Revert "Add SkFontMgr implementation for Fuchsia"

This reverts commit 309f1deddf8ef0d5d2ce4f92c3be4c8ecd745b90.

Reason for revert: breaks compile in google3

In file included from third_party/skia/HEAD/src/ports/SkFontMgr_fuchsia.cpp:8:
third_party/skia/HEAD/include/ports/SkFontMgr_fuchsia.h:11:10: fatal error: 'fuchsia/fonts/cpp/fidl.h' file not found
#include <fuchsia/fonts/cpp/fidl.h>

Original change's description:
> Add SkFontMgr implementation for Fuchsia
> The new SkFontMgr implementation will be used by Flutter and Chromium on
> Fuchsia.
> Change-Id: Ibd60a622282556e8557058e92fe865857f7024f9
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> Reviewed-by: Ben Wagner <>
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