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== Support Options
Commercial support for _nanomsg_ and related projects is available.
NOTE: You are under no obligation to purchase commercial support from anyone
to use these, and the latest source code is always open free of charge.
=== Vendors and Consultants
Staysail Systems, Inc.[icon:envelope-o[]][icon:external-link[]]::
Staysail Systems employs the primary developer for nanomsg, nng, and mangos.
Therefore, Staysail Systems can develop new language bindings, ports,
transports, or even protocols, as well as support integration into larger
Adding to this List::
In order to add your name to this list, simply
send a message to[Garrett D'Amore]. Please
include your name, a contact email address or URL, and a sentence or
two about your offering. Alternatively submit a PR for this against the
`gh-pages` branch of the[nanomsg GIT repository].
=== Free/Self Support
Please see the <<community.adoc#,Community>> page for links to community
resources, including chat rooms and the mailing list.