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// Splash.h
// Modified under the Poppler project -
// All changes made under the Poppler project to this file are licensed
// under GPL version 2 or later
// Copyright (C) 2005 Marco Pesenti Gritti <>
// Copyright (C) 2007 Albert Astals Cid <>
// Copyright (C) 2010 Thomas Freitag <>
// Copyright (C) 2010 Christian Feuersänger <>
// To see a description of the changes please see the Changelog file that
// came with your tarball or type make ChangeLog if you are building from git
#ifndef SPLASH_H
#define SPLASH_H
#pragma interface
#include "SplashTypes.h"
#include "SplashClip.h"
#include "SplashPattern.h"
class SplashBitmap;
struct SplashGlyphBitmap;
class SplashState;
class SplashScreen;
class SplashPath;
class SplashXPath;
class SplashFont;
struct SplashPipe;
// Retrieves the next line of pixels in an image mask. Normally,
// fills in *<line> and returns true. If the image stream is
// exhausted, returns false.
typedef GBool (*SplashImageMaskSource)(void *data, SplashColorPtr pixel);
// Retrieves the next line of pixels in an image. Normally, fills in
// *<line> and returns true. If the image stream is exhausted,
// returns false.
typedef GBool (*SplashImageSource)(void *data, SplashColorPtr colorLine,
Guchar *alphaLine);
enum SplashPipeResultColorCtrl {
// Splash
class Splash {
// Create a new rasterizer object.
Splash(SplashBitmap *bitmapA, GBool vectorAntialiasA,
SplashScreenParams *screenParams = NULL);
Splash(SplashBitmap *bitmapA, GBool vectorAntialiasA,
SplashScreen *screenA);
//----- state read
SplashCoord *getMatrix();
SplashPattern *getStrokePattern();
SplashPattern *getFillPattern();
SplashScreen *getScreen();
SplashBlendFunc getBlendFunc();
SplashCoord getStrokeAlpha();
SplashCoord getFillAlpha();
SplashCoord getLineWidth();
int getLineCap();
int getLineJoin();
SplashCoord getMiterLimit();
SplashCoord getFlatness();
SplashCoord *getLineDash();
int getLineDashLength();
SplashCoord getLineDashPhase();
SplashClip *getClip();
SplashBitmap *getSoftMask();
GBool getInNonIsolatedGroup();
//----- state write
void setMatrix(SplashCoord *matrix);
void setStrokePattern(SplashPattern *strokeColor);
void setFillPattern(SplashPattern *fillColor);
void setScreen(SplashScreen *screen);
void setBlendFunc(SplashBlendFunc func);
void setStrokeAlpha(SplashCoord alpha);
void setFillAlpha(SplashCoord alpha);
void setLineWidth(SplashCoord lineWidth);
void setLineCap(int lineCap);
void setLineJoin(int lineJoin);
void setMiterLimit(SplashCoord miterLimit);
void setFlatness(SplashCoord flatness);
// the <lineDash> array will be copied
void setLineDash(SplashCoord *lineDash, int lineDashLength,
SplashCoord lineDashPhase);
void setStrokeAdjust(GBool strokeAdjust);
// NB: uses transformed coordinates.
void clipResetToRect(SplashCoord x0, SplashCoord y0,
SplashCoord x1, SplashCoord y1);
// NB: uses transformed coordinates.
SplashError clipToRect(SplashCoord x0, SplashCoord y0,
SplashCoord x1, SplashCoord y1);
// NB: uses untransformed coordinates.
SplashError clipToPath(SplashPath *path, GBool eo);
void setSoftMask(SplashBitmap *softMask);
void setInNonIsolatedGroup(SplashBitmap *alpha0BitmapA,
int alpha0XA, int alpha0YA);
//----- state save/restore
void saveState();
SplashError restoreState();
//----- drawing operations
// Fill the bitmap with <color>. This is not subject to clipping.
void clear(SplashColorPtr color, Guchar alpha = 0x00);
// Stroke a path using the current stroke pattern.
SplashError stroke(SplashPath *path);
// Fill a path using the current fill pattern.
SplashError fill(SplashPath *path, GBool eo);
// Fill a path, XORing with the current fill pattern.
SplashError xorFill(SplashPath *path, GBool eo);
// Draw a character, using the current fill pattern.
SplashError fillChar(SplashCoord x, SplashCoord y, int c, SplashFont *font);
// Draw a glyph, using the current fill pattern. This function does
// not free any data, i.e., it ignores glyph->freeData.
void fillGlyph(SplashCoord x, SplashCoord y,
SplashGlyphBitmap *glyph);
// Draws an image mask using the fill color. This will read <h>
// lines of <w> pixels from <src>, starting with the top line. "1"
// pixels will be drawn with the current fill color; "0" pixels are
// transparent. The matrix:
// [ mat[0] mat[1] 0 ]
// [ mat[2] mat[3] 0 ]
// [ mat[4] mat[5] 1 ]
// maps a unit square to the desired destination for the image, in
// PostScript style:
// [x' y' 1] = [x y 1] * mat
// Note that the Splash y axis points downward, and the image source
// is assumed to produce pixels in raster order, starting from the
// top line.
SplashError fillImageMask(SplashImageMaskSource src, void *srcData,
int w, int h, SplashCoord *mat,
GBool glyphMode);
// Draw an image. This will read <h> lines of <w> pixels from
// <src>, starting with the top line. These pixels are assumed to
// be in the source mode, <srcMode>. If <srcAlpha> is true, the
// alpha values returned by <src> are used; otherwise they are
// ignored. The following combinations of source and target modes
// are supported:
// source target
// ------ ------
// Mono1 Mono1
// Mono8 Mono1 -- with dithering
// Mono8 Mono8
// RGB8 RGB8
// BGR8 BGR8
// The matrix behaves as for fillImageMask.
SplashError drawImage(SplashImageSource src, void *srcData,
SplashColorMode srcMode, GBool srcAlpha,
int w, int h, SplashCoord *mat);
// Composite a rectangular region from <src> onto this Splash
// object.
SplashError composite(SplashBitmap *src, int xSrc, int ySrc,
int xDest, int yDest, int w, int h,
GBool noClip, GBool nonIsolated);
// Composite this Splash object onto a background color. The
// background alpha is assumed to be 1.
void compositeBackground(SplashColorPtr color);
// Copy a rectangular region from <src> onto the bitmap belonging to
// this Splash object. The destination alpha values are all set to
// zero.
SplashError blitTransparent(SplashBitmap *src, int xSrc, int ySrc,
int xDest, int yDest, int w, int h);
//----- misc
// Construct a path for a stroke, given the path to be stroked, and
// using the current line parameters. If <flatten> is true, this
// function will first flatten the path and handle the linedash.
SplashPath *makeStrokePath(SplashPath *path, GBool flatten = gTrue);
// Return the associated bitmap.
SplashBitmap *getBitmap() { return bitmap; }
// Get a bounding box which includes all modifications since the
// last call to clearModRegion.
void getModRegion(int *xMin, int *yMin, int *xMax, int *yMax)
{ *xMin = modXMin; *yMin = modYMin; *xMax = modXMax; *yMax = modYMax; }
// Clear the modified region bounding box.
void clearModRegion();
// Get clipping status for the last drawing operation subject to
// clipping.
SplashClipResult getClipRes() { return opClipRes; }
// Toggle debug mode on or off.
void setDebugMode(GBool debugModeA) { debugMode = debugModeA; }
#if 1 //~tmp: turn off anti-aliasing temporarily
GBool getVectorAntialias() { return vectorAntialias; }
void setVectorAntialias(GBool vaa) { vectorAntialias = vaa; }
// Do shaded fills with dynamic patterns
SplashError shadedFill(SplashPath *path, GBool hasBBox,
SplashPattern *pattern);
// Draw a gouraud triangle shading.
GBool gouraudTriangleShadedFill(SplashGouraudColor *shading);
void pipeInit(SplashPipe *pipe, int x, int y,
SplashPattern *pattern, SplashColorPtr cSrc,
SplashCoord aInput, GBool usesShape,
GBool nonIsolatedGroup);
void pipeRun(SplashPipe *pipe);
void pipeSetXY(SplashPipe *pipe, int x, int y);
void pipeIncX(SplashPipe *pipe);
void drawPixel(SplashPipe *pipe, int x, int y, GBool noClip);
void drawAAPixelInit();
void drawAAPixel(SplashPipe *pipe, int x, int y);
void drawSpan(SplashPipe *pipe, int x0, int x1, int y, GBool noClip);
void drawAALine(SplashPipe *pipe, int x0, int x1, int y);
void transform(SplashCoord *matrix, SplashCoord xi, SplashCoord yi,
SplashCoord *xo, SplashCoord *yo);
void updateModX(int x);
void updateModY(int y);
void strokeNarrow(SplashPath *path);
void strokeWide(SplashPath *path);
SplashPath *flattenPath(SplashPath *path, SplashCoord *matrix,
SplashCoord flatness);
void flattenCurve(SplashCoord x0, SplashCoord y0,
SplashCoord x1, SplashCoord y1,
SplashCoord x2, SplashCoord y2,
SplashCoord x3, SplashCoord y3,
SplashCoord *matrix, SplashCoord flatness2,
SplashPath *fPath);
SplashPath *makeDashedPath(SplashPath *xPath);
SplashError fillWithPattern(SplashPath *path, GBool eo,
SplashPattern *pattern, SplashCoord alpha);
void fillGlyph2(int x0, int y0, SplashGlyphBitmap *glyph, GBool noclip);
void dumpPath(SplashPath *path);
void dumpXPath(SplashXPath *path);
static SplashPipeResultColorCtrl pipeResultColorNoAlphaBlend[];
static SplashPipeResultColorCtrl pipeResultColorAlphaNoBlend[];
static SplashPipeResultColorCtrl pipeResultColorAlphaBlend[];
static int pipeNonIsoGroupCorrection[];
SplashBitmap *bitmap;
SplashState *state;
SplashBitmap *aaBuf;
int aaBufY;
SplashBitmap *alpha0Bitmap; // for non-isolated groups, this is the
// bitmap containing the alpha0 values
int alpha0X, alpha0Y; // offset within alpha0Bitmap
SplashCoord aaGamma[splashAASize * splashAASize + 1];
int modXMin, modYMin, modXMax, modYMax;
SplashClipResult opClipRes;
GBool vectorAntialias;
GBool debugMode;