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$static_title = 'Khronos OpenGL SC Registry';
<p> The OpenGL SC registry contains specifications of the core API;
specifications of Khronos- and vendor-approved OpenGL SC extensions;
header files corresponding to the specifications; and other related
documentation. The companion <a
href=""> OpenGL Registry </a> has
related material including the enumerant registry (shared between
OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL SC).
<h2> OpenGL SC Core API Specification, Headers, and Documentation </h2>
<p> The current version of OpenGL SC is OpenGL SC 2.0. </p>
<li> OpenGL SC 2.0
<a href="specs/sc/sc_spec_2.0.pdf">
Full Specification </a> (version 2.0.0, April 19, 2016). </li>
<li> <tt><a href="api/GLSC2/glsc2.h"> &lt;GLSC2/glsc2.h&gt; </a></tt>
OpenGL SC 2.0 Header File. </li>
<li> <tt><a href="api/GLSC2/glsc2ext.h"> &lt;GLSC2/glsc2ext.h&gt; </a></tt>
OpenGL SC 2.0 Extension Header File. </li>
<li> <tt><a href="api/GLSC2/gl2platform.h"> &lt;GLSC2/gl2platform.h&gt; </a></tt>
OpenGL SC 2.0 Platform-Dependent Macros. </li>
<li> The headers depend on the shared <a
<tt>&lt;KHR/khrplatform.h&gt;</tt></a> header located in the
<a href=""> EGL Registry </a>.
<li> The headers are generated from the <a href="index.php#repository">
OpenGL-Registry </a> github repository.
<li> <a href="">
OpenGL SC 2.0 Quick Reference Card. </a> </li>
<h2> Older versions of OpenGL SC are also available </h2>
<p> OpenGL SC 1.0.1 </p>
<li> OpenGL SC 1.0.1
<a href="specs/sc/sc_spec_1_0_1.pdf">
Difference Specification </a> (March 12, 2009). </li>
<li> <a href="api/GLSC/1.0.1/gl.h"> gl.h </a> -
OpenGL SC 1.0.1 Header File (March 16, 2009). </li>
<li> <a href="specs/sc/es_sc_philosophy.pdf"> OpenGL SC Philosophy </a>
(June 6, 2005). </li>
<p> OpenGL SC 1.0 </p>
<li> OpenGL SC 1.0
<a href="specs/sc/opengles_sc_spec_1_0.pdf">
Difference Specification </a> (June 6, 2005). </li>
<li> <a href="api/GLSC/1.0/gl.h"> gl.h </a> -
OpenGL SC 1.0 Header File. </li>
<li> <a href="specs/sc/es_sc_philosophy.pdf"> OpenGL SC Philosophy </a>
(June 6, 2005). </li>
<h2> <a name="specfiles"></a> XML API Registry of Reserved Enumerants
and Functions</h2>
<p> The API Registry is a set of XML documents defining the APIs and
enumerants used in OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenGL SC, EGL, and related APIs,
as well as enumerant ranges reserved to vendors but not used yet. There
are also scripts for loading the XML and processing it into header
files. All documents in the registry are available from the Khronos
Subversion server using <a
anonymous public access. </a> Start with the <a
README </a>. </p>
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