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// PDFDocFactory.h
// This file is licensed under the GPLv2 or later
// Copyright 2010 Hib Eris <>
// Copyright 2010 Albert Astals Cid <>
#include "PDFDoc.h"
class GooList;
class GooString;
class PDFDocBuilder;
// PDFDocFactory
// PDFDocFactory allows the construction of PDFDocs from different URIs.
// By default, it supports local files, 'file://' and 'fd:0' (stdin). When
// compiled with libcurl, it also supports 'http://' and 'https://'.
// You can extend the supported URIs by giving a list of PDFDocBuilders to
// the constructor, or by registering a new PDFDocBuilder afterwards.
class PDFDocFactory {
PDFDocFactory(GooList *pdfDocBuilders = NULL);
// Create a PDFDoc. Returns a PDFDoc. You should check this PDFDoc
// with PDFDoc::isOk() for failures.
// The caller is responsible for deleting ownerPassword, userPassWord and guiData.
PDFDoc *createPDFDoc(const GooString &uri, GooString *ownerPassword = NULL,
GooString *userPassword = NULL, void *guiDataA = NULL);
// Extend supported URIs with the ones from the PDFDocBuilder.
void registerPDFDocBuilder(PDFDocBuilder *pdfDocBuilder);
GooList *builders;
#endif /* PDFDOCFACTORY_H */