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XXX - Not complete yet!!!
XXX - Obsolete; implemented as part of GL_SGIX_igloo_interface
Name Strings
No name should be returned by glGetString, glXQueryExtensionsString, or gluGetString.
The name string here is used solely in the registry.
$Date: 1999/04/03 08:40:50 $ $Revision: 1.3 $
Igloo extensions should be compatible with *ALL* other extensions.
(i.e. igloo extensions must document their interactions with subsequent
extensions preceding it, so there is no number).
This extension allows for lighting to be disabled and enabled on a per vertex basis.
This is to emulate the IrisGL behavior of lmcolor(LMC_COLOR);
This feature could almost be emulated in software, but it would require an enormous
number of glMaterial calls. glMaterial has been shown to be extremely slow
on RE and EXPRESS. Lit and unlit primitives would both be very slow.
Should this be a glEnable? The only reason it isn't an Enable is that
it should be callable within glBegin and glEnd. Currently
we've architected lmcolor with the assumption that it *WILL NOT* be
called within glBegin/glEnd anyway.
Should this work in Color Index mode, It is not useful for emulating
IrisGL since lmcolor has no meaning in color index mode, but
it could easily be implemented in color index mode and this would
preserve orthogonality better.
New Procedures and Functions
void IGLOOToggleColorAndLightXXX(GLboolean switch);
New Tokens
Accepted by the <pname> parameters of GetBooleanv, GetIntegerv,
GetFloatv, and GetDoublev:
If it is decided that this should be implemented using glEnable, then glIsEnabled
and glEnable/glDisable should accept this token.
Additions to Chapter 2 of the 1.0 Specification (OpenGL Operation)
Section 2.12.1 first section.
"Lighting is turned either on or off using the generic glEnable or glDisable
commands with the symbol LIGHT." becomes
"If TOGGLE_COLOR_AND_LIGHTXXX is False, then lighting may be turned on or off using
the generic glEnable or glDisable. If TOGGLE_COLOR_AND_LIGHTXXX is True, then lighting
is on after each 'normal' command, if it is turned on with glEnable.
lighting is off after each 'color' command.
Lighting is always off if it
has been turned off with glDisable."
/* XXX I'm trying to make it clear that the ordering of the color and normal
commands doesn't persist from befor lighting is enabled, or from befor TOGGLE_COLOR_AND_LIGHTXXX
is set to TRUE */
Section 2.12.3 (ColorMaterial)
End of section.
"Executing a glVertex when glColorMaterial is Enabled,
and TOGGLE_COLOR_AND_LIGHTXXX is TRUE results in indeterminate behavior."
Section 2.12.4 (Lighting State)
First sentence
The state required for lighting consists of all of the lighting parameters (front
and back material parameters, lighting model parameters, and at least 8 sets of light
parameters), a bit indicating whether a back color distinct from the front color should
be computed, at least 8 bits to indicate which lights are enabled, a five valued
variable indicating the current ColorMaterial mode, a bit indicating whether or not
COLOR_MATERIAL is enabled, *** A bit to indicate whether or
not TOGGLE_COLOR_AND_LIGHTXXX is TRUE,*** and a single bit to indicate whether
lighting is enabled or disabled.
Additions to Chapter 3 of the 1.0 Specification (Rasterization)
Additions to Chapter 4 of the 1.0 Specification (Per-Fragment Operations
and the Frame Buffer)
Additions to Chapter 5 of the 1.0 Specification (Special Functions)
* This command *SHOULD be display listable, hence nothing about display lists
* is added here.
Section 5.1 (Evaluators).
After paragraph 12 (which starts with "Finally, if either MAP2_VERTEX_3 or MAP2_VERTEX_4
is enabled, then the normal to the surface is computed analytically."
This paragraph should be followed by
"If AUTO_NORMAL is enabled, or if MAP[12]_NORMAL is defined and enabled at the same
time that MAP[12]_COLOR is defined and enabled. Then the normal is computed after
the color so that lighting may be enabled if TOGGLE_COLOR_AND_LIGHTXXX is TRUE."
Additions to Chapter 6 of the 1.0 Specification (State and State Requests)
Additions to the GLX Specification
This extensions does *NOT* need to be recognized by glX.
GLX Protocol
This extensions should *NOT* be recognized by glX.
Dependencies on SGI_extension_name
* Calling glNormal or glColor when TOGGLECOLORANDLIGHTXXX is TRUE and
* ColorMaterial is Enabled results in indeterminate behavior.
New State
* It is unknown whether this is client state since it is not useful on the
* client side, but glX needn't recognize it.
Get Value Get Command Type Value Attrib
--------- ----------- ---- ------- ------
(I've chosen not to make this a glEnable, so it isn't part of the Enable Attribute
This is perhaps controversial)
New Implementation Dependent State
* Description of all implementation dependent state in table format.