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// File: basisu_bc7enc.h
// Copyright (C) 2019-2021 Binomial LLC. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include "basisu_enc.h"
#include "../transcoder/basisu_transcoder_uastc.h"
namespace basisu
typedef uint8_t bc7enc_bool;
#define BC7ENC_TRUE (1)
#define BC7ENC_FALSE (0)
typedef struct { float m_c[4]; } bc7enc_vec4F;
extern const float g_bc7_weights1x[2 * 4];
extern const float g_bc7_weights2x[4 * 4];
extern const float g_bc7_weights3x[8 * 4];
extern const float g_bc7_weights4x[16 * 4];
extern const float g_astc_weights4x[16 * 4];
extern const float g_astc_weights5x[32 * 4];
extern const float g_astc_weights_3levelsx[3 * 4];
extern basist::astc_quant_bin g_astc_sorted_order_unquant[basist::BC7ENC_TOTAL_ASTC_RANGES][256]; // [sorted unquantized order]
struct color_cell_compressor_params
uint32_t m_num_pixels;
const basist::color_quad_u8* m_pPixels;
uint32_t m_num_selector_weights;
const uint32_t* m_pSelector_weights;
const bc7enc_vec4F* m_pSelector_weightsx;
uint32_t m_comp_bits;
const uint8_t *m_pForce_selectors;
// Non-zero m_astc_endpoint_range enables ASTC mode. m_comp_bits and m_has_pbits are always false. We only support 2, 3, or 4 bit weight encodings.
uint32_t m_astc_endpoint_range;
uint32_t m_weights[4];
bc7enc_bool m_has_alpha;
bc7enc_bool m_has_pbits;
bc7enc_bool m_endpoints_share_pbit;
bc7enc_bool m_perceptual;
struct color_cell_compressor_results
uint64_t m_best_overall_err;
basist::color_quad_u8 m_low_endpoint;
basist::color_quad_u8 m_high_endpoint;
uint32_t m_pbits[2];
uint8_t* m_pSelectors;
uint8_t* m_pSelectors_temp;
// Encoded ASTC indices, if ASTC mode is enabled
basist::color_quad_u8 m_astc_low_endpoint;
basist::color_quad_u8 m_astc_high_endpoint;
struct bc7enc_compress_block_params
// m_max_partitions_mode1 may range from 0 (disables mode 1) to BC7ENC_MAX_PARTITIONS1. The higher this value, the slower the compressor, but the higher the quality.
uint32_t m_max_partitions_mode1;
// Relative RGBA or YCbCrA weights.
uint32_t m_weights[4];
// m_uber_level may range from 0 to BC7ENC_MAX_UBER_LEVEL. The higher this value, the slower the compressor, but the higher the quality.
uint32_t m_uber_level;
// If m_perceptual is true, colorspace error is computed in YCbCr space, otherwise RGB.
bc7enc_bool m_perceptual;
uint32_t m_least_squares_passes;
uint64_t color_cell_compression(uint32_t mode, const color_cell_compressor_params* pParams, color_cell_compressor_results* pResults, const bc7enc_compress_block_params* pComp_params);
uint64_t color_cell_compression_est_astc(
uint32_t num_weights, uint32_t num_comps, const uint32_t* pWeight_table,
uint32_t num_pixels, const basist::color_quad_u8* pPixels,
uint64_t best_err_so_far, const uint32_t weights[4]);
inline void bc7enc_compress_block_params_init_linear_weights(bc7enc_compress_block_params* p)
p->m_perceptual = BC7ENC_FALSE;
p->m_weights[0] = 1;
p->m_weights[1] = 1;
p->m_weights[2] = 1;
p->m_weights[3] = 1;
inline void bc7enc_compress_block_params_init_perceptual_weights(bc7enc_compress_block_params* p)
p->m_perceptual = BC7ENC_TRUE;
p->m_weights[0] = 128;
p->m_weights[1] = 64;
p->m_weights[2] = 16;
p->m_weights[3] = 32;
inline void bc7enc_compress_block_params_init(bc7enc_compress_block_params* p)
p->m_max_partitions_mode1 = BC7ENC_MAX_PARTITIONS1;
p->m_least_squares_passes = 1;
p->m_uber_level = 0;
// bc7enc_compress_block_init() MUST be called before calling bc7enc_compress_block() (or you'll get artifacts).
void bc7enc_compress_block_init();
} // namespace basisu