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Requirements for adding new orth file:
* we are following up to the locale name, 2 or 3 letter code
in ISO 639 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code to determine a
filename. if it's not yet available, in advance, you
should get it fixed in glibc or so.
* Please add a reference URL (written in English as far as
possible) into the orth file that explains the code
coverage for the certain language. this would helps to
review if it has enough coverage.
* no need to add all of the codepoints for the certain
language. good enough if it covers most frequently used
codepoints in it.
To update existing orth files:
* Please make sure how the changes affects to the existing
fonts and no regressions except it is expected behavior.
* Please add any reference URL in bugzilla or any
explanation why it needs to be added/removed and also why
current orth file doesn't work.
* Please provide a test case what fonts are supposed to be
accepted against the change and what fonts aren't.