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Name Strings
Copyright (c) 2009-2013 The Khronos Group Inc. Copyright terms at
Specification Update Policy
Khronos-approved extension specifications are updated in response to
issues and bugs prioritized by the Khronos OpenGL Working Group. For
extensions which have been promoted to a core Specification, fixes will
first appear in the latest version of that core Specification, and will
eventually be backported to the extension document. This policy is
described in more detail at
Complete. Approved by the ARB on 2009/02/17.
ARB Extension #58
NOTE: Due to its size and complexity, this extension does not have its
own specification document. Instead, a forked version of the OpenGL 3.1
Specification including GL_ARB_compatibility language is downloadable
from the OpenGL Extension Registry at
Please refer to that specification for more information.