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This project ("nanomsg") or more properly "nanomsg 1.0" is now in
"sustaining" mode.
This means that generally the project maintainers will only integrate fixes
or release new versions when severe defects are found. The reason for this
is that new development effort has transitioned to the "NNG" project
(see for more information).
The possible exception to this would be for features with a specific
commercial sponsorship, for commercial users unable to use NNG.
The NNG project as of this writing has *nearly* complete compatibility
with nanomsg (99% of apps will work with no source code changes, and
the NNG library is also wire compatible with nanomsg, so that projects
built with the two separate libraries can interoperate seamlessly).
In addition it offers higher scalability, reliability, and usability.
It also offers a number of more advanced features.
Commercial support for both NNG and this project ("nanomsg") is offered
by Staysail Systems, Inc. Contact for more information.