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General fixes:
- AAT 'morx' implementation.
- Return "safe-to-break" bit from shaping.
- Disable 'vert' if 'vrt2' is available (eg. Motoya fonts with arrow chars).
- Implement 'rand' feature.
- mask propagation? (when ligation, "or" the masks).
- Warn at compile time (and runtime with HB_DEBUG?) if no Unicode / font
funcs found / set.
- Do proper rounding when scaling from font space? May be a non-issue.
- Misc features:
* init/medi/fina/isol for non-cursive scripts
API issues to fix before 1.0:
- API to accept a list of languages.
- Add default font_funcs / Unicode funcs API and to utils.
- Add init_func to font_funcs. Adjust ft.
- Add pkg-config files for glue codes (harfbuzz-glib, etc)
- Figure out how many .so objects, how to link, etc
- 'const' for getter APIs? (use mutable internally)
- blob_from_file?
API additions
- Language to/from script.
- Buffer (de)serialize API ala hb-shape?
- Add hb-cairo glue
- Add sanitize API (and a cached version, that saves result on blob user-data)
- Add glib GBoxedType stuff and introspection
- BCP 47 language handling / API (language_matches?)
- Add hb_font_create_linear()?
- Add query API for aalt-like features?
- SFNT api? get_num_faces? get_table_tags? (there's something in stash)
- Add segmentation API
- Add hb-fribidi glue?
hb-view / hb-shape enhancements:
- Add --width, --height, --auto-size, --align, etc?
Tests to write:
- ot-layout enumeration API (needs font)
- Finish test-shape.c, grep for TODO
- Finish test-unicode.c, grep for TODO
- GObject, FreeType, etc
- hb_cache_t and relatives
- hb_feature_to/from_string
- hb_buffer_[sg]et_contents