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The FreeType 2 font engine is copyrighted work and cannot be used
legally without a software license. In order to make this project
usable to a vast majority of developers, we distribute it under two
mutually exclusive licenses.
This means that *you* must choose *one* license of the two described
below, then obey all its terms and conditions when using FreeType 2 in
any of your projects or products.
- The FreeType License, found in the file "FTL.TXT", which is an
BSD-style open-source license *with* an advertising clause that
forces you to explicitely cite the FreeType project in your
product's documentation. All details are in the license file.
- The GNU General Public License, found in "GPL.TXT", which is the
traditionnal and "viral" GPL license that forces you to redistribute
the _complete_ sources of all your products that use FreeType 2.
Note that the contributed PCF driver comes with a license similar to
that of X Window System which is compatible to the above two licenses
(see file src/pcf/readme).
--- end of licence.txt ---