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// SplashBitmap.h
#pragma interface
#include "SplashTypes.h"
#include <stdio.h>
// SplashBitmap
class SplashBitmap {
// Create a new bitmap. It will have <widthA> x <heightA> pixels in
// color mode <modeA>. Rows will be padded out to a multiple of
// <rowPad> bytes. If <topDown> is false, the bitmap will be stored
// upside-down, i.e., with the last row first in memory.
SplashBitmap(int widthA, int heightA, int rowPad,
SplashColorMode modeA, GBool alphaA,
GBool topDown = gTrue);
int getWidth() { return width; }
int getHeight() { return height; }
int getRowSize() { return rowSize; }
int getAlphaRowSize() { return width; }
SplashColorMode getMode() { return mode; }
SplashColorPtr getDataPtr() { return data; }
Guchar *getAlphaPtr() { return alpha; }
SplashError writePNMFile(char *fileName);
SplashError writePNMFile(FILE *f);
void getPixel(int x, int y, SplashColorPtr pixel);
Guchar getAlpha(int x, int y);
int width, height; // size of bitmap
int rowSize; // size of one row of data, in bytes
// - negative for bottom-up bitmaps
SplashColorMode mode; // color mode
SplashColorPtr data; // pointer to row zero of the color data
Guchar *alpha; // pointer to row zero of the alpha data
// (always top-down)
friend class Splash;