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* general items:
- Investigate better (that is, normal) text selection.
- Use PDF font descriptors to create an FcPattern.
- Add simle performance benchmark that takes a pdf and renders
every page 100 times or so. Start keeping track of
- make color space conversion stuff more sane (right now we
hack around some of it in the cairo backend)
- move away from getChar to a more read(2) like interface
* core:
- use libtiff for ccitt decoding?
* Qt4 frontend:
- expose Rendition media through the MovieObject API
- use Q_GLOBAL_STATIC for GlobalParams?
- use QSettings or another system for loading/saving Document/global settings?
- expose API for lcms/color management system
* glib frontend:
- Sound/Movie actions support
- API to create annotations
* new frontends:
- toolkit-agnostic C or C++ frontend
- Java/JNI-based frontend for Android
* cairo backend:
- Implement linear/radial gradients with cairo gradients
- PDF Blend Modes
- Make the cairo backend feature complete and optimize the
heck out of it.
Jeff Muizelaar's TODO:
Short Term:
- factor out some of the color conversion code from CairoOutputDev and ArthurOutputDev.
- fix patterned text fills.
Long Term:
- use cairo glyph cache for type3 fonts.
- try to use cairo pattern support.