SDL_EVDEV_kbd_init: uninitialized data for ioctl (Bug 4530)

Only two chars are used but the full prototype is:

int tioclinux(struct tty_struct *tty, unsigned long arg)

==5010== Syscall param ioctl(TIOCLINUX) points to uninitialised byte(s)
==5010==    at 0x53E73C7: ioctl (syscall-template.S:78)
==5010==    by 0x4A887DA: SDL_EVDEV_Init (SDL_evdev.c:163)
==5010==    by 0x4A7D157: KMSDRM_VideoInit (SDL_kmsdrmvideo.c:509)
==5010==    by 0x497D959: SDL_VideoInit_REAL (SDL_video.c:529)
==5010==    by 0x487ACBC: SDL_InitSubSystem_REAL (SDL.c:171)
==5010==    by 0x487B052: SDL_Init_REAL (SDL.c:256)
==5010==    by 0x488F7D6: SDL_Init (SDL_dynapi_procs.h:85)
1 file changed