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// GlobalParams.h
// Copyright 2001-2003 Glyph & Cog, LLC
#pragma interface
#include "poppler-config.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>
#include "goo/gtypes.h"
#include "CharTypes.h"
#include <goo/GooMutex.h>
class GooString;
class GooList;
class GooHash;
class NameToCharCode;
class CharCodeToUnicode;
class CharCodeToUnicodeCache;
class UnicodeMap;
class UnicodeMapCache;
class CMap;
class CMapCache;
class GlobalParams;
class GfxFont;
// The global parameters object.
extern GlobalParams *globalParams;
enum DisplayFontParamKind {
class DisplayFontParam {
GooString *name; // font name for 8-bit fonts and named
// CID fonts; collection name for
// generic CID fonts
DisplayFontParamKind kind;
union {
struct {
GooString *fileName;
} t1;
struct {
GooString *fileName;
} tt;
DisplayFontParam(GooString *nameA, DisplayFontParamKind kindA);
class PSFontParam {
GooString *pdfFontName; // PDF font name for 8-bit fonts and
// named 16-bit fonts; char collection
// name for generic 16-bit fonts
int wMode; // writing mode (0=horiz, 1=vert) for
// 16-bit fonts
GooString *psFontName; // PostScript font name
GooString *encoding; // encoding, for 16-bit fonts only
PSFontParam(GooString *pdfFontNameA, int wModeA,
GooString *psFontNameA, GooString *encodingA);
enum PSLevel {
enum EndOfLineKind {
eolUnix, // LF
eolDOS, // CR+LF
eolMac // CR
class GlobalParams {
// Initialize the global parameters by attempting to read a config
// file.
GlobalParams(char *cfgFileName);
//----- accessors
CharCode getMacRomanCharCode(char *charName);
Unicode mapNameToUnicode(char *charName);
UnicodeMap *getResidentUnicodeMap(GooString *encodingName);
FILE *getUnicodeMapFile(GooString *encodingName);
FILE *findCMapFile(GooString *collection, GooString *cMapName);
FILE *findToUnicodeFile(GooString *name);
DisplayFontParam *getDisplayFont(GfxFont *font);
GooString *getPSFile();
int getPSPaperWidth();
int getPSPaperHeight();
void getPSImageableArea(int *llx, int *lly, int *urx, int *ury);
GBool getPSDuplex();
GBool getPSCrop();
GBool getPSExpandSmaller();
GBool getPSShrinkLarger();
GBool getPSCenter();
PSLevel getPSLevel();
PSFontParam *getPSFont(GooString *fontName);
PSFontParam *getPSFont16(GooString *fontName, GooString *collection, int wMode);
GBool getPSEmbedType1();
GBool getPSEmbedTrueType();
GBool getPSEmbedCIDPostScript();
GBool getPSEmbedCIDTrueType();
GBool getPSOPI();
GBool getPSASCIIHex();
GooString *getTextEncodingName();
EndOfLineKind getTextEOL();
GBool getTextPageBreaks();
GBool getTextKeepTinyChars();
GooString *findFontFile(GooString *fontName, char **exts);
GooString *getInitialZoom();
GBool getEnableT1lib();
GBool getEnableFreeType();
GBool getAntialias();
GooString *getURLCommand() { return urlCommand; }
GooString *getMovieCommand() { return movieCommand; }
GBool getMapNumericCharNames();
GBool getPrintCommands();
GBool getErrQuiet();
CharCodeToUnicode *getCIDToUnicode(GooString *collection);
CharCodeToUnicode *getUnicodeToUnicode(GooString *fontName);
UnicodeMap *getUnicodeMap(GooString *encodingName);
CMap *getCMap(GooString *collection, GooString *cMapName);
UnicodeMap *getTextEncoding();
//----- functions to set parameters
void setPSFile(char *file);
GBool setPSPaperSize(char *size);
void setPSPaperWidth(int width);
void setPSPaperHeight(int height);
void setPSImageableArea(int llx, int lly, int urx, int ury);
void setPSDuplex(GBool duplex);
void setPSCrop(GBool crop);
void setPSExpandSmaller(GBool expand);
void setPSShrinkLarger(GBool shrink);
void setPSCenter(GBool center);
void setPSLevel(PSLevel level);
void setPSEmbedType1(GBool embed);
void setPSEmbedTrueType(GBool embed);
void setPSEmbedCIDPostScript(GBool embed);
void setPSEmbedCIDTrueType(GBool embed);
void setPSOPI(GBool opi);
void setPSASCIIHex(GBool hex);
void setTextEncoding(char *encodingName);
GBool setTextEOL(char *s);
void setTextPageBreaks(GBool pageBreaks);
void setTextKeepTinyChars(GBool keep);
void setInitialZoom(char *s);
GBool setEnableT1lib(char *s);
GBool setEnableFreeType(char *s);
GBool setAntialias(char *s);
void setMapNumericCharNames(GBool map);
void setPrintCommands(GBool printCommandsA);
void setErrQuiet(GBool errQuietA);
void parseFile(GooString *fileName, FILE *f);
void parseNameToUnicode(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseCIDToUnicode(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseUnicodeToUnicode(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseUnicodeMap(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseCMapDir(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseToUnicodeDir(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parsePSFile(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parsePSPaperSize(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parsePSImageableArea(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parsePSLevel(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parsePSFont(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parsePSFont16(char *cmdName, GooList *fontList,
GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseTextEncoding(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseTextEOL(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseFontDir(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseInitialZoom(GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseCommand(char *cmdName, GooString **val,
GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
void parseYesNo(char *cmdName, GBool *flag,
GooList *tokens, GooString *fileName, int line);
GBool parseYesNo2(char *token, GBool *flag);
UnicodeMap *getUnicodeMap2(GooString *encodingName);
//----- static tables
NameToCharCode * // mapping from char name to
macRomanReverseMap; // MacRomanEncoding index
//----- user-modifiable settings
NameToCharCode * // mapping from char name to Unicode
GooHash *cidToUnicodes; // files for mappings from char collections
// to Unicode, indexed by collection name
// [GooString]
GooHash *unicodeToUnicodes; // files for Unicode-to-Unicode mappings,
// indexed by font name pattern [GooString]
GooHash *residentUnicodeMaps; // mappings from Unicode to char codes,
// indexed by encoding name [UnicodeMap]
GooHash *unicodeMaps; // files for mappings from Unicode to char
// codes, indexed by encoding name [GooString]
GooHash *cMapDirs; // list of CMap dirs, indexed by collection
// name [GooList[GooString]]
GooList *toUnicodeDirs; // list of ToUnicode CMap dirs [GooString]
GooHash *displayFonts; // display font info, indexed by font name
// [DisplayFontParam]
GooString *psFile; // PostScript file or command (for xpdf)
int psPaperWidth; // paper size, in PostScript points, for
int psPaperHeight; // PostScript output
int psImageableLLX, // imageable area, in PostScript points,
psImageableLLY, // for PostScript output
GBool psCrop; // crop PS output to CropBox
GBool psExpandSmaller; // expand smaller pages to fill paper
GBool psShrinkLarger; // shrink larger pages to fit paper
GBool psCenter; // center pages on the paper
GBool psDuplex; // enable duplexing in PostScript?
PSLevel psLevel; // PostScript level to generate
GooHash *psFonts; // PostScript font info, indexed by PDF
// font name [PSFontParam]
GooList *psNamedFonts16; // named 16-bit fonts [PSFontParam]
GooList *psFonts16; // generic 16-bit fonts [PSFontParam]
GBool psEmbedType1; // embed Type 1 fonts?
GBool psEmbedTrueType; // embed TrueType fonts?
GBool psEmbedCIDPostScript; // embed CID PostScript fonts?
GBool psEmbedCIDTrueType; // embed CID TrueType fonts?
GBool psOPI; // generate PostScript OPI comments?
GBool psASCIIHex; // use ASCIIHex instead of ASCII85?
GooString *textEncoding; // encoding (unicodeMap) to use for text
// output
EndOfLineKind textEOL; // type of EOL marker to use for text
// output
GBool textPageBreaks; // insert end-of-page markers?
GBool textKeepTinyChars; // keep all characters in text output
GooList *fontDirs; // list of font dirs [GooString]
GooString *initialZoom; // initial zoom level
GBool enableT1lib; // t1lib enable flag
GBool enableFreeType; // FreeType enable flag
GBool antialias; // anti-aliasing enable flag
GooString *urlCommand; // command executed for URL links
GooString *movieCommand; // command executed for movie annotations
GBool mapNumericCharNames; // map numeric char names (from font subsets)?
GBool printCommands; // print the drawing commands
GBool errQuiet; // suppress error messages?
CharCodeToUnicodeCache *cidToUnicodeCache;
CharCodeToUnicodeCache *unicodeToUnicodeCache;
UnicodeMapCache *unicodeMapCache;
CMapCache *cMapCache;
FcConfig *FCcfg;
GooMutex mutex;
GooMutex unicodeMapCacheMutex;
GooMutex cMapCacheMutex;