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Name Strings
Ron Bielaski, Sun (Ron.Bielaski 'at'
Jack Middleton, Sun (Jack.Middleton 'at'
$Date: 1999/12/28 01:40:37 $ $Revision: 1.5 $
SUN Date: 99/06/25 15:07:02 Revision: 1.2
Gets the transparent pixel index for an overlay/underlay window pair.
New Procedures and Functions
Status glXGetTransparentIndexSUN(Display *dpy,
Window overlay,
Window underlay,
unsigned long *pTransparentIndex)
New Tokens
Additions to the GL 1.2.1 Specification
Additions to the WGL / AGL Specifications
Additions to Chapter ??? of the GLX 1.3 Specification
(the following needs to be restructured as changes to the spec,
rather than a man page)
dpy Specifies the connection to the X server
overlay Specifies the overlay Window of an
overlay/underlay pair
underlay Specifies the underlay Window.
pTransparentIndex Specifies a pointer to the index to be returned
If underlay is a Window that has previously been made
the current GLXDrawable by the client and a transparent index
is available for the Window overlay, returns 1 and sets
*pTransparentIndex to the value of the index. Otherwise returns 0.
If underlay is equal to None, and if a transparent
index is available for overlay that is independent of the
underlying Windows returns 1 and sets *pTransparentIndex to
the index. Otherwise 0 is returned.
For some overlay Windows (windows created with a visual with GLX_LEVEL > 0),
there is a particular color index that when drawn to the framebuffer
causes pixels in the Window to be transparent. That is, pixels in the overlay
drawn with the transparent index are invisible and the pixels of window(s)
beneath the overlay are displayed.
On some systems, the transparent pixel index is a constant.
On other hardware, the transparent index is a function of the underlying
Window (GLX_LEVEL <= 0).
Applications may use glXGetTransparentIndexSUN to determine whether
a transparent index is available for a particular pair of windows
and the value of the transparent index.
If glXGetTransparentIndexSun returns 1 after being called with
underlay equal to a valid window, then the transparent index is
valid only for underlay. underlay must have been previously made
the current GLXDrawable of the thread.
If a Window other than underlay is directly beneath overlay the
results of drawing with the transparentIndex are undefined.
If glXGetTransparentIndexSUN returns 1 when the underlay argument is
set to None, the transparentIndex is valid for all underlay windows.
When the transparent index is valid only for a particular underlay window,
applications should follow the following guidelines to insure proper
It is the application's responsibility to ensure that the only window
ever underneath overlay is underlay.
Ideally, overlay should be created as a child of underlay with the same
size and shape. And the application should reshape the overlay window
whenever the underlay window is reshaped. This insures that the
transparent index makes the overlay transparent.
GLX Protocol
No new protocol is need
BadDrawable if overlay is not a valid Window or if underlay is
not a valid Window (except None).
New State
New Implementation Dependent State
Revision History
6/24/99 (Jon Leech, SGI) - Added fields from the new extension template.