Roll Dawn from 424fd828893e to 6f833b7f78c9 (17 revisions)

2021-01-14 Add internal compute pipeline in ResolveQuerySet for Timestamp Query
2021-01-14 dawn_wire: Skip device inject error if the client drops the device
2021-01-13 ShaderModule: Include extra information in shader errors
2021-01-13 Enabled BindGroupLayout deprecation warning and fixed tests it broke.
2021-01-13 Ensure all wire child objects are destroyed before their device
2021-01-13 Roll Tint from 395ec2c4aed8 to 313ae9e87f37 (1 revision)
2021-01-13 [wgsl]: s/texture_sampled_/texture_
2021-01-13 Roll Tint from 57166264e01f to 395ec2c4aed8 (2 revisions)
2021-01-13 Roll Tint from 1c200cffd051 to 57166264e01f (4 revisions)
2021-01-13 Remove special-casing of device reference/release in the wire
2021-01-13 dawn_wire: Make all objects owned by the client
2021-01-13 Make the Device ref the Instance
2021-01-13 Don't forward device lost errors to the uncaptured error callback
2021-01-13 Further fixes to build with with VS2019 (end2end tests)
2021-01-13 D3D12: Use Texture::Create pattern for swapchain textures
2021-01-13 Roll Tint from 987376cd21a8 to 1c200cffd051 (13 revisions)
2021-01-13 Reset scissor reset before presenting in opengl

Also rolling transitive DEPS: from 987376cd21a8 to 313ae9e87f37

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