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Font configuration and customization library
Version 2.3.2
Check INSTALL for compilation and installation instructions.
Report bugs to in the fontconfig module.
Patch memory leaks in using iconv. (Reported by Chris Capoccia)
Patch memory leaks in fc-cache. (Reported by Chris Capoccia)
Fetch bitmap glyphs to get widths during font evaluation. (keithp)
Share strings through FcObjectStaticName (Ross Burton)
Windows build updates (Tor Lillqvist)
Be more careful about broken GSUB/GPOS tables (Manish Singh)
Include debian packaging stuff in CVS (Josselin Mouette)
Add more conf.d examples (Keith Packard)
Make manuals build again (Keith Packard)
Johap -> Johab (Funda Wang)
Fix memory leak of patterns rejected by configuration (#2518)
Create prototype /etc/fonts/conf.d directory and populate it with a few
sample files. These samples are unused as the file names don't start with
Update documentation.
Verify cache for FC_FILE and FC_FAMILY in every entry (#2219)
Update blanks list from recent Unicode docs (#86)
Various small build fixes (#280, #2278,
Documentation fixes (#2085, #2284, #2285)
Add polite typechecking to config file loader (#229)
Share object name strings (Michael Meeks)
Eliminate a couple of codepoints from Russian orthography (John Thacker)
Add synthetic emboldening configuration changes (Jakub Pavelek)
Change FcFontSetSort to ignore language after fonts with the requested
languages have been found. (Owen Taylor)
Add some RedHat font configuration changes (Owen Tayler).
Add full Unicode case folding support to case-ignoring string functions
(Keith Packard)
Remove Han characters from Korean orthography (Tor Andersson)
Fc-cache sleeps before exiting to ensure filesystem timestamps are well
Added Punjai orthography.
The timestamp in fonts.conf is gone now. Too many problems.
The default font path includes all of the X fonts; use selectfont/rejectfont
to eliminate bitmaps, as shown in the sample local.conf file.
<include> configuration elements may now reference a directory. Files
in that directory matching [0-9]* are loaded in UTF-8 collating sequence order.
<selectfont> configuration added to control which fonts are used.
fontformat font pattern elements built from the FT_Get_X11_Font_Format
function in newer versions of FreeType.
'capability' list constructed from gsub/gpos and silf values in TrueType
Multi-lingual names (style, family, fullname) extracted and stored with
parallel <foo>lang properties marking language.
Fix FcConfigUpToDate to actually check all font directories and eliminate
a typo which completely prevented it from working (Lubos Lunak
Remove comma at end of FcResult enum definition for picky compilers.
Add FcResultOutOfMemory so FcFontSetMatch can return accurate error.
Replace MIN/MAX/ABS macros which happened to be in old FreeType releases
with FC_MIN/FC_MAX/FC_ABS macros owned by fontconfig.
The 2.2.93 release was prepared with a broken libtool which created
the shared library without the '.so' in the file names.
This is the third prerelease of fontconfig 2.3. Significant changes from
2.2.92 are:
o Use new FreeType #include syntax
o use y_ppem field instead of 'height' in bitmap sizes rec -
FreeType changed the semantics. Still uses height for
older versions of FreeType
o Don't construct program manuals unless docbook is available
o make distcheck work
o Switch to SGML manuals
o Add FC_DUAL width spacing value
o Add FcFini to close out fontconfig and release all memory
This is the third public release of fontconfig, a font configuration and
customization library. Fontconfig is designed to locate fonts within the
system and select them according to requirements specified by applications.
Fontconfig is not a rasterization library, nor does it impose a particular
rasterization library on the application. The X-specific library
'Xft' uses fontconfig along with freetype to specify and rasterize fonts.
Keith Packard