updated documentation for Beta 4
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   *** UNIX USERS : Even though the FT2 build system doesn't
   ************** : use the Autoconf/Automake tools, these will
   ************** : be introduced in the Unix-specific parts of
-  ************** : the build inour final release..
+  ************** : the build in our final release..
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+This directory contains an experimental Type 1 driver that will ultimately
+replace the "official" one in "src/type1".
+This driver doesn't provide a mini Postscript interpreter, but uses
+pattern matching in order to load data from fonts. It works better and
+faster than the official driver, but will replace it only when we finish
+the auto-hinting module..
+You don't need to compile it to support Type 1 fonts, the driver should
+co-exist peacefully with the rest of the engine however..