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Last Modified Date: 01/16/1999
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(Need to construct a real extension spec based on this)
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 16:26:34 -0800
From: Jason Freund <>
CC:,,, celeste@cthulhu,
nance@cthulhu, bhoffman@cthulhu
Subject: ycrcb spec
Basically, there is the existing "ycrcb_subsample" spec that was shipped
on the 320. And there is the new "subsample" spec which is a superset of
that and has two new pieces of functionality: (1) a new subsample enum
for 4224, and (2) resample xfer parameters. On Wednesday, we enumerated
four possible ways to reconcile the two new features in the "subsample"
spec with the existing "ycrcb_subsample" spec.
1) Keep the existing "ycrcb_subsample" spec that was shipped (but not
documented) on the 320, and add the new features into it. Disadvantage:
If someone takes advantage of the new features in the spec, those
features are not backward compatible to the version we have already
shipped in the 320.
2) Keep existing "ycrcb_subsample" spec that was shipped on 320, but
also create a new "subsample" spec which is a superset of that. The new
version of the "subsample" spec would add the two new features (4224 and
resample params), but for everything else, keep the exact same enums
used in "ycrcb_subsample". Note: With this choice, we would like for
Oddysey/Bali to implement both specs in order to maintain compatibility.
3) Same as number 2, above, except the new "subsample" spec would only
contain the new resample xfer params and the new subsample enum for
4224. Again, we would hope that Oddysey and Bali would implement both
specs to maintain compatibility with existing "ycrcb_subsample" code.
4) Three extensions:
a) Existing "ycrcb_subsample" spec as shipped on 320
b) New "resample" spec that just has the resample xfer parameters from
the "subsample" spec
c) New "ycrcb_alpha" (or some such) spec that just has the new 4224
subsample enum
Please indicate your preferences or objections to any of the proposals
From: "Nancy Cam Winget" <nance@blip>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 10:20:08 -0800
To: hsa@blip, ljp@blip, tibet@blip
Subject: (Fwd) Re: about the 422 packing
Cc: nance@blip
Hi Jon, Tibet and Steve,
I'm including you as I thought this meeting may also be of interest to you:
Jon - we've been trying to close loop on the subsample and ycrcb spec
(and deprecate the ycrcbformat.spec). So, I think it would be good
to have you there as we have had little success till now to get
convergence but more importantly, to get everyone to agree that
the spec must comply with opengl (after all, it is an extension to
opengl ;-)
I've attached some further e-mails to give you a little more context to
this thread.
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 14:24:41 -0800
From: Jason Freund <>
Subject: ycrcb_subsample
I wrote a description of our ycrcb expansion and conversion support
called "ycrcb_subsample" for 320/540. We can discuss the future of this
extension and how it relates to Odyssey/Bali at our meeting 1pm
The 320/540 does ycrcb to rgba conversion and 422 -> 444 expansion under an
ultra-stealth extension called "ycrcb_subsample" that uses:
PixelStore SampleRates
Also, the format GL_YCRCB_SGIX is used.
The behavior of this "ycrcb_subsample" extension is that:
Sample rates 2424 and 4242 are only expanded when either a 4-component/ubyte
data is specified or GL_YCRCB_SGIX/ubyte is specified. Sample rates are
ignored for all other format/types. At present, we believe our hardware uses
replicate rather than averaging for the expansion.
Furthermore, whenever GL_YCRCB_SGIX/ubyte is specified, the colormatrix stage
of the imaging pipe is used to convert the data to rgba. Any user Colormatrix/
Scale/Bias is premultiplied by the conversion matrix. But for now, no stages
upstream of Colormatrix can be enabled, otherwise the result will be incorrect.
We would like to keep the enums, extension string name, and mechanism used by
this "ycrcb_subsample" spec, but extend it for functionality required by
Odyssey/Bali to include from the "subsample" spec:
PixelStore Resample Filter
as well as add:
PixelStore SampleRates
Note that the other enums used by the "subsample" spec for Odyssey/Bali
correspond to enums in this spec.
By keeping with the "ycrcb_subsample" name and params, we won't have to bother
existing ISV's, and software written for the 320/540 would run on Odyssey/Bali
provided it only uses supported enums.
From: (Angela Lai)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:51:28 -0800
In-Reply-To: (Nancy Cam Winget)
"about the 422 packing" (Feb 10, 4:01pm)
To:, alai, bwilliam, celeste,
nance (Nancy Cam Winget)
Subject: Re: about the 422 packing
It turns out that even though I thought we implemented the average
filter for up and downsample, we in fact didn't. (that's what happens
when you build hardware without a spec...sigh) It would appear that
cobalt just did replicate on upsample and point sample on downsample
from the experiments that Jason ran yesterday. Hopefully the hardware
folks can confirm what they actually did later today/tomorrow. The good
news is that it would be easier if we in fact do the same thing across
platforms. Let's do get together again next wednesday to close the issue
on the subsample spec.