Fix Xbox Series X controller on macOS

There were two different implementations of IsBluetoothXboxOneController(), one
in SDL_hidapi_xbox360.c and one in SDL_hidapi_xboxone.c. The latter had been
updated to include USB_PRODUCT_XBOX_ONE_SERIES_X_BLUETOOTH while the former had

This mismatch led to the Xbox Series X failing on macOS only. We have special
code for handling the 360Controller driver for macOS which requires us to use
the Xbox 360 driver for wired Xbox One controllers, and the SDL_hidapi_xbox360
version of IsBluetoothXboxOneController() was used to determine which devices
were wired.

In addition to adding the missing USB_PRODUCT_XBOX_ONE_SERIES_X_BLUETOOTH, this
change moves IsBluetoothXboxOneController() into a single shared function which
will ensure this bug won't happen again.
4 files changed