlags_NoNavInputs flag (regression in 1.90.2, which
among other things broke imgui_memory_editor).
- Menus, Popups: Fixed an issue where hovering a parent-menu upward would
erroneously close the window. (#7325, #7287, #7063)
- Popups: Fixed resizable popup minimum size being too small. Standardized minimum
size logic. (#7329).
- Modals: Temporary changes of ImGuiCol_ModalWindowDimBg are properly handled by
BeginPopupModal(). (#7340)
- Tables: Angled headers: fixed support for multi-line labels. (#6917)
- Tables: Angled headers: various fixes to accurately handle CellPadding changes. (#6917)
- Tables: Angled headers: properly registers horizontal component of angled headers
for auto-resizing of columns. (#6917)
- Tables: Angled headers: fixed TableAngledHeadersRow() incorrect background fill
drawn too low, particularly visible with tables that have no scrolling. (#6917)
- ProgressBar: Fixed a minor tessellation issue when rendering rounded progress bars,
where in some situations the rounded section wouldn't follow regular tessellation rules.
- Debug Tools: Item Picker: Promoted ImGui::DebugStartItemPicker() to public API. (#2673)
- Debug Tools: Item Picker: Menu entry visible in Demo->Tools but greyed out unless
io.ConfigDebugIsDebuggerPresent is set. (#2673)
- Misc: Added optional alpha multiplier parameter to GetColorU32(ImU32) variant.
- Demo: Custom Rendering: better demonstrate PathArcTo(), PathBezierQuadraticCurveTo(),
PathBezierCubicCurveTo(), PathStroke(), PathFillConvex() functions.
VERSION 1.90.3 (Released 2024-02-14)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- Backends: SDL2: Removed obsolete ImGui_ImplSDL2_NewFrame(SDL_Window*) signature which
was obsoleted in 1.84. Calling ImGui_ImplSDL2_NewFrame() is fine.
- Backends: Vulkan: Moved RenderPass parameter from ImGui_ImplVulkan_Init() function to
ImGui_ImplVulkan_InitInfo structure. Not required when using dynamic rendering. (#7308) [@shawnhatori]
- Backends: Vulkan: Using dynamic rendering now require filling the PipelineRenderingCreateInfo
structure in ImGui_ImplVulkan_InitInfo, allowing to configure color/depth/stencil formats.
Removed ColorAttachmentFormat field previously provided for dynamic rendering.
(#7166, #6855, #5446, #5037) [@shawnhatori]
Other changes:
- Menus, Popups: Fixed menus and popups with ChildWindow flag erroneously not displaying
a scrollbar when contents is over parent viewport size. (#7287, #7063) [@ZingBallyhoo]
- Backends: SDL2, SDL3: Handle gamepad disconnection + fixed increasing gamepad reference
counter continuously. Added support for multiple simultaneous gamepads.
Added ImGui_ImplSDL2_SetGamepadMode()) function to select whether to automatically pick
first available gamepad, all gamepads, or specific gamepads.
(#3884, #6559, #6890, #7180) [@ocornut, @lethal-guitar, @wn2000, @bog-dan-ro]
- Backends: SDL3: Fixed gamepad handling. (#7180) [@bog-dan-ro]
- Backends: SDLRenderer3: query newly added SDL_RenderViewportSet() to not restore
a wrong viewport if none was initially set.
- Backends: DirectX9: Using RGBA format when allowed by the driver to avoid CPU side
conversion. (#6575) [@Demonese]
- Internals: Fixed ImFileOpen not working before context is created, preventing creation
of a font atlas before main context creation. (#7314, #7315) [@PathogenDavid, @ocornut]
VERSION 1.90.2 (Released 2024-02-09)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- Commented out ImGuiIO::ImeWindowHandle obsoleted in 1.87 in favor of writing
to 'void* ImGuiViewport::PlatformHandleRaw'.
- Backends: WebGPU: ImGui_ImplWGPU_Init() now takes a ImGui_ImplWGPU_InitInfo structure
instead of variety of parameters, allowing for easier further changes. (#7240)
Other changes:
- Nav: keyboard/gamepad activation mark widgets as held to give better visual feedback.
- Nav: tweak to logic marking navigated item as hovered when using keyboard, allowing
the hover highlight to stay even while another item is activated.
- Nav: Fixed SetKeyboardFocusHere() not working when current nav focus is in different scope,
regression from 1.90.1 related to code scoping Tab presses to local scope. (#7226) [@bratpilz]
- Nav: Fixed pressing Escape while in a child window with _NavFlattened flag. (#7237)
- Nav: Improve handling of Alt key to toggle menu so that key ownership may be claimed on
individual left/right alt key without interfering with the other.
- Nav, Menus: Fixed click on a BeginMenu() followed by right-arrow from making the child menu
reopen and flicker (using ImGuiPopupFlags_NoReopen).
- Nav: ImGuiWindowFlags_NoNavInputs is tested during scoring so NavFlattened windows can use it.
- Popups: OpenPopup(): added ImGuiPopupFlags_NoReopen flag to specifically not close and reopen
a popup when it is already open. (#1497, #1533)
(Note that this differs from specific handling we already have in place for the case of calling
OpenPopup() repeatedly every frame: we already didn't reopen in that specific situation, otherwise
the effect would be very disastrous in term of confusion, as reopening would steal focus).
- Popups: Slight change to popup closing logic (e.g. after focusing another window) which skipped
over popups that are also child windows.
- Combo: Fixed not reusing windows optimally when used inside a popup stack.
- Debug Tools: Metrics: Fixed debug break in SetShortcutRouting() not handling ImGuiMod_Shortcut redirect.
- Debug Tools: Metrics: Improved Monitors and Viewports minimap display. Highlight on hover.
- Debug Tools: Debug Log: Added "Input Routing" logging.
- Debug Tools: Added "nop" to IM_DEBUG_BREAK macro on GCC to work around GDB bug (#7266) [@Peter0x44]
- Backends: Vulkan: Fixed vkAcquireNextImageKHR() validation errors in VulkanSDK 1.3.275 by
allocating one extra semaphore than in-flight frames. (#7236) [@mklefrancois]
- Backends: Vulkan: Fixed vkMapMemory() calls unnecessarily using full buffer size. (#3957)
- Backends: Vulkan: Fixed handling of ImGui_ImplVulkan_InitInfo::MinAllocationSize field. (#7189, #4238)
- Backends: WebGPU: Added ImGui_ImplWGPU_InitInfo::PipelineMultisampleState. (#7240)
- Backends: WebGPU: Filling all WGPUDepthStencilState fields explicitly as a recent Dawn
update stopped setting default values. (#7232) [@GrigoryGraborenko]
- Backends: WebGPU: Fixed pipeline layout leak. (#7245) [@rajveermalviya]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Backup and restore GL_PIXEL_UNPACK_BUFFER. (#7253)
- Internals: Many improvements related to yet unpublicized shortcut routing and input ownership systems.
- Internals: InputText: Added internal helpers to force reload of user-buf when active. (#2890) [@kudaba, @ocornut]
Often requested in some form (#6962, #5219, #3290, #4627, #5054, #3878, #2881, #1506, #1216, #968),
and useful for interactive completion/suggestions popups (#2057, #718)
VERSION 1.90.1 (Released 2024-01-10)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- imgui_freetype: commented out ImGuiFreeType::BuildFontAtlas() obsoleted in 1.81.
Prefer using #define IMGUI_ENABLE_FREETYPE or see commented code for manual calls.
- Removed CalcListClipping() marked obsolete in 1.86. (#3841)
Prefer using ImGuiListClipper which can return non-contiguous ranges.
- Internals, Columns: commented out legacy ImGuiColumnsFlags_XXX symbols redirecting
to ImGuiOldColumnsFlags_XXX, obsoleted from imgui_internal.h in 1.80.
- Commented out obsolete ImGuiKey_KeyPadEnter redirection to ImGuiKey_KeypadEnter. (#2625, #7143)
Other changes:
- Windows:
- BeginChild(): Fixed auto-resizing erroneously limiting size to host viewport
minus padding. There are no limit to a child width/height. (#7063) [@Devyre]
- BeginChild(): Resize borders rendered even when ImGuiWindowFlags_NoBackground
is specified. (#1710, #7194)
- Fixed some auto-resizing path using style.WindowMinSize.x (instead of x/y)
for both axises since 1.90. (#7106) [@n0bodysec]
- Scrolling: internal scrolling value is rounded instead of truncated, as a way to reduce
speed asymmetry when (incorrectly) attempting to scroll by non-integer amount. (#6677)
- Navigation (Keyboard/gamepad):
- Nav, IO: SetNextFrameWantCaptureKeyboard(false) calls are not overridden back to true when
navigation is enabled. SetNextFrameWantCaptureKeyboard() is always higher priority. (#6997)
- Nav: Activation can also be performed with Keypad Enter. (#5606)
- Drag and Drop:
- Fixed drop target highlight on items temporarily pushing a widened clip rect
(namely Selectables and Treenodes using SpanAllColumn flag) so the highlight properly covers
all columns. (#7049, #4281, #3272)
- InputText:
- InputTextMultiline: Fixed Tab character input not repeating (1.89.4 regression).
- InputTextMultiline: Tabbing through a multi-line text editor which allows Tab character inputs
(using the ImGuiInputTextFlags_AllowTabInput flag) doesn't automatically activate it, in order
to allow passing through multiple widgets easily. (#3092, #5759, #787)
- Drags, Sliders, Inputs:
- DragScalarN, SliderScalarN, InputScalarN: Fixed incorrect pushes into ItemWidth
stack when number of components is 1. [#7095] [@Nahor]
- Drags, Sliders, Inputs: removed all attempts to filter non-numerical characters during text
editing. Invalid inputs not applied to value, visibly reverted after validation. (#6810, #7096)
- Drags, Sliders, Inputs: removal of filter means that "nan" and "inf" values may be input. (#7096)
- DragScalarN, SliderScalarN, InputScalarN, PushMultiItemsWidths: improve multi-components
width computation to better distribute the error. (#7120, #7121) [@Nahor]
- Menus:
- Tweaked hover slack logic, adding an extra timeout to avoid situations where a slow vertical
movements toward another parent BeginMenu() can keep the wrong child menu open. (#6671, #6926)
- Color Editors:
- ColorEdit: Layout tweaks for very small sizes. (#7120, #7121)
- ColorPicker: Fixed saturation/value cursor radius not scaling properly.
- Tabs: Added ImGuiTabItemFlags_NoAssumedClosure to enable app to react on closure attempt,
without having to draw an unsaved document marker (ImGuiTabItemFlags_UnsavedDocument sets
_NoAssumedClosure automatically). (#7084)
- Debug Tools:
- Added io.ConfigDebugIsDebuggerPresent option. When enabled, this adds buttons in various
locations of Metrics/Debugger to manually request a debugger break:
- Request a debug break in a Begin() call.
- Request a debug break in a ItemAdd() call via debug log and hovering 0xXXXXXX identifiers.
- Request a debug break in a BeginTable() call.
- Request a debug break in a SetShortcutRouting()/Shortcut() call. [Internal]
- Metrics: Reorganize Tools menu.
- Added DebugFlashStyleColor() to identify a style color. Added to Style Editor.
- Debug Log: Hide its own clipper log to reduce noise in the output. (#5855)
- Debug Log: Clicking any filter with SHIFT held enables it for 2 frames only,
making it easier when dealing with spammy logs. (#5855)
- Settings: Fixed an issue marking settings as dirty when merely clicking on a border or resize
grip without moving it.
- Misc: Added IMGUI_USER_H_FILENAME to change the path included when using
IMGUI_INCLUDE_IMGUI_USER_H. (#7039) [@bryceberger]
- Misc: Rework debug display of texture id in Metrics window to avoid compile-error when
ImTextureID is defined to be larger than 64-bits. (#7090)
- Misc: Added extra courtesy ==/!= operators when IMGUI_DEFINE_MATH_OPERATORS is defined.
- Misc: Fixed text functions fast-path for handling "%s" and "%.*s" to handle null pointers gracefully,
like most printf implementations. (#7016, #3466, #6846) [@codefrog2002]
- Misc: Renamed some defines in imstb_textedit.h to avoid conflicts when using unity/jumbo builds
on a codebase where another copy of the library is used.
- Misc: During shutdown, check that io.BackendPlatformUserData and io.BackendRendererUserData are NULL
in order to catch cases where backend was not shut down. (#7175)
- Misc: Reworked Issue Template to a shinier and better form. (#5927) [@Panquesito7, @PathogenDavid, @ocornut]
- Backends:
- GLFW, Emscripten: Added ImGui_ImplGlfw_InstallEmscriptenCanvasResizeCallback() to
register canvas selector and auto-resize GLFW window. (#6751) [@Traveller23, @ypujante]
- GLFW: Fixed Windows specific hooks to use Unicode version of WndProc even when
compiling in MBCS mode. (#7174) [@kimidaisuki22]
- OpenGL3: Update GL3W based imgui_impl_opengl3_loader.h to load variants in
case of missing symlink. Fix 1.90 regression for some distros. (#6983)
- Vulkan: Fixed mismatching allocator passed to vkCreateCommandPool() vs
vkDestroyCommandPool(). (#7075) [@FoonTheRaccoon]
- Vulkan: Added MinAllocationSize field in ImGui_ImplVulkan_InitInfo to workaround zealous
"best practice" validation layer. (#7189, #4238) [@philae-ael]
- Vulkan: Stopped creating command pools with VK_COMMAND_POOL_CREATE_RESET_COMMAND_BUFFER_BIT
as we don't reset them.
- WebGPU: Fixed wgpuRenderPassEncoderSetScissorRect() crash when rendering modal window's
dimming layer, which has an unclipped value in ImDrawCmd::ClipRect. (#7191) [@aparis69]
- Examples:
- Examples: GLFW+Emscripten: Fixed examples not consistently resizing according to host canvas.
(#6751) [@Traveller23, @ypujante]
- Examples: SDL3: Minor fixes following recent SDL3 in-progress development.
VERSION 1.90.0 (Released 2023-11-15)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- BeginChild(): Upgraded 'bool border = false' parameter to 'ImGuiChildFlags flags = 0'.
Added ImGuiChildFlags_Border value. As with our prior "bool-to-flags" API updates,
the ImGuiChildFlags_Border value is guaranteed to be == true forever to ensure a
smoother transition, meaning all existing calls will still work.
If you want to neatly transition your call sites:
Before: BeginChild("Name", size, true)
After: BeginChild("Name", size, ImGuiChildFlags_Border)
Before: BeginChild("Name", size, false)
After: BeginChild("Name", size) or BeginChild("Name", 0) or BeginChild("Name", size, ImGuiChildFlags_None)
Existing code will still work as 'ImGuiChildFlags_Border == true', but you are encouraged to update call sites.
- BeginChild(): Added child-flag ImGuiChildFlags_AlwaysUseWindowPadding as a replacement for
the window-flag ImGuiWindowFlags_AlwaysUseWindowPadding: the feature only ever made sense
for use with BeginChild() anyhow, passing it to Begin() had no effect. Now that we accept
child-flags we are moving it there. (#462)
Before: BeginChild("Name", size, 0, ImGuiWindowFlags_AlwaysUseWindowPadding);
After: BeginChild("Name", size, ImGuiChildFlags_AlwaysUseWindowPadding, 0);
Kept inline redirection enum (will obsolete later) so existing code will work.
- BeginChildFrame()/EndChildFrame(): removed functions in favor of using BeginChild() with
the ImGuiChildFlags_FrameStyle flag. Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
Those functions were merely PushStyle/PopStyle helpers and custom versions are easy to create.
(The removal isn't so much motivated by needing to add the feature in BeginChild(), but by the
necessity to avoid BeginChildFrame() signature mismatching BeginChild() signature and features.)
- Debug Tools: Renamed ShowStackToolWindow() ("Stack Tool") to ShowIDStackToolWindow() ("ID Stack Tool"),
as earlier name was misleading. Kept inline redirection function. (#4631)
- IO: Removed io.MetricsActiveAllocations introduced in 1.63, was displayed in Metrics and unlikely to
be accessed by end-user. Value still visible in the UI and easily to recompute from a delta.
- Removed IM_OFFSETOF() macro in favor of using offsetof() available in C++11. Kept redirection define. (#4537)
- ListBox, Combo: Changed signature of "name getter" callback in old one-liner ListBox()/Combo() apis.
getter type: bool (*getter)(void* user_data, int idx, const char** out_text)
function: bool Combo(const char* label, int* current_item, bool (*getter)(void* user_data, int idx, const char** out_text), ...);
function: bool ListBox(const char* label, int* current_item, bool (*getting)(void* user_data, int idx, const char** out_text), ...);
getter type: const char* (*getter)(void* user_data, int idx)
function: bool Combo(const char* label, int* current_item, const char* (*getter)(void* user_data, int idx), ...);
function: bool ListBox(const char* label, int* current_item, const char* (*getter)(void* user_data, int idx), ...);
Old type was unnecessarily complex and harder to wrap in e.g. a lambda. Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
- Commented out obsolete redirecting enums/functions that were marked obsolete two years ago:
- GetWindowContentRegionWidth() -> use GetWindowContentRegionMax().x - GetWindowContentRegionMin().x.
Consider that generally 'GetContentRegionAvail().x' is often more correct and more useful.
- ImDrawCornerFlags_XXX -> use ImDrawFlags_RoundCornersXXX names.
Read 1.82 changelog for details + grep commented names in sources.
- Commented out runtime support for hardcoded ~0 or 0x01..0x0F rounding flags values for
AddRect()/AddRectFilled()/PathRect()/AddImageRounded(). -> Use ImDrawFlags_RoundCornersXXX flags.
Read 1.82 changelog for details.
- Backends: Vulkan: Removed parameter from ImGui_ImplVulkan_CreateFontsTexture(): backend now creates its own
command-buffer to upload fonts. Removed ImGui_ImplVulkan_DestroyFontUploadObjects() which is now unnecessary.
No need to call ImGui_ImplVulkan_CreateFontsTexture() as it is done automatically in ImGui_ImplVulkan_NewFrame().
You can call ImGui_ImplVulkan_CreateFontsTexture() manually if you need to reload the font atlas texture.
(#6943, #6715, #6327, #3743, #4618)
Other changes:
- Windows:
- BeginChild(): Added ImGuiChildFlags_ResizeX and ImGuiChildFlags_ResizeY to allow resizing
child windows from the bottom/right border (toward layout direction). Resized child windows
settings are saved and persistent in .ini file. (#1710)
- BeginChild(): Added ImGuiChildFlags_Border as a replacement for 'bool border = true' parameter.
- BeginChild(): Added ImGuiChildFlags_AutoResizeX and ImGuiChildFlags_AutoResizeY to auto-resize
on one axis, while generally providing a size on the other axis. (#1666, #1395, #1496, #1710)
e.g. BeginChild("name", {-FLT_MIN, 0.0f}, ImGuiChildFlags_AutoResizeY);
- Size is only reevaluated if the child window is within visible boundaries or just appearing.
This allows coarse clipping to be performed and auto-resizing childs to return false when
hidden because of being scrolled out.
- Combining this with also specifying ImGuiChildFlags_AlwaysAutoResize disables
this optimization, meaning child contents will never be clipped (not recommended).
- Please be considerate that child are full windows and carry significant overhead:
combining auto-resizing for both axises to create a non-scrolling child to merely draw
a border would be better more optimally using BeginGroup(). (see #1496)
(until we come up with new helpers for framed groups and work-rect adjustments).
- BeginChild(): made it possible to use SetNextWindowSizeConstraints() rectangle, often
useful when ImGuiChildFlags_AutoResizeX or ImGuiChildFlags_AutoResizeY. (#1666, #1395, #1496)
Custom constraint callback are not supported with child window.
- BeginChild(): Added ImGuiChildFlags_FrameStyle as a replacement for BeginChildFrame(),
use it to make child window use FrameBg, FrameRounding, FrameBorderSize, FramePadding
instead of ChildBg, ChildRounding, ChildBorderSize, WindowPadding.
- Popups: clarified meaning of 'p_open != NULL' in BeginPopupModal() + set back user value
to false when popup is closed in ways other than clicking the close button. (#6900)
- Double-clicking lower-left resize grip auto-resize (like lower-right one).
- Double-clicking bottom or right window border auto-resize on a singles axis.
- Use relative mouse movement for border resize when the border geometry has moved
(e.g. resizing a child window triggering parent scroll) in order to avoid resizing
feedback loops. Unless manually mouse-wheeling while border resizing. (#1710)
- Separators:
- Altered end-points to use more standard boundaries. (#205, #4787, #1643)
Left position is always current cursor X position, right position is always work-rect
rightmost edge. It effectively means that:
- A separator in the root of a window will end up a little more distant from edges
than previously (essentially following WindowPadding instead of clipping edges).
- A separator inside a table cell end up a little distance from edges instead of
touching them (essentially following CellPadding instead of clipping edges).
- Matches tree indentation (was not the case before).
- Matches SeparatorText(). (#1643)
- Makes things correct inside groups without specific/hard-coded handling. (#205)
- Support legacy behavior when used inside old Columns(), as we favored that idiom back then,
only different is left position follows indentation level, to match calling a Separator()
inside or outside Columns().
- Tooltips:
- Made using SetItemTooltip()/IsItemHovered(ImGuiHoveredFlags_ForTooltip) defaults to
activate tooltips on disabled items. This is done by adding ImGuiHoveredFlags_AllowWhenDisabled
to the default value of style.HoverFlagsForTooltipMouse/HoverFlagsForTooltipNav. (#1485)
- Made is possible to combine ImGuiHoveredFlags_ForTooltip with a ImGuiHoveredFlags_DelayXXX
override. (#1485)
- Drag and Drop:
- Reworked drop target highlight: reduce rectangle to its visible portion, and then expand
slightly. A full rectangle is always visible and it may protrude slightly. (#4281, #3272)
- Fixed submitting a tooltip from drop target location when using AcceptDragDropPayload()
with ImGuiDragDropFlags_AcceptNoPreviewTooltip and submitting a tooltip manually.
- Tables:
- Added angled headers support. You need to set ImGuiTableColumnFlags_AngledHeader on selected
columns and call TableAngledHeadersRow(). Added style.TableAngledHeadersAngle style option. (#6917)
- Added ImGuiTableFlags_HighlightHoveredColumn flag, currently highlighting column header.
- Fixed an edge-case when no columns are visible + table scrollbar is visible + user
code is always testing return value of TableSetColumnIndex() to coarse clip. With an active
clipper it would have asserted. Without a clipper, the scrollbar range would be wrong.
- Request user to submit contents when outer host-window is requesting auto-resize,
so a scrolling table can contribute to initial window size. (#6510)
- Fixed subtle drawing overlap between borders in some situations.
- Fixed bottom-most and right-most outer border offset by one. (#6765, #3752) [@v-ein]
- Fixed top-most and left-most outer border overlapping inner clip-rect when scrolling. (#6765)
- Fixed top-most outer border being drawn with both TableBorderLight and TableBorderStrong
in some situations, causing the earlier to be visible underneath when alpha is not 1.0f.
- Fixed right-clicking right-most section (past right-most column) from highlighting a column.
- Fixed an issue with ScrollX enabled where an extraneous draw command would be created.
- Menus:
- Menus: Fixed a bug where activating an item in a child-menu and dragging mouse over the
parent-menu would erroneously close the child-menu. (Regression from 1.88). (#6869)
- MenuBar: Fixed an issue where layouting an item in the menu-bar would erroneously
register contents size in a way that would affect the scrolling layer.
Was most often noticeable when using an horizontal scrollbar. (#6789)
- InputText:
- InputTextMultiline: Fixed a crash pressing Down on last empty line of a multi-line buffer.
(regression from 1.89.2, only happened in some states). (#6783, #6000)
- InputTextMultiline: Fixed Tabbing cycle leading to a situation where Enter key wouldn't
be accepted by the widget when navigation highlight is visible. (#6802, #3092, #5759, #787)
- Nav: Tabbing always enable nav highlight when ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableKeyboard is set.
Previously was inconsistent and only enabled when stepping through a non-input item.
(#6802, #3092, #5759, #787)
- TreeNode: Added ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_SpanAllColumns for use in tables. (#3151, #3565, #2451, #2438)
- TabBar: Fixed position of unsaved document marker (ImGuiTabItemFlags_UnsavedDocument) which was
accidentally offset in 1.89.9. (#6862) [@alektron]
- ColorPicker4(): Fixed ImGuiColorEditFlags_NoTooltip not being forwarded to individual DragFloat3
sub-widgets which have a visible color preview when ImGuiColorEditFlags_NoSidePreview is also set. (#6957)
- BeginGroup(): Fixed a bug pushing line lower extent too far down when called after a call
to SameLine() followed by manual cursor manipulation.
- BeginCombo(): Added ImGuiComboFlags_WidthFitPreview flag. (#6881) [@mpv-enjoyer]
- BeginListBox(): Fixed not consuming SetNextWindowXXX() data when returning false.
- Fonts:
- Argument 'float size_pixels' passed to AddFontXXX() functions is now rounded to lowest integer.
This is because our layout/font system currently doesn't fully support non-integer sizes. Until
it does, this has been a common pitfall leading to more or less subtle issues. (#3164, #3309, #6800)
- Better assert during load when passing truncated font data or wrong data size. (#6822)
- Ensure calling AddFontXXX function doesn't invalidates ImFont's ConfigData pointers
prior to building again. (#6825)
- Added ImFontConfig::RasterizerDensity field to increase texture size of rendered glyphs
without altering other metrics. Among other things, this makes it easier to have zooming code
swapping between 2 fonts (e.g. a 100% and a 400% fonts) depending on current scale. (#6925) [@thedmd]
Important: if you increase this it is expected that you would render the font with a scale of
similar value or magnitude. Merely increasing this without increasing scale may lower quality.
- imgui_freetype: Added support for RasterizerDensity. (#6925) [@thedmd]
- imgui_freetype: Fixed a warning and leak in IMGUI_ENABLE_FREETYPE_LUNASVG support. (#6842, #6591)
- Inputs: Added IsKeyChordPressed() helper function e.g. IsKeyChordPressed(ImGuiMod_Ctrl | ImGuiKey_S).
(note that ImGuiMod_Shortcut may be used as an alias for Cmd on OSX and Ctrl on other systems).
- Misc: Most text functions also treat "%.*s" (along with "%s") specially to bypass formatting. (#3466, #6846)
- IO: Add extra keys to ImGuiKey enum: ImGuiKey_F13 to ImGuiKey_F24. (#6891, #4921)
- IO: Add extra keys to ImGuiKey enum: ImGuiKey_AppBack, ImGuiKey_AppForward. (#4921)
- IO: Setting io.WantSetMousePos ignores incoming MousePos events. (#6837, #228) [@bertaye]
- Debug Tools: Metrics: Added log of recent alloc/free calls.
- Debug Tools: Metrics: Added "Show groups rectangles" in tools.
- ImDrawList: Added AddEllipse(), AddEllipseFilled(), PathEllipticalArcTo(). (#2743) [@Doohl]
- ImVector: Added find_index() helper.
- Demo: Added "Drag and Drop -> Tooltip at target location" demo.
- Demo: Added "Layout -> Child Windows -> Manual-resize" demo. (#1710)
- Demo: Added "Layout -> Child Windows -> Auto-resize with constraints" demo. (#1666, #1395, #1496, #1710)
- Demo: Partly fixed "Examples -> Constrained-resizing window" custom constrains demo. (#6210) [@cfillion]
- Backends: Vulkan: Removed parameter from ImGui_ImplVulkan_CreateFontsTexture(): backend now creates its own
command-buffer to upload fonts. Removed ImGui_ImplVulkan_DestroyFontUploadObjects() which is now unnecessary.
No need to call ImGui_ImplVulkan_CreateFontsTexture() as it is done automatically in ImGui_ImplVulkan_NewFrame().
You can call ImGui_ImplVulkan_CreateFontsTexture() manually if you need to reload font atlas texture.
Fixed leaks, and added ImGui_ImplVulkan_DestroyFontsTexture() (probably no need to call this directly).
(#6943, #6715, #6327, #3743, #4618)
[@helynranta, @thomasherzog, @guybrush77, @albin-johansson, @MiroKaku, @benbatya-fb, @ocornut]
- Backends: GLFW: Clear emscripten's MouseWheel callback before shutdown. (#6790, #6096, #4019) [@halx99]
- Backends: GLFW: Added support for F13 to F24 function keys. (#6891)
- Backends: SDL2, SDL3: Added support for F13 to F24 function keys, AppBack, AppForward. (#6891)
- Backends: SDL3: Updates for recent API changes. (#7000, #6974)
- Backends: Win32: Added support for F13 to F24 function keys, AppBack, AppForward. (#6891)
- Backends: Win32: Added support for keyboard codepage conversion for when application
is compiled in MBCS mode and using a non-Unicode window. (#6785, #6782, #5725, #5961) [@sneakyevil]
- Backends: Win32: Synthesize key-down event on key-up for VK_SNAPSHOT / ImGuiKey_PrintScreen as Windows
doesn't emit it (same behavior as GLFW/SDL). (#6859) [@thedmd, @SuperWangKai]
- Backends: OpenGL3: rename symbols in our internal loader so that LTO compilation with another
copy of gl3w becomes possible. (#6875, #6668, #4445) [@nicolasnoble]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Update GL3W based imgui_impl_opengl3_loader.h to load "" instead
of "", accommodating for NetBSD systems having only "" available. (#6983)
- Backends: OSX: Added support for F13 to F20 function keys. Support mapping F13 to PrintScreen. (#6891)
- Examples: GLFW+Vulkan, SDL+Vulkan: Simplified and removed code due to backend improvements.
- Internals: Renamed ImFloor() to ImTrunc(). Renamed ImFloorSigned() to ImFloor(). (#6861)
VERSION 1.89.9 (Released 2023-09-04)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- Clipper: Renamed IncludeRangeByIndices(), also called ForceDisplayRangeByIndices()
before 1.89.6, to IncludeItemsByIndex(). Kept inline redirection function. (#6424, #3841)
Other changes:
- Tables: Made it possible to use SameLine(0,0) after TableNextColumn() or
TableSetColumnIndex() in order to reuse line pos/height from previous cell. (#3740)
- Tables: Made it possible to change style.CellPadding.y between rows. (#3740)
- Nav, TreeNode: Pressing Left with ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_NavLeftJumpsBackHere now goes
through proper navigation logic: honor scrolling and selection. (#1079, #1131)
- Sliders: Fixed an integer overflow and div-by-zero in SliderInt() when
v_max=INT_MAX (#6675, #6679) [@jbarthelmes]
- Windows: Layout of Close/Collapse buttons uses style.ItemInnerSpacing.x between items,
stopped incorrectly using FramePadding in a way where hit-boxes could overlap when
setting large values. (#6749)
- TabBar, Style: added style.TabBarBorderSize and associated ImGuiStyleVar_TabBarBorderSize.
Tweaked rendering of that separator to allow thicker values. (#6820, #4859, #5022, #5239)
- InputFloat, SliderFloat, DragFloat: always turn both '.' and ',' into the current decimal
point character when using Decimal/Scientific character filter. (#6719, #2278) [@adamsepp]
- ColorEdit, ColorPicker: Manipulating options popup don't mark item as edited. (#6722)
(Note that they may still be marked as Active/Hovered.)
- Clipper: Added IncludeItemByIndex() helper to include a single item. (#6424, #3841)
- Clipper: Fixed a bug if attempt to force-include a range which matches an already
included range, clipper would end earlier. (#3841)
- ImDrawData: Fixed an issue where TotalVtxCount/TotalIdxCount does not match the sum
of individual ImDrawList's buffer sizes when a dimming/modal background is rendered. (#6716)
- ImDrawList: Automatically calling ChannelsMerge() if not done after a split.
- ImDrawList: Fixed OOB access in _CalcCircleAutoSegmentCount when passing excessively
large radius to AddCircle(). (#6657, #5317) [@EggsyCRO, @jdpatdiscord]
- IO: Exposed io.PlatformLocaleDecimalPoint to configure decimal point ('.' or ',') for
languages needing it. Should ideally be set to the value of '*localeconv()->decimal_point'
but our backends don't do it yet. (#6719, #2278)
- IO: Fixed io.AddMousePosEvent() and io.AddMouseButtonEvent() writing MouseSource to
wrong union section. Was semantically incorrect and accidentally had no side-effects
with default compiler alignment settings. (#6727) [@RickHuang2001]
- Misc: Made multiple calls to Render() during the same frame early out faster.
- Debug Tools: Metrics: Fixed "Drawlists" section and per-viewport equivalent
appearing empty (regression in 1.89.8).
- Demo: Reorganized "Examples" menu.
- Demo: Tables: Demonstrate using SameLine() between cells. (#3740)
- Demo: Tables: Demonstrate altering CellPadding.y between rows. (#3740)
- Demo: Custom Rendering: Demonstrate out-of-order rendering using ImDrawListSplitter.
- Backends: SDL2,SDL3: added ImGui_ImplSDL2_InitForOther()/ImGui_ImplSDL3_InitForOther()
for consistency (matching GLFW backend) and as most initialization paths don't actually
need to care about rendering backend.
- Examples: Emscripten+WebGPU: Fixed WGPUInstance creation process + use preferred
framebuffer format. (#6640, #6748) [@smileorigin]
VERSION 1.89.8 (Released 2023-08-01)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- IO: Obsoleted io.ClearInputCharacters() (added in 1.47) as it now ambiguous
and often incorrect/misleading considering the existence of a higher-level
input queue. This is automatically cleared by io.ClearInputsKeys(). (#4921)
- ImDrawData: CmdLists[] array is now owned, changed from 'ImDrawList**' to
'ImVector<ImDrawList*>'. Majority of users shouldn't be affected, but you
cannot compare to NULL nor reassign manually anymore.
Instead use AddDrawList(). Allocation count are identical. (#6406, #4879, #1878)
Other changes:
- Fonts: ImFontConfig::OversampleH now defaults to 2 instead of 3, since the
quality increase is largely minimal.
- Fonts, imgui_freetype: Added support to render OpenType SVG fonts using lunasvg.
and providing headers/libraries for lunasvg. (#6591, #6607) [@sakiodre]
- ImDrawData: CmdLists[] array is now an ImVector<> owned by ImDrawData rather
than a pointer to internal state.
- This makes it easier for user to create their own or append to an existing draw data.
Added a ImDrawData::AddDrawList() helper function to do that. (#6406, #4879, #1878)
- This makes it easier to perform a deep-swap instead of a deep-copy, as array
ownership is now clear. (#6597, #6475, #6167, #5776, #5109, #4763, #3515, #1860)
- Syntax and allocation count are otherwise identical.
- Fixed CTRL+Tab dimming background assert when target window has a callback
in the last ImDrawCmd. (#4857, #5937)
- IsItemHovered: Fixed ImGuiHoveredFlags_ForTooltip for Keyboard/Gamepad navigation,
got broken prior to 1.89.7 due to an unrelated change making flags conflict. (#6622, #1485)
- InputText: Fixed a case where deactivation frame would write to underlying
buffer or call CallbackResize although unnecessary, in a frame where the
return value was false.
- Tables: fixed GetContentRegionAvail().y report not taking account of lower cell
padding or of using ImGuiTableFlags_NoHostExtendY. Not taking it into account
would make the idiom of creating vertically bottom-aligned content (e.g. a child
window) inside a table make the parent window erroneously have a scrollbar. (#6619)
- Tables: fixed calculation of multi-instance shared decoration/scrollbar width of
scrolling tables, to avoid flickering width variation when resizing down a table
hosting a child window. (#5920, #6619)
- Scrollbar: layout needs to take account of window border size, so a border size
will slightly reduce scrollbar size. Generally we tried to make it that window
border size has no incidence on layout but this can't work with thick borders. (#2522)
- IO: Added io.ClearEventsQueue() to clear incoming inputs events. (#4921)
May be useful in conjunction with io.ClearInputsKeys() if you need to clear
both current inputs state and queued events (e.g. when using blocking native
dialogs such as Windows's ::MessageBox() or ::GetOpenFileName()).
- IO: Changed io.ClearInputsKeys() specs to also clear current frame character buffer
(what now obsoleted io.ClearInputCharacters() did), as this is effectively the
desirable behavior.
- Misc: Added IMGUI_DISABLE_STB_SPRINTF_IMPLEMENTATION config macro to disable
stb_sprintf implementation when using IMGUI_USE_STB_SPRINTF. (#6626) [@septag]
- Misc: Avoid stb_textedit.h reincluding string.h while in a namespace, which
messes up with building with Clang Modules. (#6653, #4791) [@JohelEGP]
- Demo: Better showcase use of SetNextItemAllowOverlap(). (#6574, #6512, #3909, #517)
- Demo: Showcase a few more InputText() flags.
- Backends: Made all backends sources files support global IMGUI_DISABLE. (#6601)
- Backends: GLFW: Revert ignoring mouse data on GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED as it can be used
differently. User may set ImGuiConfigFlags_NoMouse if desired. (#5625, #6609) [@scorpion-26]
- Backends: WebGPU: Update for changes in Dawn. (#6602, #6188) [@williamhCode]
- Examples: Vulkan: Creating minimal descriptor pools to fit only what is needed by
example. (#6642) [@SaschaWillem]
VERSION 1.89.7 (Released 2023-07-04)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- Moved io.HoverDelayShort/io.HoverDelayNormal to style.HoverDelayShort/style.HoverDelayNormal.
As the fields were added in 1.89 and expected to be left unchanged by most users, or only
tweaked once during app initialisation, we are exceptionally accepting the breakage.
Majority of users should not even notice.
- Overlapping items: (#6512, #3909, #517)
- Added 'SetNextItemAllowOverlap()' (called before an item) as a replacement for using
'SetItemAllowOverlap()' (called after an item). This is roughly equivalent to using the
legacy 'SetItemAllowOverlap()' call (public API) + ImGuiButtonFlags_AllowOverlap (internal).
- Obsoleted 'SetItemAllowOverlap()': it didn't and couldn't work reliably since 1.89 (2022-11-15),
and relied on ambiguously defined design. Use 'SetNextItemAllowOverlap()' before item instead.
- Selectable, TreeNode: When using ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowOverlap/ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_AllowOverlap
and holding item held, overlapping widgets won't appear as hovered. (#6512, #3909)
While this fixes a common small visual issue, it also means that calling IsItemHovered()
after a non-reactive elements - e.g. Text() - overlapping an active one may fail if you don't
use IsItemHovered(ImGuiHoveredFlags_AllowWhenBlockedByActiveItem). (#6610)
- Renamed 'ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_AllowItemOverlap' to 'ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_AllowOverlap'.
- Renamed 'ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowItemOverlap' to 'ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowOverlap'
- Kept redirecting enums (will obsolete).
Other changes:
- Tooltips/IsItemHovered() related changes:
- Tooltips: Added SetItemTooltip() and BeginItemTooltip() functions.
They are shortcuts for the common idiom of using IsItemHovered().
- SetItemTooltip("Hello") == if (IsItemHovered(ImGuiHoveredFlags_Tooltip)) { SetTooltip("Hello"); }
- BeginItemTooltip() == IsItemHovered(ImGuiHoveredFlags_Tooltip) && BeginTooltip()
The newly added ImGuiHoveredFlags_Tooltip is meant to facilitate standardizing
mouse hovering delays and rules for a given application.
The previously common idiom of using 'if (IsItemHovered()) { SetTooltip(...); }'
won't use delay or stationary test.
- IsItemHovered: Added ImGuiHoveredFlags_Stationary to require mouse being
stationary when hovering a new item. Added style.HoverStationaryDelay (~0.15 sec).
Once the mouse has been stationary once the state is preserved for same item. (#1485)
- IsItemHovered: Added ImGuiHoveredFlags_ForTooltip as a shortcut for pulling flags
from style.HoverFlagsForTooltipMouse or style.HoverFlagsForTooltipNav depending
on active inputs (#1485)
- style.HoverFlagsForTooltipMouse defaults to 'ImGuiHoveredFlags_Stationary | ImGuiHoveredFlags_DelayShort'
- style.HoverFlagsForTooltipNav defaults to 'ImGuiHoveredFlags_NoSharedDelay | ImGuiHoveredFlags_DelayNormal'.
- Tooltips: Tweak default offset for non-drag and drop tooltips so underlying items
isn't covered as much. (Match offset for drag and drop tooltips)
- IsItemHovered: Tweaked default value of style.HoverDelayNormal from 0.30 to 0.40,
Tweaked default value of style.HoverDelayShort from 0.10 to 0.15. (#1485)
- IsItemHovered: Added ImGuiHoveredFlags_AllowWhenOverlappedByWindow to ignore window-overlap only.
Option ImGuiHoveredFlags_AllowWhenOverlapped now expand into a combination of both
_AllowWhenOverlappedByWindow + _AllowWhenOverlappedByItem, matching old behavior.
- Overlapping items: (#6512, #3909, #517)
- Most item types should now work with SetNextItemAllowOverlap(). (#6512, #3909, #517)
- Fixed first frame of an overlap highlighting underlying item if previous frame didn't hover anything.
- IsItemHovered: Changed to return false when querying an item using AllowOverlap mode which
is being overlapped. Added ImGuiHoveredFlags_AllowWhenOverlappedByItem to opt-out. (#6512, #3909, #517)
- IsWindowHovered: Added support for ImGuiHoveredFlags_Stationary.
- IsWindowHovered, IsItemHovered: Assert when passed any unsupported flags.
- Tables: Fixed a regression in 1.89.6 leading to the first column of tables with either
ScrollX or ScrollY flags from being impossible to resize. (#6503)
- CollapsingHeader/TreeNode: Fixed text padding when using _Framed+_Leaf flags. (#6549) [@BobbyAnguelov]
- InputText: Fixed not returning true when buffer is cleared while using the
ImGuiInputTextFlags_EscapeClearsAll flag. (#5688, #2620)
- InputText: Fixed a crash on deactivating a ReadOnly buffer. (#6570, #6292, #4714)
- InputText: ImGuiInputTextCallbackData::InsertChars() accept (NULL,NULL) range, in order to conform
to common idioms (e.g. passing .data(), .data() + .size() from a null string). (#6565, #6566, #3615)
- Combo: Made simple/legacy Combo() function not returns true when picking already selected item.
This is consistent with other widgets. If you need something else, you can use BeginCombo(). (#1182)
- Clipper: Rework inner logic to allow functioning with a zero-clear constructor.
This is order to facilitate usage for language bindings (e.g cimgui or dear_binding)
where user may not be calling a constructor manually. (#5856)
- Drag and Drop: Apply default behavior of drag source not reporting itself as hovered
at lower-level, so DragXXX, SliderXXX, InputXXX, Plot widgets are fulfilling it.
(Behavior doesn't apply when ImGuiDragDropFlags_SourceNoDisableHover is set).
- Modals: In the case of nested modal, made sure that focused or appearing windows are
moved below the lowest blocking modal (rather than the highest one). (#4317)
- GetKeyName(): Fixed assert with ImGuiMod_XXX values when IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_KEYIO is set.
- Debug Tools: Added 'io.ConfigDebugIniSettings' option to save .ini data with extra
comments. Currently mainly for inspecting Docking .ini data, but makes saving slower.
- Demo: Added more developed "Widgets->Tooltips" section. (#1485)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fixed support for glBindSampler() backup/restore on ES3. (#6375, #6508) [@jsm174]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fixed erroneous use glGetIntegerv(GL_CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK) on contexts
lower than 3.2. (#6539, #6333) [@krumelmonster]
- Backends: Vulkan: Added optional support for VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering (Vulkan 1.3+) in the
backend for applications using it. User needs to set 'init_info->UseDynamicRendering = true'
and 'init_info->ColorAttachmentFormat'. RenderPass becomes unused. (#5446, #5037) [@spnda, @cmarcelo]
- Backends: GLFW: Accept glfwGetTime() not returning a monotonically increasing value.
This seems to happens on some Windows setup when peripherals disconnect, and is likely
to also happen on browser+Emscripten. Matches similar 1.89.4 fix in SDL backend. (#6491)
- Examples: Win32+OpenGL3: Changed DefWindowProc() to DefWindowProcW() to match other examples
and support the example app being compiled without UNICODE. (#6516, #5725, #5961, #5975) [@yenixing]
VERSION 1.89.6 (Released 2023-05-31)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- Clipper: Commented out obsolete redirection constructor which was marked obsolete in 1.79:
'ImGuiListClipper(int items_count, float items_height)' --> Use 'ImGuiListClipper() + clipper.Begin()'.
- Clipper: Renamed ForceDisplayRangeByIndices() to IncludeRangeByIndices(), kept
inline redirection function (introduced in 1.86 and rarely used). (#6424, #3841)
- Commented out obsolete/redirecting functions that were marked obsolete more than two years ago:
- ListBoxHeader() -> use BeginListBox()
- ListBoxFooter() -> use EndListBox()
- Note how two variants of ListBoxHeader() existed. Check commented versions in imgui.h for refeence.
- Backends: SDL_Renderer: Renamed 'imgui_impl_sdlrenderer.h/cpp' to 'imgui_impl_sdlrenderer2.h/cpp',
in order to accomodate for upcoming SDL3 and change in its SDL_Renderer API. (#6286)
- Backends: GLUT: Removed call to ImGui::NewFrame() from ImGui_ImplGLUT_NewFrame().
It needs to be called from the main app loop, like with every other backends. (#6337) [@GereonV]
Other changes:
- Window: Fixed resizing from upper border when io.ConfigWindowsMoveFromTitleBarOnly is set. (#6390)
- Tables: Fixed a small miscalculation in TableHeader() leading to an empty tooltip
showing when a sorting column has no visible name. (#6342) [@lukaasm]
- Tables: Fixed command merging when compiling with VS2013 (one array on stack was not
initialized on VS2013. Unsure if due to a bug or UB/standard conformance). (#6377)
- InputText: Avoid setting io.WantTextInputNextFrame during the deactivation frame.
(#6341) [@lukaasm]
- Drag, Sliders: if the format string doesn't contain any %, CTRL+Click to input text will
use the default format specifier for the type. Allow display/input of raw value when using
"enums" patterns (display label instead of value) + allow using when value is hidden. (#6405)
- Nav: Record/restore preferred position on each given axis after a movement on that axis,
then score movement on the other axis using this as a bias. This allows going up and down
between e.g. a large header spanning horizontal space and three-ways-columns, landing
on the same column as before.
- Nav: Fixed navigation within tables/columns where item boundaries goes beyond columns limits,
unclipped bounding boxes would interfere with other columns. (#2221) [@zzzyap, @ocornut]
- Nav: Fixed CTRL+Tab into a root window with only childs with _NavFlattened flags
erroneously initializing default nav layer to menu layer.
- Menus: Fixed an issue when opening a menu hierarchy in a given menu-bar would allow
opening another via simple hovering. (#3496, #4797)
- Fonts: Fixed crash when merging fonts and the first font has no valid glyph. (#6446) [@JaedanC]
- Fonts: Fixed crash when manually specifying an EllipsisChar that doesn't exist. (#6480)
- Misc: Added ImVec2 unary minus operator. (#6368) [@Koostosh]
- Debug Tools: Debug Log: Fixed not parsing 0xXXXXXXXX values for geo-locating on mouse
hover hover when the identifier is at the end of the line. (#5855)
- Debug Tools: Added 'io.ConfigDebugIgnoreFocusLoss' option to disable 'io.AddFocusEvent(false)'
handling. May facilitate interactions with a debugger when focus loss leads to clearing
inputs data. (#4388, #4921)
- Backends: Clear bits sets io.BackendFlags on backend Shutdown(). (#6334, #6335] [@GereonV]
Potentially this would facilitate switching runtime backend mid-session.
- Backends: Win32: Added ImGui_ImplWin32_InitForOpenGL() to facilitate combining raw
Win32/Winapi with OpenGL. (#3218)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Restore front and back polygon mode separately when supported
by context (Desktop 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2+ with compat bit). (#6333) [@GereonV]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Support for glBindSampler() backup/restore on ES3. (#6375) [@jsm174]
- Backends: SDL3: Fixed build on Emscripten/iOS/Android. (#6391) [@jo-codegirl]
- Backends: SDLRenderer3: Added SDL_Renderer for SDL3 backend. (#6286) [@Carcons, @ocornut]
- Examples: Added native Win32+OpenGL3 example. We don't recommend using this setup but we
provide it for completeness. (#3218, #5170, #6086, #2772, #2600, #2359, #2022, #1553) [@learn-more]
- Examples: Vulkan: Use integrated GPU if nothing else is available. (#6359) [@kimidaisuki22]
- Examples: DX9, DX10, DX11: Queue framebuffer resize instead of processing in WM_SIZE,
as some drivers tends to only cleanup after existing the native resize modal loop. (#6374)
- Examples: Added SDL3+SDL_Renderer example. (#6286)
- Examples: Updated all Visual Studio projects and batches to use /utf-8 argument.
VERSION 1.89.5 (Released 2023-04-13)
Decorated log and release notes:
Other changes:
- InputText: Reworked prev/next-word behavior to more closely match Visual Studio
text editor. Include '.' as a delimiter and alter varying subtle behavior with how
blanks and separators are treated when skipping words. (#6067) [@ajweeks]
- InputText: Fixed a tricky edge case, ensuring value is always written back on the
frame where IsItemDeactivated() returns true, in order to allow usage without user
retaining underlying data. While we don't really want to encourage user not retaining
underlying data, in the absence of a "late commit" behavior/flag we understand it may
be desirable to take advantage of this trick. (#4714)
- Drag, Sliders: Fixed parsing of text input when '+' or '#' format flags are used
in the format string. (#6259) [@idbrii]
- Nav: Made Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab windowing register ownership to held modifier so
it doesn't interfere with other code when remapping those actions. (#4828, #3255, #5641)
- Nav: Made PageUp/PageDown/Home/End navigation also scroll parent windows when
necessary to make the target location fully visible (same as e.g. arrow keys).
- ColorEdit: Fixed shading of S/V triangle in Hue Wheel mode. (#5200, #6254) [@jamesthomasgriffin]
- TabBar: Tab-bars with ImGuiTabBarFlags_FittingPolicyScroll can be scrolled with
horizontal mouse-wheel (or Shift + WheelY). (#2702)
- Rendering: Using adaptive tessellation for RadioButton, ColorEdit preview circles,
Windows Close and Collapse Buttons.
- ButtonBehavior: Fixed an edge case where changing widget type/behavior while active
and using same id could lead to an assert. (#6304)
- Misc: Fixed ImVec2 operator[] violating aliasing rules causing issue with Intel C++
compiler. (#6272) [@BayesBug]
- IO: Input queue trickling adjustment for touch screens. (#2702, #4921)
This fixes single-tapping to move simulated mouse and immediately click on a widget
that is using the ImGuiButtonFlags_AllowItemOverlap policy.
- This only works if the backend can distinguish TouchScreen vs Mouse.
See 'Demo->Tools->Metrics->Inputs->Mouse Source' to verify.
- Fixed tapping on BeginTabItem() on a touch-screen. (#2702)
- Fixed tapping on CollapsingHeader() with a close button on a touch-screen.
- Fixed tapping on TreeNode() using ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_AllowItemOverlap on a touch-screen.
- Fixed tapping on Selectable() using ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowItemOverlap on a touch-screen.
- Fixed tapping on TableHeader() on a touch-screen.
- IO: Added io.AddMouseSourceEvent() and ImGuiMouseSource enum. This is to allow backend to
specify actual event source between Mouse/TouchScreen/Pen. (#2702, #2334, #2372, #3453, #5693)
- IO: Fixed support for calling io.AddXXXX functions from inactive context (wrongly
advertised as supported in 1.89.4). (#6199, #6256, #5856) [@cfillion]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fixed GL loader crash when GL_VERSION returns NULL. (#6154, #4445, #3530)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Properly restoring "no shader program bound" if it was the case prior to
running the rendering function. (#6267, #6220, #6224) [@BrunoLevy]
- Backends: Win32: Added support for io.AddMouseSourceEvent() to discriminate Mouse/TouchScreen/Pen. (#2334, #2702)
- Backends: SDL2/SDL3: Added support for io.AddMouseSourceEvent() to discriminate Mouse/TouchScreen.
This is relying on SDL passing SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID in the event's 'which' field. (#2334, #2702)
- Backends: SDL2/SDL3: Avoid calling SDL_StartTextInput()/SDL_StopTextInput() as they actually
block text input input and don't only pertain to IME. It's unclear exactly what their relation
is to other IME function such as SDL_SetTextInputRect(). (#6306, #6071, #1953)
- Backends: GLFW: Added support on Win32 only for io.AddMouseSourceEvent() to discriminate
Mouse/TouchScreen/Pen. (#2334, #2702)
- Backends: GLFW: Fixed key modifiers handling on secondary viewports. (#6248, #6034) [@aiekick]
- Backends: Android: Added support for io.AddMouseSourceEvent() to discriminate Mouse/TouchScreen/Pen.
(#6315) [@PathogenDavid]
- Backends: OSX: Added support for io.AddMouseSourceEvent() to discriminate Mouse/Pen.
(#6314) [@PathogenDavid]
- Backends: WebGPU: Align buffers. Use WGSL shaders instead of SPIR-V. Add gamma uniform. (#6188) [@eliemichel]
- Backends: WebGPU: Reorganized to store data in io.BackendRendererUserData like other backends.
- Examples: Vulkan: Fixed validation errors with newer VulkanSDK by explicitly querying and enabling
"VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2", "VK_KHR_portability_enumeration", and
- Examples: Windows: Added 'misc/debuggers/imgui.natstepfilter' file to all Visual Studio projects,
now that VS 2022 17.6 Preview 2 support adding Debug Step Filter spec files into projects.
- Examples: SDL3: Updated for latest WIP SDL3 branch. (#6243)
- TestSuite: Added variety of new regression tests and improved/amended existing ones
in imgui_test_engine/ repo. [@PathogenDavid, @ocornut]
VERSION 1.89.4 (Released 2023-03-14)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Renamed PushAllowKeyboardFocus()/PopAllowKeyboardFocus() to PushTabStop()/PopTabStop().
Kept inline redirection functions (will obsolete).
- Moved the optional "courtesy maths operators" implementation from imgui_internal.h in imgui.h.
Even though we encourage using your own maths types and operators by setting up IM_VEC2_CLASS_EXTRA,
it has been frequently requested by people to use our own. We had an opt-in define which was
previously fulfilled by imgui_internal.h. It is now fulfilled by imgui.h. (#6164, #6137, #5966, #2832)
OK: #define IMGUI_DEFINE_MATH_OPERATORS / #include "imgui.h" / #include "imgui_internal.h"
Error: #include "imgui.h" / #define IMGUI_DEFINE_MATH_OPERATORS / #include "imgui_internal.h"
Added a dedicated compile-time check message to help diagnose this.
- Tooltips: Added 'bool' return value to BeginTooltip() for API consistency.
Please only submit contents and call EndTooltip() if BeginTooltip() returns true.
In reality the function will _currently_ always return true, but further changes down the
line may change this, best to clarify API sooner. Updated demo code accordingly.
- Commented out redirecting enums/functions names that were marked obsolete two years ago:
- ImGuiSliderFlags_ClampOnInput -> use ImGuiSliderFlags_AlwaysClamp
- ImGuiInputTextFlags_AlwaysInsertMode -> use ImGuiInputTextFlags_AlwaysOverwrite
- ImDrawList::AddBezierCurve() -> use ImDrawList::AddBezierCubic()
- ImDrawList::PathBezierCurveTo() -> use ImDrawList::PathBezierCubicCurveTo()
Other changes:
- Nav: Tabbing now cycles through all items when ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableKeyboard is set.
(#3092, #5759, #787)
While this was generally desired and requested by many, note that its addition means
that some types of UI may become more fastidious to use TAB key with, if the navigation
cursor cycles through too many items. You can mark items items as not tab-spottable:
- Public API: PushTabStop(false) / PopTabStop()
- Internal: PushItemFlag(ImGuiItemFlags_NoTabStop, true);
- Internal: Directly pass ImGuiItemFlags_NoTabStop to ItemAdd() for custom widgets.
- Nav: Tabbing/Shift-Tabbing can more reliably be used to step out of an item that is not
tab-stoppable. (#3092, #5759, #787)
- Nav: Made Enter key submit the same type of Activation event as Space key,
allowing to press buttons with Enter. (#5606)
(Enter emulates a "prefer text input" activation vs.
Space emulates a "prefer tweak" activation which is to closer to gamepad controls).
- Nav: Fixed an issue with Gamepad navigation when the movement lead to a scroll and
frame time > repeat rate. Triggering a new move request on the same frame as a move
result lead to an incorrect calculation and loss of navigation id. (#6171)
- Nav: Fixed SetItemDefaultFocus() from not scrolling when item is partially visible.
(#2814, #2812) [@DomGries]
- Tables: Fixed an issue where user's Y cursor movement within a hidden column would
have side-effects.
- IO: Lifted constraint to call io.AddEventXXX functions from current context. (#4921, #5856, #6199)
- InputText: Fixed not being able to use CTRL+Tab while an InputText() using Tab
for completion or text data is active (regression from 1.89).
- Drag and Drop: Fixed handling of overlapping targets when smaller one is submitted
before and can accept the same data type. (#6183).
- Drag and Drop: Clear drag and drop state as soon as delivery is accepted in order to
avoid interferences. (#5817, #6183) [@DimaKoltun]
- Debug Tools: Added io.ConfigDebugBeginReturnValueOnce / io.ConfigDebugBeginReturnValueLoop
options to simulate Begin/BeginChild returning false to facilitate debugging user behavior.
- Demo: Updated to test return value of BeginTooltip().
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fixed restoration of a potentially deleted OpenGL program. If an active
program was pending deletion, attempting to restore it would error. (#6220, #6224) [@Cyphall]
- Backends: Win32: Use WM_NCMOUSEMOVE / WM_NCMOUSELEAVE to track mouse positions over
non-client area (e.g. OS decorations) when app is not focused. (#6045, #6162)
- Backends: SDL2, SDL3: Accept SDL_GetPerformanceCounter() not returning a monotonically
increasing value. (#6189, #6114, #3644) [@adamkewley]
- Backends: GLFW: Avoid using glfwGetError() and glfwGetGamepadState() on Emscripten, which
recently updated its GLFW emulation layer to GLFW 3.3 without supporting those. (#6240)
- Examples: Android: Fixed example build for Gradle 8. (#6229, #6227) [@duddel]
- Examples: Updated all examples application to enable ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableKeyboard
and ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableGamepad by default. (#787)
- Internals: Misc tweaks to facilitate applying an explicit-context patch. (#5856) [@Dragnalith]
VERSION 1.89.3 (Released 2023-02-14)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Backends+Examples: SDL2: renamed all unnumbered references to "sdl" to "sdl2".
This is in prevision for the future release of SDL3 and its associated backend. (#6146)
- imgui_impl_sdl.cpp -> imgui_impl_sdl2.cpp
- imgui_impl_sdl.h -> imgui_impl_sdl2.h
- example_sdl_xxxx/ -> example_sdl2_xxxx/ (folders and projects)
Other changes:
- SeparatorText(): Added SeparatorText() widget. (#1643) [@phed, @ocornut]
- Added to style: float SeparatorTextBorderSize.
- Added to style: ImVec2 SeparatorTextAlign, SeparatorTextPadding.
- Tables: Raised max Columns count from 64 to 512. (#6094, #5305, #4876, #3572)
The previous limit was due to using 64-bit integers but we moved to bits-array
and tweaked the system enough to ensure no performance loss.
- Tables: Solved an ID conflict issue with multiple-instances of a same table,
due to how unique table instance id was generated. (#6140) [@ocornut, @rodrigorc]
- Inputs, Scrolling: Made horizontal scroll wheel and horizontal scroll direction consistent
across backends/os. (#4019, #6096, #1463) [@PathogenDavid, @ocornut, @rokups]
- Clarified that 'wheel_y > 0.0f' scrolls Up, 'wheel_y > 0.0f' scrolls Down.
Clarified that 'wheel_x > 0.0f' scrolls Left, 'wheel_x > 0.0f' scrolls Right.
- Backends: Fixed horizontal scroll direction for Win32 and SDL backends. (#4019)
- Shift+WheelY support on non-OSX machines was already correct. (#2424, #1463)
(whereas on OSX machines Shift+WheelY turns into WheelX at the OS level).
- If you use a custom backend, you should verify horizontal wheel direction.
- Axises are flipped by OSX for mouse & touch-pad when 'Natural Scrolling' is on.
- Axises are flipped by Windows for touch-pad when 'Settings->Touchpad->Down motion scrolls up' is on.
- You can use 'Demo->Tools->Debug Log->IO" to visualize values submitted to Dear ImGui.
- Known issues remaining with Emscripten:
- The magnitude of wheeling values on Emscripten was improved but isn't perfect. (#6096)
- When running the Emscripten app on a Mac with a mouse, SHIFT+WheelY doesn't turn into WheelX.
This is because we don't know that we are running on Mac and apply our own Shift+swapping
on top of OSX' own swapping, so wheel axises are swapped twice. Emscripten apps may need
to find a way to detect this and set io.ConfigMacOSXBehaviors manually (if you know a way
let us know!), or offer the "OSX-style behavior" option to their user.
- Window: Avoid rendering shapes for hidden resize grips.
- Text: Fixed layouting of wrapped-text block skipping successive empty lines,
regression from the fix in 1.89.2. (#5720, #5919)
- Text: Fixed clipping of single-character "..." ellipsis (U+2026 or U+0085) when font
is scaled. Scaling wasn't taken into account, leading to ellipsis character straying
slightly out of its expected boundaries. (#2775)
- Text: Tweaked rendering of three-dots "..." ellipsis variant. (#2775, #4269)
- InputText: Added support for Ctrl+Delete to delete up to end-of-word. (#6067) [@ajweeks]
(Not adding Super+Delete to delete to up to end-of-line on OSX, as OSX doesn't have it)
- InputText: On OSX, inhibit usage of Alt key to toggle menu when active (used for work skip).
- Menus: Fixed layout of MenuItem()/BeginMenu() when label contains a '\n'. (#6116) [@imkcy9]
- ColorEdit, ColorPicker: Fixed hue/saturation preservation logic from interfering with
the displayed value (but not stored value) of others widgets instances. (#6155)
- PlotHistogram, PlotLines: Passing negative sizes honor alignment like other widgets.
- Combo: Allow SetNextWindowSize() to alter combo popup size. (#6130)
- Fonts: Assert that in each GlyphRanges[] pairs first is <= second.
- ImDrawList: Added missing early-out in AddPolyline() and AddConvexPolyFilled() when
color alpha is zero.
- Misc: Most text functions treat "%s" as a shortcut to no-formatting. (#3466)
- Misc: Tolerate zero delta-time under Emscripten as backends are imprecise in their
values for io.DeltaTime, and browser features such as "privacy.resistFingerprinting=true"
can exacerbate that. (#6114, #3644)
- Backends: OSX: Fixed scroll/wheel scaling for devices emitting events with
hasPreciseScrollingDeltas==false (e.g. non-Apple mices).
- Backends: Win32: flipping WM_MOUSEHWHEEL horizontal value to match other backends and
offer consistent horizontal scrolling direction. (#4019)
- Backends: SDL2: flipping SDL_MOUSEWHEEL horizontal value to match other backends and
offer consistent horizontal scrolling direction. (#4019)
- Backends: SDL2: Removed SDL_MOUSEWHEEL value clamping. (#4019, #6096, #6081)
- Backends: SDL2: Added support for SDL 2.0.18+ preciseX/preciseY mouse wheel data
for smooth scrolling as reported by SDL. (#4019, #6096)
- Backends: SDL2: Avoid calling SDL_SetCursor() when cursor has not changed, as the function
is surprisingly costly on Mac with latest SDL (already fixed in SDL latest trunk). (#6113)
- Backends: SDL2: Implement IME handler to call SDL_SetTextInputRect()/SDL_StartTextInput().
It will only works with SDL 2.0.18+ if your code calls 'SDL_SetHint(SDL_HINT_IME_SHOW_UI, "1")'
prior to calling SDL_CreateWindow(). Updated all examples accordingly. (#6071, #1953)
- Backends: SDL3: Added experimental imgui_impl_sdl3.cpp backend. (#6146) [@dovker, @ocornut]
SDL 3.0.0 has not yet been released, so it is possible that its specs/api will change before
release. This backend is provided as a convenience for early adopters etc. We don't recommend
switching to SDL3 before it is released.
- Backends: GLFW: Registering custom low-level mouse wheel handler to get more accurate
scrolling impulses on Emscripten. (#4019, #6096) [@ocornut, @wolfpld, @tolopolarity]
- Backends: GLFW: Added ImGui_ImplGlfw_SetCallbacksChainForAllWindows() to instruct backend
to chain callbacks even for secondary viewports/windows. User callbacks may need to test
the 'window' parameter. (#6142)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fixed GL loader compatibility with 2.x profiles. (#6154, #4445, #3530) [@grauw]
- Backends: WebGPU: Fixed building for latest WebGPU specs (remove implicit layout generation).
(#6117, #4116, #3632) [@tonygrue, @bfierz]
- Examples: refactored SDL2+GL and GLFW+GL examples to compile with Emscripten.
(#2492, #2494, #3699, #3705) [@ocornut, @nicolasnoble]
The dedicated example_emscripten_opengl3/ has been removed.
- Examples: Added SDL3+GL experimental example. (#6146)
- Examples: Win32: Fixed examples using RegisterClassW() since 1.89 to also call
DefWindowProcW() instead of DefWindowProc() so that title text are correctly converted
when application is compiled without /DUNICODE. (#5725, #5961, #5975) [@markreidvfx]
- Examples: SDL2+SDL_Renderer: Added call to SDL_RenderSetScale() to fix display on a
Retina display (albeit lower-res as our other unmodified examples). (#6121, #6065, #5931).
VERSION 1.89.2 (Released 2023-01-05)
Decorated log and release notes:
All changes:
- Tables, Nav, Scrolling: fixed scrolling functions and focus tracking with frozen rows and
frozen columns. Windows now have a better understanding of outer/inner decoration sizes,
which should later lead us toward more flexible uses of menu/status bars. (#5143, #3692)
- Tables, Nav: frozen columns are not part of menu layer and can be crossed over. (#5143, #3692)
- Tables, Columns: fixed cases where empty columns may lead to empty ImDrawCmd. (#4857, #5937)
- Tables: fixed matching width of synchronized tables (multiple tables with same id) when only
some instances have a vertical scrollbar and not all. (#5920)
- Fixed cases where CTRL+Tab or Modal can occasionally lead to the creation of ImDrawCmd with
zero triangles, which would makes the render loop of some backends assert (e.g. Metal with
debugging, Allegro). (#4857, #5937)
- Inputs, IO: reworked ImGuiMod_Shortcut to redirect to Ctrl/Super at runtime instead of
compile-time, being consistent with our support for io.ConfigMacOSXBehaviors and making it
easier for bindings generators to process that value. (#5923, #456)
- Inputs, Scrolling: better selection of scrolling window when hovering nested windows
and when backend/OS is emitting dual-axis wheeling inputs (typically touch pads on macOS).
We now select a primary axis based on recent events, and select a target window based on it.
We expect this behavior to be further improved/tweaked. (#3795, #4559) [@ocornut, @folays]
- InputText: fixed cursor navigation when pressing Up Arrow on the last character of a
multiline buffer which doesn't end with a carriage return. (#6000)
- Text: fixed layouting of wrapped-text block when the last source line is above the
clipping region. Regression added in 1.89. (#5720, #5919)
- Misc: added GetItemID() in public API. It is not often expected that you would use this,
but it is useful for Shortcut() and upcoming owner-aware input functions which wants to
be implemented with public API.
- Fonts: imgui_freetype: fixed a packing issue which in some occurrences would prevent large
amount of glyphs from being packed correctly. (#5788, #5829)
- Fonts: added a 'void* UserData' field in ImFontAtlas, as a convenience for use by
applications using multiple font atlases.
- Demo: simplified "Inputs" section, moved contents to Metrics->Inputs.
- Debug Tools: Metrics: added "Inputs" section, moved from Demo for consistency.
- Misc: fixed parameters to IMGUI_DEBUG_LOG() not being dead-stripped when building
with IMGUI_DISABLE_DEBUG_TOOLS is used. (#5901) [@Teselka]
- Misc: fixed compile-time detection of SSE features on MSVC 32-bits builds. (#5943) [@TheMostDiligent]
- Examples: DirectX10, DirectX11: try WARP software driver if hardware driver is not available. (#5924, #5562)
- Backends: GLFW: Fixed mods state on Linux when using Alt-GR text input (e.g. German keyboard layout), which
could lead to broken text input. Revert a 2022/01/17 change were we resumed using mods provided by GLFW,
turns out they are faulty in this specific situation. (#6034)
- Backends: Allegro5: restoring using al_draw_indexed_prim() when Allegro version is >= 5.2.5. (#5937) [@Espyo]
- Backends: Vulkan: Fixed sampler passed to ImGui_ImplVulkan_AddTexture() not being honored as we were using
an immutable sampler. (#5502, #6001, #914) [@martin-ejdestig, @rytisss]
VERSION 1.89.1 (Released 2022-11-24)
Decorated log and release notes:
Other changes:
- Scrolling, Focus: fixed SetKeyboardFocusHere()/SetItemDefaultFocus() during a window-appearing
frame (and associated lower-level functions e.g. ScrollToRectEx()) from not centering item. (#5902)
- Inputs: fixed moving a window or drag and dropping from preventing input-owner-unaware code
from accessing keys. (#5888, #4921, #456)
- Inputs: fixed moving a window or drag and dropping from capturing mods. (#5888, #4921, #456)
- Layout: fixed End()/EndChild() incorrectly asserting if users manipulates cursor position
inside a collapsed/culled window and IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_FUNCTIONS is enabled. (#5548, #5911)
- Combo: fixed selected item (marked with SetItemDefaultFocus()) from not being centered when
the combo window initially appears. (#5902).
- ColorEdit: fixed label overlapping when using style.ColorButtonPosition == ImGuiDir_Left to
move the color button on the left side (regression introduced in 1.88 WIP 2022/02/28). (#5912)
- Drag and Drop: fixed GetDragDropPayload() returning a non-NULL value if a drag source is
active but a payload hasn't been submitted yet. This is convenient to detect new payload
from within a drag source handler. (#5910, #143)
- Backends: GLFW: cancel out errors emitted by glfwGetKeyName() when a name is missing. (#5908)
- Backends: WebGPU: fixed validation error with default depth buffer settings. (#5869, #5914) [@kdchambers]
VERSION 1.89 (Released 2022-11-15)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
- Layout: Obsoleted using SetCursorPos()/SetCursorScreenPos() to extend parent window/cell boundaries. (#5548)
This relates to when moving the cursor position beyond current boundaries WITHOUT submitting an item.
- Previously this would make the window content size ~200x200:
Begin(...) + SetCursorScreenPos(GetCursorScreenPos() + ImVec2(200,200)) + End();
- Instead, please submit an item:
Begin(...) + SetCursorScreenPos(GetCursorScreenPos() + ImVec2(200,200)) + Dummy(ImVec2(0,0)) + End();
- Alternative:
Begin(...) + Dummy(ImVec2(200,200)) + End();
Content size is now only extended when submitting an item.
With '#define IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_FUNCTIONS' this will now be detected and assert.
Without '#define IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_FUNCTIONS' this will silently be fixed until we obsolete it.
(This incorrect pattern has been mentioned or suggested in: #4510, #3355, #1760, #1490, #4152, #150,
threads have been amended to refer to this issue).
- Inputs: ImGuiKey is now a typed enum, allowing ImGuiKey_XXX symbols to be named in debuggers. (#4921)
This will require uses of legacy backend-dependent indices to be casted, e.g.
- with imgui_impl_glfw: IsKeyPressed(GLFW_KEY_A) -> IsKeyPressed((ImGuiKey)GLFW_KEY_A);
- with imgui_impl_win32: IsKeyPressed('A') -> IsKeyPressed((ImGuiKey)'A')
- etc. however if you are upgrading code you might as well use the backend-agnostic IsKeyPressed(ImGuiKey_A) now.
- Renamed and merged keyboard modifiers key enums and flags into a same set: (#4921, #456)
- ImGuiKey_ModCtrl and ImGuiModFlags_Ctrl -> ImGuiMod_Ctrl
- ImGuiKey_ModShift and ImGuiModFlags_Shift -> ImGuiMod_Shift
- ImGuiKey_ModAlt and ImGuiModFlags_Alt -> ImGuiMod_Alt
- ImGuiKey_ModSuper and ImGuiModFlags_Super -> ImGuiMod_Super
Kept inline redirection enums (will obsolete).
This change simplifies a few things, reduces confusion, and will facilitate upcoming
shortcut/input ownership apis.
- The ImGuiKey_ModXXX were introduced in 1.87 and mostly used by backends.
- The ImGuiModFlags_XXX have been exposed in imgui.h but not really used by any public api,
only by third-party extensions. They were however subject to a recent rename
(ImGuiKeyModFlags_XXX -> ImGuiModFlags_XXX) and we are exceptionally commenting out
the older ImGuiKeyModFlags_XXX names ahead of obsolescence schedule to reduce confusion
and because they were not meant to be used anyway.
- Removed io.NavInputs[] and ImGuiNavInput enum that were used to feed gamepad inputs.
Basically 1.87 already obsoleted them from the backend's point of view, but internally
our navigation code still used this array and enum, so they were still present.
Not anymore! (#4921, #4858, #787, #1599, #323)
Transition guide:
- Official backends from 1.87+ -> no issue.
- Official backends from 1.60 to 1.86 -> will build and convert gamepad inputs, unless IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_KEYIO is defined. Need updating!
- Custom backends not writing to io.NavInputs[] -> no issue.
- Custom backends writing to io.NavInputs[] -> will build and convert gamepad inputs, unless IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_KEYIO is defined. Need fixing!
- TL;DR: Backends should call io.AddKeyEvent()/io.AddKeyAnalogEvent() with ImGuiKey_GamepadXXX values instead of filling io.NavInput[].
The ImGuiNavInput enum was essentially 1.60's attempt to combine keyboard and gamepad inputs with named
semantic, but the additional indirection and copy added complexity and got in the way of other
incoming work. User's code (other than backends) should not be affected, unless you have custom
widgets intercepting navigation events via the named enums (in which case you can upgrade your code).
- DragInt()/SliderInt(): Removed runtime patching of invalid "%f"/"%.0f" types of format strings.
This was obsoleted in 1.61 (May 2018). See 1.61 changelog for details.
- Changed signature of ImageButton() function: (#5533, #4471, #2464, #1390)
- Added 'const char* str_id' parameter + removed 'int frame_padding = -1' parameter.
- Old signature: bool ImageButton(ImTextureID tex_id, ImVec2 size, ImVec2 uv0 = ImVec2(0,0), ImVec2 uv1 = ImVec2(1,1), int frame_padding = -1, ImVec4 bg_col = ImVec4(0,0,0,0), ImVec4 tint_col = ImVec4(1,1,1,1));
- used the ImTextureID value to create an ID. This was inconsistent with other functions, led to ID conflicts, and caused problems with engines using transient ImTextureID values.
- had a FramePadding override which was inconsistent with other functions and made the already-long signature even longer.
- New signature: bool ImageButton(const char* str_id, ImTextureID tex_id, ImVec2 size, ImVec2 uv0 = ImVec2(0,0), ImVec2 uv1 = ImVec2(1,1), ImVec4 bg_col = ImVec4(0,0,0,0), ImVec4 tint_col = ImVec4(1,1,1,1));
- requires an explicit identifier. You may still use e.g. PushID() calls and then pass an empty identifier.
- always uses style.FramePadding for padding, to be consistent with other buttons. You may use PushStyleVar() to alter this.
- As always we are keeping a redirection function available (will obsolete later).
- Removed the bizarre legacy default argument for 'TreePush(const void* ptr = NULL)'. (#1057)
Must always pass a pointer value explicitly, NULL/nullptr is ok but require cast, e.g. TreePush((void*)nullptr);
If you used TreePush() replace with TreePush((void*)NULL);
They only made sense before we could use IMGUI_USER_CONFIG.
Other Changes:
- Popups & Modals: fixed nested Begin() inside a popup being erroneously input-inhibited.
While it is unusual, you can nest a Begin() inside a popup or modal, it is occasionally
useful to achieve certain things (e.g. to implement suggestion popups #718, #4461).
- Inputs: Standard widgets now claim for key/button ownership and test for them.
- Fixes scenario where e.g. a Popup with a Selectable() reacting on mouse down
(e.g. double click) closes, and behind it is another window with an item reacting
on mouse up. Previously this would lead to both items reacting, now the item in the
window behind won't react on the mouse up since the mouse button ownership has already
been claimed earlier.
- Internals: There are MANY more aspects to this changes. Added experimental/internal APIs
to allow handling input/shorting routing and key ownership. Things will be moved into
public APIs over time. For now this release is a way to test the solidity of underlying
systems while letting early adopters adopters toy with internals.
(#456, #2637, #2620, #2891, #3370, #3724, #4828, #5108, #5242, #5641)
- Scrolling: Tweak mouse-wheel locked window timer so it is shorter but also gets reset
whenever scrolling again. Modulate for small (sub-pixel) amounts. (#2604)
- Scrolling: Mitigated issue where multi-axis mouse-wheel inputs (usually from touch pad
events) are incorrectly locking scrolling in a parent window. (#4559, #3795, #2604)
- Scrolling: Exposed SetNextWindowScroll() in public API. Useful to remove a scrolling
delay in some situations where e.g. windows need to be synched. (#1526)
- InputText: added experimental io.ConfigInputTextEnterKeepActive feature to make pressing
Enter keep the input active and select all text.
- InputText: numerical fields automatically accept full-width characters (U+FF01..U+FF5E)
by converting them to half-width (U+0021..U+007E).
- InputText: added ImGuiInputTextFlags_EscapeClearsAll flag: first press on Escape clears
text if any, second press deactivate the InputText(). (#5688, #2620)
- InputText: added support for shift+click style selection. (#5619) [@procedural]
- InputText: clarified that callbacks cannot modify buffer when using the ReadOnly flag.
- InputText: fixed minor one-frame selection glitch when reverting with Escape.
- ColorEdit3: fixed id collision leading to an assertion. (#5707)
- IsItemHovered: Added ImGuiHoveredFlags_DelayNormal and ImGuiHoveredFlags_DelayShort flags,
allowing to introduce a shared delay for tooltip idioms. The delays are respectively
io.HoverDelayNormal (default to 0.30f) and io.HoverDelayShort (default to 0.10f). (#1485)
- IsItemHovered: Added ImGuiHoveredFlags_NoSharedDelay to disable sharing delays between items,
so moving from one item to a nearby one will requires delay to elapse again. (#1485)
- Tables: activating an ID (e.g. clicking button inside) column doesn't prevent columns
output flags from having ImGuiTableColumnFlags_IsHovered set. (#2957)
- Tables,Columns: fixed a layout issue where SameLine() prior to a row change would set the
next row in such state where subsequent SameLine() would move back to previous row.
- Tabs: Fixed a crash when closing multiple windows (possible with docking only) with an
appended TabItemButton(). (#5515, #3291) [@rokups]
- Tabs: Fixed shrinking policy leading to infinite loops when fed unrounded tab widths. (#5652)
- Tabs: Fixed shrinking policy sometimes erroneously making right-most tabs stray a little out
bar boundaries (bug in 1.88). (#5652).
- Tabs: Enforcing minimum size of 1.0f, fixed asserting on zero-tab widths. (#5572)
- Window: Fixed a potential crash when appending to a child window. (#5515, #3496, #4797) [@rokups]
- Window: Fixed an issue where uncollapsed a window would show a scrollbar for a frame.
- Window: Auto-fit size takes account of work rectangle (menu bars eating from viewport). (#5843)
- Window: Fixed position not being clamped while auto-resizing (fixes appearing windows without
.ini data from moving for a frame when using io.ConfigWindowsMoveFromTitleBarOnly). (#5843)
- IO: Added ImGuiMod_Shortcut which is ImGuiMod_Super on Mac and ImGuiMod_Ctrl otherwise. (#456)
- IO: Added ImGuiKey_MouseXXX aliases for mouse buttons/wheel so all operations done on ImGuiKey
can apply to mouse data as well. (#4921)
- IO: Filter duplicate input events during the AddXXX() calls. (#5599, #4921)
- IO: Fixed AddFocusEvent(false) to also clear MouseDown[] state. (#4921)
- Menus: Fixed incorrect sub-menu parent association when opening a menu by closing another.
Among other things, it would accidentally break part of the closing heuristic logic when moving
towards a sub-menu. (#2517, #5614). [@rokups]
- Menus: Fixed gaps in closing logic which would make child-menu erroneously close when crossing
the gap between a menu item inside a window and a child-menu in a secondary viewport. (#5614)
- Menus: Fixed using IsItemHovered()/IsItemClicked() on BeginMenu(). (#5775)
- Menus, Popups: Experimental fix for issue where clicking on an open BeginMenu() item called from
a window which is neither a popup neither a menu used to incorrectly close and reopen the menu
(the fix may have side-effect and is labelld as experimental as we may need to revert). (#5775)
- Menus, Nav: Fixed keyboard/gamepad navigation occasionally erroneously landing on menu-item
in parent window when the parent is not a popup. (#5730)
- Menus, Nav: Fixed not being able to close a menu with Left arrow when parent is not a popup. (#5730)
- Menus, Nav: Fixed using left/right navigation when appending to an existing menu (multiple
BeginMenu() call with same names). (#1207)
- Menus: Fixed a one-frame issue where SetNextWindowXXX data are not consumed by a BeginMenu()
returning false.
- Nav: Fixed moving/resizing window with gamepad or keyboard when running at very high framerate.
- Nav: Pressing Space/GamepadFaceDown on a repeating button uses the same repeating rate as a mouse hold.
- Nav: Fixed an issue opening a menu with Right key from a non-menu window.
- Text: Fixed wrapped-text not doing a fast-forward on lines above the clipping region,
which would result in an abnormal number of vertices created (was slower and more likely to
asserts with 16-bits ImDrawVtx). (#5720)
- Fonts: Added GetGlyphRangesGreek() helper for Greek & Coptic glyph range. (#5676, #5727) [@azonenberg]
- ImDrawList: Not using alloca() anymore, lift single polygon size limits. (#5704, #1811)
- Note: now using a temporary buffer stored in ImDrawListSharedData.
This change made it more visible than you cannot append to multiple ImDrawList from multiple
threads if they share the same ImDrawListSharedData. Previously it was a little more likely
for this to "accidentally" work, but was already incorrect. (#6167)
- Platform IME: [Windows] Removed call to ImmAssociateContextEx() leading to freeze on some setups.
(#2589, #5535, #5264, #4972)
- Misc: better error reporting for PopStyleColor()/PopStyleVar() + easier to recover. (#1651)
- Misc: io.Framerate moving average now converge in 60 frames instead of 120. (#5236, #4138)
- Debug Tools: Debug Log: Visually locate items when hovering a 0xXXXXXXXX value. (#5855)
- Debug Tools: Debug Log: Added 'IO' and 'Clipper' events logging. (#5855)
- Debug Tools: Metrics: Visually locate items when hovering a 0xXXXXXXXX value (in most places).
- Debug Tools: Item Picker: Mouse button can be changed by holding Ctrl+Shift, making it easier
to use the Item Picker in e.g. menus. (#2673)
- Docs: Fixed various typos in comments and documentations. (#5649, #5675, #5679) [@tocic, @lessigsx]
- Demo: Improved "Constrained-resizing window" example, more clearly showcase aspect-ratio. (#5627)
- Demo: Added more explicit "Center window" mode to "Overlay example". (#5618)
- Demo: Fixed Log & Console from losing scrolling position with Auto-Scroll when child is clipped. (#5721)
- Examples: Added all SDL examples to default VS solution.
- Examples: Win32: Always use RegisterClassW() to ensure windows are Unicode. (#5725)
- Examples: Android: Enable .ini file loading/saving into application internal data folder. (#5836) [@rewtio]
- Backends: GLFW: Honor GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED by not setting mouse position. (#5625) [@scorpion-26]
- Backends: GLFW: Add glfwGetError() call on GLFW 3.3 to inhibit missing mouse cursor errors. (#5785) [@mitchellh]
- Backends: SDL: Disable SDL 2.0.22 new "auto capture" which prevents drag and drop across windows
(e.g. for multi-viewport support) and don't capture mouse when drag and dropping. (#5710)
- Backends: Win32: Convert WM_CHAR values with MultiByteToWideChar() when window class was
registered as MBCS (not Unicode). (#5725, #1807, #471, #2815, #1060) [@or75, @ocornut]
- Backends: OSX: Fixed mouse inputs on flipped views. (#5756) [@Nemirtingas]
- Backends: OSX: Fixed mouse coordinate before clicking on the host window. (#5842) [@maezawa-akira]
- Backends: OSX: Fixes to support full app creation in C++. (#5403) [@stack]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Reverted use of glBufferSubData(), too many corruptions issues were reported,
and old leaks issues seemingly can't be reproed with Intel drivers nowadays (revert earlier changes).
(#4468, #4504, #3381, #2981, #4825, #4832, #5127).
- Backends: Metal: Use __bridge for ARC based systems. (#5403) [@stack]
- Backends: Metal: Add dispatch synchronization. (#5447) [@luigifcruz]
- Backends: Metal: Update deprecated property 'sampleCount'->'rasterSampleCount'. (#5603) [@dcvz]
- Backends: Vulkan: Added experimental ImGui_ImplVulkan_RemoveTexture() for api symetry. (#914, #5738).
- Backends: WebGPU: fixed rendering when a depth buffer is enabled. (#5869) [@brainlag]
VERSION 1.88 (Released 2022-06-21)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking changes:
Kept support for old define (will obsolete).
- Renamed CaptureMouseFromApp() and CaptureKeyboardFromApp() to SetNextFrameWantCaptureMouse()
and SetNextFrameWantCaptureKeyboard() to clarify purpose, old name was too misleading.
Kept inline redirection functions (will obsolete).
- Renamed ImGuiKeyModFlags to ImGuiModFlags. Kept inline redirection enums (will obsolete).
(This was never used in public API functions but technically present in imgui.h and ImGuiIO).
- Backends: OSX: Removed ImGui_ImplOSX_HandleEvent() from backend API in favor of backend
automatically handling event capture. Examples that are using the OSX backend have removed
all the now-unnecessary calls to ImGui_ImplOSX_HandleEvent(), applications can do as well.
[@stuartcarnie] (#4821)
- Internals: calling ButtonBehavior() without calling ItemAdd() now requires a KeepAliveID()
call. This is because the KeepAliveID() call was moved from GetID() to ItemAdd(). (#5181)
Other Changes:
- IO: Fixed backward-compatibility regression introduced in 1.87: (#4921, #4858)
- Direct accesses to io.KeysDown[] with legacy indices didn't work (with new backends).
- Direct accesses to io.KeysDown[GetKeyIndex(XXX)] would access invalid data (with old/new backends).
- Calling IsKeyDown() didn't have those problems, and is recommended as io.KeysDown[] is obsolete.
- IO: Fixed input queue trickling of interleaved keys/chars events (which are frequent especially
when holding down a key as OS submits chars repeat events) delaying key presses and mouse movements.
In particular, using the input system for fast game-like actions (e.g. WASD camera move) would
typically have been impacted, as well as holding a key while dragging mouse. Constraints have
been lifted and are now only happening when e.g. an InputText() widget is active. (#4921, #4858)
Note that even thought you shouldn't need to disable io.ConfigInputTrickleEventQueue, you can
technically dynamically change its setting based on the context (e.g. disable only when hovering
or interacting with a game/3D view).
- IO: Fixed input queue trickling of mouse wheel events: multiple wheel events are merged, while
a mouse pos followed by a mouse wheel are now trickled. (#4921, #4821)
- IO: Added io.SetAppAcceptingEvents() to set a master flag for accepting key/mouse/characters
events (default to true). Useful if you have native dialog boxes that are interrupting your
application loop/refresh, and you want to disable events being queued while your app is frozen.
- Windows: Fixed first-time windows appearing in negative coordinates from being initialized
with a wrong size. This would most often be noticeable in multi-viewport mode (docking branch)
when spawning a window in a monitor with negative coordinates. (#5215, #3414) [@DimaKoltun]
- Clipper: Fixed a regression in 1.86 when not calling clipper.End() and late destructing the
clipper instance. High-level languages (Lua,Rust etc.) would typically be affected. (#4822)
- Layout: Fixed mixing up SameLine() and SetCursorPos() together from creating situations where line
height would be emitted from the wrong location (e.g. 'ItemA+SameLine()+SetCursorPos()+ItemB' would
emit ItemA worth of height from the position of ItemB, which is not necessarily aligned with ItemA).
- Sliders: An initial click within the knob/grab doesn't shift its position. (#1946, #5328)
- Sliders, Drags: Fixed dragging when using hexadecimal display format string. (#5165, #3133)
- Sliders, Drags: Fixed manual input when using hexadecimal display format string. (#5165, #3133)
- InputScalar: Fixed manual input when using %03d style width in display format string. (#5165, #3133)
- InputScalar: Automatically allow hexadecimal input when format is %X (without extra flag).
- InputScalar: Automatically allow scientific input when format is float/double (without extra flag).
- Nav: Fixed nav movement in a scope with only one disabled item from focusing the disabled item. (#5189)
- Nav: Fixed issues with nav request being transferred to another window when calling SetKeyboardFocusHere()
and simultaneous changing window focus. (#4449)
- Nav: Changed SetKeyboardFocusHere() to not behave if a drag or window moving is in progress.
- Nav: Fixed inability to cancel nav in modal popups. (#5400) [@rokups]
- IsItemHovered(): added ImGuiHoveredFlags_NoNavOverride to disable the behavior where the
return value is overridden by focus when gamepad/keyboard navigation is active.
- InputText: Fixed pressing Tab emitting two tabs characters because of dual Keys/Chars events being
trickled with the new input queue (happened on some backends only). (#2467, #1336)
- InputText: Fixed a one-frame display glitch where pressing Escape to revert after a deletion
would lead to small garbage being displayed for one frame. Curiously a rather old bug! (#3008)
- InputText: Fixed an undo-state corruption issue when editing main buffer before reactivating item. (#4947)
- InputText: Fixed an undo-state corruption issue when editing in-flight buffer in user callback.
(#4947, #4949] [@JoshuaWebb]
- Tables: Fixed incorrect border height used for logic when resizing one of several synchronized
instance of a same table ID, when instances have a different height. (#3955).
- Tables: Fixed incorrect auto-fit of parent windows when using non-resizable weighted columns. (#5276)
- Tables: Fixed draw-call merging of last column. Depending on some unrelated settings (e.g. BorderH)
merging draw-call of the last column didn't always work (regression since 1.87). (#4843, #4844) [@rokups]
- Inputs: Fixed IsMouseClicked() repeat mode rate being half of keyboard repeat rate.
- ColorEdit: Fixed text baseline alignment after a SameLine() after a ColorEdit() with visible label.
- Tabs: BeginTabItem() now reacts to SetNextItemWidth(). (#5262)
- Tabs: Tweak shrinking policy so that while resizing tabs that don't need shrinking keep their
initial width more precisely (without the occasional +1 worth of width).
- Menus: Adjusted BeginMenu() closing logic so hovering void or non-MenuItem() in parent window
always lead to menu closure. Fixes using items that are not MenuItem() or BeginItem() at the root
level of a popup with a child menu opened.
- Menus: Menus emitted from the main/scrolling layer are not part of the same menu-set as menus emitted
from the menu-bar, avoiding accidental hovering from one to the other. (#3496, #4797) [@rokups]
- Style: Adjust default value of GrabMinSize from 10.0f to 12.0f.
- Stack Tool: Added option to copy item path to clipboard. (#4631)
- Settings: Fixed out-of-bounds read when .ini file on disk is empty. (#5351) [@quantum5]
- Settings: Fixed some SetNextWindowPos/SetNextWindowSize API calls not marking settings as dirty.
- DrawList: Fixed PathArcTo() emitting terminating vertices too close to arc vertices. (#4993) [@thedmd]
- DrawList: Fixed texture-based anti-aliasing path with RGBA textures (#5132, #3245) [@cfillion]
- DrawList: Fixed divide-by-zero or glitches with Radius/Rounding values close to zero. (#5249, #5293, #3491)
- DrawList: Circle with a radius smaller than 0.5f won't appear, to be consistent with other primitives. [@thedmd]
- Debug Tools: Debug Log: Added ShowDebugLogWindow() showing an opt-in synthetic log of principal events
(focus, popup, active id changes) helping to diagnose issues.
- Debug Tools: Added DebugTextEncoding() function to facilitate diagnosing issues when not sure about
whether you have a UTF-8 text encoding issue or a font loading issue. [@LaMarche05, @ocornut]
- Demo: Add better demo of how to use SetNextFrameWantCaptureMouse()/SetNextFrameWantCaptureKeyboard().
- Metrics: Added a "UTF-8 Encoding Viewer" section using the aforementioned DebugTextEncoding() function.
- Metrics: Added "InputText" section to visualize internal state (#4947, #4949).
- Misc: Fixed calling GetID("label") _before_ a widget emitting this item inside a group (such as InputInt())
from causing an assertion when closing the group. (#5181).
- Misc: Fixed IsAnyItemHovered() returning false when using navigation.
- Misc: Allow redefining IM_COL32_XXX layout macros to facilitate use on big-endian systems. (#5190, #767, #844)
- Misc: Added IMGUI_STB_SPRINTF_FILENAME to support custom path to stb_sprintf. (#5068, #2954) [@jakubtomsu]
- Misc: Added constexpr to ImVec2/ImVec4 inline constructors. (#4995) [@Myriachan]
- Misc: Updated stb_truetype.h from 1.20 to 1.26 (many fixes). (#5075)
- Misc: Updated stb_textedit.h from 1.13 to 1.14 (our changes so this effectively is a no-op). (#5075)
- Misc: Updated stb_rect_pack.h from 1.00 to 1.01 (minor). (#5075)
- Misc: binary_to_compressed_c tool: Added -nostatic option. (#5021) [@podsvirov]
- ImVector: Fixed erase() with empty range. (#5009) [@thedmd]
- Backends: Vulkan: Don't use VK_PRESENT_MODE_MAX_ENUM_KHR as specs state it isn't part of the API. (#5254)
- Backends: GLFW: Fixed a regression in 1.87 which resulted in keyboard modifiers events being
reported incorrectly on Linux/X11, due to a bug in GLFW. [@rokups]
- Backends: GLFW: Fixed untranslated keys when pressing lower case letters on OSX (#5260, #5261) [@cpichard]
- Backends: SDL: Fixed dragging out viewport broken on some SDL setups. (#5012) [@rokups]
- Backends: SDL: Added support for extra mouse buttons (SDL_BUTTON_X1/SDL_BUTTON_X2). (#5125) [@sgiurgiu]
- Backends: SDL, OpenGL3: Fixes to facilitate building on AmigaOS4. (#5190) [@afxgroup]
- Backends: OSX: Monitor NSKeyUp events to catch missing keyUp for key when user press Cmd + key (#5128) [@thedmd]
- Backends: OSX, Metal: Store backend data in a per-context struct, allowing to use these backends with
multiple contexts. (#5203, #5221, #4141) [@noisewuwei]
- Backends: Metal: Fixed null dereference on exit inside command buffer completion handler. (#5363, #5365) [@warrenm]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Partially revert 1.86 change of using glBufferSubData(): now only done on Windows and
Intel GPU, based on querying glGetString(GL_VENDOR). Essentially we got report of accumulating leaks on Intel
with multi-viewports when using simple glBufferData() without orphaning, and report of corruptions on other
GPUs with multi-viewports when using orphaning and glBufferSubData(), so currently switching technique based
on GPU vendor, which unfortunately reinforce the cargo-cult nature of dealing with OpenGL drivers.
Navigating the space of mysterious OpenGL drivers is particularly difficult as they are known to rely on
application specific whitelisting. (#4468, #3381, #2981, #4825, #4832, #5127).
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fix state corruption on OpenGL ES 2.0 due to not preserving GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING
and vertex attribute states. [@rokups]
- Examples: Emscripten+WebGPU: Fix building for latest WebGPU specs. (#3632)
- Examples: OSX+Metal, OSX+OpenGL: Removed now-unnecessary calls to ImGui_ImplOSX_HandleEvent(). (#4821)
VERSION 1.87 (Released 2022-02-07)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Removed support for pre-C++11 compilers. We'll stop supporting VS2010. (#4537)
- Reworked IO mouse input API: (#4921, #4858) [@thedmd, @ocornut]
- Added io.AddMousePosEvent(), io.AddMouseButtonEvent(), io.AddMouseWheelEvent() functions,
obsoleting writing directly to io.MousePos, io.MouseDown[], io.MouseWheel, etc.
- This enable input queue trickling to support low framerates. (#2787, #1992, #3383, #2525, #1320)
- For all calls to IO new functions, the Dear ImGui context should be bound/current.
- Reworked IO keyboard input API: (#4921, #2625, #3724) [@thedmd, @ocornut]
- Added io.AddKeyEvent() function, obsoleting writing directly to io.KeyMap[], io.KeysDown[] arrays.
- For keyboard modifiers, you can call io.AddKeyEvent() with ImGuiKey_ModXXX values,
obsoleting writing directly to io.KeyCtrl, io.KeyShift etc.
- Added io.SetKeyEventNativeData() function (optional) to pass native and old legacy indices.
- Added full range of key enums in ImGuiKey (e.g. ImGuiKey_F1).
- Added GetKeyName() helper function.
- Obsoleted GetKeyIndex(): it is now unnecessary and will now return the same value.
- All keyboard related functions taking 'int user_key_index' now take 'ImGuiKey key':
- IsKeyDown(), IsKeyPressed(), IsKeyReleased(), GetKeyPressedAmount().
- Added io.ConfigInputTrickleEventQueue (defaulting to true) to disable input queue trickling.
- Backward compatibility:
- All backends updated to use new functions.
- Old backends populating those arrays should still work!
- Calling e.g. IsKeyPressed(MY_NATIVE_KEY_XXX) will still work! (for a while)
- Those legacy arrays will only be disabled if '#define IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_KEYIO' is set in your imconfig.
so this will be moved into the regular obsolescence path.
- BREAKING: If your custom backend used ImGuiKey as mock native indices (e.g. "io.KeyMap[ImGuiKey_A] = ImGuiKey_A")
this is a use case that will now assert and be breaking for your old backend.
- Transition guide:
- IsKeyPressed(MY_NATIVE_KEY_XXX) -> use IsKeyPressed(ImGuiKey_XXX)
- IsKeyPressed(GetKeyIndex(ImGuiKey_XXX)) -> use IsKeyPressed(ImGuiKey_XXX)
- Backend writing to io.KeyMap[],KeysDown[] -> backend should call io.AddKeyEvent(), if legacy indexing is desired, call io.SetKeyEventNativeData()
- Basically the trick we took advantage of is that we previously only supported native keycode from 0 to 511,
so ImGuiKey values can still express a legacy native keycode, and new named keys are all >= 512.
- This will enable a few things in the future:
- Access to portable keys allows for backend-agnostic keyboard input code. Until now it was difficult
to share code using keyboard across project because of this gap. (#2625, #3724)
- Access to full key ranges will allow us to develop a proper keyboard shortcut system. (#456)
- io.SetKeyEventNativeData() include native keycode/scancode which may later be exposed. (#3141, #2959)
- Reworked IO nav/gamepad input API and unifying inputs sources: (#4921, #4858, #787)
- Added full range of ImGuiKey_GamepadXXXX enums (e.g. ImGuiKey_GamepadDpadUp, ImGuiKey_GamepadR2) to use with
io.AddKeyEvent(), io.AddKeyAnalogEvent().
- Added io.AddKeyAnalogEvent() function, obsoleting writing directly to io.NavInputs[] arrays.
- Renamed ImGuiKey_KeyPadEnter to ImGuiKey_KeypadEnter to align with new symbols. Kept redirection enum. (#2625)
- Removed support for legacy arithmetic operators (+,+-,*,/) when inputing text into a slider/drag. (#4917, #3184)
This doesn't break any api/code but a feature that was accessible by end-users (which seemingly no one used).
(Instead you may implement custom expression evaluators to provide a better version of this).
- Backends: GLFW: backend now uses glfwSetCursorPosCallback().
- If calling ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX with install_callbacks=true: nothing to do. is already done for you.
- If calling ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX with install_callbacks=false: you WILL NEED to register the GLFW callback
using glfwSetCursorPosCallback() and forward it to the backend function ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorPosCallback().
- Backends: SDL: Added SDL_Renderer* parameter to ImGui_ImplSDL2_InitForSDLRenderer(), so backend can call
SDL_GetRendererOutputSize() to obtain framebuffer size valid for hi-dpi. (#4927) [@Clownacy]
- Commented out redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.69, 1.70, 1.71, 1.72 (March-July 2019)
- ImGui::SetNextTreeNodeOpen() -> use ImGui::SetNextItemOpen()
- ImGui::GetContentRegionAvailWidth() -> use ImGui::GetContentRegionAvail().x
- ImGui::TreeAdvanceToLabelPos() -> use ImGui::SetCursorPosX(ImGui::GetCursorPosX() + ImGui::GetTreeNodeToLabelSpacing());
- ImFontAtlas::CustomRect -> use ImFontAtlasCustomRect
- ImGuiColorEditFlags_RGB/HSV/HEX -> use ImGuiColorEditFlags_DisplayRGB/HSV/Hex
- Removed io.ImeSetInputScreenPosFn() in favor of more flexible io.SetPlatformImeDataFn() for IME support.
Because this field was mostly only ever used by Dear ImGui internally, not by backends nor the vast majority
of user code, this should only affect a very small fraction for users who are already very IME-aware.
- Obsoleted 'void* io.ImeWindowHandle' in favor of writing to 'void* ImGuiViewport::PlatformHandleRaw'.
This removes an incompatibility between 'master' and 'multi-viewports' backends and toward enabling
better support for IME. Updated backends accordingly. Because the old field is set by existing backends,
we are keeping it (marked as obsolete).
Other Changes:
- IO: Added event based input queue API, which now trickles events to support low framerates. [@thedmd, @ocornut]
Previously the most common issue case (button presses in low framerates) was handled by backend. This is now
handled by core automatically for all kind of inputs. (#4858, #2787, #1992, #3383, #2525, #1320)
- New IO functions for keyboard/gamepad: AddKeyEvent(), AddKeyAnalogEvent().
- New IO functions for mouse: AddMousePosEvent(), AddMouseButtonEvent(), AddMouseWheelEvent().
- IO: Unified key enums allow using key functions on key mods and gamepad values.
- Fixed CTRL+Tab into an empty window causing artifacts on the highlight rectangle due to bad reordering on ImDrawCmd.
- Fixed a situation where CTRL+Tab or Modal can occasionally lead to the creation of ImDrawCmd with zero triangles,
which would makes the draw operation of some backends assert (e.g. Metal with debugging). (#4857)
- Popups: Fixed a regression crash when a new window is created after a modal on the same frame. (#4920) [@rokups]
- Popups: Fixed an issue when reopening a same popup multiple times would offset them by 1 pixel on the right. (#4936)
- Tables, ImDrawListSplitter: Fixed erroneously stripping trailing ImDrawList::AddCallback() when submitted in
last column or last channel and when there are no other drawing operation. (#4843, #4844) [@hoffstadt]
- Tables: Fixed positioning of Sort icon on right-most column with some settings (not resizable + no borders). (#4918).
- Nav: Fixed gamepad navigation in wrapping popups not wrapping all the way. (#4365)
- Sliders, Drags: Fixed text input of values with a leading sign, common when using a format enforcing sign. (#4917)
- Demo: draw a section of keyboard in "Inputs > Keyboard, Gamepad & Navigation state" to visualize keys. [@thedmd]
- Platform IME: changed io.ImeSetInputScreenPosFn() to io.SetPlatformImeDataFn() API,
now taking a ImGuiPlatformImeData structure which we can more easily extend in the future.
- Platform IME: moved io.ImeWindowHandle to GetMainViewport()->PlatformHandleRaw.
- Platform IME: add ImGuiPlatformImeData::WantVisible, hide IME composition window when not used. (#2589) [@actboy168]
- Platform IME: add ImGuiPlatformImeData::InputLineHeight. (#3113) [@liuliu]
- Platform IME: [windows] call ImmSetCandidateWindow() to position candidate window.
- Backends: GLFW: Pass localized keys (matching keyboard layout). Fix e.g. CTRL+A, CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y shortcuts.
We are now converting GLFW untranslated keycodes back to translated keycodes in order to match the behavior of
other backend, and facilitate the use of GLFW with lettered-shortcuts API. (#456, #2625)
- Backends: GLFW: Submit keys and key mods using io.AddKeyEvent(). (#2625, #4921)
- Backends: GLFW: Submit mouse data using io.AddMousePosEvent(), io.AddMouseButtonEvent(), io.AddMouseWheelEvent() functions. (#4921)
- Backends: GLFW: Retrieve mouse position using glfwSetCursorPosCallback() + fallback when focused but not hovered/captured.
- Backends: GLFW: Submit gamepad data using io.AddKeyEvent/AddKeyAnalogEvent() functions, stopped writing to io.NavInputs[]. (#4921)
- Backends: GLFW: Added ImGui_ImplGlfw_InstallCallbacks()/ImGui_ImplGlfw_RestoreCallbacks() helpers to facilitate user installing
callbacks after iniitializing backend. (#4981)
- Backends: Win32: Submit keys and key mods using io.AddKeyEvent(). (#2625, #4921)
- Backends: Win32: Retrieve mouse position using WM_MOUSEMOVE/WM_MOUSELEAVE + fallback when focused but not hovered/captured.
- Backends: Win32: Submit mouse data using io.AddMousePosEvent(), AddMouseButtonEvent(), AddMouseWheelEvent() functions. (#4921)
- Backends: Win32: Maintain a MouseButtonsDown mask instead of using ImGui::IsAnyMouseDown() which will be obsoleted.
- Backends: Win32: Submit gamepad data using io.AddKeyEvent/AddKeyAnalogEvent() functions, stopped writing to io.NavInputs[]. (#4921)
- Backends: SDL: Pass localized keys (matching keyboard layout). Fix e.g. CTRL+A, CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y shortcuts. (#456, #2625)
- Backends: SDL: Submit key data using io.AddKeyEvent(). Submit keymods using io.AddKeyModsEvent() at the same time. (#2625)
- Backends: SDL: Retrieve mouse position using SDL_MOUSEMOTION/SDL_WINDOWEVENT_LEAVE + fallback when focused but not hovered/captured.
- Backends: SDL: Submit mouse data using io.AddMousePosEvent(), AddMouseButtonEvent(), AddMouseWheelEvent() functions. (#4921)
- Backends: SDL: Maintain a MouseButtonsDown mask instead of using ImGui::IsAnyMouseDown() which will be obsoleted.
- Backends: SDL: Submit gamepad data using io.AddKeyEvent/AddKeyAnalogEvent() functions, stopped writing to io.NavInputs[]. (#4921)
- Backends: Allegro5: Submit keys using io.AddKeyEvent(). Submit keymods using io.AddKeyModsEvent() at the same time. (#2625)
- Backends: Allegro5: Submit mouse data using io.AddMousePosEvent(), AddMouseButtonEvent(), AddMouseWheelEvent() functions. (#4921)
- Backends: OSX: Submit keys using io.AddKeyEvent(). Submit keymods using io.AddKeyModsEvent() at the same time. (#2625)
- Backends: OSX: Submit mouse data using io.AddMousePosEvent(), AddMouseButtonEvent(), AddMouseWheelEvent() functions. (#4921)
- Backends: OSX: Submit gamepad data using io.AddKeyEvent/AddKeyAnalogEvent() functions, stopped writing to io.NavInputs[]. (#4921)
- Backends: OSX: Added basic Platform IME support. (#3108, #2598) [@liuliu]
- Backends: OSX: Fix Game Controller nav mapping to use shoulder for both focusing and tweak speed. (#4759)
- Backends: OSX: Fix building with old Xcode versions that are missing gamepad features. [@rokups]
- Backends: OSX: Forward keyDown/keyUp events to OS when unused by Dear ImGui.
- Backends: Android, GLUT: Submit keys using io.AddKeyEvent(). Submit keymods using io.AddKeyModsEvent() at the same time. (#2625)
- Backends: Android, GLUT: Submit mouse data using io.AddMousePosEvent(), AddMouseButtonEvent(), AddMouseWheelEvent() functions. (#4858)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fixed a buffer overflow in imgui_impl_opengl3_loader.h init (added in 1.86). (#4468, #4830) [@dymk]
It would generally not have noticeable side-effect at runtime but would be detected by runtime checkers.
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fix OpenGL ES2 includes on Apple systems. [@rokups]
- Backends: Metal: Added Apple Metal C++ API support. (#4824, #4746) [@luigifcruz]
Enable with '#define IMGUI_IMPL_METAL_CPP' in your imconfig.h file.
- Backends: Metal: Ignore ImDrawCmd where ElemCount == 0, which are normally not emitted by the library but
can theoretically be created by user code manipulating a ImDrawList. (#4857)
- Backends: Vulkan: Added support for ImTextureID as VkDescriptorSet, add ImGui_ImplVulkan_AddTexture(). (#914) [@martty]
- Backends: SDL_Renderer: Fix texture atlas format on big-endian hardware (#4927) [@Clownacy]
- Backends: WebGPU: Fixed incorrect size parameters in wgpuRenderPassEncoderSetIndexBuffer() and
wgpuRenderPassEncoderSetVertexBuffer() calls. (#4891) [@FeepsDev]
VERSION 1.86 (Released 2021-12-22)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Removed CalcListClipping() function. Prefer using ImGuiListClipper which can return non-contiguous ranges.
Please open an issue if you think you really need this function. (#3841)
- Backends: OSX: Added NSView* parameter to ImGui_ImplOSX_Init(). (#4759) [@stuartcarnie]
- Backends: Marmalade: Removed obsolete Marmalade backend (imgui_impl_marmalade.cpp) + example app. (#368, #375)
Find last supported version at
Other Changes:
- Added an assertion for the common user mistake of using "" as an identifier at the root level of a window
instead of using "##something". Empty identifiers are valid and useful in a very small amount of cases,
but 99.9% of the time if you need an empty label you should use "##something". (#1414, #2562, #2807, #4008,
#4158, #4375, #4548, #4657, #4796). READ THE FAQ ABOUT HOW THE ID STACK WORKS ->
- Added GetMouseClickedCount() function, returning the number of successive clicks. (#3229) [@kudaba]
(so IsMouseDoubleClicked(ImGuiMouseButton_Left) is same as GetMouseClickedCount(ImGuiMouseButton_Left) == 2,
but it allows testing for triple clicks and more).
- Modals: fixed issue hovering popups inside a child windows inside a modal. (#4676, #4527)
- Modals, Popups, Windows: changes how appearing windows are interrupting popups and modals. (#4317) [@rokups]
- appearing windows created from within the begin stack of a popup/modal will no longer close it.
- appearing windows created not within the begin stack of a modal will no longer close the modal,
and automatically appear behind it.
- Fixed IsWindowFocused()/IsWindowHovered() issues with child windows inside popups. (#4676)
- Nav: Ctrl+tabbing to cycle through windows is now enabled regardless of using the _NavEnableKeyboard
configuration flag. This is part of an effort to generalize the use of keyboard inputs. (#4023, #787).
Note that while this is active you can also moving windows (with arrow) and resize (shift+arrows).
- Nav: tabbing now cycles through clipped items and scroll accordingly. (#4449)
- Nav: pressing PageUp/PageDown/Home/End when in Menu layer automatically moves back to Main layer.
- Nav: fixed resizing window from borders setting navigation to Menu layer.
- Nav: prevent child from clipping items when using _NavFlattened and parent has a pending request.
- Nav: pressing Esc to exit a child window reactivates the Nav highlight if it was disabled by mouse.
- Nav: with ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableSetMousePos enabled: Fixed absolute mouse position when using
Home/End leads to scrolling. Fixed not setting mouse position when a failed move request (e.g. when
already at edge) reactivates the navigation highlight.
- Menus: fixed closing a menu inside a popup/modal by clicking on the popup/modal. (#3496, #4797)
- Menus: fixed closing a menu by clicking on its menu-bar item when inside a popup. (#3496, #4797) [@xndcn]
- Menus: fixed menu inside a popup/modal not inhibiting hovering of items in the popup/modal. (#3496, #4797)
- Menus: fixed sub-menu items inside a popups from closing the popup.
- Menus: fixed top-level menu from not consistently using style.PopupRounding. (#4788)
- InputText, Nav: fixed repeated calls to SetKeyboardFocusHere() preventing to use InputText(). (#4682)
- Inputtext, Nav: fixed using SetKeyboardFocusHere() on InputTextMultiline(). (#4761)
- InputText: made double-click select word, triple-line select line. Word delimitation logic differs
slightly from the one used by CTRL+arrows. (#2244)
- InputText: fixed ReadOnly flag preventing callbacks from receiving the text buffer. (#4762) [@actondev]
- InputText: fixed Shift+Delete from not cutting into clipboard. (#4818, #1541) [@corporateshark]
- InputTextMultiline: fixed incorrect padding when FrameBorder > 0. (#3781, #4794)
- InputTextMultiline: fixed vertical tracking with large values of FramePadding.y. (#3781, #4794)
- Separator: fixed cover all columns while called inside a table. (#4787)
- Clipper: currently focused item is automatically included in clipper range.
Fixes issue where e.g. drag and dropping an item and scrolling ensure the item source location is
still submitted. (#3841, #1725) [@GamingMinds-DanielC, @ocornut]
- Clipper: added ForceDisplayRangeByIndices() to force a given item (or several) to be stepped out
during a clipping operation. (#3841) [@GamingMinds-DanielC]
- Clipper: rework so gamepad/keyboard navigation doesn't create spikes in number of items requested
by the clipper to display. (#3841)
- Clipper: fixed content height declaration slightly mismatching the value of when not using a clipper.
(an additional ItemSpacing.y was declared, affecting scrollbar range).
- Clipper: various and incomplete changes to tame down scrolling and precision issues on very large ranges.
Passing an explicit height to the clipper now allows larger ranges. (#3609, #3962).
- Clipper: fixed invalid state when number of frozen table row is smaller than ItemCount.
- Drag and Drop: BeginDragDropSource() with ImGuiDragDropFlags_SourceAllowNullID doesn't lose
tooltip when scrolling. (#143)
- Fonts: fixed infinite loop in ImFontGlyphRangesBuilder::AddRanges() when passing UINT16_MAX or UINT32_MAX
without the IMGUI_USE_WCHAR32 compile-time option. (#4802) [@SlavicPotato]
- Metrics: Added a node showing windows in submission order and showing the Begin() stack.
- Misc: Added missing ImGuiMouseCursor_NotAllowed cursor for software rendering (when the
io.MouseDrawCursor flag is enabled). (#4713) [@nobody-special666]
- Misc: Fixed software mouse cursor being rendered multiple times if Render() is called more than once.
- Misc: Fix MinGW DLL build issue (when IMGUI_API is defined). [@rokups]
- CI: Add MinGW DLL build to test suite. [@rokups]
- Backends: Vulkan: Call vkCmdSetScissor() at the end of render with a full-viewport to reduce
likehood of issues with people using VK_DYNAMIC_STATE_SCISSOR in their app without calling
vkCmdSetScissor() explicitly every frame. (#4644)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Using buffer orphaning + glBufferSubData(), seems to fix leaks with multi-viewports
with some Intel HD drivers, and perhaps improve performances. (#4468, #4504, #2981, #3381) [@parbo]
- Backends: OpenGL2, Allegro5, Marmalade: Fixed mishandling of the ImDrawCmd::IdxOffset field.
This is an old bug, but due to the way we created drawlists, it never had any visible side-effect before.
The new code for handling Modal and CTRL+Tab dimming/whitening recently made the bug surface. (#4790)
- Backends: Win32: Store left/right variants of Ctrl/Shift/Alt mods in KeysDown[] array. (#2625) [@thedmd]
- Backends: DX12: Fixed DRAW_EMPTY_SCISSOR_RECTANGLE warnings. (#4775)
- Backends: SDL_Renderer: Added support for large meshes (64k+ vertices) with 16-bit indices,
enabling 'ImGuiBackendFlags_RendererHasVtxOffset' in the backend. (#3926) [@rokups]
- Backends: SDL_Renderer: Fix for SDL 2.0.19+ RenderGeometryRaw() API signature change. (#4819) [@sridenour]
- Backends: OSX: Generally fix keyboard support. Keyboard arrays indexed using kVK_* codes, e.g.
ImGui::IsKeyPressed(kVK_Space). Don't set mouse cursor shape unconditionally. Handle two fingers scroll
cancel event. (#4759, #4253, #1873) [@stuartcarnie]
- Backends: OSX: Add Game Controller support (need linking GameController framework) (#4759) [@stuartcarnie]
- Backends: WebGPU: Passing explicit buffer sizes to wgpuRenderPassEncoderSetVertexBuffer() and
wgpuRenderPassEncoderSetIndexBuffer() functions as validation layers appears to not do what the
in-flux specs says. (#4766) [@meshula]
VERSION 1.85 (Released 2021-10-12)
Decorated log and release notes:
This is the last release officially supporting C++03 and Visual Studio 2008/2010. (#4537)
We expect that the next release will require a subset of the C++11 language (VS 2012~, GCC 4.8.1, Clang 3.3).
We may use some C++11 language features but we will not use any C++ library headers.
If you are stuck on ancient compiler you may need to stay at this version onward.
Breaking Changes:
- Removed GetWindowContentRegionWidth() function. Kept inline redirection helper.
Can use 'GetWindowContentRegionMax().x - GetWindowContentRegionMin().x' instead but it's not
very useful in practice, and the only use of it in the demo was illfit.
Using 'GetContentRegionAvail().x' is generally a better choice.
Other Changes:
- Debug: Stack Tool: Added "Stack Tool" available in "Demo->Tools->Stack Tool", "Metrics->Tools",
or by calling the ShowStackToolWindow() function. The tool run queries on hovered id to display
details about individual components that were hashed to create an ID. It helps understanding
the ID stack system and debugging potential ID collisions. (#4631) [@ocornut, @rokups]
- Windows: Fixed background order of overlapping childs submitted sequentially. (#4493)
- IsWindowFocused: Added ImGuiFocusedFlags_NoPopupHierarchy flag allowing to exclude child popups
from the tested windows when combined with _ChildWindows.
- IsWindowHovered: Added ImGuiHoveredFlags_NoPopupHierarchy flag allowing to exclude child popups
from the tested windows when combined with _ChildWindows.
- InputTextMultiline: Fixed label size not being included into window contents rect unless
the whole widget is clipped.
- InputText: Allow activating/cancelling/validating input with gamepad nav events. (#2321, #4552)
- InputText: Fixed selection rectangle appearing one frame late when selecting all.
- TextUnformatted: Accept null ranges including (NULL,NULL) without asserting, in order to conform
to common idioms (e.g. passing .data(), .data() + .size() from a null string). (#3615)
- Disabled: Added assert guard for mismatching BeginDisabled()/EndDisabled() blocks. (#211)
- Nav: Fixed using SetKeyboardFocusHere() on non-visible/clipped items. It now works and will scroll
toward the item. When called during a frame where the parent window is appearing, scrolling will
aim to center the item in the window. When calling during a frame where the parent window is already
visible, scrolling will aim to scroll as little as possible to make the item visible. We will later
expose scroll functions and flags in public API to select those behaviors. (#343, #4079, #2352)
- Nav: Fixed using SetKeyboardFocusHere() from activating a different item on the next frame if
submitted items have changed during that frame. (#432)
- Nav: Fixed toggling menu layer with Alt or exiting menu layer with Esc not moving mouse when
the ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableSetMousePos config flag is set.
- Nav: Fixed a few widgets from not setting reference keyboard/gamepad navigation ID when
activated with mouse. More specifically: BeginTabItem(), the scrolling arrows of BeginTabBar(),
the arrow section of TreeNode(), the +/- buttons of InputInt()/InputFloat(), Selectable() with
ImGuiSelectableFlags_SelectOnRelease. More generally: any direct use of ButtonBehavior() with
the PressedOnClick/PressedOnDoubleClick/PressedOnRelease button policy.
- Nav: Fixed an issue with losing focus on docked windows when pressing Alt while keyboard navigation
is disabled. (#4547, #4439) [@PathogenDavid]
- Nav: Fixed vertical scoring offset when wrapping on Y in a decorated window.
- Nav: Improve scrolling behavior when navigating to an item larger than view.
- TreePush(): removed unnecessary/inconsistent legacy behavior where passing a NULL value to
the TreePush(const char*) and TreePush(const void*) functions would use an hard-coded replacement.
The only situation where that change would make a meaningful difference is TreePush((const char*)NULL)
(_explicitly_ casting a null pointer to const char*), which is unlikely and will now crash.
You may replace it with anything else.
- ColorEdit4: Fixed not being able to change hue when saturation is 0. (#4014) [@rokups]
- ColorEdit4: Fixed hue resetting to 0 when it is set to 255. [@rokups]
- ColorEdit4: Fixed hue value jitter when source color is stored as RGB in 32-bit integer and perform
RGB<>HSV round trips every frames. [@rokups]
- ColorPicker4: Fixed picker being unable to select exact 1.0f color when dragging toward the edges
of the SV square (previously picked 0.999989986f). (#3517) [@rokups]
- Menus: Fixed vertical alignments of MenuItem() calls within a menu bar (broken in 1.84). (#4538)
- Menus: Improve closing logic when moving diagonally in empty between between parent and child menus to
accommodate for varying font size and dpi.
- Menus: Fixed crash when navigating left inside a child window inside a sub-menu. (#4510).
- Menus: Fixed an assertion happening in some situations when closing nested menus (broken in 1.83). (#4640)
- Drag and Drop: Fixed using BeginDragDropSource() inside a BeginChild() that returned false. (#4515)
- PlotHistogram: Fixed zero-line position when manually specifying min<0 and max>0. (#4349) [@filippocrocchini]
- Misc: Added asserts for missing PopItemFlag() calls.
- Misc: Fixed printf-style format checks on Clang+MinGW. (#4626, #4183, #3592) [@guusw]
- IO: Added 'io.WantCaptureMouseUnlessPopupClose' alternative to `io.WantCaptureMouse'. (#4480)
This allows apps to receive the click on void when that click is used to close popup (by default,
clicking on a void when a popup is open will close the popup but not release io.WantCaptureMouse).
- Fonts: imgui_freetype: Fixed crash when FT_Render_Glyph() fails to render a glyph and returns NULL
(which apparently happens with Freetype 2.11). (#4394, #4145?).
- Fonts: Fixed ImFontAtlas::ClearInputData() marking atlas as not built. (#4455, #3487)
- Backends: Added more implicit asserts to detect invalid/redundant calls to Shutdown functions. (#4562)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fixed our custom GL loader conflicting with user using GL3W. (#4445) [@rokups]
- Backends: WebGPU: Fixed for latest specs. (#4472, #4512) [@Kangz, @bfierz]
- Backends: SDL_Renderer: Added SDL_Renderer backend compatible with upcoming SDL 2.0.18. (#3926) [@1bsyl]
- Backends: Metal: Fixed a crash when clipping rect larger than framebuffer is submitted via
a direct unclipped PushClipRect() call. (#4464)
- Backends: OSX: Use mach_absolute_time as CFAbsoluteTimeGetCurrent can jump backwards. (#4557, #4563) [@lfnoise]
- Backends: All renderers: Normalize clipping rect handling across backends. (#4464)
- Examples: Added SDL + SDL_Renderer example in "examples/example_sdl_sdlrenderer/" folder. (#3926) [@1bsyl]
VERSION 1.84.2 (Released 2021-08-23)
Decorated log and release notes:
- Disabled: Fixed nested BeginDisabled()/EndDisabled() calls. (#211, #4452, #4453, #4462) [@Legulysse]
- Backends: OpenGL3: OpenGL: Fixed ES 3.0 shader ("#version 300 es") to use normal precision
floats. Avoid wobbly rendering at HD resolutions. (#4463) [@nicolasnoble]
VERSION 1.84.1 (Released 2021-08-20)
Decorated log and release notes:
- Disabled: Fixed BeginDisabled(false) - BeginDisabled(true) was working. (#211, #4452, #4453)
VERSION 1.84 (Released 2021-08-20)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Commented out redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.67 and 1.69 (March 2019):
- ImGui::GetOverlayDrawList() -> use ImGui::GetForegroundDrawList()
- ImFont::GlyphRangesBuilder -> use ImFontGlyphRangesBuilder
- Backends: OpenGL3: added a third source file "imgui_impl_opengl3_loader.h". (#4445) [@rokups]
- Backends: GLFW: backend now uses glfwSetCursorEnterCallback(). (#3751, #4377, #2445)
- Backends: GLFW: backend now uses glfwSetWindowFocusCallback(). (#4388) [@thedmd]
- If calling ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX with install_callbacks=true: this is already done for you.
- If calling ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX with install_callbacks=false: you WILL NEED to register the GLFW callbacks
and forward them to the backend:
- Register glfwSetCursorEnterCallback, forward events to ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorEnterCallback().
- Register glfwSetWindowFocusCallback, forward events to ImGui_ImplGlfw_WindowFocusCallback().
- Backends: SDL2: removed unnecessary SDL_Window* parameter from ImGui_ImplSDL2_NewFrame(). (#3244) [@funchal]
Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
- Backends: SDL2: backend needs to set 'SDL_SetHint(SDL_HINT_MOUSE_FOCUS_CLICKTHROUGH, "1")' in order to
receive mouse clicks events on window focus, otherwise SDL doesn't emit the event. (#3751, #4377, #2445)
This is unfortunately a global SDL setting, so enabling it _might_ have a side-effect on your application.
It is unlikely to make a difference, but if your app absolutely needs to ignore the initial on-focus click:
you can ignore SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN events coming right after a SDL_WINDOWEVENT_FOCUS_GAINED event).
- Internals: (for custom widgets): because disabled items now sets HoveredId, if you want custom widgets to
not react as hovered when disabled, in the majority of use cases it is preferable to check the "hovered"
return value of ButtonBehavior() rather than (HoveredId == id).
Other Changes:
- IO: Added io.AddFocusEvent() api for backend to tell when host window has gained/lost focus. (#4388) [@thedmd]
If you use a custom backend, consider adding support for this!
- Disabled: added BeginDisabled()/EndDisabled() api to create a scope where interactions are disabled. (#211)
- Added style.DisabledAlpha (default to 0.60f) and ImGuiStyleVar_DisabledAlpha. (#211)
- Unlike the internal-and-undocumented-but-somehow-known PushItemFlag(ImGuiItemFlags_Disabled), this also alters
visuals. Currently this is done by lowering alpha of all widgets. Future styling system may do that differently.
- Disabled items set HoveredId, allowing e.g. HoveredIdTimer to run. (#211, #3419) [@rokups]
- Disabled items more consistently release ActiveId if the active item got disabled. (#211)
- Nav: Fixed disabled items from being candidate for default focus. (#211, #787)
- Fixed Selectable() selection not showing when disabled. (#211)
- Fixed IsItemHovered() returning true on disabled item when navigated to. (#211)
- Fixed IsItemHovered() when popping disabled state after item, or when using Selectable_Disabled. (#211)
- Windows: ImGuiWindowFlags_UnsavedDocument/ImGuiTabItemFlags_UnsavedDocument displays a dot instead of a '*' so it
is independent from font style. When in a tab, the dot is displayed at the same position as the close button.
Added extra comments to clarify the purpose of this flag in the context of docked windows.
- Tables: Added ImGuiTableColumnFlags_Disabled acting a master disable over (hidden from user/context menu). (#3935)
- Tables: Clarified that TableSetColumnEnabled() requires the table to use the ImGuiTableFlags_Hideable flag,
because it manipulates the user-accessible show/hide state. (#3935)
- Tables: Added ImGuiTableColumnFlags_NoHeaderLabel to request TableHeadersRow() to not submit label for a column.
Convenient for some small columns. Name will still appear in context menu. (#4206).
- Tables: Fixed columns order on TableSetupScrollFreeze() if previous data got frozen columns out of their section.
- Tables: Fixed invalid data in TableGetSortSpecs() when SpecsDirty flag is unset. (#4233)
- Tabs: Fixed using more than 32 KB-worth of tab names. (#4176)
- InputInt/InputFloat: When used with Steps values and _ReadOnly flag, the step button look disabled. (#211)
- InputText: Fixed named filtering flags disabling newline or tabs in multiline inputs (#4409, #4410) [@kfsone]
- Drag and Drop: drop target highlight doesn't try to bypass host clipping rectangle. (#4281, #3272)
- Drag and Drop: Fixed using AcceptDragDropPayload() with ImGuiDragDropFlags_AcceptNoPreviewTooltip. [@JeffM2501]
- Menus: MenuItem() and BeginMenu() are not affected/overlapping when style.SelectableTextAlign is altered.
- Menus: Fixed hovering a disabled menu or menu item not closing other menus. (#211)
- Popups: Fixed BeginPopup/OpenPopup sequence failing when there are no focused windows. (#4308) [@rokups]
- Nav: Alt doesn't toggle menu layer if other modifiers are held. (#4439)
- Fixed printf-style format checks on non-MinGW flavors. (#4183, #3592)
- Fonts: Functions with a 'float size_pixels' parameter can accept zero if it is set in ImFontSize::SizePixels.
- Fonts: Prefer using U+FFFD character for fallback instead of '?', if available. (#4269)
- Fonts: Use U+FF0E dot character to construct an ellipsis if U+002E '.' is not available. (#4269)
- Fonts: Added U+FFFD ("replacement character") to default asian glyphs ranges. (#4269)
- Fonts: Fixed calling ClearTexData() (clearing CPU side font data) triggering an assert in NewFrame(). (#3487)
- DrawList: Fixed AddCircle/AddCircleFilled() with auto-tesselation not using accelerated paths for small circles.
Fixed AddCircle/AddCircleFilled() with 12 segments which had a broken edge. (#4419, #4421) [@thedmd]
- Demo: Fixed requirement in 1.83 to link with imgui_demo.cpp if IMGUI_DISABLE_METRICS_WINDOW is not set. (#4171)
Normally the right way to disable compiling the demo is to set IMGUI_DISABLE_DEMO_WINDOWS, but we want to avoid
implying that the file is required.
- Metrics: Fixed a crash when inspecting the individual draw command of a foreground drawlist. [@rokups]
- Backends: Reorganized most backends (Win32, SDL, GLFW, OpenGL2/3, DX9/10/11/12, Vulkan, Allegro) to pull their
data from a single structure stored inside the main Dear ImGui context. This facilitate/allow usage of standard
backends with multiple-contexts BUT is only partially tested and not well supported. It is generally advised to
instead use the multi-viewports feature of docking branch where a single Dear ImGui context can be used across
multiple windows. (#586, #1851, #2004, #3012, #3934, #4141)
- Backends: Win32: Rework to handle certain Windows 8.1/10 features without a manifest. (#4200, #4191)
- ImGui_ImplWin32_GetDpiScaleForMonitor() will handle per-monitor DPI on Windows 10 without a manifest.
- ImGui_ImplWin32_EnableDpiAwareness() will call SetProcessDpiAwareness() fallback on Windows 8.1 without a manifest.
- Backends: Win32: IME functions are disabled by default for non-Visual Studio compilers (MinGW etc.). Enable with
'#define IMGUI_ENABLE_WIN32_DEFAULT_IME_FUNCTIONS' for those compilers. Undo change from 1.82. (#2590, #738, #4185, #4301)
- Backends: Win32: Mouse position is correctly reported when the host window is hovered but not focused. (#2445, #2696, #3751, #4377)
- Backends: Win32, SDL2, GLFW, OSX, Allegro: now calling io.AddFocusEvent() on focus gain/loss. (#4388) [@thedmd]
This allow us to ignore certain inputs on focus loss (previously relied on mouse loss but backends are now
reporting mouse even when host window is unfocused, as per #2445, #2696, #3751, #4377)
- Backends: Fixed keyboard modifiers being reported when host window doesn't have focus. (#2622)
- Backends: GLFW: Mouse position is correctly reported when the host window is hovered but not focused. (#3751, #4377, #2445)
(backend now uses glfwSetCursorEnterCallback(). If you called ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitXXX with install_callbacks=false, you will
need to install this callback and forward the data to the backend via ImGui_ImplGlfw_CursorEnterCallback).
- Backends: SDL2: Mouse position is correctly reported when the host window is hovered but not focused. (#3751, #4377, #2445)
(enabled with SDL 2.0.5+ as SDL_GetMouseFocus() is only usable with SDL_HINT_MOUSE_FOCUS_CLICKTHROUGH).
- Backends: DX9: Explicitly disable texture state stages after >= 1. (#4268) [@NZJenkins]
- Backends: DX12: Fix texture casting crash on 32-bit systems (introduced on 2021/05/19 and v1.83) + added comments
about building on 32-bit systems. (#4225) [@kingofthebongo2008]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Embed our own minimal GL headers/loader (imgui_impl_opengl3_loader.h) based on gl3w.
Reduces the frequent issues and confusion coming from having to support multiple loaders and requiring users to use and
initialize the same loader as the backend. (#4445) [@rokups]
Removed support for gl3w, glew, glad, glad2, glbinding2, glbinding3 (all now unnecessary).
- Backends: OpenGL3: Handle GL_CLIP_ORIGIN on <4.5 contexts if "GL_ARB_clip_control" extension is detected. (#4170, #3998)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Destroy vertex/fragment shader objects right after they are linked into main shader. (#4244) [@Crowbarous]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Use OES_vertex_array extension on Emscripten + backup/restore current state. (#4266, #4267) [@harry75369]
- Backends: GLFW: Installing and exposed ImGui_ImplGlfw_MonitorCallback() for forward compatibility with docking branch.
- Backends: OSX: Added a fix for shortcuts using CTRL key instead of CMD key. (#4253) [@rokups]
- Examples: DX12: Fixed handling of Alt+Enter in example app (using swapchain's ResizeBuffers). (#4346) [@PathogenDavid]
- Examples: DX12: Removed unnecessary recreation of backend-owned device objects when window is resized. (#4347) [@PathogenDavid]
- Examples: OpenGL3+GLFW,SDL: Remove include cruft to support variety of GL loaders (no longer necessary). [@rokups]
- Examples: OSX+OpenGL2: Fix event forwarding (fix key remaining stuck when using shortcuts with Cmd/Super key).
Other OSX examples were not affected. (#4253, #1873) [@rokups]
- Examples: Updated all .vcxproj to VS2015 (toolset v140) to facilitate usage with vcpkg.
- Examples: SDL2: Accommodate for vcpkg install having headers in SDL2/SDL.h vs SDL.h.
VERSION 1.83 (Released 2021-05-24)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Backends: Obsoleted direct access to ImDrawCmd::TextureId in favor of calling ImDrawCmd::GetTexID(). (#3761) [@thedmd]
- If you are using official backends from the source tree: you have nothing to do.
- If you copied old backend code or using your own: change access to draw_cmd->TextureId to draw_cmd->GetTexID().
Why are we doing this?
- This change will be required in the future when adding support for incremental texture atlas updates.
- Please note this won't break soon, but we are making the change ahead of time.
Other Changes:
- Scrolling: Fix scroll tracking with e.g. SetScrollHereX/Y() when WindowPadding < ItemSpacing.
- Scrolling: Fix scroll snapping on edge of scroll region when both scrollbars are enabled.
- Scrolling: Fix mouse wheel axis swap when using SHIFT on macOS (system already does it). (#4010)
- Window: Fix IsWindowAppearing() from returning true twice in most cases. (#3982, #1497, #1061)
- Nav: Fixed toggling menu layer while an InputText() is active not stealing active id. (#787)
- Nav: Fixed pressing Escape to leave menu layer while in a popup or child window. (#787)
- Nav, InputText: Fixed accidental menu toggling while typing non-ascii characters using AltGR. [@rokups] (#370)
- Nav: Fixed using SetItemDefaultFocus() on windows with _NavFlattened flag. (#787)
- Nav: Fixed Tabbing initial activation from skipping the first item if it is tabbable through. (#787)
- Nav: Fixed fast CTRL+Tab (where keys are only held for one single frame) from properly enabling the
menu layer of target window if it doesn't have other active layers.
- Tables: Expose TableSetColumnEnabled() in public api. (#3935)
- Tables: Better preserve widths when columns count changes. (#4046)
- Tables: Sharing more memory buffers between tables, reducing general memory footprints. (#3740)
- Tabs: Fixed mouse reordering with very fast movements (e.g. crossing multiple tabs in a single
frame and then immediately standing still (would only affect automation/bots). [@rokups]
- Menus: made MenuItem() in a menu bar reflect the 'selected' argument with a highlight. (#4128) [@mattelegende]
- Drags, Sliders, Inputs: Specifying a NULL format to Float functions default them to "%.3f" to be
consistent with the compile-time default. (#3922)
- DragScalar: Add default value for v_speed argument to match higher-level functions. (#3922) [@eliasdaler]
- ColorEdit4: Alpha default to 255 (instead of 0) when omitted in hex input. (#3973) [@squadack]
- InputText: Fix handling of paste failure (buffer full) which in some cases could corrupt the undo stack. (#4038)
(fix submitted to [@Unit2Ed, @ocornut]
- InputText: Do not filter private unicode codepoints (e.g. icons) when pasted from clipboard. (#4005) [@dougbinks]
- InputText: Align caret/cursor to pixel coordinates. (#4080) [@elvissteinjr]
- InputText: Fixed CTRL+Arrow or OSX double-click leaking the presence of spaces when ImGuiInputTextFlags_Password
is used. (#4155, #4156) [@michael-swan]
- LabelText: Fixed clipping of multi-line value text when label is single-line. (#4004)
- LabelText: Fixed vertical alignment of single-line value text when label is multi-line. (#4004)
- Combos: Changed the combo popup to use a different id to also using a context menu with the default item id.
Fixed using BeginPopupContextItem() with no parameter after a combo. (#4167)
- Popups: Added 'OpenPopup(ImGuiID id)' overload to facilitate calling from nested stacks. (#3993, #331) [@zlash]
- Tweak computation of io.Framerate so it is less biased toward high-values in the first 120 frames. (#4138)
- Optimization: Disabling some of MSVC most aggressive Debug runtime checks for some simple/low-level functions
(e.g. ImVec2, ImVector) leading to a 10-20% increase of performances with MSVC "default" Debug settings.
- ImDrawList: Add and use SSE-enabled ImRsqrt() in place of 1.0f / ImSqrt(). (#4091) [@wolfpld]
- ImDrawList: Fixed/improved thickness of thick strokes with sharp angles. (#4053, #3366, #2964, #2868, #2518, #2183)
Effectively introduced a regression in 1.67 (Jan 2019), and a fix in 1.70 (Apr 2019) but the fix wasn't actually on
par with original version. Now incorporating the correct revert.
- ImDrawList: Fixed PathArcTo() regression from 1.82 preventing use of counter-clockwise angles. (#4030, #3491) [@thedmd]
- Demo: Improved popups demo and comments.
- Metrics: Added "Fonts" section with same information as available in "Style Editor">"Fonts".
- Backends: SDL2: Rework global mouse pos availability check listing supported platforms explicitly,
effectively fixing mouse access on Raspberry Pi. (#2837, #3950) [@lethal-guitar, @hinxx]
- Backends: Win32: Clearing keyboard down array when losing focus (WM_KILLFOCUS). (#2062, #3532, #3961)
- Backends: OSX: Fix keys remaining stuck when CMD-tabbing to a different application. (#3832) [@rokups]
- Backends: DirectX9: calling IDirect3DStateBlock9::Capture() after CreateStateBlock() which appears to
workaround/fix state restoring issues. Unknown exactly why so, bit of a cargo-cult fix. (#3857)
- Backends: DirectX9: explicitly setting up more graphics states to increase compatibility with unusual
non-default states. (#4063)
- Backends: DirectX10, DirectX11: fixed a crash when backing/restoring state if nothing is bound when
entering the rendering function. (#4045) [@Nemirtingas]
- Backends: GLFW: Adding bound check in KeyCallback because GLFW appears to send -1 on some setups. [#4124]
- Backends: Vulkan: Fix mapped memory Vulkan validation error when buffer sizes are not multiple of
VkPhysicalDeviceLimits::nonCoherentAtomSize. (#3957) [@AgentX1994]
- Backends: WebGPU: Update to latest specs (Chrome Canary 92 and Emscripten 2.0.20). (#4116, #3632) [@bfierz, @Kangz]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Don't try to read GL_CLIP_ORIGIN unless we're OpenGL 4.5. (#3998, #2366, #2186) [@s7jones]
- Examples: OpenGL: Add OpenGL ES 2.0 support to modern GL examples. (#2837, #3951) [@lethal-guitar, @hinxx]
- Examples: Vulkan: Rebuild swapchain on VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHR. (#3881)
- Examples: Vulkan: Prefer using discrete GPU if there are more than one available. (#4012) [@rokups]
- Examples: SDL2: Link with shell32.lib required by SDL2main.lib since SDL 2.0.12. [#3988]
- Examples: Android: Make Android example build compatible with Gradle 7.0. (#3446)
- Docs: Improvements to description of using colored glyphs/emojis. (#4169, #3369)
- Docs: Improvements to minor mistakes in documentation comments (#3923) [@ANF-Studios]
VERSION 1.82 (Released 2021-02-15)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Removed redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.66 (September 2018):
- ImGui::SetScrollHere() --> use ImGui::SetScrollHereY()
- ImDrawList: upgraded AddPolyline()/PathStroke()'s "bool closed" parameter to use "ImDrawFlags flags".
- bool closed = false --> use ImDrawFlags_None, or 0
- bool closed = true --> use ImDrawFlags_Closed
The matching ImDrawFlags_Closed value is guaranteed to always stay == 1 in the future.
Difference may not be noticeable for most but zealous type-checking tools may report a need to change.
- ImDrawList: upgraded AddRect(), AddRectFilled(), PathRect() to use ImDrawFlags instead of ImDrawCornersFlags.
- ImDrawCornerFlags_TopLeft --> use ImDrawFlags_RoundCornersTopLeft
- ImDrawCornerFlags_BotRight --> use ImDrawFlags_RoundCornersBottomRight
- ImDrawCornerFlags_None --> use ImDrawFlags_RoundCornersNone etc.
Flags now sanely defaults to 0 instead of 0x0F, consistent with all other flags in the API.
IMPORTANT: The default with rounding > 0.0f is now "round all corners" vs old implicit "round no corners":
- rounding == 0.0f + flags == 0 --> meant no rounding --> unchanged (common use)
- rounding > 0.0f + flags != 0 --> meant rounding --> unchanged (common use)
- rounding == 0.0f + flags != 0 --> meant no rounding --> unchanged (unlikely use)
- rounding > 0.0f + flags == 0 --> meant no rounding --> BREAKING (unlikely use)!
- this ONLY matters for hardcoded use of 0 with rounding > 0.0f.
- fix by using named ImDrawFlags_RoundCornersNone or rounding == 0.0f!
- this is technically the only real breaking change which we can't solve automatically (it's also uncommon).
The old ImDrawCornersFlags used awkward default values of ~0 or 0xF (4 lower bits set) to signify "round all corners"
and we sometimes encouraged using them as shortcuts. As a result the legacy path still support use of hardcoded ~0
or any value from 0x1 or 0xF. They will behave the same with legacy paths enabled (will assert otherwise).
Courtesy of legacy untangling commity: [@rokups, @ocornut, @thedmd]
- ImDrawList: clarified that PathArcTo()/PathArcToFast() won't render with radius < 0.0f. Previously it sorts
of accidentally worked but would lead to counter-clockwise paths which and have an effect on anti-aliasing.
- InputText: renamed ImGuiInputTextFlags_AlwaysInsertMode to ImGuiInputTextFlags_AlwaysOverwrite, old name was an
incorrect description of behavior. Was ostly used by memory editor. Kept inline redirection function. (#2863)
- Moved 'misc/natvis/imgui.natvis' to 'misc/debuggers/imgui.natvis' as we will provide scripts for other debuggers.
- Style: renamed rarely used style.CircleSegmentMaxError (old default = 1.60f)
to style.CircleTessellationMaxError (new default = 0.30f) as its meaning changed. (#3808) [@thedmd]
- Win32+MinGW: Re-enabled IME functions by default even under MinGW. In July 2016, issue #738 had me incorrectly
disable those default functions for MinGW. MinGW users should: either link with -limm32, either set their
imconfig file with '#define IMGUI_DISABLE_WIN32_DEFAULT_IME_FUNCTIONS'. (#2590, #738) [@actboy168]
*EDIT* Undid in 1.84.
- Backends: Win32: Pragma linking with dwmapi.lib (Vista-era, ~9 kb). MinGW users will need to link with -ldwmapi.
Other Changes:
- Window, Nav: Fixed crash when calling SetWindowFocus(NULL) at the time a new window appears. (#3865) [@nem0]
- Window: Shrink close button hit-testing region when it covers an abnormally high portion of the window visible
area (e.g. when window is collapsed + moved in a corner) to facilitate moving the window away. (#3825)
- Nav: Various fixes for losing gamepad/keyboard navigation reference point when a window reappears or
when it appears while gamepad/keyboard are not being used. (#787)
- Drags: Fixed crash when using DragScalar() directly (not via common wrapper like DragFloat() etc.)
with ImGuiSliderFlags_AlwaysClamp + only one of either p_min or p_max set. (#3824) [@harry75369]
- Drags, Sliders: Fixed a bug where editing value would use wrong number if there were digits right after
format specifier (e.g. using "%f123" as a format string). [@rokups]
- Drags, Sliders: Fixed a bug where using custom formatting flags (',$,_) supported by stb_sprintf.h
would cause incorrect value to be displayed. (#3604) [@rokups]
- Drags, Sliders: Support ImGuiSliderFlags_Logarithmic flag with integers. Because why not? (#3786)
- Tables: Fixed unaligned accesses when using TableSetBgColor(ImGuiTableBgTarget_CellBg). (#3872)
- IsItemHovered(): fixed return value false positive when used after EndChild(), EndGroup() or widgets using
either of them, when the hovered location is located within a child window, e.g. InputTextMultiline().
This is intended to have no side effects, but brace yourself for the possible comeback.. (#3851, #1370)
- Drag and Drop: can use BeginDragDropSource() for other than the left mouse button as long as the item
has an ID (for ID-less items will add new functionalities later). (#1637, #3885)
- ImFontAtlas: Added 'bool TexPixelsUseColors' output to help backend decide of underlying texture format. (#3369)
This can currently only ever be set by the Freetype renderer.
- imgui_freetype: Added ImGuiFreeTypeBuilderFlags_Bitmap flag to request Freetype loading bitmap data.
This may have an effect on size and must be called with correct size values. (#3879) [@metarutaiga]
- ImDrawList: PathArcTo() now supports "int num_segments = 0" (new default) and adaptively tessellate.
The adaptive tessellation uses look up tables, tends to be faster than old PathArcTo() while maintaining
quality for large arcs (tessellation quality derived from "style.CircleTessellationMaxError") (#3491) [@thedmd]
- ImDrawList: PathArcToFast() also adaptively tessellate efficiently. This means that large rounded corners
in e.g. hi-dpi settings will generally look better. (#3491) [@thedmd]
- ImDrawList: AddCircle, AddCircleFilled(): Tweaked default segment count calculation to honor MaxError
with more accuracy. Made default segment count always even for better looking result. (#3808) [@thedmd]
- Misc: Added GetAllocatorFunctions() to facilitate sharing allocators across DLL boundaries. (#3836)
- Misc: Added 'debuggers/imgui.gdb' and 'debuggers/imgui.natstepfilter' (along with existing 'imgui.natvis')
scripts to configure popular debuggers into skipping trivial functions when using StepInto. [@rokups]
- Backends: Android: Added native Android backend. (#3446) [@duddel]
- Backends: Win32: Added ImGui_ImplWin32_EnableAlphaCompositing() to facilitate experimenting with
alpha compositing and transparent windows. (#2766, #3447 etc.).
- Backends: OpenGL, Vulkan, DX9, DX10, DX11, DX12, Metal, WebGPU, Allegro: Rework blending equation to
preserve alpha in output buffer (using SrcBlendAlpha = ONE, DstBlendAlpha = ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA consistently
accross all backends), facilitating compositing of the output buffer with another buffer.
(#2693, #2764, #2766, #2873, #3447, #3813, #3816) [@ocornut, @thedmd, @ShawnM427, @Ubpa, @aiekick]
- Backends: DX9: Fix to support IMGUI_USE_BGRA_PACKED_COLOR. (#3844) [@Xiliusha]
- Backends: DX9: Fix to support colored glyphs, using newly introduced 'TexPixelsUseColors' info. (#3844)
- Examples: Android: Added Android + GL ES3 example. (#3446) [@duddel]
- Examples: Reworked setup of clear color to be compatible with transparent values.
- CI: Use a dedicated "scheduled" workflow to trigger scheduled builds. Forks may disable this workflow if
scheduled builds builds are not required. [@rokups]
- Log/Capture: Added LogTextV, a va_list variant of LogText. [@PathogenDavid]
VERSION 1.81 (Released 2021-02-10)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- ListBox helpers:
- Renamed ListBoxHeader(const char* label, ImVec2 size) to BeginListBox().
- Renamed ListBoxFooter() to EndListBox().
- Removed ListBoxHeader(const char* label, int items_count, int height_in_items = -1) in favor of specifying size.
In the redirection function, made vertical padding consistent regardless of (items_count <= height_in_items) or not.
- Kept inline redirection function for all threes (will obsolete).
- imgui_freetype:
- Removed ImGuiFreeType::BuildFontAtlas(). Kept inline redirection function.
Prefer using '#define IMGUI_ENABLE_FREETYPE', but there's a runtime selection path available too.
- The shared extra flags parameters (very rarely used) are now stored in ImFontAtlas::FontBuilderFlags.
- Renamed ImFontConfig::RasterizerFlags (used by FreeType) to ImFontConfig::FontBuilderFlags.
- Renamed ImGuiFreeType::XXX flags to ImGuiFreeTypeBuilderFlags_XXX for consistency with other API.
Other Changes:
- Viewports Added ImGui::GetMainViewport() as a way to get the bounds and work area of the host display. (#3789, #1542)
- In 'master' branch or without multi-viewports feature enabled:
- GetMainViewport()->Pos is always == (0,0)
- GetMainViewport()->Size is always == io.DisplaySize
- In 'docking' branch and with the multi-viewports feature enabled:
- GetMainViewport() will return information from your host Platform Window.
- In the future, we will support a "no main viewport" mode and this may return bounds of your main monitor.
- For forward compatibility with multi-viewports/multi-monitors:
- Code using (0,0) as a way to signify "upper-left of the host window" should use GetMainViewport()->Pos.
- Code using io.DisplaySize as a way to signify "size of the host window" should use GetMainViewport()->Size.
- We are also exposing a work area in ImGuiViewport ('WorkPos', 'WorkSize' vs 'Pos', 'Size' for full area):
- For a Platform Window, the work area is generally the full area minus space used by menu-bars.
- For a Platform Monitor, the work area is generally the full area minus space used by task-bars.
- All of this has been the case in 'docking' branch for a long time. What we've done is merely merging
a small chunk of the multi-viewport logic into 'master' to standardize some concepts ahead of time.
- Tables: Fixed PopItemWidth() or multi-components items not restoring per-colum ItemWidth correctly. (#3760)
- Window: Fixed minor title bar text clipping issue when FramePadding is small/zero and there are no
close button in the window. (#3731)
- SliderInt: Fixed click/drag when v_min==v_max from setting the value to zero. (#3774) [@erwincoumans]
Would also repro with DragFloat() when using ImGuiSliderFlags_Logarithmic with v_min==v_max.
- Menus: Fixed an issue with child-menu auto sizing (issue introduced in 1.80 on 2021/01/25) (#3779)
- InputText: Fixed slightly off ScrollX tracking, noticeable with large values of FramePadding.x. (#3781)
- InputText: Multiline: Fixed padding/cliprect not precisely matching single-line version. (#3781)
- InputText: Multiline: Fixed FramePadding.y worth of vertical offset when aiming with mouse.
- ListBox: Tweaked default height calculation.
- Fonts: imgui_freetype: Facilitated using FreeType integration: [@Xipiryon, @ocornut]
- Use '#define IMGUI_ENABLE_FREETYPE' in imconfig.h should make it work with no other modifications
other than compiling misc/freetype/imgui_freetype.cpp and linking with FreeType.
- Use '#define IMGUI_ENABLE_STB_TRUETYPE' if you somehow need the stb_truetype rasterizer to be
compiled in along with the FreeType one, otherwise it is enabled by default.
- Fonts: imgui_freetype: Added support for colored glyphs as supported by Freetype 2.10+ (for .ttf using CPAL/COLR
tables only). Enable the ImGuiFreeTypeBuilderFlags_LoadColor on a given font. Atlas always output directly
as RGBA8 in this situation. Likely to make sense with IMGUI_USE_WCHAR32. (#3369) [@pshurgal]
- Fonts: Fixed CalcTextSize() width rounding so it behaves more like a ceil. This is in order for text wrapping
to have enough space when provided width precisely calculated with CalcTextSize().x. (#3776)
Note that the rounding of either positions and widths are technically undesirable (e.g. #3437, #791) but
variety of code is currently on it so we are first fixing current behavior before we'll eventually change it.
- Log/Capture: Fix various new line/spacing issue when logging widgets. [@Xipiryon, @ocornut]
- Log/Capture: Improved the ASCII look of various widgets, making large dumps more easily human readable.
- ImDrawList: Fixed AddCircle()/AddCircleFilled() with (rad > 0.0f && rad < 1.0f && num_segments == 0). (#3738)
Would lead to a buffer read overflow.
- ImDrawList: Clarified PathArcTo() need for a_min <= a_max with an assert.
- ImDrawList: Fixed PathArcToFast() handling of a_min > a_max.
- Metrics: Back-ported "Viewports" debug visualizer from 'docking' branch.
- Demo: Added 'Examples->Fullscreen Window' demo using GetMainViewport() values. (#3789)
- Demo: 'Simple Overlay' demo now moves under main menu-bar (if any) using GetMainViewport()'s work area.
- Backends: Win32: Dynamically loading XInput DLL instead of linking with it, facilitate compiling with
old WindowSDK versions or running on Windows 7. (#3646, #3645, #3248, #2716) [@Demonese]
- Backends: Vulkan: Add support for custom Vulkan function loader and VK_NO_PROTOTYPES. (#3759, #3227) [@Hossein-Noroozpour]
User needs to call ImGui_ImplVulkan_LoadFunctions() with their custom loader prior to other functions.
- Backends: Metal: Fixed texture storage mode when building on Mac Catalyst. (#3748) [@Belinsky-L-V]
- Backends: OSX: Fixed mouse position not being reported when mouse buttons other than left one are down. (#3762) [@rokups]
- Backends: WebGPU: Added enderer backend for WebGPU support (imgui_impl_wgpu.cpp) (#3632) [@bfierz]
Please note that WebGPU is currently experimental, will not run on non-beta browsers, and may break.
- Examples: WebGPU: Added Emscripten+WebGPU example. (#3632) [@bfierz]
- Backends: GLFW: Added ImGui_ImplGlfw_InitForOther() initialization call to use with non OpenGL API. (#3632)
VERSION 1.80 (Released 2021-01-21)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Added imgui_tables.cpp file! Manually constructed project files will need the new file added! (#3740)
- Backends: moved all backends files (imgui_impl_XXXX.cpp, imgui_impl_XXXX.h) from examples/ to backends/. (#3513)
- Renamed ImDrawList::AddBezierCurve() to ImDrawList::AddBezierCubic(). Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
- Renamed ImDrawList::PathBezierCurveTo() to ImDrawList::PathBezierCubicCurveTo(). Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
- Removed redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.60 (April 2018):
- io.RenderDrawListsFn pointer -> use ImGui::GetDrawData() value and call the render function of your backend
- ImGui::IsAnyWindowFocused() -> use ImGui::IsWindowFocused(ImGuiFocusedFlags_AnyWindow)
- ImGui::IsAnyWindowHovered() -> use ImGui::IsWindowHovered(ImGuiHoveredFlags_AnyWindow)
- ImGuiStyleVar_Count_ -> use ImGuiStyleVar_COUNT
- ImGuiMouseCursor_Count_ -> use ImGuiMouseCursor_COUNT
- Removed redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.61 (May 2018):
- InputFloat (... int decimal_precision ...) -> use InputFloat (... const char* format ...) with format = "%.Xf" where X was value for decimal_precision.
- same for InputFloat2()/InputFloat3()/InputFloat4() variants taking a `int decimal_precision` parameter.
- Removed redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.63 (August 2018):
- ImGui::IsItemDeactivatedAfterChange() -> use ImGui::IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit().
- ImGuiCol_ModalWindowDarkening -> use ImGuiCol_ModalWindowDimBg
- ImGuiInputTextCallback -> use ImGuiTextEditCallback
- ImGuiInputTextCallbackData -> use ImGuiTextEditCallbackData
- If you were still using the old names, while you are cleaning up, considering enabling
IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_FUNCTIONS in imconfig.h even temporarily to have a pass at finding
and removing up old API calls, if any remaining.
- Internals: Columns: renamed undocumented/internals ImGuiColumnsFlags_* to ImGuiOldColumnFlags_* to reduce
confusion with Tables API. Keep redirection enums (will obsolete). (#125, #513, #913, #1204, #1444, #2142, #2707)
- Renamed io.ConfigWindowsMemoryCompactTimer to io.ConfigMemoryCompactTimer as the feature now applies
to other data structures. (#2636)
Other Changes:
- Tables: added new Tables Beta API as a replacement for old Columns. (#3740, #2957, #125)
Check out 'Demo->Tables' for many demos.
Read API comments in imgui.h for details. Read extra commentary in imgui_tables.cpp.
- Added 16 functions:
- BeginTable(), EndTable()
- TableNextRow(), TableNextColumn(), TableSetColumnIndex()
- TableSetupColumn(), TableSetupScrollFreeze()
- TableHeadersRow(), TableHeader()
- TableGetRowIndex(), TableGetColumnCount(), TableGetColumnIndex(), TableGetColumnName(), TableGetColumnFlags()
- TableGetSortSpecs(), TableSetBgColor()
- Added 3 flags sets:
- ImGuiTableFlags (29 flags for: features, decorations, sizing policies, padding, clipping, scrolling, sorting etc.)
- ImGuiTableColumnFlags (24 flags for: width policies, default settings, sorting options, indentation options etc.)
- ImGuiTableRowFlags (1 flag for: header row)
- Added 2 structures: ImGuiTableSortSpecs, ImGuiTableColumnSortSpecs
- Added 2 enums: ImGuiSortDirection, ImGuiTableBgTarget
- Added 1 style variable: ImGuiStyleVar_CellPadding
- Added 5 style colors: ImGuiCol_TableHeaderBg, ImGuiCol_TableBorderStrong, ImGuiCol_TableBorderLight, ImGuiCol_TableRowBg, ImGuiCol_TableRowBgAlt.
- Tabs: Made it possible to append to an existing tab bar by calling BeginTabBar()/EndTabBar() again.
- Tabs: Fixed using more than 128 tabs in a tab bar (scrolling policy recommended).
- Tabs: Do not display a tooltip if the name already fits over a given tab. (#3521)
- Tabs: Fixed minor/unlikely bug skipping over a button when scrolling left with arrows.
- Tabs: Requested ideal content size (for auto-fit) doesn't affect horizontal scrolling. (#3414)
- Drag and Drop: Fix losing drop source ActiveID (and often source tooltip) when opening a TreeNode()
or CollapsingHeader() while dragging. (#1738)
- Drag and Drop: Fix drag and drop to tie same-size drop targets by chosen the later one. Fixes dragging
into a full-window-sized dockspace inside a zero-padded window. (#3519, #2717) [@Black-Cat]
- Checkbox: Added CheckboxFlags() helper with int* type (internals have a template version, not exposed).
- Clipper: Fixed incorrect end-list positioning when using ImGuiListClipper with 1 item (bug in 1.79). (#3663) [@nyorain]
- InputText: Fixed updating cursor/selection position when a callback altered the buffer in a way
where the byte count is unchanged but the decoded character count changes. (#3587) [@gqw]
- InputText: Fixed switching from single to multi-line while preserving same ID.
- Combo: Fixed using IsItemEdited() after Combo() not matching the return value from Combo(). (#2034)
- DragFloat, DragInt: very slightly increased mouse drag threshold + expressing it as a factor of default value.
- DragFloat, DragInt: added experimental io.ConfigDragClickToInputText feature to enable turning DragXXX widgets
into text input with a simple mouse click-release (without moving). (#3737)
- Nav: Fixed IsItemFocused() from returning false when Nav highlight is hidden because mouse has moved.
It's essentially been always the case but it doesn't make much sense. Instead we will aim at exposing
feedback and control of keyboard/gamepad navigation highlight and mouse hover disable flag. (#787, #2048)
- Metrics: Fixed mishandling of ImDrawCmd::VtxOffset in wireframe mesh renderer.
- Metrics: Rebranded as "Dear ImGui Metrics/Debugger" to clarify its purpose.
- ImDrawList: Added ImDrawList::AddQuadBezierCurve(), ImDrawList::PathQuadBezierCurveTo() quadratic bezier
helpers. (#3127, #3664, #3665) [@aiekick]
- Fonts: Updated GetGlyphRangesJapanese() to include a larger 2999 ideograms selection of Joyo/Jinmeiyo
kanjis, from the previous 1946 ideograms selection. This will consume a some more memory but be generally
much more fitting for Japanese display, until we switch to a more dynamic atlas. (#3627) [@vaiorabbit]
- Log/Capture: fix capture to work on clipped child windows.
- Misc: Made the ItemFlags stack shared, so effectively the ButtonRepeat/AllowKeyboardFocus states
(and others exposed in internals such as PushItemFlag) are inherited by stacked Begin/End pairs,
vs previously a non-child stacked Begin() would reset those flags back to zero for the stacked window.
- Misc: Replaced UTF-8 decoder with one based on branchless one by Christopher Wellons. [@rokups]
Super minor fix handling incomplete UTF-8 contents: if input does not contain enough bytes, decoder
returns IM_UNICODE_CODEPOINT_INVALID and consume remaining bytes (vs old decoded consumed only 1 byte).
- Misc: Fix format warnings when using gnu printf extensions in a setup that supports them (gcc/mingw). (#3592)
- Misc: Made EndFrame() assertion for key modifiers being unchanged during the frame (added in 1.76) more
lenient, allowing full mid-frame releases. This is to accommodate the use of mid-frame modal native
windows calls, which leads backends such as GLFW to send key clearing events on focus loss. (#3575)
- Style: Changed default style.WindowRounding value to 0.0f (matches default for multi-viewports).
- Style: Reduced the size of the resizing grip, made alpha less prominent.
- Style: Classic: Increase the default alpha value of WindowBg to be closer to other styles.
- Demo: Clarify usage of right-aligned items in Demo>Layout>Widgets Width.
- Backends: OpenGL3: Use glGetString(GL_VERSION) query instead of glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION, ...)
when the later returns zero (e.g. Desktop GL 2.x). (#3530) [@xndcn]
- Backends: OpenGL2: Backup and restore GL_SHADE_MODEL and disable GL_NORMAL_ARRAY state to increase
compatibility with legacy code. (#3671)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Backup and restore GL_PRIMITIVE_RESTART state. (#3544) [@Xipiryon]
- Backends: OpenGL2, OpenGL3: Backup and restore GL_STENCIL_TEST enable state. (#3668)
- Backends: Vulkan: Added support for specifying which sub-pass to reference during VkPipeline creation. (@3579) [@bdero]
- Backends: DX12: Improve Windows 7 compatibility (for D3D12On7) by loading d3d12.dll dynamically. (#3696) [@Mattiwatti]
- Backends: Win32: Fix setting of io.DisplaySize to invalid/uninitialized data after hwnd has been closed.
- Backends: OSX: Fix keypad-enter key not working on MacOS. (#3554) [@rokups, @lfnoise]
- Examples: Apple+Metal: Consolidated/simplified to get closer to other examples. (#3543) [@warrenm]
- Examples: Apple+Metal: Forward events down so OS key combination like Cmd+Q can work. (#3554) [@rokups]
- Examples: Emscripten: Renamed example_emscripten/ to example_emscripten_opengl3/. (#3632)
- Examples: Emscripten: Added 'make serve' helper to spawn a web-server on localhost. (#3705) [@Horki]
- Examples: DirectX12: Move ImGui::Render() call above the first barrier to clarify its lack of effect on the graphics pipe.
- CI: Fix testing for Windows DLL builds. (#3603, #3601) [@iboB]
- Docs: Improved the wiki and added a page. [@Xipiryon]
[2021/05/20: moved to]
- Docs: Split examples/README.txt into docs/ and docs/, and improved them.
- Docs: Consistently renamed all occurrences of "binding" and "back-end" to "backend" in comments and docs.
VERSION 1.79 (Released 2020-10-08)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Fonts: Removed ImFont::DisplayOffset in favor of ImFontConfig::GlyphOffset. DisplayOffset was applied
after scaling and not very meaningful/useful outside of being needed by the default ProggyClean font.
It was also getting in the way of better font scaling, so let's get rid of it now!
If you used DisplayOffset it was probably in association to rasterizing a font at a specific size,
in which case the corresponding offset may be reported into GlyphOffset. (#1619)
If you scaled this value after calling AddFontDefault(), this is now done automatically.
- ImGuiListClipper: Renamed constructor parameters which created an ambiguous alternative to using
the ImGuiListClipper::Begin() function, with misleading edge cases. Always use ImGuiListClipper::Begin()!
Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
(note: imgui_memory_editor <0.40 from imgui_club/ used this old clipper API. Update your copy if needed).
- Style: Renamed style.TabMinWidthForUnselectedCloseButton to style.TabMinWidthForCloseButton.
- Renamed ImGuiSliderFlags_ClampOnInput to ImGuiSliderFlags_AlwaysClamp. Kept redirection enum (will obsolete).
- Renamed OpenPopupContextItem() back to OpenPopupOnItemClick(), REVERTED CHANGE FROM 1.77.
For variety of reason this is more self-explanatory and less error-prone. Kept inline redirection function.
- Removed return value from OpenPopupOnItemClick() - returned true on mouse release on an item - because it
is inconsistent with other popups API and makes others misleading. It's also and unnecessary: you can
use IsWindowAppearing() after BeginPopup() for a similar result.
Other Changes:
- Window: Fixed using non-zero pivot in SetNextWindowPos() when the window is collapsed. (#3433)
- Nav: Fixed navigation resuming on first visible item when using gamepad. [@rokups]
- Nav: Fixed using Alt to toggle the Menu layer when inside a Modal window. (#787)
- Scrolling: Fixed SetScrollHere(0) functions edge snapping when called during a frame where
ContentSize is changing (issue introduced in 1.78). (#3452).
- InputText: Added support for Page Up/Down in InputTextMultiline(). (#3430) [@Xipiryon]
- InputText: Added selection helpers in ImGuiInputTextCallbackData().
- InputText: Added ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackEdit to modify internally owned buffer after an edit.
(note that InputText() already returns true on edit, the callback is useful mainly to manipulate the
underlying buffer while focus is active).
- InputText: Fixed using ImGuiInputTextFlags_Password with InputTextMultiline(). (#3427, #3428)
It is a rather unusual or useless combination of features but no reason it shouldn't work!
- InputText: Fixed minor scrolling glitch when erasing trailing lines in InputTextMultiline().
- InputText: Fixed cursor being partially covered after using Ctrl+End key.
- InputText: Fixed callback's helper DeleteChars() function when cursor is inside the deleted block. (#3454)
- InputText: Made pressing Down arrow on the last line when it doesn't have a carriage return not move to
the end of the line (so it is consistent with Up arrow, and behave same as Notepad and Visual Studio.
Note that some other text editors instead would move the cursor to the end of the line). [@Xipiryon]
- DragFloat, DragScalar: Fixed ImGuiSliderFlags_ClampOnInput not being honored in the special case
where v_min == v_max. (#3361)
- SliderInt, SliderScalar: Fixed reaching of maximum value with inverted integer min/max ranges, both
with signed and unsigned types. Added reverse Sliders to Demo. (#3432, #3449) [@rokups]
- Text: Bypass unnecessary formatting when using the TextColored()/TextWrapped()/TextDisabled() helpers
with a "%s" format string. (#3466)
- CheckboxFlags: Display mixed-value/tristate marker when passed flags that have multiple bits set and
stored value matches neither zero neither the full set.
- BeginMenuBar: Fixed minor bug where CursorPosMax gets pushed to CursorPos prior to calling BeginMenuBar(),
so e.g. calling the function at the end of a window would often add +ItemSpacing.y to scrolling range.
- TreeNode, CollapsingHeader: Made clicking on arrow toggle toggle the open state on the Mouse Down event
rather than the Mouse Down+Up sequence, even if the _OpenOnArrow flag isn't set. This is standard behavior
and amends the change done in 1.76 which only affected cases were _OpenOnArrow flag was set.
(This is also necessary to support full multi/range-select/drag and drop operations.)
- Tabs: Added TabItemButton() to submit tab that behave like a button. (#3291) [@Xipiryon]
- Tabs: Added ImGuiTabItemFlags_Leading and ImGuiTabItemFlags_Trailing flags to position tabs or button
at either end of the tab bar. Those tabs won't be part of the scrolling region, and when reordering cannot
be moving outside of their section. Most often used with TabItemButton(). (#3291) [@Xipiryon]
- Tabs: Added ImGuiTabItemFlags_NoReorder flag to disable reordering a given tab.
- Tabs: Keep tab item close button visible while dragging a tab (independent of hovering state).
- Tabs: Fixed a small bug where closing a tab that is not selected would leave a tab hole for a frame.
- Tabs: Fixed a small bug where scrolling buttons (with ImGuiTabBarFlags_FittingPolicyScroll) would
generate an unnecessary extra draw call.
- Tabs: Fixed a small bug where toggling a tab bar from Reorderable to not Reorderable would leave
tabs reordered in the tab list popup. [@Xipiryon]
- Columns: Fix inverted ClipRect being passed to renderer when using certain primitives inside of
a fully clipped column. (#3475) [@szreder]
- Popups, Tooltips: Fix edge cases issues with positioning popups and tooltips when they are larger than
viewport on either or both axises. [@Rokups]
- Fonts: AddFontDefault() adjust its vertical offset based on floor(size/13) instead of always +1.
Was previously done by altering DisplayOffset.y but wouldn't work for DPI scaled font.
- Metrics: Various tweaks, listing windows front-to-back, greying inactive items when possible.
- Demo: Add simple InputText() callbacks demo (aside from the more elaborate ones in 'Examples->Console').
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fix to avoid compiling/calling glBindSampler() on ES or pre 3.3 contexts which have
the defines set by a loader. (#3467, #1985) [@jjwebb]
- Backends: Vulkan: Some internal refactor aimed at allowing multi-viewport feature to create their
own render pass. (#3455, #3459) [@FunMiles]
- Backends: DX12: Clarified that imgui_impl_dx12 can be compiled on 32-bit systems by redefining
the ImTextureID to be 64-bit (e.g. '#define ImTextureID ImU64' in imconfig.h). (#301)
- Backends: DX12: Fix debug layer warning when scissor rect is zero-sized. (#3472, #3462) [@StoneWolf]
- Examples: Vulkan: Reworked buffer resize handling, fix for Linux/X11. (#3390, #2626) [@RoryO]
- Examples: Vulkan: Switch validation layer to use "VK_LAYER_KHRONOS_validation" instead of
"VK_LAYER_LUNARG_standard_validation" which is deprecated (#3459) [@FunMiles]
- Examples: DX12: Enable breaking on any warning/error when debug interface is enabled.
- Examples: DX12: Added '#define ImTextureID ImU64' in project and build files to also allow building
on 32-bit systems. Added project to default Visual Studio solution file. (#301)
VERSION 1.78 (Released 2020-08-18)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Obsoleted use of the trailing 'float power=1.0f' parameter for those functions: [@Shironekoben, @ocornut]
- DragFloat(), DragFloat2(), DragFloat3(), DragFloat4(), DragFloatRange2(), DragScalar(), DragScalarN()
- SliderFloat(), SliderFloat2(), SliderFloat3(), SliderFloat4(), SliderScalar(), SliderScalarN()
- VSliderFloat(), VSliderScalar()
Replaced the final 'float power=1.0f' argument with ImGuiSliderFlags defaulting to 0 (as with all our flags).
Worked out a backward-compatibility scheme so hopefully most C++ codebase should not be affected.
In short, when calling those functions:
- If you omitted the 'power' parameter (likely!), you are not affected.
- If you set the 'power' parameter to 1.0f (same as previous default value):
- Your compiler may warn on float>int conversion.
- Everything else will work (but will assert if IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_FUNCTIONS is defined).
- You can replace the 1.0f value with 0 to fix the warning, and be technically correct.
- If you set the 'power' parameter to >1.0f (to enable non-linear editing):
- Your compiler may warn on float>int conversion.
- Code will assert at runtime for IM_ASSERT(power == 1.0f) with the following assert description:
"Call Drag function with ImGuiSliderFlags_Logarithmic instead of using the old 'float power' function!".
- In case asserts are disabled, the code will not crash and enable the _Logarithmic flag.
- You can replace the >1.0f value with ImGuiSliderFlags_Logarithmic to fix the warning/assert
and get a _similar_ effect as previous uses of power >1.0f.
See for all details.
For shared code, you can version check at compile-time with `#if IMGUI_VERSION_NUM >= 17704`.
Kept inline redirection functions (will obsolete) apart for: DragFloatRange2(), VSliderFloat(), VSliderScalar().
For those three the 'float power=1.0f' version was removed directly as they were most unlikely ever used.
- DragInt, DragFloat, DragScalar: Obsoleted use of v_min > v_max to lock edits (introduced in 1.73, this was not
demoed nor documented much, will be replaced a more generic ReadOnly feature).
Other Changes:
- Nav: Fixed clicking on void (behind any windows) from not clearing the focused window.
This would be problematic e.g. in situation where the application relies on io.WantCaptureKeyboard
flag being cleared accordingly. (bug introduced in 1.77 WIP on 2020/06/16) (#3344, #2880)
- Window: Fixed clicking over an item which hovering has been disabled (e.g inhibited by a popup)
from marking the window as moved.
- Drag, Slider: Added ImGuiSliderFlags parameters.
- For float functions they replace the old trailing 'float power=1.0' parameter.
(See #3361 and the "Breaking Changes" block above for all details).
- Added ImGuiSliderFlags_Logarithmic flag to enable logarithmic editing
(generally more precision around zero), as a replacement to the old 'float power' parameter
which was obsoleted. (#1823, #1316, #642) [@Shironekoben, @AndrewBelt]
- Added ImGuiSliderFlags_ClampOnInput flag to force clamping value when using
CTRL+Click to type in a value manually. (#1829, #3209, #946, #413).
[note: RENAMED to ImGuiSliderFlags_AlwaysClamp in 1.79].
- Added ImGuiSliderFlags_NoRoundToFormat flag to disable rounding underlying
value to match precision of the display format string. (#642)
- Added ImGuiSliderFlags_NoInput flag to disable turning widget into a text input
with CTRL+Click or Nav Enter.
- Nav, Slider: Fix using keyboard/gamepad controls with certain logarithmic sliders where
pushing a direction near zero values would be cancelled out. [@Shironekoben]
- DragFloatRange2, DragIntRange2: Fixed an issue allowing to drag out of bounds when both
min and max value are on the same value. (#1441)
- InputText, ImDrawList: Fixed assert triggering when drawing single line of text with more
than ~16 KB characters. (Note that current code is going to show corrupted display if after
clipping, more than 16 KB characters are visible in the same low-level ImDrawList::RenderText()
call. ImGui-level functions such as TextUnformatted() are not affected. This is quite rare
but it will be addressed later). (#3349)
- Selectable: Fixed highlight/hit extent when used with horizontal scrolling (in or outside columns).
Also fixed related text clipping when used in a column after the first one. (#3187, #3386)
- Scrolling: Avoid SetScroll, SetScrollFromPos functions from snapping on the edge of scroll
limits when close-enough by (WindowPadding - ItemPadding), which was a tweak with too many
side-effects. The behavior is still present in SetScrollHere functions as they are more explicitly
aiming at making widgets visible. May later be moved to a flag.
- Tabs: Allow calling SetTabItemClosed() after a tab has been submitted (will process next frame).
- InvisibleButton: Made public a small selection of ImGuiButtonFlags (previously in imgui_internal.h)
and allowed to pass them to InvisibleButton(): ImGuiButtonFlags_MouseButtonLeft/Right/Middle.
This is a small but rather important change because lots of multi-button behaviors could previously
only be achieved using lower-level/internal API. Now also available via high-level InvisibleButton()
with is a de-facto versatile building block to creating custom widgets with the public API.
- Fonts: Fixed ImFontConfig::GlyphExtraSpacing and ImFontConfig::PixelSnapH settings being pulled
from the merged/target font settings when merging fonts, instead of being pulled from the source
font settings.
- ImDrawList: Thick anti-aliased strokes (> 1.0f) with integer thickness now use a texture-based
path, reducing the amount of vertices/indices and CPU/GPU usage. (#3245) [@Shironekoben]
- This change will facilitate the wider use of thick borders in future style changes.
- Requires an extra bit of texture space (~64x64 by default), relies on GPU bilinear filtering.
- Set `io.AntiAliasedLinesUseTex = false` to disable rendering using this method.
- Clear `ImFontAtlasFlags_NoBakedLines` in ImFontAtlas::Flags to disable baking data in texture.
- ImDrawList: changed AddCircle(), AddCircleFilled() default num_segments from 12 to 0, effectively
enabling auto-tessellation by default. Tweak tessellation in Style Editor->Rendering section, or
by modifying the 'style.CircleSegmentMaxError' value. [@ShironekoBen]
- ImDrawList: Fixed minor bug introduced in 1.75 where AddCircle() with 12 segments would generate
an extra vertex. (This bug was mistakenly marked as fixed in earlier 1.77 release). [@ShironekoBen]
- Demo: Improved "Custom Rendering"->"Canvas" demo with a grid, scrolling and context menu.
Also showcase using InvisibleButton() with multiple mouse buttons flags.
- Demo: Improved "Layout & Scrolling" -> "Clipping" section.
- Demo: Improved "Layout & Scrolling" -> "Child Windows" section.
- Style Editor: Added preview of circle auto-tessellation when editing the corresponding value.
- Backends: OpenGL3: Added support for glad2 loader. (#3330) [@moritz-h]
- Backends: Allegro 5: Fixed horizontal scrolling direction with mouse wheel / touch pads (it seems
like Allegro 5 reports it differently from GLFW and SDL). (#3394, #2424, #1463) [@nobody-special666]
- Examples: Vulkan: Fixed GLFW+Vulkan and SDL+Vulkan clear color not being set. (#3390) [@RoryO]
- CI: Emscripten has stopped their support for their fastcomp backend, switching to latest sdk [@Xipiryon]
VERSION 1.77 (Released 2020-06-29)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Removed unnecessary ID (first arg) of ImFontAtlas::AddCustomRectRegular() function. Please
note that this is a Beta api and will likely be reworked in order to support multi-DPI across
multiple monitors.
- Renamed OpenPopupOnItemClick() to OpenPopupContextItem(). Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
- Removed BeginPopupContextWindow(const char*, int mouse_button, bool also_over_items) in favor
of BeginPopupContextWindow(const char*, ImGuiPopupFlags flags) with ImGuiPopupFlags_NoOverItems.
Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
- Removed obsoleted CalcItemRectClosestPoint() entry point (has been asserting since December 2017).
Other Changes:
- TreeNode: Fixed bug where BeginDragDropSource() failed when the _OpenOnDoubleClick flag is
enabled (bug introduced in 1.76, but pre-1.76 it would also fail unless the _OpenOnArrow
flag was also set, and _OpenOnArrow is frequently set along with _OpenOnDoubleClick).
- TreeNode: Fixed bug where dragging a payload over a TreeNode() with either _OpenOnDoubleClick
or _OpenOnArrow would open the node. (#143)
- Windows: Fix unintended feedback loops when resizing windows close to main viewport edges. [@rokups]
- Tabs: Added style.TabMinWidthForUnselectedCloseButton settings:
- Set to 0.0f (default) to always make a close button appear on hover (same as Chrome, VS).
- Set to FLT_MAX to only display a close button when selected (merely hovering is not enough).
- Set to an intermediary value to toggle behavior based on width (same as Firefox).
- Tabs: Added a ImGuiTabItemFlags_NoTooltip flag to disable the tooltip for individual tab item
(vs ImGuiTabBarFlags_NoTooltip for entire tab bar). [@Xipiryon]
- Popups: All functions capable of opening popups (OpenPopup*, BeginPopupContext*) now take a new
ImGuiPopupFlags sets of flags instead of a mouse button index. The API is automatically backward
compatible as ImGuiPopupFlags is guaranteed to hold mouse button index in the lower bits.
- Popups: Added ImGuiPopupFlags_NoOpenOverExistingPopup for OpenPopup*/BeginPopupContext* functions
to first test for the presence of another popup at the same level.
- Popups: Added ImGuiPopupFlags_NoOpenOverItems for BeginPopupContextWindow() - similar to testing
for !IsAnyItemHovered() prior to doing an OpenPopup().
- Popups: Added ImGuiPopupFlags_AnyPopupId and ImGuiPopupFlags_AnyPopupLevel flags for IsPopupOpen(),
allowing to check if any popup is open at the current level, if a given popup is open at any popup
level, if any popup is open at all.
- Popups: Fix an edge case where programmatically closing a popup while clicking on its empty space
would attempt to focus it and close other popups. (#2880)
- Popups: Fix BeginPopupContextVoid() when clicking over the area made unavailable by a modal. (#1636)
- Popups: Clarified some of the comments and function prototypes.
- Modals: BeginPopupModal() doesn't set the ImGuiWindowFlags_NoSavedSettings flag anymore, and will
not always be auto-centered. Note that modals are more similar to regular windows than they are to
popups, so api and behavior may evolve further toward embracing this. (#915, #3091)
Enforce centering using e.g. SetNextWindowPos(io.DisplaySize * 0.5f, ImGuiCond_Appearing, ImVec2(0.5f,0.5f)).
- Metrics: Added a "Settings" section with some details about persistent ini settings.
- Nav, Menus: Fix vertical wrap-around in menus or popups created with multiple appending calls to
BeginMenu()/EndMenu() or BeginPopup(0/EndPopup(). (#3223, #1207) [@rokups]
- Drag and Drop: Fixed unintended fallback "..." tooltip display during drag operation when
drag source uses _SourceNoPreviewTooltip flags. (#3160) [@rokups]
- Columns: Lower overhead on column switches and switching to background channel.
Benefits Columns but was primarily made with Tables in mind!
- Fonts: Fix GetGlyphRangesKorean() end-range to end at 0xD7A3 (instead of 0xD79D). (#348, #3217) [@marukrap]
- ImDrawList: Fixed an issue where draw command merging or primitive unreserve while crossing the
VtxOffset boundary would lead to draw commands with wrong VtxOffset. (#3129, #3163, #3232, #2591)
[@thedmd, @Shironekoben, @sergeyn, @ocornut]
- ImDrawList, ImDrawListSplitter, Columns: Fixed an issue where changing channels with different
TextureId, VtxOffset would incorrectly apply new settings to draw channels. (#3129, #3163)
[@ocornut, @thedmd, @Shironekoben]
- ImDrawList, ImDrawListSplitter, Columns: Fixed an issue where starting a split when current
VtxOffset was not zero would lead to draw commands with wrong VtxOffset. (#2591)
- ImDrawList, ImDrawListSplitter, Columns: Fixed an issue where starting a split right after
a callback draw command would incorrectly override the callback draw command.
- Misc, Freetype: Fix for rare case where FT_Get_Char_Index() succeeds but FT_Load_Glyph() fails.
- Docs: Improved and moved font documentation to docs/ so it can be readable on the web.
Updated various links/wiki accordingly. Added FAQ entry about DPI. (#2861) [@ButternCream, @ocornut]
- CI: Added CI test to verify we're never accidentally dragging libstdc++ (on some compiler setups,
static constructors for non-pod data seems to drag in libstdc++ due to thread-safety concerns).
Fixed a static constructor which led to this dependency on some compiler setups. [@rokups]
- Backends: Win32: Support for #define NOGDI, won't try to call GetDeviceCaps(). (#3137, #2327)
- Backends: Win32: Fix _WIN32_WINNT < 0x0600 (MinGW defaults to 0x502 == Windows 2003). (#3183)
- Backends: SDL: Report a zero display-size when window is minimized, consistent with other backends,
making more render/clipping code use an early out path.
- Backends: OpenGL: Fixed handling of GL 4.5+ glClipControl(GL_UPPER_LEFT) by inverting the
projection matrix top and bottom values. (#3143, #3146) [@u3shit]
- Backends: OpenGL: On OSX, if unspecified by app, made default GLSL version 150. (#3199) [@albertvaka]
- Backends: OpenGL: Fixed loader auto-detection to not interfere with ES2/ES3 defines. (#3246) [@funchal]
- Backends: Vulkan: Fixed error in if initial frame has no vertices. (#3177)
- Backends: Vulkan: Fixed edge case where render callbacks wouldn't be called if the ImDrawData
structure didn't have any vertices. (#2697) [@kudaba]
- Backends: OSX: Added workaround to avoid fast mouse clicks. (#3261, #1992, #2525) [@nburrus]
- Examples: GLFW+Vulkan, SDL+Vulkan: Fix for handling of minimized windows. (#3259)
- Examples: Apple: Fixed example_apple_metal and example_apple_opengl2 using
not forwarding right and center mouse clicks. (#3260) [@nburrus]
VERSION 1.76 (Released 2020-04-12)
Decorated log and release notes:
Other Changes:
- Drag and Drop, Nav: Disabling navigation arrow keys when drag and drop is active. In the docking
branch pressing arrow keys while dragging a window from a tab could trigger an assert. (#3025)
- BeginMenu: Using same ID multiple times appends content to a menu. (#1207) [@rokups]
- BeginMenu: Fixed a bug where SetNextWindowXXX data before a BeginMenu() would not be cleared
when the menu is not open. (#3030)
- InputText: Fixed password fields displaying ASCII spaces as blanks instead of using the '*'
glyph. (#2149, #515)
- Selectable: Fixed honoring style.SelectableTextAlign with unspecified size. (#2347, #2601)
- Selectable: Allow using ImGuiSelectableFlags_SpanAllColumns in other columns than first. (#125)
- TreeNode: Made clicking on arrow with _OpenOnArrow toggle the open state on the Mouse Down
event rather than the Mouse Down+Up sequence (this is rather standard behavior).
- ColorButton: Added ImGuiColorEditFlags_NoBorder flag to remove the border normally enforced
by default for standalone ColorButton.
- Nav: Fixed interactions with ImGuiListClipper, so e.g. Home/End result would not clip the
landing item on the landing frame. (#787)
- Nav: Fixed currently focused item from ever being clipped by ItemAdd(). (#787)
- Scrolling: Fixed scrolling centering API leading to non-integer scrolling values and initial
cursor position. This would often get fixed after the fix item submission, but using the
ImGuiListClipper as the first thing after Begin() could largely break size calculations. (#3073)
- Added optional support for Unicode plane 1-16 (#2538, #2541, #2815) [@cloudwu, @samhocevar]
- Compile-time enable with '#define IMGUI_USE_WCHAR32' in imconfig.h.
- More onsistent handling of unsupported code points (0xFFFD).
- Surrogate pairs are supported when submitting UTF-16 data via io.AddInputCharacterUTF16(),
allowing for more complete CJK input.
- sizeof(ImWchar) goes from 2 to 4. IM_UNICODE_CODEPOINT_MAX goes from 0xFFFF to 0x10FFFF.
- Various structures such as ImFont, ImFontGlyphRangesBuilder will use more memory, this
is currently not particularly efficient.
- Columns: undid the change in 1.75 were Columns()/BeginColumns() were preemptively limited
to 64 columns with an assert. (#3037, #125)
- Window: Fixed a bug with child window inheriting ItemFlags from their parent when the child
window also manipulate the ItemFlags stack. (#3024) [@Stanbroek]
- Font: Fixed non-ASCII space occasionally creating unnecessary empty looking polygons.
- Misc: Added an explicit compile-time test for non-scoped IM_ASSERT() macros to redirect users
to a solution rather than encourage people to add braces in the codebase.
- Misc: Added additional checks in EndFrame() to verify that io.KeyXXX values have not been
tampered with between NewFrame() and EndFrame().
- Misc: Made default clipboard handlers for Win32 and OSX use a buffer inside the main context
instead of a static buffer, so it can be freed properly on Shutdown. (#3110)
- Misc, Freetype: Fixed support for IMGUI_STB_RECT_PACK_FILENAME compile time directive
in imgui_freetype.cpp (matching support in the regular code path). (#3062) [@DonKult]
- Metrics: Made Tools section more prominent. Showing wire-frame mesh directly hovering the ImDrawCmd
instead of requiring to open it. Added options to disable bounding box and mesh display.
Added notes on inactive/gc-ed windows.
- Demo: Added black and white and color gradients to Demo>Examples>Custom Rendering.
- CI: Added more tests on the continuous-integration server: extra warnings for Clang/GCC, building
SDL+Metal example, building imgui_freetype.cpp, more compile-time imconfig.h settings: disabling
obsolete functions, enabling 32-bit ImDrawIdx, enabling 32-bit ImWchar, disabling demo. [@rokups]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fixed version check mistakenly testing for GL 4.0+ instead of 3.2+ to enable
ImGuiBackendFlags_RendererHasVtxOffset, leaving 3.2 contexts without it. (#3119, #2866) [@wolfpld]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Added include support for older glbinding 2.x loader. (#3061) [@DonKult]
- Backends: Win32: Added ImGui_ImplWin32_EnableDpiAwareness(), ImGui_ImplWin32_GetDpiScaleForHwnd(),
ImGui_ImplWin32_GetDpiScaleForMonitor() helpers functions (backported from the docking branch).
Those functions makes it easier for example apps to support hi-dpi features without setting up
a manifest.
- Backends: Win32: Calling AddInputCharacterUTF16() from WM_CHAR message handler in order to support
high-plane surrogate pairs. (#2815) [@cloudwu, @samhocevar]
- Backends: SDL: Added ImGui_ImplSDL2_InitForMetal() for API consistency (even though the function
currently does nothing).
- Backends: SDL: Fixed mapping for ImGuiKey_KeyPadEnter. (#3031) [@Davido71]
- Examples: Win32+DX12: Fixed resizing main window, enabled debug layer. (#3087, #3115) [@sergeyn]
- Examples: SDL+DX11: Fixed resizing main window. (#3057) [@joeslay]
- Examples: Added SDL+Metal example application. (#3017) [@coding-jackalope]
VERSION 1.75 (Released 2020-02-10)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Removed redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.53 (December 2017):
- ShowTestWindow() -> use ShowDemoWindow()
- IsRootWindowFocused() -> use IsWindowFocused(ImGuiFocusedFlags_RootWindow)
- IsRootWindowOrAnyChildFocused() -> use IsWindowFocused(ImGuiFocusedFlags_RootAndChildWindows)
- SetNextWindowContentWidth(w) -> use SetNextWindowContentSize(ImVec2(w, 0.0f)
- GetItemsLineHeightWithSpacing() -> use GetFrameHeightWithSpacing()
- ImGuiCol_ChildWindowBg -> use ImGuiCol_ChildBg
- ImGuiStyleVar_ChildWindowRounding -> use ImGuiStyleVar_ChildRounding
- ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_AllowOverlapMode -> use ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_AllowItemOverlap
If you were still using the old names, while you are cleaning up, considering enabling
IMGUI_DISABLE_OBSOLETE_FUNCTIONS in imconfig.h even temporarily to have a pass at finding
and removing up old API calls, if any remaining.
- Removed implicit default parameter to IsMouseDragging(int button = 0) to be consistent
with other mouse functions (none of the other functions have it).
- Obsoleted calling ImDrawList::PrimReserve() with a negative count (which was vaguely
documented and rarely if ever used). Instead we added an explicit PrimUnreserve() API
which can be implemented faster. Also clarified pre-existing constraints which weren't
documented (can only unreserve from the last reserve call). If you suspect you ever
used that feature before (very unlikely, but grep for call to PrimReserve in your code),
you can #define IMGUI_DEBUG_PARANOID in imconfig.h to catch existing calls. [@ShironekoBen]
- ImDrawList::AddCircle()/AddCircleFilled() functions don't accept negative radius.
- Limiting Columns()/BeginColumns() api to 64 columns with an assert. While the current code
technically supports it, future code may not so we're putting the restriction ahead.
[Undid that change in 1.76]
- imgui_internal.h: changed ImRect() default constructor initializes all fields to 0.0f instead
of (FLT_MAX,FLT_MAX,-FLT_MAX,-FLT_MAX). If you used ImRect::Add() to create bounding boxes by
adding points into it without explicit initialization, you may need to fix your initial value.
Other Changes:
- Inputs: Added ImGuiMouseButton enum for convenience (e.g. ImGuiMouseButton_Right=1).
We forever guarantee that the existing value will not changes so existing code is free to use 0/1/2.
- Nav: Fixed a bug where the initial CTRL-Tab press while in a child window sometimes selected
the current root window instead of always selecting the previous root window. (#787)
- ColorEdit: Fix label alignment when using ImGuiColorEditFlags_NoInputs. (#2955) [@rokups]
- ColorEdit: In HSV display of a RGB stored value, attempt to locally preserve Saturation
when Value==0.0 (similar to changes done in 1.73 for Hue). Removed Hue editing lock since
those improvements in 1.73 makes them unnecessary. (#2722, #2770). [@rokups]
- ColorEdit: "Copy As" context-menu tool shows hex values with a '#' prefix instead of '0x'.
- ColorEdit: "Copy As" content-menu tool shows hex values both with/without alpha when available.
- InputText: Fix corruption or crash when executing undo after clearing input with ESC, as a
byproduct we are allowing to later undo the revert with a CTRL+Z. (#3008).
- InputText: Fix using a combination of _CallbackResize (e.g. for std::string binding), along with the
_EnterReturnsTrue flag along with the rarely used property of using an InputText without persisting
user-side storage. Previously if you had e.g. a local unsaved std::string and reading result back
from the widget, the user string object wouldn't be resized when Enter key was pressed. (#3009)
- MenuBar: Fix minor clipping issue where occasionally a menu text can overlap the right-most border.
- Window: Fix SetNextWindowBgAlpha(1.0f) failing to override alpha component. (#3007) [@Albog]
- Window: When testing for the presence of the ImGuiWindowFlags_NoBringToFrontOnFocus flag we
test both the focused/clicked window (which could be a child window) and the root window.
- ImDrawList: AddCircle(), AddCircleFilled() API can now auto-tessellate when provided a segment
count of zero. Alter tessellation quality with 'style.CircleSegmentMaxError'. [@ShironekoBen]
- ImDrawList: Add AddNgon(), AddNgonFilled() API with a guarantee on the explicit segment count.
In the current branch they are essentially the same as AddCircle(), AddCircleFilled() but as
we will rework the circle rendering functions to use textures and automatic segment count
selection, those new api can fill a gap. [@ShironekoBen]
- Columns: ImDrawList::Channels* functions now work inside columns. Added extra comments to
suggest using user-owned ImDrawListSplitter instead of ImDrawList functions. [@rokups]
- Misc: Added ImGuiMouseCursor_NotAllowed enum so it can be used by more shared widgets. [@rokups]
- Misc: Added IMGUI_DISABLE compile-time definition to make all headers and sources empty.
- Misc: Disable format checks when using stb_printf, to allow using extra formats.
Made IMGUI_USE_STB_SPRINTF a properly documented imconfig.h flag. (#2954) [@loicmolinari]
- Misc: Added misc/single_file/imgui_single_file.h, We use this to validate compiling all *.cpp
files in a same compilation unit. Actual users of that technique (also called "Unity builds")
can generally provide this themselves, so we don't really recommend you use this. [@rokups]
- CI: Added PVS-Studio static analysis on the continuous-integration server. [@rokups]
- Backends: GLFW, SDL, Win32, OSX, Allegro: Added support for ImGuiMouseCursor_NotAllowed. [@rokups]
- Backends: GLFW: Added support for the missing mouse cursors newly added in GLFW 3.4+. [@rokups]
- Backends: SDL: Wayland: use SDL_GetMouseState (because there is no global mouse state available
on Wayland). (#2800, #2802) [@NeroBurner]
- Backends: GLFW, SDL: report Windows key (io.KeySuper) as always released. Neither GLFW nor SDL can
correctly report the key release in every cases (e.g. when using Win+V) causing problems with some
widgets. The next release of GLFW (3.4+) will have a fix for it. However since it is both difficult
and discouraged to make use of this key for Windows application anyway, we just hide it. (#2976)
- Backends: Win32: Added support for #define IMGUI_IMPL_WIN32_DISABLE_GAMEPAD to disable all
XInput using code, and IMGUI_IMPL_WIN32_DISABLE_LINKING_XINPUT to disable linking with XInput,
the later may be problematic if compiling with recent Windows SDK and you want your app to run
on Windows 7. You can instead try linking with Xinput9_1_0.lib instead. (#2716)
- Backends: Glut: Improved FreeGLUT support for MinGW. (#3004) [@podsvirov]
- Backends: Emscripten: Avoid forcefully setting IMGUI_DISABLE_FILE_FUNCTIONS. (#3005) [@podsvirov]
- Examples: OpenGL: Explicitly adding -DIMGUI_IMPL_OPENGL_LOADER_GL3W to Makefile to match linking
settings (otherwise if another loader such as Glew is accessible, the OpenGL3 backend might
automatically use it). (#2919, #2798)
- Examples: OpenGL: Added support for glbinding OpenGL loader. (#2870) [@rokups]
- Examples: Emscripten: Demonstrating embedding fonts in Makefile and code. (#2953) [@Oipo]
- Examples: Metal: Wrapped main loop in @autoreleasepool block to ensure allocations get freed
even if underlying system event loop gets paused due to app nap. (#2910, #2917) [@bear24rw]
VERSION 1.74 (Released 2019-11-25)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Removed redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.52 (October 2017):
- Begin() [old 5 args version] -> use Begin() [3 args], use SetNextWindowSize() SetNextWindowBgAlpha() if needed
- IsRootWindowOrAnyChildHovered() -> use IsWindowHovered(ImGuiHoveredFlags_RootAndChildWindows)
- AlignFirstTextHeightToWidgets() -> use AlignTextToFramePadding()
- SetNextWindowPosCenter() -> use SetNextWindowPos() with a pivot of (0.5f, 0.5f)
- ImFont::Glyph -> use ImFontGlyph
If you were still using the old names, read "API Breaking Changes" section of imgui.cpp to find out
the new names or equivalent features, or see how they were implemented until 1.73.
- Inputs: Fixed a miscalculation in the keyboard/mouse "typematic" repeat delay/rate calculation, used
by keys and e.g. repeating mouse buttons as well as the GetKeyPressedAmount() function.
If you were using a non-default value for io.KeyRepeatRate (previous default was 0.250), you can
add +io.KeyRepeatDelay to it to compensate for the fix.
The function was triggering on: 0.0 and (delay+rate*N) where (N>=1). Fixed formula responds to (N>=0).
Effectively it made io.KeyRepeatRate behave like it was set to (io.KeyRepeatRate + io.KeyRepeatDelay).
Fixed the code and altered default io.KeyRepeatRate,Delay from 0.250,0.050 to 0.300,0.050 to compensate.
If you never altered io.KeyRepeatRate nor used GetKeyPressedAmount() this won't affect you.
- Fonts: ImFontAtlas::AddCustomRectRegular() now requires an ID larger than 0x110000 (instead of 0x10000) to
conform with supporting Unicode planes 1-16 in a future update. ID below 0x110000 will now assert.
- Backends: DX12: Added extra ID3D12DescriptorHeap parameter to ImGui_ImplDX12_Init() function.
The value is unused in master branch but will be used by the multi-viewport feature. (#2851) [@obfuscate]
Other Changes:
- InputText, Nav: Fixed Home/End key broken when activating Keyboard Navigation. (#787)
- InputText: Filter out ASCII 127 (DEL) emitted by low-level OSX layer, as we are using the Key value. (#2578)
- Layout: Fixed a couple of subtle bounding box vertical positioning issues relating to the handling of text
baseline alignment. The issue would generally manifest when laying out multiple items on a same line,
with varying heights and text baseline offsets.
Some specific examples, e.g. a button with regular frame padding followed by another item with a
multi-line label and no frame padding, such as: multi-line text, small button, tree node item, etc.
The second item was correctly offset to match text baseline, and would interact/display correctly,
but it wouldn't push the contents area boundary low enough.
- Scrollbar: Fixed an issue where scrollbars wouldn't display on the frame following a frame where
all child window contents would be culled.
- ColorPicker: Fixed SV triangle gradient to block (broken in 1.73). (#2864, #2711). [@lewa-j]
- TreeNode: Fixed combination of ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_SpanFullWidth and ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_OpenOnArrow
incorrectly locating the arrow hit position to the left of the frame. (#2451, #2438, #1897)
- TreeNode: The collapsing arrow accepts click even if modifier keys are being held, facilitating
interactions with custom multi-selections patterns. (#2886, #1896, #1861)
- TreeNode: Added IsItemToggledOpen() to explicitly query if item was just open/closed, facilitating
interactions with custom multi-selections patterns. (#1896, #1861)
- DragScalar, SliderScalar, InputScalar: Added p_ prefix to parameter that are pointers to the data
to clarify how they are used, and more comments redirecting to the demo code. (#2844)
- Error handling: Assert if user mistakenly calls End() instead of EndChild() on a child window. (#1651)
- Misc: Optimized storage of window settings data (reducing allocation count).
- Misc: Windows: Do not use _wfopen() if IMGUI_DISABLE_WIN32_FUNCTIONS is defined. (#2815)
- Misc: Windows: Disabled win32 function by default when building with UWP. (#2892, #2895)
- Misc: Using static_assert() when using C++11, instead of our own construct (avoid zealous Clang warnings).
default implementation of ImFileXXX functions linking with fopen/fclose/fread/fwrite. (#2734)
- Docs: Improved and moved FAQ to docs/ so it can be readable on the web. [@ButternCream, @ocornut]
- Docs: Moved misc/fonts/README.txt to docs/FONTS.txt.
- Docs: Added permanent redirect from to FAQ page.
- Demo: Added simple item reordering demo in Widgets -> Drag and Drop section. (#2823, #143) [@rokups]
- Metrics: Show wire-frame mesh and approximate surface area when hovering ImDrawCmd. [@ShironekoBen]
- Metrics: Expose basic details of each window key/value state storage.
- Examples: DX12: Using IDXGIDebug1::ReportLiveObjects() when DX12_ENABLE_DEBUG_LAYER is enabled.
- Examples: Emscripten: Removed BINARYEN_TRAP_MODE=clamp from Makefile which was removed in Emscripten 1.39.0
but required prior to 1.39.0, making life easier for absolutely no-one. (#2877, #2878) [@podsvirov]
- Backends: OpenGL2: Explicitly backup, setup and restore GL_TEXTURE_ENV to increase compatibility with
legacy OpenGL applications. (#3000)
- Backends: OpenGL3: Fix building with pre-3.2 GL loaders which do not expose glDrawElementsBaseVertex(),
using runtime GL version to decide if we set ImGuiBackendFlags_RendererHasVtxOffset. (#2866, #2852) [@dpilawa]
- Backends: OSX: Fix using Backspace key. (#2578, #2817, #2818) [@DiligentGraphics]
- Backends: GLFW: Previously installed user callbacks are now restored on shutdown. (#2836) [@malte-v]
- CI: Set up a bunch of continuous-integration tests using GitHub Actions. We now compile many of the example
applications on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Emscripten. Removed Travis integration. (#2865) [@rokups]
VERSION 1.73 (Released 2019-09-24)
Decorated log and release notes:
Other Changes:
- Nav, Scrolling: Added support for Home/End key. (#787)
- ColorEdit: Disable Hue edit when Saturation==0 instead of letting Hue values jump around.
- ColorEdit, ColorPicker: In HSV display of a RGB stored value, attempt to locally preserve Hue
when Saturation==0, which reduces accidentally lossy interactions. (#2722, #2770) [@rokups]
- ColorPicker: Made rendering aware of global style alpha of the picker can be faded out. (#2711)
Note that some elements won't accurately fade down with the same intensity, and the color wheel
when enabled will have small overlap glitches with (style.Alpha < 1.0).
- Tabs: Fixed single-tab not shrinking their width down.
- Tabs: Fixed clicking on a tab larger than tab-bar width creating a bouncing feedback loop.
- Tabs: Feed desired width (sum of unclipped tabs width) into layout system to allow for auto-resize. (#2768)
(before 1.71 tab bars fed the sum of current width which created feedback loops in certain situations).
- Tabs: Improved shrinking for large number of tabs to avoid leaving extraneous space on the right side.
Individuals tabs are given integer-rounded width and remainder is spread between tabs left-to-right.
- Columns, Separator: Fixed a bug where non-visible separators within columns would alter the next row position
differently than visible ones.
- SliderScalar: Improved assert when using U32 or U64 types with a large v_max value. (#2765) [@loicmouton]
- DragInt, DragFloat, DragScalar: Using (v_min > v_max) allows locking any edits to the value.
- DragScalar: Fixed dragging of unsigned values on ARM cpu (float to uint cast is undefined). (#2780) [@dBagrat]
- TreeNode: Added ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_SpanAvailWidth flag. (#2451, #2438, #1897) [@Melix19, @PathogenDavid]
This extends the hit-box to the right-most edge, even if the node is not framed.
(Note: this is not the default in order to allow adding other items on the same line. In the future we will
aim toward refactoring the hit-system to be front-to-back, allowing more natural overlapping of items,
and then we will be able to make this the default.)
- TreeNode: Added ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_SpanFullWidth flag. This extends the hit-box to both the left-most and
right-most edge of the working area, bypassing indentation.
- CollapsingHeader: Added support for ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_Bullet and ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_Leaf on framed nodes,
mostly for consistency. (#2159, #2160) [@goran-w]
- Selectable: Added ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowItemOverlap flag in public api (was previously internal only).
- Style: Allow style.WindowMenuButtonPosition to be set to ImGuiDir_None to hide the collapse button. (#2634, #2639)
- Font: Better ellipsis ("...") drawing implementation. Instead of drawing three pixel-ey dots (which was glaringly
unfitting with many types of fonts) we first attempt to find a standard ellipsis glyphs within the loaded set.
Otherwise we render ellipsis using '.' from the font from where we trim excessive spacing to make it as narrow
as possible. (#2775) [@rokups]
- ImDrawList: Clarified the name of many parameters so reading the code is a little easier. (#2740)
- ImDrawListSplitter: Fixed merging channels if the last submitted draw command used a different texture. (#2506)
- Using offsetof() when available in C++11. Avoids Clang sanitizer complaining about old-style macros. (#94)
- ImVector: Added find(), find_erase(), find_erase_unsorted() helpers.
- Added a mechanism to compact/free the larger allocations of unused windows (buffers are compacted when
a window is unused for 60 seconds, as per io.ConfigWindowsMemoryCompactTimer = 60.0f). Note that memory
usage has never been reported as a problem, so this is merely a touch of overzealous luxury. (#2636)
- Documentation: Various tweaks and improvements to the README page. [@ker0chan]
- Backends: OpenGL3: Tweaked initialization code allow application calling ImGui_ImplOpenGL3_CreateFontsTexture()
before ImGui_ImplOpenGL3_NewFrame(), which sometimes can be convenient.
- Backends: OpenGL3: Attempt to automatically detect default GL loader by using __has_include. (#2798) [@o-micron]
- Backends: DX11: Fixed GSGetShader() call not passing an initialized instance count, which would
generally make the DX11 debug layer complain (bug added in 1.72).
- Backends: Vulkan: Added support for specifying multisample count. Set 'ImGui_ImplVulkan_InitInfo::MSAASamples' to
one of the VkSampleCountFlagBits values to use, default is non-multisampled as before. (#2705, #2706) [@vilya]
- Examples: OSX: Fix example_apple_opengl2/ not forwarding mouse clicks and drags correctly. (#1961, #2710)
[@intonarumori, @ElectricMagic]
- Misc: Updated stb_rect_pack.h from 0.99 to 1.00 (fixes by @rygorous: off-by-1 bug in best-fit heuristic,
fix handling of rectangles too large to fit inside texture). (#2762) [@tido64]
VERSION 1.72b (Released 2019-07-31)
Decorated log and release notes:
Other Changes:
- Nav, Scrolling: Fixed programmatic scroll leading to a slightly incorrect scroll offset when
the window has decorations or a menu-bar (broken in 1.71). This was mostly noticeable when
a keyboard/gamepad movement led to scrolling the view, or using e.g. SetScrollHereY() function.
- Nav: Made hovering non-MenuItem Selectable not re-assign the source item for keyboard navigation.
- Nav: Fixed an issue with NavFlattened window flag (beta) where widgets not entirely fitting
in child window (often selectables because of their protruding sides) would be not considered
as entry points to to navigate toward the child window. (#787)
VERSION 1.72 (Released 2019-07-27)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Removed redirecting functions/enums names that were marked obsolete in 1.51 (June 2017):
- ImGuiCol_Column*, ImGuiSetCond_* enums.
- IsItemHoveredRect(), IsPosHoveringAnyWindow(), IsMouseHoveringAnyWindow(), IsMouseHoveringWindow() functions.
If you were still using the old names, read "API Breaking Changes" section of imgui.cpp to find out
the new names or equivalent features.
- Renamed ImFontAtlas::CustomRect to ImFontAtlasCustomRect. Kept redirection typedef (will obsolete).
- Removed TreeAdvanceToLabelPos() which is rarely used and only does SetCursorPosX(GetCursorPosX() + GetTreeNodeToLabelSpacing()).
Kept redirection function (will obsolete). (#581, #324)
Other Changes:
- Scrolling: Made mouse-wheel scrolling lock the underlying window until the mouse is moved again or
until a short delay expires (~2 seconds). This allow uninterrupted scroll even if child windows are
passing under the mouse cursor. (#2604)
- Scrolling: Made it possible for mouse wheel and navigation-triggered scrolling to override a call to
SetScrollX()/SetScrollY(), making it possible to use a simpler stateless pattern for auto-scrolling:
// (Submit items..)
if (ImGui::GetScrollY() >= ImGui::GetScrollMaxY()) // If scrolling at the already at the bottom..
ImGui::SetScrollHereY(1.0f); // ..make last item fully visible
- Scrolling: Added SetScrollHereX(), SetScrollFromPosX() for completeness. (#1580) [@kevreco]
- Scrolling: Mouse wheel scrolling while hovering a child window is automatically forwarded to parent window
if ScrollMax is zero on the scrolling axis.
Also still the case if ImGuiWindowFlags_NoScrollWithMouse is set (not new), but previously the forwarding
would be disabled if ImGuiWindowFlags_NoScrollbar was set on the child window, which is not the case
any more. Forwarding can still be disabled by setting ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs. (amend #1502, #1380).
- Window: Fixed InnerClipRect right-most coordinates using wrong padding setting (introduced in 1.71).
- Window: Fixed old SetWindowFontScale() api value from not being inherited by child window. Added
comments about the right way to scale your UI (load a font at the right side, rebuild atlas, scale style).
- Scrollbar: Avoid overlapping the opposite side when window (often a child window) is forcibly too small.
- Combo: Hide arrow when there's not enough space even for the square button.
- InputText: Testing for newly added ImGuiKey_KeyPadEnter key. (#2677, #2005) [@amc522]
- Tabs: Fixed unfocused tab bar separator color (was using ImGuiCol_Tab, should use ImGuiCol_TabUnfocusedActive).
- Columns: Fixed a regression from 1.71 where the right-side of the contents rectangle within each column
would wrongly use a WindowPadding.x instead of ItemSpacing.x like it always did. (#125, #2666)
- Columns: Made the right-most edge reaches up to the clipping rectangle (removing half of WindowPadding.x
worth of asymmetrical/extraneous padding, note that there's another half that conservatively has to offset
the right-most column, otherwise it's clipping width won't match the other columns). (#125, #2666)
- Columns: Improved honoring alignment with various values of ItemSpacing.x and WindowPadding.x. (#125, #2666)
- Columns: Made GetColumnOffset() and GetColumnWidth() behave when there's no column set, consistently with
other column functions. (#2683)
- InputTextMultiline: Fixed vertical scrolling tracking glitch.
- Word-wrapping: Fixed overzealous word-wrapping when glyph edge lands exactly on the limit. Because
of this, auto-fitting exactly unwrapped text would make it wrap. (fixes initial 1.15 commit, 78645a7d).
- Style: Attenuated default opacity of ImGuiCol_Separator in Classic and Light styles.
- Style: Added style.ColorButtonPosition (left/right, defaults to ImGuiDir_Right) to move the color button
of ColorEdit3/ColorEdit4 functions to either side of the inputs.
- IO: Added ImGuiKey_KeyPadEnter and support in various backends (previously backends would need to
specifically redirect key-pad keys to their regular counterpart). This is a temporary attenuating measure
until we actually refactor and add whole sets of keys into the ImGuiKey enum. (#2677, #2005) [@amc522]
- Misc: Made Button(), ColorButton() not trigger an "edited" event leading to IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit()
returning true. This also effectively make ColorEdit4() not incorrect trigger IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit()
when clicking the color button to open the picker popup. (#1875)
- Misc: Added IMGUI_DISABLE_METRICS_WINDOW imconfig.h setting to explicitly compile out ShowMetricsWindow().
- Debug Tools: Added "Metrics->Tools->Item Picker" tool which allow clicking on a widget to break in the
debugger within the item code. The tool calls IM_DEBUG_BREAK() which can be redefined in imconfig.h.
- ImDrawList: Fixed CloneOutput() helper crashing. (#1860) [@gviot]
- ImDrawList::ChannelsSplit(), ImDrawListSplitter: Fixed an issue with merging draw commands between
channel 0 and 1. (#2624)
- ImDrawListSplitter: Fixed memory leak when using low-level split api (was not affecting ImDrawList api,
also this type was added in 1.71 and not advertised as a public-facing feature).
- Fonts: binary_to_compressed_c.cpp: Display an error message if failing to open/read the input font file.
- Demo: Log, Console: Using a simpler stateless pattern for auto-scrolling.
- Demo: Widgets: Showing how to use the format parameter of Slider/Drag functions to display the name
of an enum value instead of the underlying integer value.
- Demo: Renamed the "Help" menu to "Tools" (more accurate).
- Backends: DX10/DX11: Backup, clear and restore Geometry Shader is any is bound when calling renderer.
- Backends: DX11: Clear Hull Shader, Domain Shader, Compute Shader before rendering. Not backing/restoring them.
- Backends: OSX: Disabled default native Mac clipboard copy/paste implementation in core library (added in 1.71),
because it needs application to be linked with '-framework ApplicationServices'. It can be explicitly
enabled back by using '#define IMGUI_ENABLE_OSX_DEFAULT_CLIPBOARD_FUNCTIONS' in imconfig.h. Re-added
equivalent using NSPasteboard api in the experimental backend. (#2546)
- Backends: SDL2: Added ImGui_ImplSDL2_InitForD3D() function to make D3D support more visible.
(#2482, #2632) [@josiahmanson]
- Examples: Added SDL2+DirectX11 example application. (#2632, #2612, #2482) [@vincenthamm]
VERSION 1.71 (Released 2019-06-12)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- IO: changed AddInputCharacter(unsigned short c) signature to AddInputCharacter(unsigned int c).
- Renamed SetNextTreeNodeOpen() to SetNextItemOpen(). Kept inline redirection function (will obsolete).
- Window: rendering of child windows outer decorations (e.g. bg color, border, scrollbars) is now
performed as part of their parent window, avoiding the creation of an extraneous draw commands.
If you have overlapping child windows with decorations, and relied on their relative z-order to be
mapped to submission their order, this will affect your rendering. The optimization is disabled
if the parent window has no visual output because it appears to be the most common situation leading
to the creation of overlapping child windows. Please reach out if you are affected by this change!
Other Changes:
- Window: clarified behavior of SetNextWindowContentSize(). Content size is defined as the size available
after removal of WindowPadding on each sides. So SetNextWindowContentSize(ImVec2(100,100)) + auto-resize
will always allow submitting a 100x100 item without creating a scrollbar, regarding of WindowPadding.
The exact meaning of ContentSize for decorated windows was previously ill-defined.
- Window: Fixed auto-resize with AlwaysVerticalScrollbar or AlwaysHorizontalScrollbar flags.
- Window: Fixed one case where auto-resize by double-clicking the resize grip would make either scrollbar
appear for a single frame after the resize.
- Separator: Revert 1.70 "Declare its thickness (1.0f) to the layout" change. It's not incorrect
but it breaks existing some layout patterns. Will return back to it when we expose Separator flags.
- Fixed InputScalar, InputScalarN, SliderScalarN, DragScalarN with non-visible label from inserting
style.ItemInnerSpacing.x worth of trailing spacing.
- Fixed InputFloatX, SliderFloatX, DragFloatX functions erroneously reporting IsItemEdited() multiple
times when the text input doesn't match the formatted output value (e.g. input "1" shows "1.000").
It wasn't much of a problem because we typically use the return value instead of IsItemEdited() here.
- Fixed uses of IsItemDeactivated(), IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit() on multi-components widgets and
after EndGroup(). (#2550, #1875)
- Fixed crash when appending with BeginMainMenuBar() more than once and no other window are showing. (#2567)
- ColorEdit: Fixed the color picker popup only displaying inputs as HSV instead of showing multiple
options. (#2587, broken in 1.69 by #2384).
- CollapsingHeader: Better clipping when a close button is enabled and it overlaps the label. (#600)
- Scrollbar: Minor bounding box adjustment to cope with various border size.
- Scrollbar, Style: Changed default style.ScrollbarSize from 16 to 14.
- Combo: Fixed rounding not applying with the ImGuiComboFlags_NoArrowButton flag. (#2607) [@DucaRii]
- Nav: Fixed gamepad/keyboard moving of window affecting contents size incorrectly, sometimes leading
to scrollbars appearing during the movement.
- Nav: Fixed rare crash when e.g. releasing Alt-key while focusing a window with a menu at the same
frame as clearing the focus. This was in most noticeable in backends such as Glfw and SDL which
emits key release events when focusing another viewport, leading to Alt+clicking on void on another
viewport triggering the issue. (#2609)
- TreeNode, CollapsingHeader: Fixed highlight frame not covering horizontal area fully when using
horizontal scrolling. (#2211, #2579)
- Tabs: Fixed BeginTabBar() within a window with horizontal scrolling from creating a feedback
loop with the horizontal contents size.
- Columns: Fixed Columns() within a window with horizontal scrolling from not covering the full
horizontal area (previously only worked with an explicit contents size). (#125)
- Columns: Fixed Separator from creating an extraneous draw command. (#125)
- Columns: Fixed Selectable with SpanAllColumns flag from creating an extraneous draw command. (#125)
- Style: Added style.WindowMenuButtonPosition (left/right, defaults to ImGuiDir_Left) to move the
collapsing/docking button to the other side of the title bar.
- Style: Made window close button cross slightly smaller.
- Log/Capture: Fixed BeginTabItem() label not being included in a text log/capture.
- ImDrawList: Added ImDrawCmd::VtxOffset value to support large meshes (64k+ vertices) using 16-bit indices.
The renderer backend needs to set 'io.BackendFlags |= ImGuiBackendFlags_RendererHasVtxOffset' to enable
this, and honor the ImDrawCmd::VtxOffset field. Otherwise the value will always be zero. (#2591)
This has the advantage of preserving smaller index buffers and allowing to execute on hardware that do not
support 32-bit indices. Most examples backends have been modified to support the VtxOffset field.
- ImDrawList: Added ImDrawCmd::IdxOffset value, equivalent to summing element count for each draw command.
This is provided for convenience and consistency with VtxOffset. (#2591)
- ImDrawCallback: Allow to override the signature of ImDrawCallback by #define-ing it. This is meant to
facilitate custom rendering backends passing local render-specific data to the draw callback.
- ImFontAtlas: FreeType: Added RasterizerFlags::Monochrome flag to disable font anti-aliasing. Combine
with RasterizerFlags::MonoHinting for best results. (#2545) [@HolyBlackCat]
- ImFontGlyphRangesBuilder: Fixed unnecessarily over-sized buffer, which incidentally was also not
fully cleared. Fixed edge-case overflow when adding character 0xFFFF. (#2568). [@NIKE3500]
- Demo: Added full "Dear ImGui" prefix to the title of "Dear ImGui Demo" and "Dear ImGui Metrics" windows.
- Backends: Add native Mac clipboard copy/paste default implementation in core library to match what we are
dealing with Win32, and to facilitate integration in custom engines. (#2546) [@andrewwillmott]
- Backends: OSX: imgui_impl_osx: Added mouse cursor support. (#2585, #1873) [@actboy168]
- Examples/Backends: DirectX9/10/11/12, Metal, Vulkan, OpenGL3 (Desktop GL only): Added support for large meshes
(64k+ vertices) with 16-bit indices, enable 'ImGuiBackendFlags_RendererHasVtxOffset' in those backends. (#2591)
- Examples/Backends: Don't filter characters under 0x10000 before calling io.AddInputCharacter(),
the filtering is done in io.AddInputCharacter() itself. This is in prevision for fuller Unicode
support. (#2538, #2541)
VERSION 1.70 (Released 2019-05-06)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- ImDrawList: Improved algorithm for mitre joints on thick lines, preserving correct thickness
up to 90 degrees angles (e.g. rectangles). If you have custom rendering using thick lines,
they will appear a little thicker now. (#2518) [@rmitton]
- Obsoleted GetContentRegionAvailWidth(), use GetContentRegionAvail().x instead.
Kept inline redirection function.
- Examples: Vulkan: Added MinImageCount/ImageCount fields in ImGui_ImplVulkan_InitInfo, required
during initialization to specify the number of in-flight image requested by swap chains.
(was previously a hard #define IMGUI_VK_QUEUED_FRAMES 2). (#2071, #1677) [@nathanvoglsam]
- Examples: Vulkan: Tidying up the demo/internals helpers (most engine/app should not rely
on them but it is possible you have!).
Other Changes:
- ImDrawList: Added ImDrawCallback_ResetRenderState, a special ImDrawList::AddCallback() value
to request the renderer backend to reset its render state. (#2037, #1639, #2452)
Examples: Added support for ImDrawCallback_ResetRenderState in all renderer backends. Each
renderer code setting up initial render state has been moved to a function so it could be
called at the start of rendering and when a ResetRenderState is requested. [@ocornut, @bear24rw]
- InputText: Fixed selection background rendering one frame after the cursor movement when
first transitioning from no-selection to has-selection. (Bug in 1.69) (#2436) [@Nazg-Gul]
- InputText: Work-around for buggy standard libraries where isprint('\t') returns true. (#2467, #1336)
- InputText: Fixed ImGuiInputTextFlags_AllowTabInput leading to two tabs characters being inserted
if the backend provided both Key and Character input. (#2467, #1336)
- Layout: Added SetNextItemWidth() helper to avoid using PushItemWidth/PopItemWidth() for single items.
Note that SetNextItemWidth() currently only affect the same subset of items as PushItemWidth(),
generally referred to as the large framed+labeled items. Because the new SetNextItemWidth()
function is explicit we may later extend its effect to more items.
- Layout: Fixed PushItemWidth(-width) for right-side alignment laying out some items (button, listbox, etc.)
with negative sizes if the 'width' argument was smaller than the available width at the time of item
- Window: Fixed window with the AlwaysAutoResize flag unnecessarily extending their hovering boundaries
by a few pixels (this is used to facilitate resizing from borders when available for a given window).
One of the noticeable minor side effect was that navigating menus would have had a tendency to disable
highlight from parent menu items earlier than necessary while approaching the child menu.
- Window: Close button is horizontally aligned with style.FramePadding.x.
- Window: Fixed contents region being off by WindowBorderSize amount on the right when scrollbar is active.
- Window: Fixed SetNextWindowSizeConstraints() with non-rounded positions making windows drift. (#2067, #2530)
- Popups: Closing a popup restores the focused/nav window in place at the time of the popup opening,
instead of restoring the window that was in the window stack at the time of the OpenPopup call. (#2517)
Among other things, this allows opening a popup while no window are focused, and pressing Escape to
clear the focus again.
- Popups: Fixed right-click from closing all popups instead of aiming at the hovered popup level
(regression in 1.67).
- Selectable: With ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowDoubleClick doesn't return true on the mouse button release
following the double-click. Only first mouse release + second mouse down (double-click) returns true.
Likewise for internal ButtonBehavior() with both _PressedOnClickRelease | _PressedOnDoubleClick. (#2503)
- GetMouseDragDelta(): also returns the delta on the mouse button released frame. (#2419)
- GetMouseDragDelta(): verify that mouse positions are valid otherwise returns zero.
- Inputs: Also add support for horizontal scroll with Shift+Mouse Wheel. (#2424, #1463) [@LucaRood]
- PlotLines, PlotHistogram: Ignore NaN values when calculating min/max bounds. (#2485)
- Columns: Fixed boundary of clipping being off by 1 pixel within the left column. (#125)
- Separator: Declare its thickness (1.0f) to the layout, making items around separator more symmetrical.
- Combo, Slider, Scrollbar: Improve rendering in situation when there's only a few pixels available (<3 pixels).
- Nav: Fixed Drag/Slider functions going into text input mode when keyboard CTRL is held while pressing NavActivate.
- Drag and Drop: Fixed drag source with ImGuiDragDropFlags_SourceAllowNullID and null ID from receiving click
regardless of being covered by another window (it didn't honor correct hovering rules). (#2521)
- ImDrawList: Improved algorithm for mitre joints on thick lines, preserving correct thickness up to 90 degrees
angles, also faster to output. (#2518) [@rmitton]
- Misc: Added IM_MALLOC/IM_FREE macros mimicking IM_NEW/IM_DELETE so user doesn't need to revert
to using the ImGui::MemAlloc()/MemFree() calls directly.
- Misc: Made IMGUI_CHECKVERSION() macro also check for matching size of ImDrawIdx.
- Metrics: Added "Show windows rectangles" tool to visualize the different rectangles.
- Demo: Improved trees in columns demo.
- Examples: OpenGL: Added a test GL call + comments in ImGui_ImplOpenGL3_Init() to detect uninitialized
GL function loaders early, and help users understand what they are missing. (#2421)
- Examples: SDL: Added support for SDL_GameController gamepads (enable with ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableGamepad). (#2509) [@DJLink]
- Examples: Emscripten: Added Emscripten+SDL+GLES2 example. (#2494, #2492, #2351, #336) [@nicolasnoble, @redblobgames]
- Examples: Metal: Added Glfw+Metal example. (#2527) [@bear24rw]
- Examples: OpenGL3: Minor tweaks + not calling glBindBuffer more than necessary in the render loop.
- Examples: Vulkan: Fixed in-flight buffers issues when using multi-viewports. (#2461, #2348, #2378, #2097)
- Examples: Vulkan: Added missing support for 32-bit indices (#define ImDrawIdx unsigned int).
- Examples: Vulkan: Avoid passing negative coordinates to vkCmdSetScissor, which debug validation layers do not like.
- Examples: Vulkan: Added ImGui_ImplVulkan_SetMinImageCount() to change min image count at runtime. (#2071) [@nathanvoglsam]
- Examples: DirectX9: Fixed erroneous assert in ImGui_ImplDX9_InvalidateDeviceObjects(). (#2454)
- Examples: DirectX10/11/12, Allegro, Marmalade: Render functions early out when display size is zero (minimized). (#2496)
- Examples: GLUT: Fixed existing FreeGLUT example to work with regular GLUT. (#2465) [@andrewwillmott]
- Examples: GLUT: Renamed imgui_impl_freeglut.cpp/.h to imgui_impl_glut.cpp/.h. (#2465) [@andrewwillmott]
- Examples: GLUT: Made io.DeltaTime always > 0. (#2430)
- Examples: Visual Studio: Updated default platform toolset+sdk in vcproj files from v100+sdk7 (vs2010)
to v110+sdk8 (vs2012). This is mostly so we can remove reliance on DXSDK_DIR for the DX10/DX11 example,
which if existing and when switching to recent SDK ends up conflicting and creating warnings.
VERSION 1.69 (Released 2019-03-13)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Renamed ColorEdit/ColorPicker's ImGuiColorEditFlags_RGB/_HSV/_HEX flags to respectively
ImGuiColorEditFlags_DisplayRGB/_DisplayHSV/_DisplayHex. This is because the addition of
new flag ImGuiColorEditFlags_InputHSV makes the earlier one ambiguous.
Kept redirection enum values (will obsolete). (#2384) [@haldean]
- Renamed GetOverlayDrawList() to GetForegroundDrawList(). Kept redirection function (will obsolete). (#2391)
Other Changes:
- Added GetBackgroundDrawList() helper to quickly get access to a ImDrawList that will be rendered
behind every other windows. (#2391, #545)
- DragScalar, InputScalar, SliderScalar: Added support for u8/s8/u16/s16 data types (ImGuiDataType_S8, etc.)
We are reusing function instances of larger types to reduce code size. (#643, #320, #708, #1011)
- Added InputTextWithHint() to display a description/hint in the text box when no text
has been entered. (#2400) [@Organic-Code, @ocornut]
- Nav: Fixed a tap on AltGR (e.g. German keyboard) from navigating to the menu layer.
- Nav: Fixed Ctrl+Tab keeping active InputText() of a previous window active after the switch. (#2380)
- Fixed IsItemDeactivated()/IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit() from not correctly returning true
when tabbing out of a focusable widget (Input/Slider/Drag) in most situations. (#2215, #1875)
- InputInt, InputFloat, InputScalar: Fix to keep the label of the +/- buttons centered when
style.FramePadding.x is abnormally larger than style.FramePadding.y. Since the buttons are
meant to be square (to align with e.g. color button) we always use FramePadding.y. (#2367)
- InputInt, InputScalar: +/- buttons now respects the natural type limits instead of
overflowing or underflowing the value.
- InputText: Fixed an edge case crash that would happen if another widget sharing the same ID
is being swapped with an InputText that has yet to be activated.
- InputText: Fixed various display corruption related to swapping the underlying buffer while
a input widget is active (both for writable and read-only paths). Often they would manifest
when manipulating the scrollbar of a multi-line input text.
- ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: Added ImGuiColorEditFlags_InputHSV to manipulate color
values encoded as HSV (in order to avoid HSV<>RGB round trips and associated singularities).
(#2383, #2384) [@haldean]
- ColorPicker: Fixed a bug/assertion when displaying a color picker in a collapsed window
while dragging its title bar. (#2389)
- ColorEdit: Fixed tooltip not honoring the ImGuiColorEditFlags_NoAlpha contract of never
reading the 4th float in the array (value was read and discarded). (#2384) [@haldean]
- MenuItem, Selectable: Fixed disabled widget interfering with navigation (fix c2db7f63 in 1.67).
- Tabs: Fixed a crash when using many BeginTabBar() recursively (didn't affect docking). (#2371)
- Tabs: Added extra mis-usage error recovery. Past the assert, common mis-usage don't lead to
hard crashes any more, facilitating integration with scripting languages. (#1651)
- Tabs: Fixed ImGuiTabItemFlags_SetSelected being ignored if the tab is not visible (with
scrolling policy enabled) or if is currently appearing.
- Tabs: Fixed Tab tooltip code making drag and drop tooltip disappear during the frame where
the drag payload activate a tab.
- Tabs: Reworked scrolling policy (when ImGuiTabBarFlags_FittingPolicyScroll is set) to
teleport the view when aiming at a tab far away the visible section, and otherwise accelerate
the scrolling speed to cap the scrolling time to 0.3 seconds.
- Text: Fixed large Text/TextUnformatted calls not feeding their size into layout when starting
below the lower point of the current clipping rectangle. This bug has been there since v1.0!
It was hardly noticeable but would affect the scrolling range, which in turn would affect
some scrolling request functions when called during the appearing frame of a window.
- Plot: Fixed divide-by-zero in PlotLines() when passing a count of 1. (#2387) [@Lectem]
- Log/Capture: Fixed LogXXX functions emitting extraneous leading carriage return.
- Log/Capture: Fixed an issue when empty string on a new line would not emit a carriage return.
- Log/Capture: Fixed LogXXX functions 'auto_open_depth' parameter being treated as an absolute
tree depth instead of a relative one.
- Log/Capture: Fixed CollapsingHeader trailing ascii representation being "#" instead of "##".
- ImFont: Added GetGlyphRangesVietnamese() helper. (#2403)
- Misc: Asserting in NewFrame() if style.WindowMinSize is zero or smaller than (1.0f,1.0f).
- Demo: Using GetBackgroundDrawList() and GetForegroundDrawList() in "Custom Rendering" demo.
- Demo: InputText: Demonstrating use of ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackResize. (#2006, #1443, #1008).
- Examples: GLFW, SDL: Preserve DisplayFramebufferScale when main viewport is minimized.
(This is particularly useful for the viewport branch because we are not supporting per-viewport
frame-buffer scale. It fixes windows not refreshing when main viewport is minimized.) (#2416)
- Examples: OpenGL: Fix to be able to run on ES 2.0 / WebGL 1.0. [@rmitton, @gabrielcuvillier]
- Examples: OpenGL: Fix for OSX not supporting OpenGL 4.5, we don't try to read GL_CLIP_ORIGIN
even if the OpenGL headers/loader happens to define the value. (#2366, #2186)
- Examples: Allegro: Added support for touch events (emulating mouse). (#2219) [@dos1]
- Examples: DirectX9: Minor changes to match the other DirectX examples more closely. (#2394)
VERSION 1.68 (Released 2019-02-19)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Removed io.DisplayVisibleMin/DisplayVisibleMax (which were marked obsolete and removed from viewport/docking branch already).
- Made it illegal/assert when io.DisplayTime == 0.0f (with an exception for the first frame).
If for some reason your time step calculation gives you a zero value, replace it with a arbitrarily small value!
Other Changes:
- Added .editorconfig file for text editors to standardize using spaces. (#2038) [@kudaba]
- ImDrawData: Added FramebufferScale field (currently a copy of the value from io.DisplayFramebufferScale).
This is to allow render functions being written without pulling any data from ImGuiIO, allowing incoming
multi-viewport feature to behave on Retina display and with multiple displays.
If you are not using a custom backend, please update your render function code ahead of time,
and use draw_data->FramebufferScale instead of io.DisplayFramebufferScale. (#2306, #1676)
- Added IsItemActivated() as an extension to the IsItemDeactivated/IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit functions
which are useful to implement variety of undo patterns. (#820, #956, #1875)
- InputText: Fixed a bug where ESCAPE would not restore the initial value in all situations. (#2321) [@relick]
- InputText: Fixed a bug where ESCAPE would be first captured by the Keyboard Navigation code. (#2321, #787)
- InputText: Fixed redo buffer exhaustion handling (rare) which could corrupt the undo character buffer. (#2333)
The way the redo/undo buffers work would have made it generally unnoticeable to the user.
- Fixed range-version of PushID() and GetID() not honoring the ### operator to restart from the seed value.
- Fixed CloseCurrentPopup() on a child-menu of a modal incorrectly closing the modal. (#2308)
- Tabs: Added ImGuiTabBarFlags_TabListPopupButton flag to show a popup button on manual tab bars. (#261, #351)
- Tabs: Removed ImGuiTabBarFlags_NoTabListPopupButton which was available in 1.67 but actually had zero use.
- Tabs: Fixed a minor clipping glitch when changing style's FramePadding from frame to frame.
- Tabs: Fixed border (when enabled) so it is aligned correctly mid-pixel and appears as bright as other borders.
- Style, Selectable: Added ImGuiStyle::SelectableTextAlign and ImGuiStyleVar_SelectableTextAlign. (#2347) [@haldean]
- Menus: Tweaked horizontal overlap between parent and child menu (to help convey relative depth)
from using style.ItemSpacing.x to style.ItemInnerSpacing.x, the later being expected to be smaller. (#1086)
- RadioButton: Fixed label horizontal alignment to precisely match Checkbox().
- Window: When resizing from an edge, the border is more visible and better follow the rounded corners.
- Window: Fixed initial width of collapsed windows not taking account of contents width (broken in 1.67). (#2336, #176)
- Scrollbar: Fade out and disable interaction when too small, in order to facilitate using the resize grab on very
small window, as well as reducing visual noise/overlap.
- ListBox: Better optimized when clipped / non-visible.
- InputTextMultiline: Better optimized when clipped / non-visible.
- Font: Fixed high-level ImGui::CalcTextSize() used by most widgets from erroneously subtracting 1.0f*scale to
calculated text width. Among noticeable side-effects, it would make sequences of repeated Text/SameLine calls
not align the same as a single call, and create mismatch between high-level size calculation and those performed
with the lower-level ImDrawList api. (#792) [@SlNPacifist]
- Font: Fixed building atlas when specifying duplicate/overlapping ranges within a same font. (#2353, #2233)
- ImDrawList: Fixed AddCircle(), AddCircleFilled() angle step being off, which was visible when drawing a "circle"
with a small number of segments (e.g. an hexagon). (#2287) [@baktery]
- ImGuiTextBuffer: Added append() function (unformatted).
- ImFontAtlas: Added 0x2000-0x206F general punctuation range to default ChineseFull/ChineseSimplifiedCommon ranges. (#2093)
- ImFontAtlas: FreeType: Added support for imgui allocators + custom FreeType only SetAllocatorFunctions. (#2285) [@Vuhdo]
- ImFontAtlas: FreeType: Fixed using imgui_freetype.cpp in unity builds. (#2302)
- Demo: Fixed "Log" demo not initializing properly, leading to the first line not showing before a Clear. (#2318) [@bluescan]
- Demo: Added "Auto-scroll" option in Log/Console demos. (#2300) [@nicolasnoble, @ocornut]
- Examples: Metal, OpenGL2, OpenGL3, Vulkan: Fixed offsetting of clipping rectangle with ImDrawData::DisplayPos != (0,0)
when the display frame-buffer scale scale is not (1,1). While this doesn't make a difference when using master branch,
this is effectively fixing support for multi-viewport with Mac Retina Displays on those examples. (#2306) [@rasky, @ocornut]
Also using ImDrawData::FramebufferScale instead of io.DisplayFramebufferScale.
- Examples: Clarified the use the ImDrawData::DisplayPos to offset clipping rectangles.
- Examples: Win32: Using GetForegroundWindow()+IsChild() instead of GetActiveWindow() to be compatible with windows created
in a different thread or parent. (#1951, #2087, #2156, #2232) [many people]
- Examples: SDL: Using the SDL_WINDOW_ALLOW_HIGHDPI flag. (#2306, #1676) [@rasky]
- Examples: Win32: Added support for XInput gamepads (if ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableGamepad is enabled).
- Examples: Win32: Added support for mouse buttons 4 and 5 via WM_XBUTTON* messages. (#2264)
- Examples: DirectX9: Explicitly disable fog (D3DRS_FOGENABLE) before drawing in case user state has it set. (#2288, #2230)
- Examples: OpenGL2: Added #define GL_SILENCE_DEPRECATION to cope with newer XCode warnings.
- Examples: OpenGL3: Using GLSL 4.10 shaders for any GLSL version over 410 (e.g. 430, 450). (#2329) [@BrutPitt]
VERSION 1.67 (Released 2019-01-14)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Made it illegal to call Begin("") with an empty string. This somehow half-worked before but had various undesirable
side-effect because the window would have ID zero. In particular it is causing problems in viewport/docking branches.
- Renamed io.ConfigResizeWindowsFromEdges to io.ConfigWindowsResizeFromEdges and removed its [Beta] mark.
The addition of new configuration options in the Docking branch is pushing for a little reorganization of those names.
- Renamed ImFontAtlas::GlyphRangesBuilder to ImFontGlyphRangesBuilder. Kept redirection typedef (will obsolete).
Other Changes:
- Added BETA api for Tab Bar/Tabs widgets: (#261, #351)
- Added BeginTabBar(), EndTabBar(), BeginTabItem(), EndTabItem(), SetTabItemClosed() API.
- Added ImGuiTabBarFlags flags for BeginTabBar().
- Added ImGuiTabItemFlags flags for BeginTabItem().
- Style: Added ImGuiCol_Tab, ImGuiCol_TabHovered, ImGuiCol_TabActive, ImGuiCol_TabUnfocused, ImGuiCol_TabUnfocusedActive colors.
- Demo: Added Layout->Tabs demo code.
- Demo: Added "Documents" example app showcasing possible use for tabs.
This feature was merged from the Docking branch in order to allow the use of regular tabs in your code.
(It does not provide the docking/splitting/merging of windows available in the Docking branch)
- Added ImGuiWindowFlags_UnsavedDocument window flag to append '*' to title without altering the ID, as a convenience
to avoid using the ### operator. In the Docking branch this also has an effect on tab closing behavior.
- Window, Focus, Popup: Fixed an issue where closing a popup by clicking another window with the _NoMove flag would refocus
the parent window of the popup instead of the newly clicked window.
- Window: Contents size is preserved while a window collapsed. Fix auto-resizing window losing their size for one frame when uncollapsed.
- Window: Contents size is preserved while a window contents is hidden (unless it is hidden for resizing purpose).
- Window: Resizing windows from edge is now enabled by default (io.ConfigWindowsResizeFromEdges=true). Note that
it only works _if_ the backend sets ImGuiBackendFlags_HasMouseCursors, which the standard backends do.
- Window: Added io.ConfigWindowsMoveFromTitleBarOnly option. This is ignored by window with no title bars (often popups).
This affects clamping window within the visible area: with this option enabled title bars need to be visible. (#899)
- Window: Fixed using SetNextWindowPos() on a child window (which wasn't really documented) position the cursor as expected
in the parent window, so there is no mismatch between the layout in parent and the position of the child window.
- InputFloat: When using ImGuiInputTextFlags_ReadOnly the step buttons are disabled. (#2257)
- DragFloat: Fixed broken mouse direction change with power!=1.0. (#2174, #2206) [@Joshhua5]
- Nav: Fixed an keyboard issue where holding Activate/Space for longer than two frames on a button would unnecessary
keep the focus on the parent window, which could steal it from newly appearing windows. (#787)
- Nav: Fixed animated window titles from being updated when displayed in the CTRL+Tab list. (#787)
- Error recovery: Extraneous/undesired calls to End() are now being caught by an assert in the End() function closer
to the user call site (instead of being reported in EndFrame). Past the assert, they don't lead to crashes any more. (#1651)
Missing calls to End(), past the assert, should not lead to crashes or to the fallback Debug window appearing on screen.
Those changes makes it easier to integrate dear imgui with a scripting language allowing, given asserts are redirected
into e.g. an error log and stopping the script execution.
- ImFontAtlas: Stb and FreeType: Atlas width is now properly based on total surface rather than glyph count (unless overridden with TexDesiredWidth).
- ImFontAtlas: Stb and FreeType: Fixed atlas builder so missing glyphs won't influence the atlas texture width. (#2233)
- ImFontAtlas: Stb and FreeType: Fixed atlas builder so duplicate glyphs (when merging fonts) won't be included in the rasterized atlas.
- ImFontAtlas: FreeType: Fixed abnormally high atlas height.
- ImFontAtlas: FreeType: Fixed support for any values of TexGlyphPadding (not just only 1).
- ImDrawList: Optimized some of the functions for performance of debug builds where non-inline function call cost are non-negligible.
(Our test UI scene on VS2015 Debug Win64 with /RTC1 went ~5.9 ms -> ~4.9 ms. In Release same scene stays at ~0.3 ms.)
- IO: Added BackendPlatformUserData, BackendRendererUserData, BackendLanguageUserData void* for storage use by backends.
- IO: Renamed InputCharacters[], marked internal as was always intended. Please don't access directly, and use AddInputCharacter() instead!
- IO: AddInputCharacter() goes into a queue which can receive as many characters as needed during the frame. This is useful
for automation to not have an upper limit on typing speed. Will later transition key/mouse to use the event queue later.
- Style: Tweaked default value of style.DisplayWindowPadding from (20,20) to (19,19) so the default style as a value
which is the same as the title bar height.
- Demo: "Simple Layout" and "Style Editor" are now using tabs.
- Demo: Added a few more things under "Child windows" (changing ImGuiCol_ChildBg, positioning child, using IsItemHovered after a child).
- Examples: DirectX10/11/12: Made imgui_impl_dx10/dx11/dx12.cpp link d3dcompiler.lib from the .cpp file to ease integration.
- Examples: Allegro 5: Properly destroy globals on shutdown to allow for restart. (#2262) [@DomRe]
VERSION 1.66b (Released 2018-12-01)
Decorated log and release notes:
Other Changes:
- Fixed a text rendering/clipping bug introduced in 1.66 (on 2018-10-12, commit ede3a3b9) that affect single ImDrawList::AddText()
calls with single strings larger than 10k. Text/TextUnformatted() calls were not affected, but e.g. InputText() was. [@pdoane]
- When the focused window become inactive don't restore focus to a window with the ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs flag. (#2213) [@zzzyap]
- Separator: Fixed Separator() outputting an extraneous empty line when captured into clipboard/text/file.
- Demo: Added ShowAboutWindow() call, previously was only accessible from the demo window.
- Demo: ShowAboutWindow() now display various Build/Config Information (compiler, os, etc.) that can easily be copied into bug reports.
- Fixed build issue with osxcross and macOS. (#2218) [@dos1]
- Examples: Setting up 'io.BackendPlatformName'/'io.BackendRendererName' fields to the current backend can be displayed in the About window.
- Examples: SDL: changed the signature of ImGui_ImplSDL2_ProcessEvent() to use a const SDL_Event*. (#2187)
VERSION 1.66 (Released 2018-11-22)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Renamed SetScrollHere() to SetScrollHereY(). Kept redirection function (will obsolete).
- Renamed misc/stl/imgui_stl.* to misc/cpp/imgui_stdlib.* in prevision for other C++ helper files. (#2035, #2096)
Other Changes:
- Fixed calling SetNextWindowSize()/SetWindowSize() with non-integer values leading to
accidental alteration of window position. We now round the provided size. (#2067)
- Fixed calling DestroyContext() always saving .ini data with the current context instead
of the supplied context pointer. (#2066)
- Nav, Focus: Fixed ImGuiWindowFlags_NoBringToFrontOnFocus windows not being restoring focus
properly after the main menu bar or last focused window is deactivated.
- Nav: Fixed an assert in certain circumstance (mostly when using popups) when mouse positions stop being valid. (#2168)
- Nav: Fixed explicit directional input not re-highlighting current nav item if there is a single item in the window
and highlight has been previously disabled by the mouse. (#787)
- DragFloat: Fixed a situation where dragging with value rounding enabled or with a power curve
erroneously wrapped the value to one of the min/max edge. (#2024, #708, #320, #2075).
- DragFloat: Disabled using power curve when one edge is FLT_MAX (broken in 1.61). (#2024)
- DragFloat: Disabled setting a default drag speed when one edge is FLT_MAX. (#2024)
- SliderAngle: Added optional format argument to alter precision or localize the string. (#2150) [@podsvirov]
- Window: Resizing from edges (with io.ConfigResizeWindowsFromEdges Beta flag) extends the hit region
of root floating windows outside the window, making it easier to resize windows. Resize grips are also
extended accordingly so there are no discontinuity when hovering between borders and corners. (#1495, #822)
- Window: Added ImGuiWindowFlags_NoBackground flag to avoid rendering window background. This is mostly to allow
the creation of new flag combinations, as we could already use SetNextWindowBgAlpha(0.0f). (#1660) [@biojppm, @ocornut]
- Window: Added ImGuiWindowFlags_NoDecoration helper flag which is essentially NoTitleBar+NoResize+NoScrollbar+NoCollapse.
- Window: Added ImGuiWindowFlags_NoMouseInputs which is basically the old ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs (essentially
we have renamed ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs to ImGuiWindowFlags_NoMouseInputs). Made the new ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs
encompass both NoMouseInputs+NoNav, which is consistent with its description. (#1660, #787)
- Window, Inputs: Fixed resizing from edges when io.MousePos is not pixel-rounded by rounding mouse position input. (#2110)
- BeginChild(): Fixed BeginChild(const char*, ...) variation erroneously not applying the ID stack
to the provided string to uniquely identify the child window. This was undoing an intentional change
introduced in 1.50 and broken in 1.60. (#1698, #894, #713).
- TextUnformatted(): Fixed a case where large-text path would read bytes past the text_end marker depending
on the position of new lines in the buffer (it wasn't affecting the output but still not the right thing to do!)
- ListBox(): Fixed frame sizing when items_count==1 unnecessarily showing a scrollbar. (#2173) [@luk1337, @ocornut]
- ListBox(): Tweaked frame sizing so list boxes will look more consistent when FramePadding is far from ItemSpacing.
- RenderText(): Some optimization for very large text buffers, useful for non-optimized builds.
- BeginMenu(): Fixed menu popup horizontal offset being off the item in the menu bar when WindowPadding=0.0f.
- ArrowButton(): Fixed arrow shape being horizontally misaligned by (FramePadding.y-FramePadding.x) if they are different.
- Demo: Split the contents of ShowDemoWindow() into smaller functions as it appears to speed up link time with VS. (#2152)
- Drag and Drop: Added GetDragDropPayload() to peek directly into the payload (if any) from anywhere. (#143)
- ImGuiTextBuffer: Avoid heap allocation when empty.
- ImDrawList: Fixed AddConvexPolyFilled() undefined behavior when passing points_count smaller than 3,
in particular, points_count==0 could lead to a memory stomp if the draw list was previously empty.
- Examples: DirectX10, DirectX11: Removed seemingly unnecessary calls to invalidate and recreate device objects
in the WM_SIZE handler. (#2088) [@ice1000]
- Examples: GLFW: User previously installed GLFW callbacks are now saved and chain-called by the default callbacks. (#1759)
- Examples: OpenGL3: Added support for GL 4.5's glClipControl(GL_UPPER_LEFT). (#2186)
- Examples: OpenGL3+GLFW: Fixed error condition when using the GLAD loader. (#2157) [@blackball]
- Examples: OpenGL3+GLFW/SDL: Made main.cpp compile with IMGUI_IMPL_OPENGL_LOADER_CUSTOM (may be missing init). (#2178) [@doug-moen]
- Examples: SDL2+Vulkan: Fixed application shutdown which could deadlock on Linux + Xorg. (#2181) [@eRabbit0]
VERSION 1.65 (Released 2018-09-06)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Renamed stb_truetype.h to imstb_truetype.h, stb_textedit.h to imstb_textedit.h, and
stb_rect_pack.h to imstb_rectpack.h. If you were conveniently using the imgui copy of those
STB headers in your project, you will have to update your include paths. (#1718, #2036)
The reason for this change is to avoid conflicts for projects that may also be importing
their own copy of the STB libraries. Note that imgui's copy of stb_textedit.h is modified.
- Renamed io.ConfigCursorBlink to io.ConfigInputTextCursorBlink. (#1427)
Other Changes:
- This is a minor release following the 1.64 refactor, with a little more shuffling of code.
- Clarified and improved the source code sectioning in all files (easier to search or browse sections).
- Nav: Removed the [Beta] tag from various descriptions of the gamepad/keyboard navigation system.
Although it is not perfect and will keep being improved, it is fairly functional and used by many. (#787)
- Fixed a build issue with non-Cygwin GCC under Windows.
- Demo: Added a "Configuration" block to make io.ConfigFlags/io.BackendFlags more prominent.
- Examples: OpenGL3+SDL2: Fixed error condition when using the GLAD loader. (#2059, #2002) [@jiri]
VERSION 1.64 (Released 2018-08-31)
Decorated log and release notes:
- Moved README, CHANGELOG and TODO files to the docs/ folder.
If you are updating dear imgui by copying files, take the chance to delete the old files.
- Added imgui_widgets.cpp file, extracted and moved widgets code out of imgui.cpp into imgui_widgets.cpp.
Re-ordered some of the code remaining in imgui.cpp.
Because of this, any local modifications to imgui.cpp will likely conflict when you update.
If you have any modifications to imgui.cpp, it is suggested that you first update to 1.63, then
isolate your patches. You can peak at imgui_widgets.cpp from 1.64 to get a sense of what is included in it,
then separate your changes into several patches that can more easily be applied to 1.64 on a per-file basis.
What I found worked nicely for me, was to open the diff of the old patches in an interactive merge/diff tool,
search for the corresponding function in the new code and apply the chunks manually.
- As a reminder, if you have any change to imgui.cpp it is a good habit to discuss them on the github,
so a solution applicable on the Master branch can be found. If your company has changes that you cannot
disclose you may also contact me privately.
VERSION 1.63 (Released 2018-08-29)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes:
- Style: Renamed ImGuiCol_ModalWindowDarkening to ImGuiCol_ModalWindowDimBg for consistency with other features.
Kept redirection enum (will obsolete).
- Changed ImGui::GetTime() return value from float to double to avoid accumulating floating point imprecision over time.
- Removed per-window ImGuiWindowFlags_ResizeFromAnySide Beta flag in favor `io.ConfigResizeWindowsFromEdges=true` to
enable the feature globally. (#1495)
The feature is not currently enabled by default because it is not satisfying enough, but will eventually be.
- InputText: Renamed ImGuiTextEditCallback to ImGuiInputTextCallback, ImGuiTextEditCallbackData to ImGuiInputTextCallbackData
for consistency. Kept redirection types (will obsolete).
- InputText: Removed ImGuiTextEditCallbackData::ReadOnly because it is a duplication of (::Flags & ImGuiInputTextFlags_ReadOnly).
- Renamed IsItemDeactivatedAfterChange() to IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit() for consistency with new IsItemEdited() API.
Kept redirection function (will obsolete soonish as IsItemDeactivatedAfterChange() is very recent).
- Renamed io.OptCursorBlink to io.ConfigCursorBlink [-> io.ConfigInputTextCursorBlink in 1.65], io.OptMacOSXBehaviors to
io.ConfigMacOSXBehaviors for consistency. (#1427, #473)
- Removed obsolete redirection functions: CollapsingHeader() variation with 2 bools - marked obsolete in v1.49, May 2016.
Other Changes:
- ArrowButton: Fixed to honor PushButtonRepeat() setting (and internals' ImGuiItemFlags_ButtonRepeat).
- ArrowButton: Setup current line text baseline so that ArrowButton() + SameLine() + Text() are aligned properly.
- Nav: Added a CTRL+TAB window list and changed the highlight system accordingly. The change is motivated by upcoming
Docking features. (#787)
- Nav: Made CTRL+TAB skip menus + skip the current navigation window if is has the ImGuiWindow_NoNavFocus set. (#787)
While it was previously possible, you won't be able to CTRL-TAB out and immediately back in a window with the
ImGuiWindow_NoNavFocus flag.
- Window: Allow menu and popups windows from ignoring the style.WindowMinSize values so short menus/popups are not padded. (#1909)
- Window: Added global io.ConfigResizeWindowsFromEdges option to enable resizing windows from their edges and from
the lower-left corner. (#1495)
- Window: Collapse button shows hovering highlight + clicking and dragging on it allows to drag the window as well.
- Added IsItemEdited() to query if the last item modified its value (or was pressed). This is equivalent to the bool
returned by most widgets.
It is useful in some situation e.g. using InputText() with ImGuiInputTextFlags_EnterReturnsTrue. (#2034)
- InputText: Added support for buffer size/capacity changes via the ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackResize flag. (#2006, #1443, #1008).
- InputText: Fixed not tracking the cursor horizontally when modifying the text buffer through a callback.
- InputText: Fixed minor off-by-one issue when submitting a buffer size smaller than the initial zero-terminated buffer contents.
- InputText: Fixed a few pathological crash cases on single-line InputText widget with multiple millions characters worth of contents.
Because the current text drawing function reserve for a worst-case amount of vertices and how we handle horizontal clipping,
we currently just avoid displaying those single-line widgets when they are over a threshold of 2 millions characters,
until a better solution is found.
- Drag and Drop: Fixed an incorrect assert when dropping a source that is submitted after the target (bug introduced with 1.62 changes
related to the addition of IsItemDeactivated()). (#1875, #143)
- Drag and Drop: Fixed ImGuiDragDropFlags_SourceNoDisableHover to affect hovering state prior to calling IsItemHovered() + fixed description. (#143)
- Drag and Drop: Calling BeginTooltip() between a BeginDragSource()/EndDragSource() or BeginDropTarget()/EndDropTarget() uses adjusted tooltip
settings matching the one created when calling BeginDragSource() without the ImGuiDragDropFlags_SourceNoPreviewTooltip flag. (#143)
- Drag and Drop: Payload stays available and under the mouse if the source stops being submitted, however the tooltip is replaced by "...". (#1725)
- Drag and Drop: Added ImGuiDragDropFlags_SourceAutoExpirePayload flag to force payload to expire if the source stops being submitted. (#1725, #143).
- IsItemHovered(): Added ImGuiHoveredFlags_AllowWhenDisabled flag to query hovered status on disabled items. (#1940, #211)
- Selectable: Added ImGuiSelectableFlags_Disabled flag in the public API. (#211)
- ColorEdit4: Fixed a bug when text input or drag and drop leading to unsaturated HSV values would erroneously alter the resulting color. (#2050)
- Misc: Added optional misc/stl/imgui_stl.h wrapper to use with STL types (e.g. InputText with std::string). (#2006, #1443, #1008)
[*EDIT* renamed to misc/std/imgui_stdlib.h in 1.66]
- Misc: Added IMGUI_VERSION_NUM for easy compile-time testing. (#2025)
- Misc: Added ImGuiMouseCursor_Hand cursor enum + corresponding software cursor. (#1913, 1914) [@aiekick, @ocornut]
- Misc: Tweaked software mouse cursor offset to match the offset of the corresponding Windows 10 cursors.
- Made assertion more clear when trying to call Begin() outside of the NewFrame()..EndFrame() scope. (#1987)
- Fixed assertion when transitioning from an active ID to another within a group, affecting ColorPicker (broken in 1.62). (#2023, #820, #956, #1875).
- Fixed PushID() from keeping alive the new ID Stack top value (if a previously active widget shared the ID it would be erroneously kept alive).
- Fixed horizontal mouse wheel not forwarding the request to the parent window if ImGuiWindowFlags_NoScrollWithMouse is set. (#1463, #1380, #1502)
- Fixed a include build issue for Cygwin in non-POSIX (Win32) mode. (#1917, #1319, #276)
- ImDrawList: Improved handling for worst-case vertices reservation policy when large amount of text (e.g. 1+ million character strings)
are being submitted in a single call. It would typically have crashed InputTextMultiline(). (#200)
- OS/Windows: Fixed missing ImmReleaseContext() call in the default Win32 IME handler. (#1932) [@vby]
- Metrics: Changed io.MetricsActiveWindows to reflect the number of active windows (!= from visible windows), which is useful
for lazy/idle render mechanisms as new windows are typically not visible for one frame.
- Metrics: Added io.MetricsRenderWindow to reflect the number of visible windows.
- Metrics: Added io.MetricsActiveAllocations, moving away from the cross-context global counters than we previously used. (#1565, #1599, #586)
- Demo: Added basic Drag and Drop demo. (#143)
- Demo: Modified the Console example to use InsertChars() in the input text callback instead of poking directly into the buffer.
Although this won't make a difference in the example itself, using InsertChars() will honor the resizing callback properly. (#2006, #1443, #1008).
- Demo: Clarified the use of IsItemHovered()/IsItemActive() right after being in the "Active, Focused, Hovered & Focused Tests" section.
- Examples: Tweaked the main.cpp of each example.
- Examples: Metal: Added Metal rendering backend. (#1929, #1873) [@warrenm]
- Examples: OSX: Added early raw OSX platform backend. (#1873) [@pagghiu, @itamago, @ocornut]
- Examples: Added mac OSX & iOS + Metal example in example_apple_metal/. (#1929, #1873) [@warrenm]
- Examples: Added mac OSX + OpenGL2 example in example_apple_opengl2/. (#1873)
- Examples: OpenGL3: Added shaders more versions of GLSL. (#1938, #1941, #1900, #1513, #1466, etc.)
- Examples: OpenGL3: Tweaked the imgui_impl_opengl3.cpp to work as-is with Emscripten + WebGL 2.0. (#1941). [@o-micron]
- Examples: OpenGL3: Made the example app default to GL 3.0 + GLSL 130 (instead of GL 3.2 + GLSL 150) unless on Mac.
- Examples: OpenGL3: Added error output when shaders fail to compile/link.
- Examples: OpenGL3: Added support for glew and glad OpenGL loaders out of the box. (#2001, #2002) [@jdumas]
- Examples: OpenGL2: Disabling/restoring GL_LIGHTING and GL_COLOR_MATERIAL to increase compatibility with legacy OpenGL applications. (#1996)
- Examples: DirectX10, DirectX11: Fixed unreleased resources in Init and Shutdown functions. (#1944)
- Examples: DirectX11: Querying for IDXGIFactory instead of IDXGIFactory1 to increase compatibility. (#1989) [@matt77hias]
- Examples: Vulkan: Fixed handling of VkSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR::maxImageCount = 0 case. Tweaked present mode selections.
- Examples: Win32, Glfw, SDL: Added support for the ImGuiMouseCursor_Hand cursor.
VERSION 1.62 (Released 2018-06-22)
Decorated log and release notes:
Breaking Changes: