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Here is a list of items that need to be addressed in FreeType 2; they are
not exactly bugs, but should be considered though:
* Implement stem3/counter hints properly in the Postscript hinter.
* Finalize the cache sub-system. It has been in beta far too long :-)
* The automatic and Postscript hinters have been improved to increase
the quality of AA text, but Monochrome and LCD hinting still suck. We
need to do something about that.
* Add CIDCMap support to the CID driver.
* Add track kerning support to the Type1 and PFR driver and the API
(The degree of kerning, e.g. light, normal or tight, and
the glyph size has to be passed as parameter).
* Add kerning (AFM file) support to the CID driver.
* Possibly add support for reading PFM files.
--- end of TODO ---