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InputText() wrappers for C++ standard library (STL) type: std::string.
This is also an example of how you may wrap your own similar types.
Helper files for popular debuggers.
With the .natvis file, types like ImVector<> will be displayed nicely in Visual Studio debugger.
Fonts loading/merging instructions (e.g. How to handle glyph ranges, how to merge icons fonts).
Command line tool "binary_to_compressed_c" to create compressed arrays to embed data in source code.
Suggested fonts and links.
Font atlas builder/rasterizer using FreeType instead of stb_truetype.
Benefit from better FreeType rasterization, in particular for small fonts.
Single-file header stub.
We use this to validate compiling all *.cpp files in a same compilation unit.
Users of that technique (also called "Unity builds") can generally provide this themselves,
so we don't really recommend you use this in your projects.