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2004-06-30 Keith Packard <>
* fontconfig/fontconfig.h:
Update version to 2.2.3
Add release comments to INSTALL
2004-06-30 Keith Packard <>
Provided by: Lubos Lunak <>
* src/fccfg.c: (FcConfigUptoDate):
However FcConfigUptoDate() doesn't seem to work. See the attached
patch. First there's an obvious misplaced parenthesis making it
return always false, and second, even this call fails to detect font
changes (e.g. adding a new font to
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype). The patch should fix that as
well. The problem seems to be triggered by my fonts.conf specifying
only /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts , and therefore config->configDirs
doesn't include subdirs, unlike config->fontDirs.
2004-04-07 Keith Packard <>
2004-03-30 Keith Packard <>
Oops. Apply changes to needed to detect
functions and structures used in FcGetPixelSize.
2004-03-30 Keith Packard <>
* doc/
Fix --disable-doc mode code to locate built documents in ${srcdir}
instead of ${builddir}
2004-03-30 Keith Packard <>
* src/fcfreetype.c: (FcGetPixelSize), (FcFreeTypeQuery):
Use code from HEAD in computing pixel sizes of fonts
so that vageries in FreeType over y_ppem/height issues
don't affect what pixel size values are used.
2004-03-30 Keith Packard <>
Bug #387 - (Pedro Gimeno)
* src/fcxml.c: (FcStrtod):
Missing braces around a block of code. Correct fix was
already in HEAD.
2004-03-28 Tor Lillqvist <>
Merge from HEAD:
* src/fccfg.c (FcConfigCreate): If FcConfigHome() is NULL, use the
temp folder. (I guess this branch doesn't crash on a NULL
config->cache, but still a good idea to have a cache file, for
performance, isn't it?)
* src/ (install-libtool-import-lib): Fix cut&paste error.
* test/ Remove CRs from the out file before comparing
(needed on Windows).
* (DEVZIP): Add share/doc directory. Add Fc*.3
man pages.
* src/ Move the LIBRARY and VERSION lines to the
end, not to confuse libtool, which expects the EXPORTS line to be
the first. Add FcConfigEnableHome.
* src/fccfg.c: Check also for DLL_EXPORT as indication of being
built as a DLL on Win32.
2004-03-10 Keith Packard <>
* fontconfig/fontconfig.h:
Update to version 2.2.2
* doc/
* fc-lang/
Make subdir build work
* fontconfig/fcfreetype.h:
* src/fcfreetype.c:
Use new freetype include scheme
2003-11-10 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* src/fcxml.c:
Fixed a bug "FcStrtod" in handling some cases with two-byte decimal
2003-06-09 Keith Packard <>
* Tag version 2.2.1
* add patch from HEAD to fix optimized path in FcLangSetIndex
2003-04-30 Keith Packard <>
* Typo in bitstream foundry name
2003-04-24 Keith Packard <>
* Eliminate italic_angle check for PS fonts
2003-04-23 James Henstridge <>
* doc/fontconfig-devel.sgml: close the <para> element.
* doc/fcpattern.fncs: close the <para> element.
* doc/func.sgml: close the <refsynopsisdiv> element.
2003-04-22 Keith Packard <
* Update to work with newer automake versions
* Handle pattern elements moving during multiple edits
2003-04-17 Colin Walters <>
+ Remove some unused variables, and initialize some other ones so
gcc doesn't warn us.
2003-04-16 Keith Packard <>
+ tag version 2.1.94
2003-04-16 Keith Packard <>
+ add BDF property fetching support for foundry
(from Juliusz Chroboczek)
+ add BDF property fetching support for width
2003-04-11 Juliusz Chroboczek <>
+ Implemented foundry generation for Type 1 and TrueType
2003-04-11 Gerard Escalante <>
+ Retrieve information from Type1 FontInfo dictionaries
2003-04-07 Colin Walters <>
+ src/ Fix dummy makefile target names when
2003-03-22 Tor Lillqvist <>
Changes for Windows:
+ On Windows with gcc (a.k.a. mingw) build as a DLL.
+ We don't want to hardcode the fonts.conf file location in the
DLL, so we look up the DLL location at run-time in a DllMain()
function. The fonts.conf location is deduced from that.
+ The colon can't be used as path separator on Windows,
semicolon is used instead. File path components can be separated
with either slash or backslash. Absolute paths can also begin
with a drive letter.
+ Add internal function FcStrLastSlash that strrchr's the last
slash, or backslash on Windows.
+ There is no link() on Windows. For atomicity checks, mkdir a
lock directory instead.
+ In addition to HOME, also look for USERPROFILE.
+ Recognize the special font directory token WINDOWSFONTDIR, to
use the system's font directory.
+ Remove the fontconfig-def.cpp that was obsolete. Add
fontconfig.def(.in), without internal functions.
+ Add a fontconfig-zip(.in) script, used to build a binary
Fri Mar 7 07:55:00 EST 2003 Mike A. Harris <>
+ RPM specfile cleanups for 2.1.92: Removed man1/* and added man5/*
to main package and man3/* to devel package
+ Added missing defattr(-, root, root) to main RPM package
+ Added HTML and text development documentation to -devel subpackage
Wed Mar 5 05:08:00 EST 2003 Mike A. Harris <>
+ Added back the configure macro options --disable-docs, otherwise
fontconfig installs docs into /usr/share/doc/fontconfig (with no
version number) unconditionally, causing RPM to fail the build due
to _unpackaged_files_terminate_build. We pick up the pregenerated
docs with %doc already.
Wed Mar 5 04:26:20 EST 2003 Mike A. Harris <>
+ Removed commented out rpm macro define at top of spec file,
replacing it with a simple explanation, since rpm macros are
expanded by rpm even in comments.
+ Changed /usr/bin to _bindir in BuildRequires lines
+ Cleaned up rpm postinstall script, and made fc-cache use _bindir
+ Reorganized file manifest lists
Sun Mar 2 14:16:17 EST 2003 Owen Taylor <>
+ Improvements from Red Hat spec file.
+ {fc-lang,fc-cache,fc-list}/ Add man pages.
+ docs/*.sgml: SGML fixes.
Sat Mar 1 17:28:53 PST 2003 keithp
+ Ok, so the ChangeLog is a bit out of date
+ Lots of bugs fixed; most are in bugzilla, the
biggest problems were in cache management where
Owen discovered the library would lose badly when
combining fonts-cache and ~/.fonts-cache data
+ Converted from autoconf to automake. This after
getting patches accepted into libtool to allow
the '-version-number' argument which lets
packages set version numbers explicitly rather
than the roundabout libtool way
+ Converted documentation to SGML using the docbook
DTD. Now .txt and .html documents are installed
in /usr/share/doc/fontconfig and there's no
man page. Perhaps a man version can be written
at some point.
Sat Aug 31 15:21:22 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Xrender and Xft had several bugs related to
rendering manually placed or poly-face text
+ Added more complete memory tracing in fontconfig
Checked with (patched) mozilla and found no leaks
+ Updated Latin orthographies by comparing those from with those from Tried to make
sensible choices, including chars that occured in both
and leaving some optional chars out that occured only
in one.
Mon Aug 26 16:33:04 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Owen discovered that FcLangSetHasLang wasn't actually
checking the language set.
Mon Aug 26 13:37:23 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Append a version number to cache filenames
Thu Aug 22 11:36:18 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Add "contains" and "not_contains" operators and elements to
font configuration
+ Changed semantics of eq operator for LangSets to check for
FcLangEqual so that any match will do
+ FcFontList was using FcConfigCompareValue (...FcOpEqual) instead
of FcValueEqual to check for identical values when inserting into
the results. This broke when the above semantic change was made,
now it uses FcValueEqual which is "more correct" in any case.
Thu Aug 22 00:32:29 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Reimplement FC_LANG as new datatype. Lists of strings
was consuming over a megabyte of memory for 401 fonts.
+ Freeze patterns loaded from cache files. This shares
common value lists and common patterns which saves
considerable memory.
+ Change the denotation of 'constant' charsets to use special
ref value instead of separate boolean.
+ Clean up leak tracing stuff, found several unannoted alloc/free
Tue Aug 20 16:17:37 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Fix memory leak when parsing matrices from XML
Mon Aug 19 11:57:27 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Fix autoconf files to pass FONTCONFIG_PATH on
compile line so that ${prefix} gets substituted
+ Use getc_unlocked/putc_unlocked on systems that
provide them to avoid damage done to stdio by posix
+ Eliminate FC_PATTERN and FcTypePattern in favor of
an extended api for FcConfigSubstitute which takes
both the font and the pattern.
+ Add 'sans serif' alias for 'sans-serif' as some apps
can't handle hyphens in family names
+ Eliminate pretense of support for libxml2
+ Comment origins of Han orthographies
Tue Jul 30 18:37:09 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Add binding property to edit element so that strong
binding values may be inserted by the config file.
The default remains weak.
Sun 28 Jul 04:16:55 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Tagged release candidate 1 in the CVS tree and
placed fcpackage.rc1.tar.gz for distribution
Thu Aug 1 08:55:08 PDT 2002 keithp
+ Fixed autoconf builds to always specify install
target files (for BSD). Also fixed to
define FONTCONFIG_PATH in config.h so that
nonstandard installs will actually work.