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// Lexer.h
// Copyright 1996-2003 Glyph & Cog, LLC
#ifndef LEXER_H
#define LEXER_H
#pragma interface
#include "Object.h"
#include "Stream.h"
class XRef;
#define tokBufSize 128 // size of token buffer
// Lexer
class Lexer {
// Construct a lexer for a single stream. Deletes the stream when
// lexer is deleted.
Lexer(XRef *xrefA, Stream *str);
// Construct a lexer for a stream or array of streams (assumes obj
// is either a stream or array of streams).
Lexer(XRef *xrefA, Object *obj);
// Destructor.
// Get the next object from the input stream.
Object *getObj(Object *obj, int objNum = -1);
// Skip to the beginning of the next line in the input stream.
void skipToNextLine();
// Skip over one character.
void skipChar() { getChar(); }
// Get stream.
Stream *getStream()
{ return curStr.isNone() ? (Stream *)NULL : curStr.getStream(); }
// Get current position in file. This is only used for error
// messages, so it returns an int instead of a Guint.
int getPos()
{ return curStr.isNone() ? -1 : (int)curStr.streamGetPos(); }
// Set position in file.
void setPos(Guint pos, int dir = 0)
{ if (!curStr.isNone()) curStr.streamSetPos(pos, dir); }
// Returns true if <c> is a whitespace character.
static GBool isSpace(int c);
// often (e.g. ~30% on PDF Refernce 1.6 pdf file from Adobe site) getChar
// is called right after lookChar. In order to avoid expensive re-doing
// getChar() of underlying stream, we cache the last value found by
// lookChar() in lookCharLastValueCached. A special value
// LOOK_VALUE_NOT_CACHED that should never be part of stream indicates
// that no value was cached
static const int LOOK_VALUE_NOT_CACHED = -3;
int lookCharLastValueCached;
int getChar(GBool comesFromLook = gFalse);
int lookChar();
Array *streams; // array of input streams
int strPtr; // index of current stream
Object curStr; // current stream
GBool freeArray; // should lexer free the streams array?
char tokBuf[tokBufSize]; // temporary token buffer
XRef *xref;