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== Community
=== Mailing List
Discussion about nanomsg happens on mailing list.
Subscribe to the mailing list[here].
You can also browse the mailing list archive[here].
We do ask that discussions on the mailing list be kept on-topic.
=== Gitter chatroom[Gitter] provides a persistent chatroom for nanomsg. You'll need to use your
GitHub account to join. Join the Gitter chat from your web browser[here], or you can use Gitter's nice
app (which is available for all major platforms.)
=== IRC chatroom
There is also an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) room on #freenode for nanomsg.
Unlike Gitter, IRC is not persistent, and does not require you to authenticate.
Note that owing to its lack of persistency, the nanomsg core team prefers
Gitter, so if you need to reach the developers please use Gitter instead.
Join the nanomsg IRC chat from your web browser[here].
To access the chatroom from an IRC client connect to, channel #nanomsg.
Find the logs of past IRC discussion[here].