Fixed bug 4689 - SDL fails to detect compositor shutdown on Wayland -- program keeps running

M Stoeckl

To reproduce:

1. Run any SDL-based program with a Wayland compositor, orphaning it so that it doesn't have an immediate parent process. (For example, from a terminal, running `supertux2 & disown`.) The program should use the wayland backend, i.e. by setting environment variable SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland.
2. Kill the compositor process.


- The SDL program will keep running.

Expected results:

- The SDL program should close. (What close should mean here, I'm not sure - is injecting an SDL_Quit the appropriate action when a video driver disconnects?)

Build data:

2019-06-22, hg tip (12901:5cbf6472a916), Linux, can reproduce with sway, weston, and other Wayland oompositors.
3 files changed