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Release 0.16.0
* Improve the correctness of radial shadings (Bug #32349)
* Adapt the zlib-based FlateStream code to API changes (Bug #32065)
* Make PreScanOutputDev be less agressive when deciding to rasterize (Bug #30107)
* Fix some warnings in newer gcc in Splash backend
* Fix the preliminary bbox/clip calculation in Splash backend
* Use A1 instead of A8 for imagemask in the Cairo backend
* Windows compile fixes
* Do not return 99 (or 1) with -h, -v and -printenc (Bug #32149)
* Misc style improvements to pdftohtml code
* pdftohtml: Remove the -resolution flag introduced in 0.15.0 and fix the
existing -zoom flag
build system:
* Add more warning flags to the default gcc builds
* Enable GObject introspection support in the cmake build system
* Windows compile fixes
Release 0.15.3 (0.16 RC)
* Improve rendering of radial shadings
* Open a broken file (Bug #31861)
* Correct parsing of linearization table (Bug #31627)
* Find fonts inside patterns (Bug #31948)
* [win32] Simplify strtok_r implementation
* Use a std::vector<char> instead of a var-length-array of chars
* Fix crashes in broken files
* Use sets instead of arrays for looking for duplicate fonts
* Include correction
* pdffonts: Remove duplicated code
Release 0.15.2 (0.16 Beta 2)
* Improve shadings and antialias in the Splash backend (Bug #30436)
* Linearization improvements
* Small improvements to the Arthur backend
* Fix calculation of the size of some pages (Bug #30784)
* Fix crashes in broken documents
* Add Page::renderToPainter() method
* Add setDebugErrorFunction() method
* Add the hability to render pages to an image
* Add -p flag to pdfimages
build system:
* Remove -ansi flag for cywin and mingw
Release 0.15.1 (0.16 Beta 1)
* Consider render value when colorizing text (Bug #2807)
* Improve rendering of Shading Type 6 and 7
* Improve dict lookup speed for big dicts
* Fix multiple crashes in malformed PDF files
* Fix memory leak in in malformed PDF files
* Fix memory leak in the Catalog names
* Fix uninitialized uses on DCTScanInfo
* Fix a crash when drawing square/circle annots without a border (Bug #30580)
* Only clip boxes to mediabox if we are at the page level (Bug #30784)
* Do not omit the notdef glyph in the Splash backend
* Fix a crash when redering documents with invalid type 3 fonts in the Cairo backend
* Form improvements
* Add a method to get the PDF file identifier
* Add more printing options to the API
* Add a method to get the PDF file identifier
* Add accessor for all PopplerDocument properties
* Form improvements
* Documentation improvements
* Improvements to the demo
* Add a callback to know which page has been printed
* Add a method to get the PDF file identifier
* Optimize GooString to QString conversion
* Some more autotests
* Update Doxyfile (enables .qch file for assistant)
build system:
* Require Cairo 1.10
* pdftohtml: Add -s option to generate a single HTML page
* pdftotext: Add -bbox option
* Add the possibility of loading a document from raw data
* Add a method to get the PDF file identifier
* Improve Unicode to ustring conversion
* Documentation improvements
* Update Doxyfile
Release 0.15.0 (0.16 Alpha)
* Remove exception support
* Improve creation of Annotations
* Fix failure to parse PDF with damaged internal structure. (Bugs #29189 #3870)
* Add a way to access the raw text of a page
* Speed improvements when reading multiple characters from a given Stream
* Speed improvements in the Splash backend
* Speed improvement in gray color space calculations
* Speed improvement in ICC color space calculations
* Speed improvement when reading some fonts
* Make GBool a bool instead of an int
* Add GObject introspection support
* Improve creation of Annotations
* Add a way to get the coordinates of each character of a page
* Add a way to get the page label
* Documentation improvements
* Support password protected documents in the demo
* Support for selection in the demo
* Support for adding annotationss in the demo
* Misc improvements in the internals
* Add a way to access the raw text of a page
* Recognize "Print" as named action
* Documentation improvements
build system:
* Add option for to skip configure
* Nicer output
* Improvements when build the glib frontend with CMake
* pdftohtml: Use splash instead of external gs invocation to render the background
* pdftohtml: Let the user specify the resolution of the background. (Bug #29551)
* Add a way to access the raw text of a page
Release 0.14.3
* Tell Windows we are writing/reading binary data from stdout/stdio (Bug #29329)
* Fix crash when parsing some Movie elements (KDE Bug #249586)
Release 0.14.2
* Fix rendering of some documents involving tilingPatternFill in the cairo output device
* Improve rendering of some annotations
* Handle ColorTransform in DCT streams when using libjpeg (Bug #28873)
* Fix crash in the ps output device in some files (KDE Bug #246269)
* Fix crash in some malformed files (Bug #28842)
build system:
* Improve build on windows
* Add uninstalled .pc file support when using autoconf
* Fix a crash when a layer doesn't have a name (Bug #28842)
* Fix padding of names in pdftoppm
Release 0.14.1
* Add ObjectStream caching, makes opening some files ten times faster (Bug #26759)
* Fix crash when writing to negative coordinates (Bug #28480)
* Check objects are the type we want them to be when parsing GfxICCBasedColorSpace
* Optimize Splash::compositeBackground
* Optimize color space calculations by using sqrt instead of pow 0.5
* Fix crash in JBIG2Stream with malformed documents
build system:
* Make sure we ship two needed cmake files
* Do not distribute glib/poppler-features.h and poppler/poppler-config.h
* Improve compilation with Sun Studio
* Fix linking of the cpp frontend when using autotools
* Fix links/annots area for some documents (Bug #28588)
* Fix poppler_page_find_tex() when called more than once (Bug #27927)
* Add -cropbox to pdftoppm manual
Release 0.14.0
* Fix crash when parsing pdf with broken JBIG2Stream (Bug #28170)
* Do not follow loops blindly when parsing XRef (Bug #28172)
* Allow quality & progressive mode to be utilised in JpegWriter
* Fix potential assert in Lexer code (KDE bug #240208)
* Fix opening of files whose /P is stored as unsigned integer
* Do not exit() when trying to allocate memory for the XRef fails
* Minor bugfixes
* Documentation improvements
build system:
* Fix build in mingw32 when using autotools
* Preserve compiler flags when using cmake
Release 0.13.4 (0.14 RC 1)
* Include standard float.h instead of unportable values.h
* Fix first color stop offset of linear gradients. Bug #27837
* Fix compilation if JPEG nor PNG is used
* Use fabs for doubles instead of abs
* Use strtok_r instead strtok
* Adjust bbox for line annots when y1 = y2
* Some fixes and regressions in the cairo output device
* Better check of overlapping of table cells when selecting text
* Make the pkg-config files really work
* Fix in/out buffer sizes in some functions
Release 0.13.3 (0.14 Beta 2)
* Fix roll optimization in the PS function interpreter
* Correctly parse numbers with '+' sign. Gnome bug #614549
* Add support for cached files
* Add support for reading a cached file from stdin
* Add HTTP support using libcurl, disabled by default
* Add some const correctnes to GooString
* Rework DCTStream error handling. Bug #26280
* Use current fill_opacity when drawing soft masked images in Cairo backend. Gnome bug #614915
* Use the topleft of the Rect of text annots to draw
* Fix saving update docs that have a compressed xref table. Bug #27450
* Parse varius part of the document catalog on demand
* Implement colorizing image masks with pattern colorspace in Cairo backend
* Fix a crash when rendering 0x0 images in Cairo backend
* Check pattern status after setting matrix when rendering images
* Improve text selection/extraction order. Bug #3188
* Fix pattern size when bbox is not at 0,0
* Improve colorizing text and masks in pattern colorspace. Bug #27482
* Silence some Illegal entry in bfrange block in ToUnicode CMap. Bug #27728
* Add the -o[dd] and -e[ven] options to pdftoppm
* Allow read from stdin using the new cached files feature
* Fix crash in pdftohtml when output filename was shorter than 5 characters
* Use existing cairo api when rendering to a pixbuf
* Compile with -DGSEAL_ENABLE. Bug #27579
Release 0.13.2 (0.14 Beta 1)
* Improve Movie support
* Fix experimental Arthur backend to compile when if Splash backend is disable
* Fix usage of some streams in the Cairo backend
* Small improvements in the experimental Arthur backend
* Minor annotation improvements
* Rework LinkRendition to follow the spec
* Add support for Set-OCG-State actions
* Correctly initialize the grayscale softmask color in the Splash backend
* Correctly initialize actualText in TextOutputDev when initialization fails
* Various MSVC fixes
* Add support for Movie objects
* Add support for Screen annotations
* Add support for rendition actions
* Add support for OCG State actions
* Improvements to the demo
* Always compile the experimental Arthur backend
* Minor speed improvement in QPainter usage
* Add a search overload that takes doubles instead of QRectF
* Fix iconv usage
* use gmtime() when gmtime_r() is not available
* Fix building in autotools in windows
* {from,to}_utf_8() -> {from,to}_utf8()
build system:
* Multiple CMake build system fixes
* Fix of some DIST targets in autotools
* Make finding of Qt3 in autotools use pkg-config
Release 0.13.1 (0.14 Alpha 2)
* New C++ frontend to interface with Poppler using only STL
* Use the right matrix for the mask in drawMaskedImage in Cairo output device. Bug #16906
* Fix downscaling images when document is rotated in Cairo output device. Bug #26264
* GooVector rewrite, old version had "unknown" origins/license
* Fix use after free in a error condition
* Improve handling of broken commands. Bug #24575
* Fix potential use after free in Cairo output device.
* Fix regression in painting. Bug #26243
* Improve handling of FontConfig. Bug #26544
* Only assume the OC is not visible if it exists and is set to no. Bug #26532
* Fix a potential crash in Splash font handling on out of memory conditions
* Implement writeImgFile for splashModeXBGR8
* Several speed increases (around 40% in some documents) in the Splash output device
* Improve printing on the Cairo output device
* Do not use '\' character in PostScript names
* Omit writing of embedded fonts into temporary files in the Cairo output device. Bug #26694
* Improve filtering of some images in the Cairo output device. Bugs #25268, #9860
* pdftoppm: Only swap w with h if rotation is 90 or 270
build system:
* Add POPPLER_WITH_GDK in cmake build system. Bug #26247
* Fix typo: "MULTITHREAD" -> "MULTITHREADED in cmake build system
* Wrap #include <jpeglib.h> in extern "C" to fix build. Bug #26351
* Add the Win32-specific ENABLE_RELOCATABLE option to cmake build system
* Reflect that poppler-glib needs cairo now in cmake build system
* Use pkgconfig to detect libpng on autotools build system
* Detect the need for nanosleep in solaris in cmake build system. Bug #26650
Release 0.13.0 (0.14 Alpha)
* Improvements to Annotation rendering. Bug #23108
* Do not give an error when opening files without pages. Bug #24720
* Try to read streams without Length
* Do not crop the transformation matrix at an arbitrary value. Bug #25763
* Make poppler (optionally) relocatable on Windows
* Use a small object cache in GfxResources to cache GState objects
* Reduce the number of redundant pattern creations in the Cairo output device
* Use colToDbl() to avoid rounding error in the Cairo output device
* Fix problems with mask handling in the Cairo output device. Bug #8474
* Use a better scale down implementation in the Cairo output device
* Various optimizations to the Splash output device
* Add the possibility to use floats instead of doubles in the Splash output device. Bug #25578
* Write out fixed-content portion of Type 1 fonts in the PS output device
build system:
* Improvements to the CMake build system
* Enable AM_SILENT_RULES by default in autotools
* Require glib 2.18
* Require GTK+ 2.14
* Make fontconfig optional with mingw compiler
* Remove
* Add support for file attachment annotations
* Improvements to the demo
* Use TextOutputDev to get TextPage when we haven't rendered the page
* Remove support for the Splash output device
* pdftoppm can now write to jpeg
* pdftoppm embeds the correct resolution in png and jpeg files
* Minor improvements to the tests
Release 0.12.3
* Be more lenient with /Decode key on images. Bug #17439
* Correctly initialize fileName in LinkGoToR. Bug #25221
* Improve the reconstruction of the XRef for broken files
* [Cairo backend] Do not crash on malformed files. Bug #24575
* Accept Fontname if FontName is not present. KDE bug #217013
* Make PSOutputDev code a bit more resilient
* Fix writing of null objects. Bug #25465
* [Cairo backend] Fix crash in some documents. GNOME bug #603934
* Correctly initialize profileCommands in Gfx constructor
build system:
* Check for openjpeg in the C++ part as it uses bool in the header. Bug #25103
Release 0.12.2
* Fix a memory leak when converting to PostScript
* Fix crash when reading a font fails. Bug #24525
* Make the ICC cache per page instead of global. Bug #24686
* Do not accept negative interval lengths in the page labels tree. Bug #24721
* Do not crash on files Aspect of Movie objects are reals instead of integers. Bug #24733
* Do not render patterns when using CairoImageOutputDev
* Allow Transitions dictionary to be a Ref
* Do not crash if jpeg_start_decompress fails. KDE bug #214317
* Fix CVE-2009-3607
* Use '.' in the annotations XML instead of the decimal separator of the current locale
Release 0.12.1
* Fix compilation on some compilers
* Only initialize the font list once in Windows32/MSVC
* Do not crash on fonts without CharCodeToUnicode. Bug #24036
* Fix regression due to not setting LC_NUMERIC anymore
* Improve realibility for Streams with broken Length. Bug #6841
* Write the Info into the trailer dict if there is one. Bug #24091
* Do not crash when saving files that come from a stream without name. Bug #24090
* Improve relability of the save function
* Fix the Length value if it was wrong when saving
* Fix includes for those using internal headers
* Rework how hinting is used in the splash backend. It is disabled by default now
* fix constructor of DCTStream when using internal decoder
* Security fixes based xpdf 3.02pl4
* Add the possibility of setting wheter to use or not font hinting
* Add a way for converters to return more exact errors they had when converting
* Check the document is not locked when converting to PS
build system:
* Compile on Cygwin
* Use _WIN32 instead of WIN32. Bug #24259
* Add the possibility to pass LIB_SUFFIX when using CMake
Release 0.12.0
* Fix printf format security warnings
* Improve rendering of radial shadings. Bug #20238
* Better fallback when there's a font type mismatch. Bug #17252
* Do not crash on attachments without data stream. Bug #10386
* Fix infinite loop in JBIG2Decoder. Bug #23025
build system:
* Minimizes pkg-config dependencies for Qt frontends
* Add automake 1.11 support
* Use the newest automake found and not the oldest
* Support AM_SILENT_RULES when using automake 1.11
* Add common options to pdftoabw
Release 0.11.3 (0.12 RC 1)
* Optimization in the Cairo renderer for some fonts
* Do not apply masks when fill color space mode is csPattern in the Cairo renderer. Bug #22216
* Check for overflow when parsing integers. Bug #23078
* Do not save the font file twice for FreeType fonts in the Cairo renderer. Bug #20491
* Use current fill_opacity when drawing images in the Cairo renderer
* Fix alpha rendering in some files in the Splash renderer. Bug #22143, #22152
* Implement tiling patterns in the Cairo renderer
* When converting a cm matrix to PS write 4 significant digits for numbers < 1 not 4 decimals. Bug #23332
* Fix changing of locale, now poppler no longer changes LC_NUMERIC to "C"
* Return PDF version as two integers instead of as a double
* Addition of the Color Management API
* Small fix to documentation
* Fix backwards text search
* Add the -png flag to pdftoppm to output to PNG
Release 0.11.2 (0.12 Beta 2)
* Make DecryptStream return sane values for getPos(). Bug #19706
* Fix bug when printing pdf with multiple page sizes in duplex mode
* Initilize AnnotColot properly when the Array is not correct
* Fix crash on some files with forms. Bug #22485
* Fix crash in files with invalid embedded files. Bug #22551
* Improve FileSpec attribute parsing
* Cairo output device improvements. Bugs #10942, #18017, #14160
* Implement blend modes in cairo backend
* Handle fontType1COT fonts in CairoFontEngine
* Fix generation of PS for some files. Bug #18908
* Don't use byte_lookup table when color space doesn't support getLine methods. Bug #11027
* Fix rendering of PDF files with malformed patterns. Bug #22835
* Add the possibility of disabling font substitution in pdftops. Bug #23030
* Fix some radio buttons not being detected as such
* Improvements to the demo
* Improvements to the demo
build system:
* Use gtkbuilder rather than libglade for some tests
* Fix bug with noCrop parameter in pdftops
Release 0.11.1 (0.12 Beta 1)
* Support colorizing text in pattern colorspace. Bug #19670 and #19994
* Add the possibility of forcing no hinting of fonts in the Splash backend
* Support multiple page sizes when converting to PS. Bug #19777
* Also tokens with leading 00 when parsing the char to unicode map. Bug #22025
* Improvements of rendering speed in documents using PS transformations a lot. Bug #21562
* More work on Annotations support
* Use Interpolate flag to decide whether applying image interpolation during rendering. Bug #9860
* Handle Streams in CMap definitions. Bug #22334
* Fix some bugs in JBIG2Stream handling
* Fix dashed line in page 1 of bug 20011
* Fix exit(1) when rendering a file
* Fix pdftops crash on file from KDE bug #174899
* Fix PS generation in some files. Bug #20420
* Do not create the GfxColorTransform if the lcms could not be created. Bug #20108
* Check Mask entries are int before using them, if they are real cast to int and try to use them. Bug #21841
* Use the correct value when creating the V field for form combo boxes
* Give an error when using level1sep in pdftops without having CMYK support. Bug #22026
* Don't include lcms.h in GfxState.h
* Fix splashColorModeNComps to correctly include all values for each SplashColorMode
* Add splashClearColor that assigns white to the given colorptr
* Kill support for specifying extension in openTmpFile. Bug #21713
* Fix "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value". Bug #20011
* Add poppler_annot_markup_has_popup()
* Hyphenate UTF-8 and UTF-16BE. Bug #21953
* Use g_strerror instead of strerror. Bug #22095
* Fix a crash when a destination points to an invalid page
* Improvements to the demo
* Add LinkDestination::destinationName()
* Do not try to resolve named destinations for GoTo links pointing to external documents
* Add Page::thumbnail()
* Improvements to the demo
* Improvements to the documentation
build system:
* Build fix for MSVC
* Better lcms cmake check comming from kdelibs
* Use pkgconfig for autotools lcms check
* Remove unneeded files from repo. Bug #22094
Release 0.11.0 (0.12 Alpha)
* Add initial support for color management
* Remove case-insensitive matching of filenames in PDFDoc constructor
* Fix extraction of some ActualText content
* More work on Annotations support
* Improve font rendering in Cairo output device
* Fix bug in cairo backend with nested masks
* Fix cairo luminosity smask rendering
* Add optionally text support to Cairo output device
* Add the possibility of setting the datadir on runtime
* Return an error code instead of a boolean when saving
* Make the font scanner more versatile
* Small opimization in documents that use PostScriptFunction transforms
* Minor optimization to Stream handling
* Fix some compile warnings
* Optional content support
* More work on Annotations support
* Improvements to the demo
* Documentation improvements
* Fix build when compiling with GTK_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES
* Support URI actions for Table Of Contents items
* Documentation improvements
* Improvements to the demo
* Add a FontIterator for iterating through the fonts of the document
* Allow the use of cropbox in pdftoppm
* Make pdftohtml output png images when the image stream is not a jpeg
* Make pdftotext accept cropping options like pdftoppm
* Support rendering non-square pixels in pdftoppm
build system:
* Require Cairo 1.8.4 for the Cairo output device
* Require CMake 2.6 when using the CMake build system
* Optionally require libpng for pdftohtml
* Optionally require libcms for color management
Release 0.10.6
* Fix problems that happen when parsing broken JBIG2 files.
CVE-2009-0799, CVE-2009-0800, CVE-2009-1179, CVE-2009-1180
CVE-2009-1181, CVE-2009-1182, CVE-2009-1183, CVE-2009-1187, CVE-2009-1188
* Fix parsing of incorrect border arrays. Bug #19761
* Fix clip test for fonts. Bug #20950
* Fix getGlyphAdvance to behave correctly on font size changes. Bug #20769
* Misc build fixes
build system:
* Fix the Qt4 version we need
Release 0.10.5
* Read the UF entry if present and prefer it over F in Filespec dictionary
* Fix typo that was making CairoOutputDev crash on some files. Bug #17337
* Make JBIG2Stream more robust to corrupt input data
* Do not blindly follow loops parsing OutlineItem. Bug #18364
* Set up the error manager before calling jpeg_create_decompress. Bug #20484
* Check there is an optional content config before using it. Bug #20587
* Fix rendering of some PDF with OpenType fonts. Bug #20605
build system:
* Yet more support for build on windows
* Use AC_CHECK_HEADER to find headers. Bug #20538
* Check for pkgconfig before using it
* General autotools improvements
Release 0.10.4
* Fix a memory leak when asking for a document-level JS
* Do not crash in some PDF we do not parse correctly. Bug #19702
* Fix crash on unexepcted form Opt value. Bug #19790
* Fix pdfimages to extract i color components per pixel jpeg images. Bug #19789
Release 0.10.3
* Fix a crash on documents with malformed outline. Bug #19024
* Fix leak on AnnotScreen destructor. Bug #19095
* Fix wrong PS generation when a large image is in Patterns. Bug #18908
* Remove BaseFile.h it was never used. Bug #19298
* Improve document saving
* Fix PS generation of PDF with malformed font Length2 definition
* Fix a leak while parsing annotations
* Fix rendering of some checkboxes
* Fix positioning of Form rects on PDF with cropbox
* Fix positioning of Annotation rects on PDF with cropbox. Bug #18558.
* Small documentation improvements
* Make Document::fonts() work when called more than once. Bug #19405
build system:
* CMake: look harder for openjpeg
* CMake: update the poppler core headers installation
* Autotools: do not install as it's not a header
* Fix deserialization of links right coordinate
Release 0.10.2
* Fix a crash when selecting text in word mode
* Fix a crash in some malformed documents (second argument of opMarkPoint is not a dictionary)
* Ensure cairo font matrix is invertable. Fixes bugs #18254 and #18429
* Fix a memory leak (Bug #18924)
* Fix deserization of links right coordinate
* Fix build on Solaris 10 + Sun Studio 12
* Compile with -pedantic
Release 0.10.1
* Improvements in Optional Content support
* Small fix in Form support
* Fix memory leak in case of error
* Fix potential crash on text search
* Try render documents with invalid indexed color space parameters. Bug #18374
* Fix crash on text extraction when poppler-data is not installed. Bug #18023
* Fix two memory leaks
* Small documentation improvement
* Fix memory leak in the demo code
Release 0.10.0
* Fix crashes on PDF using Stitching or Axial Shading painting
* Fix rendering of PDF with Type1 fonts that have more than
one encoding definition per line
* Do not try to save documents that have Encryption as we
do not support that and the user ended with a broken file
* Fix crash on files with OptionalContentGroup but no Name
* Fix the area of the links to be correctly reported on rotated documents
* Mingw+Msys should work
Release 0.9.3 (0.10 RC 2)
* Fix rendering regression on some embedded fonts
* Fix rendering regression of some special fonts
* Fix crash on documents with bogus jpeg data
* The printing flag defaults to true on PSConverter
* Documentation improvement
* Fix regression that made HmtlOutputDev ignore jpeg images
* Improve compilation on mingw
Release 0.9.2 (0.10 RC 1)
* Fix conversion to PS some files (bug #17645)
* Small Form fixes
* Small JS fixes
* Improve memory usage of the cairo renderer
* Fix mismatched free/delete in pdftohtml
* Fix memory leak in pdftohtml
* Fix crash in pdftohtml
* Fix a crash in forms demo
* Compile with -pedantic
Release 0.9.1 (0.10 Beta 2)
* Fix crash on some AESv2 encrypted files (bugs #13972, #16092, #17523)
* Improve parsing of broken files (bug #17568)
glib frontend:
* Minor improvements to the demo application
* pdftohtml: Generate the outline file in the same place
of the other generated files (bug #17504)
Release 0.9.0 (0.10 Beta 1)
* Initial JavaScript support
* Annotation improvements
* Improvements in the Arthur based renderer
* Improvements in the Cairo based renderer
* Added a JPEG2000 decoder based on OpenJPEG
* Small fixes in ActualText implementation
* Fix jpeg rendering when not using the libjpeg based decoder
* Movie fixes
* Do not get out of memory on documents that specify huge fonts
* Emulate Adobe Reader behaviour on documents with duplicate keys in Dictionaries
* Forms improvements
Qt4 frontend:
* Annotation improvements
* Forms improvements
* Add the possibility of extracting embedded fonts
* Initial Movie support
* Documentation improvements
* Small improvements in the PS exporter
glib frontend:
* Annotation improvements
* Attachment fixes
* updated man pages
* Added -listenc to pdfinfo and pdftotext
Release 0.8.7
* Fix regression in Form rendering
* Fix memory leak in the cairo backend
Release 0.8.6
* Call error() when font loading fails
* Be less strict parsing TTF tables (bug #16940)
* Fix crash due to uninitialized variable
Qt 4 frontend:
* Make the paper color setting working as it should
* Make sure to use the correct page width/height for form widgets coordinates
Release 0.8.5
* Fix crash on PDF that define a page thumbnail but it's not a Stream
* Fix crash when Annots object is not of the desired type
* Fix crash when obtaining fonts in PDF where XObjects link themselves in loops
* Fix crash on documents with an IRT object
* Saving should work much better now
* Plug some memory leaks in Annotation handling
* pdftohtml: Don't crash on documents that specify an invalid named dest for a link
* pdftohtml: Make html output to keep all the spaces with &nbsp;
* pdftohtml: Improve a bit text layout
* pdftohtml: Make xml output valid xml
Release 0.8.4
* Fix leak in
* Fix uninitialized variable that broke file saving in some cases
* Use a single global FT_Library in CairoOutputDev.
Fixes some crashes in CairoOutputDev.
Qt 4 frontend:
* Fix saving over existing files
build system:
* Make sure Qt4 moc is used to generate moc files in Qt4 frontend
Release 0.8.3
* Fix crash when reading some PDF with annotations
* Fix crash on PDF that reference Optional Content elements that don't exist
* Fix leaks on error conditions
* Do not limit CharCodeToUnicodeString to 8 characters
* Support for surrogates outside the BMP plane
Qt 3 frontend:
* Fix crash when reading PDF with password
* Fix leak when calling scanForFonts()
Qt 4 frontend:
* Fix the text() method
Splash renderer:
* Fix compilation with --enable-fixedpoint
Release 0.8.2
* Fix call broken by a fix introduced in 0.8.1
Release 0.8.1
* Do not call FT_Done_Face on a live cairo_font_face_t as it might cause crashes
* Do not take into account Colorspace resource subdictionary for image XObjects
* Downsample 16 bit per component images to 8 bit per component so they render
build system:
* Link to pthread when the system needs it
* Fix comparing against NULL instead against INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE when calling FindFirstFile
Release 0.8.0
* Fix caching of members in the glib frontend causing issues with rendering
* Change glib public api to have a correct naming
* Some better error handling on corner cases
* Check the document stream is seekable when opening it
* Build fixes with autotools and with cmake
* Fix infinite recursion on some malformed documents when consulting the fonts
* Fix possible crash when asking for Movie contents
Release 0.7.3 (0.8 RC 2)
* Fix regression in Splash renderer
* Fix off-by-one write in Splash
* Plug some minor leaks in Optional Content code
* Improve error handling when creating a document in the glib frontend
Release 0.7.2 (0.8 RC 1)
Major Changes:
* Improve font matching not forcing default values onto Fontconfig
* Add preliminary annotations support in the glib frontend
* Initial Movie support in the core
* Make GDK dependency optional in glib bindings
Minor Changes:
* Make the core able to read mime types of embedded files
* Qt4 API for accessing mime types of embedded files
* Handle correctly check state of optional content groups
regarding parents state
* Avoid setting singular CTM matrices on the Cairo backend
* Improved Qt4 API to get character position
* Qt4 api documentation improvements
* Qt4 minor stability fixes
* Proper lib64 Qt detection
* Fix build when compiling without cairo support
Release 0.7.1 (0.8 Beta 2)
Major Changes:
* Really distribute CMake files as optional build tool
* Initial Optional Content support in core and in the Qt4 frontend
Minor Changes:
* Allow grouped checkboxes to be selected individually
* Qt4 demo program improvements
* Keep cairo and cairo_shape consistent
* Safety checks on Splash renderer so that it does not draw outside the allocated bitmap
* Do not try to display bitmaps of invalid size
* Fix building with exceptions
* Improvements for building with MSVC and CMake
Release 0.7.0 (0.8 Beta 1)
* Saving support
* Partial annotation support
* Forms improvements
* Add support for ActualText entries
* Display characters outside of unicode BMP with TT font
* CJK rendering fixes
* Implement Adobe Glyph Naming convention for fonts
* CMake as optional build tool
* Better font scaling for non embedded fonts
* Preserve PDF page labels when we output as postscript
Release 0.6.4
Qt4 frontend:
* Fix crash on links that point to a non existant page
* Make Document::renderHints return the correct render hints
* Fix infinite loop when parsing LineAnnotation
* Fix crash in the Splash renderer when T3 fonts are badly defined
* Draw underlined Links correctly
* Fix two use after free bugs in
build system:
* Fix build on mingw32
* Distribute the glade file of pdf-inspector
Release 0.6.3
* Fix crash in extra debug code
glib frontend:
* Make sure passwords are passed correctly to poppler core
Qt frontend:
* Fix crash on documents that specify an empty date
build system:
* Disable gtk tests if the user disabled glib frontend
Release 0.6.2
poppler core:
* Fix CVE-2007-4352, CVE-2007-5392 and CVE-2007-5393
* Fix a crash on documents with wrong CCITTFaxStream
* Fix a crash in the Cairo renderer with invalid embedded fonts
* Fix a crash with invalid TrueType fonts
* Check if font is inside the clip area before rendering
it to a temporary bitmap in the Splash renderer. Fixes crashes on
incorrect documents
* Do not use exit(1) on DCTStream errors
* Detect form fields at any depth level
* Do not generate appearance stream for radio buttons that are not active
* mingw fixes
build system:
* Require fontconfig >= 2.0
* builddir != srcdir fixes
Qt4 frontend:
* Improved documentation
* Fix FSF address
Release 0.6.1
poppler core:
* Fix printing with different x and y scale
* Fix crash when Form Fields array contains references to non existent objects
* Fix crash in CairoOutputDev::drawMaskedImage()
* Fix embedded file description not working on some cases
Qt4 frontend:
* Fix printing issue
* Avoid double free
* Fix memory leak when dealing with embedded files
glib frontend:
* Fix build with --disable-cairo-output
* Do not return unknown field type for signature form fields
build system:
* Support automake-1.10
* More compatible sh code in qt.m4
* Fix build on Sun Studio compiler
Release 0.6
- CairoOutputDev fixes
- Allow pdftoppm to read/write from stdin/stdout
- API work on Qt4 frontend
- Fix pdfimages produces inverted image for black & white image
- Fix error on the NFKC text matching routine
- Add support for word and line selections
- Do not enforce %%EOF at the end of file
- Pad zeroes instead of aborting when rendering 1-bit images
and the stream is too short
- Update glib bindings documentation
Release 0.5.91 (0.6 Release Candidate 2)
- Various memory leaks fixed
- Compile with --enable-fixedpoint. Bug #11110
- Header cleanup
- Remove dependency on debugxml. Bug #11187
- Allow access to document metadata in glib and qt4 frontends
- Several glib API frontend improvements
- Fix crash on accessing embedded files
- Build on Sun Force compiler
- Render '*' instead of the actual content in password form fields
- Fix pdftohtml complex output. Bug #9746 and #11610
- Windows build fixes
- Improve Japanese font support. Bug #11413
- Do not exit the program on files that confuse libjpeg
- Update required cairo version to 1.4
- Fix CVE-2007-3387
Release 0.5.9 (0.6 Release Candidate)
- Merge xpdf 3.02 changes
- Qt4 frontend is not marked anymore as unstable
- Support for Sound objects
- Support for Opening/Closing page actions
- Support for page duration
- Improve PS Tokenizer performance thanks to Scott Turner
- Various speed ups by Krzysztof Kowalczyk
- Beginning of Interactive Form support by Julien Rebetez
- xpdfrc is no longer used for anything
- Add AbiWord output device and pdftoabw program by Jauco Noordzij
- Fix security issue MOAB-06-01-2007
- Lots of bugs fixed
Release 0.5.4
- Automatically read in CJK encoding files if they're
installed (#2984, #7105, #7093). This works with the new
poppler-data package.
- Speed ups by Krzysztof Kowalczyk (#8112)
- Patch from Dom Lachowicz to let the utils take input on stdin.
- Bugs fixed (#8182, #4649, #7906, #8048, #7113, #4515, #3948,
#7924, #7780, #7646, #6948, #7788, #7661, #7005)
Release 0.5.3
- Add poppler as a private requires of poppler-glib.
- Allow CairoFont creation to fail more gracefully (#4030).
- Back out the rest of krh's type3 font work.
- Revert splashModeRGB8 changes.
- Add missing poppler-annotation-helper.h.
Release 0.5.2
- Much improved Qt bindings (Albert Astals Cid).
- Cairo backend now supports masked images (Jeff Muizelaar, #6174).
- Patches from Kouhei Sutou to make glib bindings more
language binding friendly (#6907, #6897, #6899, #6905).
- Search now works with ligatures (Ed Catmull, #2929).
- The glib bindings now has an entry point to render to a cairo_t.
- GCC 4.1 and MSVC compilation fixes.
- Memory leaks plugged: #6908, #6947, #6765, #6764, #6187
- Misc bug fixes: #6984, #6896, #6913, #6926, #4481, #5951,
#6551, #6500, #6492, #6454, #6079, #6167.
Release 0.5.1
- Support for embedded files.
- Handle 0-width lines correctly.
- Avoid external file use when opening fonts.
- Only use vector fonts returned from fontconfig (#5758).
- Fix scaled 1x1 pixmaps use for drawing lines (#3387).
- drawSoftMaskedImage support in cairo backend.
- Misc bug fixes: #5922, #5946, #5749, #5952, #4030, #5420.
Release 0.5.0
- Font matching code for non embedded fonts now use fontconfig
instead of hard coded list of fonts.
- Merge in Xpdf 3.01 changes.
- Add command line tools from Xpdf.
- Make install of Xpdf header files ./configure'able.
Release 0.4.0
- Real text selection.
- API breakage in glib wrapper: dropping dest_x and dest_y
arguments from poppler_page_render_to_pixbuf().
Release 0.3.3
- New glib API to get document font information (Marco).
- More document properties available as glib properties (Emil
Soleyman-Zomalan, #3359)
- Optimize color conversion for images.
- Support for constant opacity.
- Fix problems with pkg-config files.
- Bugs fixes: #3491, #2911, #3362, #3340, #3265, #3239, #3396.
Release 0.3.2
- New API to get poppler version and backend type.
- Various font fixes from Albert Astals Cid.
- Update to cairo 0.5.0 API, including better font support.
- Meta data for the glib binding.
Release 0.3.1
- Add qt/poppler-private.h to SOURCES
- Jeff's path to use zlib instead of builtin decompression.
- Bug fixes: #2934, segfault on invalid links, #3114
Release 0.3.0
- First cut at qt wrapper, including a getText() method for
getting text from a page.
- More glib functionality: meta data, set page orientation,
print to PS
- Performance fixes for glib cairo
- Bug fixes
Release 0.2.0 (Tue Apr 5 12:32:10 EDT 2005)
- Add glib wrapper for poppler, which will use cairo rendering
if available
- Support for page labels
- configure and build fixes.
Release 0.1.2 (Wed Mar 9 10:45:58 EST 2005)
- cairo optimizations and fixes from Jeff Muizelaar
- Bump cairo requirement to 0.4
- Make cairo and gtk checks fail gracefully
Release 0.1.1
- Fix issues with installed header files including config.h
- Fix a couple of typos in pkg-config files
- Install splash and cairo header files when necessary
Release 0.1 - no date yet
- First release
- More NEWS here