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* winfnt.h
* FreeType font driver for Windows FNT/FON files
* Copyright (C) 1996-2022 by
* David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg.
* Copyright 2007 Dmitry Timoshkov for Codeweavers
* This file is part of the FreeType project, and may only be used,
* modified, and distributed under the terms of the FreeType project
* license, LICENSE.TXT. By continuing to use, modify, or distribute
* this file you indicate that you have read the license and
* understand and accept it fully.
#ifndef WINFNT_H_
#define WINFNT_H_
#include <freetype/ftwinfnt.h>
#include <freetype/internal/ftdrv.h>
typedef struct WinMZ_HeaderRec_
FT_UShort magic;
/* skipped content */
FT_UShort lfanew;
} WinMZ_HeaderRec;
typedef struct WinNE_HeaderRec_
FT_UShort magic;
/* skipped content */
FT_UShort resource_tab_offset;
FT_UShort rname_tab_offset;
} WinNE_HeaderRec;
typedef struct WinPE32_HeaderRec_
FT_ULong magic;
FT_UShort machine;
FT_UShort number_of_sections;
/* skipped content */
FT_UShort size_of_optional_header;
/* skipped content */
FT_UShort magic32;
/* skipped content */
FT_ULong rsrc_virtual_address;
FT_ULong rsrc_size;
/* skipped content */
} WinPE32_HeaderRec;
typedef struct WinPE32_SectionRec_
FT_Byte name[8];
/* skipped content */
FT_ULong virtual_address;
FT_ULong size_of_raw_data;
FT_ULong pointer_to_raw_data;
/* skipped content */
} WinPE32_SectionRec;
typedef struct WinPE_RsrcDirRec_
FT_ULong characteristics;
FT_ULong time_date_stamp;
FT_UShort major_version;
FT_UShort minor_version;
FT_UShort number_of_named_entries;
FT_UShort number_of_id_entries;
} WinPE_RsrcDirRec;
typedef struct WinPE_RsrcDirEntryRec_
FT_ULong name;
FT_ULong offset;
} WinPE_RsrcDirEntryRec;
typedef struct WinPE_RsrcDataEntryRec_
FT_ULong offset_to_data;
FT_ULong size;
FT_ULong code_page;
FT_ULong reserved;
} WinPE_RsrcDataEntryRec;
typedef struct WinNameInfoRec_
FT_UShort offset;
FT_UShort length;
FT_UShort flags;
FT_UShort id;
FT_UShort handle;
FT_UShort usage;
} WinNameInfoRec;
typedef struct WinResourceInfoRec_
FT_UShort type_id;
FT_UShort count;
} WinResourceInfoRec;
#define WINFNT_MZ_MAGIC 0x5A4D
#define WINFNT_NE_MAGIC 0x454E
#define WINFNT_PE_MAGIC 0x4550
typedef struct FNT_FontRec_
FT_ULong offset;
FT_WinFNT_HeaderRec header;
FT_Byte* fnt_frame;
FT_ULong fnt_size;
FT_String* family_name;
} FNT_FontRec, *FNT_Font;
typedef struct FNT_FaceRec_
FT_FaceRec root;
FNT_Font font;
} FNT_FaceRec, *FNT_Face;
FT_EXPORT_VAR( const FT_Driver_ClassRec ) winfnt_driver_class;
#endif /* WINFNT_H_ */
/* END */