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// Annot.h
// Copyright 2000-2003 Glyph & Cog, LLC
#ifndef ANNOT_H
#define ANNOT_H
#pragma interface
class XRef;
class Gfx;
class Catalog;
class CharCodeToUnicode;
class GfxFont;
class GfxFontDict;
class FormWidget;
// AnnotBorderStyle
enum AnnotBorderType {
class AnnotBorderStyle {
AnnotBorderStyle(AnnotBorderType typeA, double widthA,
double *dashA, int dashLengthA,
double rA, double gA, double bA);
AnnotBorderType getType() { return type; }
double getWidth() { return width; }
void getDash(double **dashA, int *dashLengthA)
{ *dashA = dash; *dashLengthA = dashLength; }
void getColor(double *rA, double *gA, double *bA)
{ *rA = r; *gA = g; *bA = b; }
AnnotBorderType type;
double width;
double *dash;
int dashLength;
double r, g, b;
// Annot
class Annot {
Annot(XRef *xrefA, Dict *acroForm, Dict *dict, Catalog *catalog);
Annot(XRef *xrefA, Dict *acroForm, Dict *dict, const Ref& aref, Catalog *catalog);
GBool isOk() { return ok; }
void draw(Gfx *gfx, GBool printing);
// Get appearance object.
Object *getAppearance(Object *obj) { return appearance.fetch(xref, obj); }
GBool textField() { return isTextField; }
AnnotBorderStyle *getBorderStyle () { return borderStyle; }
GBool match(Ref *refA)
{ return ref.num == refA->num && ref.gen == refA->gen; }
void generateFieldAppearance(Dict *field, Dict *annot, Dict *acroForm);
double getXMin() { return xMin; }
double getYMin() { return yMin; }
double getFontSize() { return fontSize; }
void setColor(Array *a, GBool fill, int adjust);
void drawText(GooString *text, GooString *da, GfxFontDict *fontDict,
GBool multiline, int comb, int quadding,
GBool txField, GBool forceZapfDingbats,
GBool password=false);
void drawListBox(GooString **text, GBool *selection,
int nOptions, int topIdx,
GooString *da, GfxFontDict *fontDict, GBool quadding);
void getNextLine(GooString *text, int start,
GfxFont *font, double fontSize, double wMax,
int *end, double *width, int *next);
void drawCircle(double cx, double cy, double r, GBool fill);
void drawCircleTopLeft(double cx, double cy, double r);
void drawCircleBottomRight(double cx, double cy, double r);
void readArrayNum(Object *pdfArray, int key, double *value);
// write vStr[i:j[ in appearBuf
void writeTextString (GooString *text, GooString *appearBuf, int *i, int j, CharCodeToUnicode *ccToUnicode, GBool password);
void initialize (XRef *xrefA, Dict *acroForm, Dict *dict, Catalog *catalog);
XRef *xref; // the xref table for this PDF file
Ref ref; // object ref identifying this annotation
FormWidget *widget; // FormWidget object for this annotation
GooString *type; // annotation type
Object appearance; // a reference to the Form XObject stream
// for the normal appearance
GooString *appearBuf;
Guint flags;
double xMin, yMin, // annotation rectangle
xMax, yMax;
AnnotBorderStyle *borderStyle;
double fontSize;
GBool ok;
GBool regen, isTextField;
GBool isMultiline, isListbox;
bool hasRef;
bool hidden;
// Annots
class Annots {
// Build a list of Annot objects.
Annots(XRef *xref, Catalog *catalog, Object *annotsObj);
// Iterate through list of annotations.
int getNumAnnots() { return nAnnots; }
Annot *getAnnot(int i) { return annots[i]; }
// (Re)generate the appearance streams for all annotations belonging
// to a form field.
void generateAppearances(Dict *acroForm);
void scanFieldAppearances(Dict *node, Ref *ref, Dict *parent,
Dict *acroForm);
Annot *findAnnot(Ref *ref);
Annot **annots;
int nAnnots;