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// SignatureHandler.h
// This file is licensed under the GPLv2 or later
// Copyright 2015 André Guerreiro <>
// Copyright 2015 André Esser <>
// Copyright 2015, 2017, 2019 Albert Astals Cid <>
// Copyright 2017 Hans-Ulrich Jüttner <>
// Copyright 2018 Chinmoy Ranjan Pradhan <>
// Copyright 2018 Oliver Sander <>
#include "goo/GooString.h"
#include "SignatureInfo.h"
#include "CertificateInfo.h"
/* NSPR Headers */
#include <nspr.h>
/* NSS headers */
#include <cms.h>
#include <nss.h>
#include <cert.h>
#include <cryptohi.h>
#include <secerr.h>
#include <secoid.h>
#include <secmodt.h>
#include <sechash.h>
class SignatureHandler
SignatureHandler(unsigned char *p7, int p7_length);
time_t getSigningTime();
char * getSignerName();
const char * getSignerSubjectDN();
HASH_HashType getHashAlgorithm();
void setSignature(unsigned char *, int);
void updateHash(unsigned char * data_block, int data_len);
SignatureValidationStatus validateSignature();
// Use -1 as validation_time for now
CertificateValidationStatus validateCertificate(time_t validation_time);
std::unique_ptr<X509CertificateInfo> getCertificateInfo() const;
// Initializes the NSS dir with the custom given directory
// calling it with an empty string means use the default firefox db, /etc/pki/nssdb, ~/.pki/nssdb
// If you don't want a custom NSS dir and the default entries are fine for you, not calling this function is fine
// If wanted, this has to be called before doing signature validation calls
static void setNSSDir(const GooString &nssDir);
SignatureHandler(const SignatureHandler &);
SignatureHandler& operator=(const SignatureHandler &);
unsigned int digestLength(SECOidTag digestAlgId);
NSSCMSMessage *CMS_MessageCreate(SECItem * cms_item);
NSSCMSSignedData *CMS_SignedDataCreate(NSSCMSMessage * cms_msg);
NSSCMSSignerInfo *CMS_SignerInfoCreate(NSSCMSSignedData * cms_sig_data);
HASHContext * initHashContext();
X509CertificateInfo::EntityInfo getEntityInfo(CERTName *entityName) const;
unsigned int hash_length;
SECItem CMSitem;
HASHContext *hash_context;
NSSCMSMessage *CMSMessage;
NSSCMSSignedData *CMSSignedData;
NSSCMSSignerInfo *CMSSignerInfo;
CERTCertificate **temp_certs;