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Welcome to nanomsg
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nanomsg library is a simple high-performance implementation of several
"scalability protocols". Scalability protocol's job is to define how multiple
applications communicate to form a single distributed application.
For more info check the web site:
Build it with CMake
**Prerequisites:** CMake >=2.8.7 installed and available in $PATH as `cmake`
1. Go to the root directory of the local source repository.
2. To perform an out-of-source build, run:
3. `mkdir build`
4. `cd build`
5. `cmake ..`
6. `cmake --build .`
7. `ctest .`
8. *Note: this CMake build process is evolving. Please [report an issue](
if you run into problems.*
Build it with Autotools (deprecated)
**Warning: this build method is being deprecated; see [issue #648](**
1. Download the package.
2. Unpack it.
3. Go to the root directory of the package.
4. sh
5. ./configure
6. make
7. make check
8. sudo make install
9. On Linux or other platforms which use for dynamic linking, run
ldconfig or equivalent as root to update your system’s shared library cache.
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IRC chatroom: channel #nanomsg at
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