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// ImageOutputDev.h
// Copyright 1998-2003 Glyph & Cog, LLC
#include <poppler/poppler-config.h>
#pragma interface
#include <stdio.h>
#include "goo/gtypes.h"
#include "OutputDev.h"
class GfxState;
// ImageOutputDev
class ImageOutputDev: public OutputDev {
// Create an OutputDev which will write images to files named
// <fileRoot>-NNN.<type>. Normally, all images are written as PBM
// (.pbm) or PPM (.ppm) files. If <dumpJPEG> is set, JPEG images are
// written as JPEG (.jpg) files.
ImageOutputDev(char *fileRootA, GBool dumpJPEGA);
// Destructor.
virtual ~ImageOutputDev();
// Check if file was successfully created.
virtual GBool isOk() { return ok; }
// Does this device use beginType3Char/endType3Char? Otherwise,
// text in Type 3 fonts will be drawn with drawChar/drawString.
virtual GBool interpretType3Chars() { return gFalse; }
// Does this device need non-text content?
virtual GBool needNonText() { return gTrue; }
//---- get info about output device
// Does this device use upside-down coordinates?
// (Upside-down means (0,0) is the top left corner of the page.)
virtual GBool upsideDown() { return gTrue; }
// Does this device use drawChar() or drawString()?
virtual GBool useDrawChar() { return gFalse; }
//----- image drawing
virtual void drawImageMask(GfxState *state, Object *ref, Stream *str,
int width, int height, GBool invert,
GBool inlineImg);
virtual void drawImage(GfxState *state, Object *ref, Stream *str,
int width, int height, GfxImageColorMap *colorMap,
int *maskColors, GBool inlineImg);
char *fileRoot; // root of output file names
char *fileName; // buffer for output file names
GBool dumpJPEG; // set to dump native JPEG files
int imgNum; // current image number
GBool ok; // set up ok?