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// PDFDoc.h
// Copyright 1996-2003 Glyph & Cog, LLC
#ifndef PDFDOC_H
#define PDFDOC_H
#pragma interface
#include <stdio.h>
#include "XRef.h"
#include "Link.h"
#include "Catalog.h"
#include "Page.h"
#include "Annot.h"
class GooString;
class BaseStream;
class OutputDev;
class Links;
class LinkAction;
class LinkDest;
class Outline;
// PDFDoc
class PDFDoc {
PDFDoc(GooString *fileNameA, GooString *ownerPassword = NULL,
GooString *userPassword = NULL);
PDFDoc(BaseStream *strA, GooString *ownerPassword = NULL,
GooString *userPassword = NULL);
// Was PDF document successfully opened?
GBool isOk() { return ok; }
// Get the error code (if isOk() returns false).
int getErrorCode() { return errCode; }
// Get file name.
GooString *getFileName() { return fileName; }
// Get the xref table.
XRef *getXRef() { return xref; }
// Get catalog.
Catalog *getCatalog() { return catalog; }
// Get base stream.
BaseStream *getBaseStream() { return str; }
// Get page parameters.
double getPageWidth(int page)
{ return catalog->getPage(page)->getWidth(); }
double getPageHeight(int page)
{ return catalog->getPage(page)->getHeight(); }
int getPageRotate(int page)
{ return catalog->getPage(page)->getRotate(); }
// Get number of pages.
int getNumPages() { return catalog->getNumPages(); }
// Return the contents of the metadata stream, or NULL if there is
// no metadata.
GooString *readMetadata() { return catalog->readMetadata(); }
// Return the structure tree root object.
Object *getStructTreeRoot() { return catalog->getStructTreeRoot(); }
// Display a page.
void displayPage(OutputDev *out, int page, double hDPI, double vDPI,
int rotate, GBool crop, GBool doLinks,
GBool (*abortCheckCbk)(void *data) = NULL,
void *abortCheckCbkData = NULL,
GBool (*annotDisplayDecideCbk)(Annot *annot, void *user_data) = NULL,
void *annotDisplayDecideCbkData = NULL);
// Display a range of pages.
void displayPages(OutputDev *out, int firstPage, int lastPage,
double hDPI, double vDPI, int rotate,
GBool crop, GBool doLinks,
GBool (*abortCheckCbk)(void *data) = NULL,
void *abortCheckCbkData = NULL,
GBool (*annotDisplayDecideCbk)(Annot *annot, void *user_data) = NULL,
void *annotDisplayDecideCbkData = NULL);
// Display part of a page.
void displayPageSlice(OutputDev *out, int page,
double hDPI, double vDPI,
int rotate, GBool crop,
int sliceX, int sliceY, int sliceW, int sliceH,
GBool (*abortCheckCbk)(void *data) = NULL,
void *abortCheckCbkData = NULL,
GBool (*annotDisplayDecideCbk)(Annot *annot, void *user_data) = NULL,
void *annotDisplayDecideCbkData = NULL);
// Find a page, given its object ID. Returns page number, or 0 if
// not found.
int findPage(int num, int gen) { return catalog->findPage(num, gen); }
// If point <x>,<y> is in a link, return the associated action;
// else return NULL.
LinkAction *findLink(double x, double y)
{ return links ? links->find(x, y) : (LinkAction *)NULL; }
// Return true if <x>,<y> is in a link.
GBool onLink(double x, double y) { return links->onLink(x, y); }
// Find a named destination. Returns the link destination, or
// NULL if <name> is not a destination.
LinkDest *findDest(GooString *name)
{ return catalog->findDest(name); }
// Return the outline object.
Outline *getOutline() { return outline; }
// Is the file encrypted?
GBool isEncrypted() { return xref->isEncrypted(); }
// Check various permissions.
GBool okToPrint(GBool ignoreOwnerPW = gFalse)
{ return xref->okToPrint(ignoreOwnerPW); }
GBool okToPrintHighRes(GBool ignoreOwnerPW = gFalse)
{ return xref->okToPrintHighRes(ignoreOwnerPW); }
GBool okToChange(GBool ignoreOwnerPW = gFalse)
{ return xref->okToChange(ignoreOwnerPW); }
GBool okToCopy(GBool ignoreOwnerPW = gFalse)
{ return xref->okToCopy(ignoreOwnerPW); }
GBool okToAddNotes(GBool ignoreOwnerPW = gFalse)
{ return xref->okToAddNotes(ignoreOwnerPW); }
GBool okToFillForm(GBool ignoreOwnerPW = gFalse)
{ return xref->okToFillForm(ignoreOwnerPW); }
GBool okToAccessibility(GBool ignoreOwnerPW = gFalse)
{ return xref->okToAccessibility(ignoreOwnerPW); }
GBool okToAssemble(GBool ignoreOwnerPW = gFalse)
{ return xref->okToAssemble(ignoreOwnerPW); }
// Is this document linearized?
GBool isLinearized();
// Return the document's Info dictionary (if any).
Object *getDocInfo(Object *obj) { return xref->getDocInfo(obj); }
Object *getDocInfoNF(Object *obj) { return xref->getDocInfoNF(obj); }
// Return the PDF version specified by the file.
double getPDFVersion() { return pdfVersion; }
// Save this file with another name.
GBool saveAs(GooString *name);
GBool setup(GooString *ownerPassword, GooString *userPassword);
GBool checkFooter();
void checkHeader();
void getLinks(Page *page);
GooString *fileName;
FILE *file;
BaseStream *str;
double pdfVersion;
XRef *xref;
Catalog *catalog;
Links *links;
Outline *outline;
GBool ok;
int errCode;