Roll ANGLE from 74edb4b440b8 to 1ee27fcdbfe6 (26 revisions)

2023-03-27 Fix translation of noperspective interpolation qualifier
2023-03-27 Mali: Disable disjointTimerQueries on ChromeOS with MaliT8xxOrOlder
2023-03-27 [GL backend] Get texture bindings size from frontend caps
2023-03-27 Avoid defaulted comparison operator
2023-03-27 GL: Support OES_sample_variables
2023-03-27 Roll vulkan-deps from 672a6d1840c9 to d56f491466de (13 revisions)
2023-03-25 Vulkan: improve etc to bc grident texture precison.
2023-03-24 restricted_trace_perf: Delete settings when using default
2023-03-24 Vulkan: Do not enforce custom ANGLEs secondary command buffers.
2023-03-24 Vulkan: Minor SecondaryCommandPool::destroy() optimization.
2023-03-24 Vulkan: Enable async features for Secondary Command Buffers.
2023-03-24 Tests: Add Geometry Dash trace
2023-03-24 Vulkan: Retire Command Buffers before destroying the Pools.
2023-03-24 Vulkan: Fix Secondary Command Buffers with asyncCommandQueue.
2023-03-24 Roll SwiftShader from f988757e44a3 to c85d70d97009 (3 revisions)
2023-03-24 Roll vulkan-deps from 886b2b7b32a4 to 672a6d1840c9 (11 revisions)
2023-03-24 Remove uninited pixel check from TexStorageWithPBO
2023-03-24 Adjust copied dylibs in
2023-03-23 Re-enable mutable texture upload for one context
2023-03-23 D3D11: Implement EXT_conservative_depth
2023-03-23 Metal: Implement EXT_conservative_depth
2023-03-23 Start MacBook Pro AMD 2019 experiment on ANGLE bots
2023-03-23 Roll vulkan-deps from 379ee8599f0f to 886b2b7b32a4 (12 revisions)
2023-03-23 Vulkan: Update SharedCommandBlockPool::valid() method.
2023-03-23 Roll SwiftShader from 0cc04d07ab24 to f988757e44a3 (1 revision)
2023-03-23 Roll Chromium from 27821cf1b122 to c83e966b4c7e (630 revisions)

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