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// XRef.h
// Copyright 1996-2003 Glyph & Cog, LLC
// Modified under the Poppler project -
// All changes made under the Poppler project to this file are licensed
// under GPL version 2 or later
// Copyright (C) 2005 Brad Hards <>
// Copyright (C) 2006, 2008, 2010-2013, 2017-2022 Albert Astals Cid <>
// Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Julien Rebetez <>
// Copyright (C) 2007 Carlos Garcia Campos <>
// Copyright (C) 2010 Ilya Gorenbein <>
// Copyright (C) 2010 Hib Eris <>
// Copyright (C) 2012, 2013, 2016 Thomas Freitag <>
// Copyright (C) 2012, 2013 Fabio D'Urso <>
// Copyright (C) 2013, 2017, 2019 Adrian Johnson <>
// Copyright (C) 2016 Jakub Alba <>
// Copyright (C) 2018 Adam Reichold <>
// Copyright (C) 2018 Marek Kasik <>
// Copyright (C) 2021 Mahmoud Khalil <>
// Copyright (C) 2021 Georgiy Sgibnev <>. Work sponsored by
// Copyright (C) 2023, 2024 g10 Code GmbH, Author: Sune Stolborg Vuorela <>
// To see a description of the changes please see the Changelog file that
// came with your tarball or type make ChangeLog if you are building from git
#ifndef XREF_H
#define XREF_H
#include <functional>
#include "poppler-config.h"
#include "poppler_private_export.h"
#include "Object.h"
#include "Stream.h"
#include "PopplerCache.h"
class Dict;
class Stream;
class Parser;
class ObjectStream;
// XRef
enum XRefEntryType
struct XRefEntry
Goffset offset;
int gen;
XRefEntryType type;
int flags;
Object obj; // if this entry was updated, obj will contains the updated object
enum Flag
// Regular flags
Updated, // Entry was modified
Parsing, // Entry is currently being parsed
// Special flags -- available only after xref->scanSpecialFlags() is run
Unencrypted, // Entry is stored in unencrypted form (meaningless in unencrypted documents)
DontRewrite // Entry must not be written back in case of full rewrite
inline bool getFlag(Flag flag) const
const int mask = (1 << (int)flag);
return (flags & mask) != 0;
inline void setFlag(Flag flag, bool value)
const int mask = (1 << (int)flag);
if (value) {
flags |= mask;
} else {
flags &= ~mask;
// How to compress the a added stream
enum class StreamCompression
None, /* No compression */
Compress, /* Compresses the stream */
// Constructor, create an empty XRef, used for PDF writing
// Constructor, create an empty XRef but with info dict, used for PDF writing
explicit XRef(const Object *trailerDictA);
// Constructor. Read xref table from stream.
XRef(BaseStream *strA, Goffset pos, Goffset mainXRefEntriesOffsetA = 0, bool *wasReconstructed = nullptr, bool reconstruct = false, const std::function<void()> &xrefReconstructedCallback = {});
// Destructor.
XRef(const XRef &) = delete;
XRef &operator=(const XRef &) = delete;
// Copy xref but with new base stream!
XRef *copy() const;
// Is xref table valid?
bool isOk() const { return ok; }
// Is the last XRef section a stream or a table?
bool isXRefStream() const { return xRefStream; }
// Get the error code (if isOk() returns false).
int getErrorCode() const { return errCode; }
// Set the encryption parameters.
void setEncryption(int permFlagsA, bool ownerPasswordOkA, const unsigned char *fileKeyA, int keyLengthA, int encVersionA, int encRevisionA, CryptAlgorithm encAlgorithmA);
// Mark Encrypt entry as Unencrypted
void markUnencrypted();
void getEncryptionParameters(unsigned char **fileKeyA, CryptAlgorithm *encAlgorithmA, int *keyLengthA);
// Is the file encrypted?
bool isEncrypted() const { return encrypted; }
// Is the given Ref encrypted?
bool isRefEncrypted(Ref r);
// Check various permissions.
bool okToPrint(bool ignoreOwnerPW = false) const;
bool okToPrintHighRes(bool ignoreOwnerPW = false) const;
bool okToChange(bool ignoreOwnerPW = false) const;
bool okToCopy(bool ignoreOwnerPW = false) const;
bool okToAddNotes(bool ignoreOwnerPW = false) const;
bool okToFillForm(bool ignoreOwnerPW = false) const;
bool okToAccessibility(bool ignoreOwnerPW = false) const;
bool okToAssemble(bool ignoreOwnerPW = false) const;
int getPermFlags() const { return permFlags; }
// Get catalog object.
Object getCatalog();
// Fetch an indirect reference.
Object fetch(const Ref ref, int recursion = 0);
// If endPos is not null, returns file position after parsing the object. This will
// be a few bytes after the end of the object due to the parser reading ahead.
// Returns -1 if object is in compressed stream.
Object fetch(int num, int gen, int recursion = 0, Goffset *endPos = nullptr);
// Return the document's Info dictionary (if any).
Object getDocInfo();
Object getDocInfoNF();
// Create and return the document's Info dictionary if needed.
// Otherwise return the existing one.
// Returns in the given parameter the Ref the Info is in
Object createDocInfoIfNeeded(Ref *ref);
// Remove the document's Info dictionary and update the trailer dictionary.
void removeDocInfo();
// Return the number of objects in the xref table.
int getNumObjects() const { return size; }
// Return the catalog object reference.
int getRootNum() const { return rootNum; }
int getRootGen() const { return rootGen; }
Ref getRoot() const { return { rootNum, rootGen }; }
// Get end position for a stream in a damaged file.
// Returns false if unknown or file is not damaged.
bool getStreamEnd(Goffset streamStart, Goffset *streamEnd);
// Retuns the entry that belongs to the offset
int getNumEntry(Goffset offset);
// Scans the document and sets special flags in all xref entries. One of those
// flags is Unencrypted, which affects how the object is fetched. Therefore,
// this function must be called before fetching unencrypted objects (e.g.
// Encrypt dictionary, XRef streams). Note that the code that initializes
// decryption doesn't need to call this function, because it runs before
// decryption is enabled, and therefore the Unencrypted flag is ignored.
void scanSpecialFlags();
// Direct access.
XRefEntry *getEntry(int i, bool complainIfMissing = true);
Object *getTrailerDict() { return &trailerDict; }
// Was the XRef modified?
bool isModified() const { return modified; }
// Set the modification flag for XRef to true.
void setModified() { modified = true; }
// Write access
void setModifiedObject(const Object *o, Ref r);
Ref addIndirectObject(const Object &o);
void removeIndirectObject(Ref r);
bool add(int num, int gen, Goffset offs, bool used);
void add(Ref ref, Goffset offs, bool used);
// Adds a stream object using AutoFreeMemStream.
// The function takes ownership over dict and buffer.
// The buffer should be created using gmalloc().
// For stream compression, if the data is already compressed
// don't compress again. If it is not compressed, use compress (Flate / zlib)
// Returns ref to a new object.
Ref addStreamObject(Dict *dict, char *buffer, const Goffset bufferSize, StreamCompression compression);
Ref addStreamObject(Dict *dict, uint8_t *buffer, const Goffset bufferSize, StreamCompression compression);
// Output XRef table to stream
void writeTableToFile(OutStream *outStr, bool writeAllEntries);
// Output XRef stream contents to GooString and fill trailerDict fields accordingly
void writeStreamToBuffer(GooString *stmBuf, Dict *xrefDict, XRef *xref);
// to be thread safe during write where changes are not allowed
void lock();
void unlock();
BaseStream *str; // input stream
Goffset start; // offset in file (to allow for garbage
// at beginning of file)
XRefEntry *entries; // xref entries
int capacity; // size of <entries> array
int size; // number of entries
int rootNum, rootGen; // catalog dict
bool ok; // true if xref table is valid
int errCode; // error code (if <ok> is false)
bool xrefReconstructed; // marker, true if xref was already reconstructed
Object trailerDict; // trailer dictionary
bool modified;
Goffset *streamEnds; // 'endstream' positions - only used in
// damaged files
int streamEndsLen; // number of valid entries in streamEnds
PopplerCache<Goffset, ObjectStream> objStrs; // cached object streams
bool encrypted; // true if file is encrypted
int encRevision;
int encVersion; // encryption algorithm
CryptAlgorithm encAlgorithm; // encryption algorithm
int keyLength; // length of key, in bytes
int permFlags; // permission bits
unsigned char fileKey[32]; // file decryption key
bool ownerPasswordOk; // true if owner password is correct
Goffset prevXRefOffset; // position of prev XRef section (= next to read)
Goffset mainXRefEntriesOffset; // offset of entries in main XRef table
bool xRefStream; // true if last XRef section is a stream
Goffset mainXRefOffset; // position of the main XRef table/stream
bool scannedSpecialFlags; // true if scanSpecialFlags has been called
bool strOwner; // true if str is owned by the instance
mutable std::recursive_mutex mutex;
std::function<void()> xrefReconstructedCb;
int reserve(int newSize);
int resize(int newSize);
bool readXRef(Goffset *pos, std::vector<Goffset> *followedXRefStm, std::vector<int> *xrefStreamObjsNum);
bool readXRefTable(Parser *parser, Goffset *pos, std::vector<Goffset> *followedXRefStm, std::vector<int> *xrefStreamObjsNum);
bool readXRefStreamSection(Stream *xrefStr, const int *w, int first, int n);
bool readXRefStream(Stream *xrefStr, Goffset *pos);
bool constructXRef(bool *wasReconstructed, bool needCatalogDict = false);
bool parseEntry(Goffset offset, XRefEntry *entry);
void readXRefUntil(int untilEntryNum, std::vector<int> *xrefStreamObjsNum = nullptr);
void markUnencrypted(Object *obj);
class XRefWriter
XRefWriter() = default;
virtual void startSection(int first, int count) = 0;
virtual void writeEntry(Goffset offset, int gen, XRefEntryType type) = 0;
virtual ~XRefWriter();
XRefWriter(const XRefWriter &) = delete;
XRefWriter &operator=(const XRefWriter &other) = delete;
// XRefWriter subclass that writes a XRef table
class XRefTableWriter : public XRefWriter
explicit XRefTableWriter(OutStream *outStrA);
void startSection(int first, int count) override;
void writeEntry(Goffset offset, int gen, XRefEntryType type) override;
OutStream *outStr;
// XRefWriter subclass that writes a XRef stream
class XRefStreamWriter : public XRefWriter
XRefStreamWriter(Array *index, GooString *stmBuf, int offsetSize);
void startSection(int first, int count) override;
void writeEntry(Goffset offset, int gen, XRefEntryType type) override;
Array *index;
GooString *stmBuf;
int offsetSize;
// Dummy XRefWriter subclass that only checks if all offsets fit in 4 bytes
class XRefPreScanWriter : public XRefWriter
void startSection(int first, int count) override;
void writeEntry(Goffset offset, int gen, XRefEntryType type) override;
bool hasOffsetsBeyond4GB;
void writeXRef(XRefWriter *writer, bool writeAllEntries);