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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>
<!DOCTYPE rfc SYSTEM "rfc2629.dtd">
<rfc category="info" docName="sp-websocket-mapping-01">
<title abbrev="WebSocket mapping for SPs">
WebSocket Mapping for Scalability Protocols
<author fullname="Martin Sustrik" initials="M." role="editor"
<date month="November" year="2014" />
<workgroup>Internet Engineering Task Force</workgroup>
<t>This document defines the WebSocket mapping for scalability
<section title = "Underlying protocol">
<t>This mapping should be layered on the top of WebSocket protocol
as defined in RFC 6455.</t>
<section title = "Connection initiation">
<t>Standard WebSocket handshake is done. Sec-WebSocket-Protocol field
MUST be set according to the following table:</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-pair for NN_PAIR sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-req for NN_REQ sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-rep for NN_REP sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-pub for NN_PUB sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-sub for NN_SUB sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-surveyor for NN_SURVEYOR sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-respondent for NN_RESPONDENT sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-push for NN_PUSH sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-pull for NN_PULL sockets</t>
<t>x-nanomsg-bus for NN_BUS sockets</t>
<section title = "Message">
<t>SP message maps directly to WebSocket message. The message can be
fragmented as needed. Frame boundaries are ignored by the SP
<section anchor="IANA" title="IANA Considerations">
<t>This memo includes no request to IANA.</t>
<section anchor="Security" title="Security Considerations">
<t>The mapping isn't intended to provide any additional security in
addition to what WebSocket does. DoS concerns are addressed within
the specification.</t>