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Known bugs in libpng version 1.2.59rc01
1. February 23, 2006: The custom makefiles don't build libpng with -lz.
STATUS: This is a subject of debate. The change will probably be made
as a part of a major overhaul of the makefiles in libpng version 1.4.0.
2. February 24, 2006: The Makefile generated by the "configure" script
fails to install symbolic links =>
that are generated by the custom makefiles.
3. September 4, 2007: There is a report that pngtest crashes on MacOS 10.
STATUS: workarounds are
1) Compile without optimization (crashes are observed with
-arch i386 and -O2 or -O3, using gcc-4.0.1).
2) Compile pngtest.c with PNG_DEBUG defined (the bug goes away if
you try to look at it).
3) Ignore the crash. The library itself seems to be OK.