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To enable HarfBuzz bindings for Python among other languages, make sure
you have latest version of gobject-introspection available. On Ubuntu,
you can install that this way:
sudo apt-get install libgirepository1.0-dev
And then run (if building from git), and then:
./configure --with-gobject --enable-introspection
Make sure that gobject-introspection is enabled then in the final report.
Compile and install.
Make sure you have the installation lib dir in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, as needed
for the linker to find the library.
Then make sure you also have GI_TYPELIB_PATH pointing to the resulting
$prefix/lib/girepository-* directory.
Make sure you have pygobject installed. Then check that the following
import works in your Python interpretter:
from gi.repository import HarfBuzz
If it does, you are ready to call HarfBuzz from Python! Congratulations.
See src/
The Python API will change. Let us know on the mailing list if you are
using it, and send lots of feedback.