Roll ANGLE from e8b8b8164520 to 96a80283cc0f (13 revisions)

2020-05-21 Advertise filtering support for FP16 luminance/alpha formats on ES 3.0.
2020-05-21 Tests: Add trace of Egypt to TracePerfTest
2020-05-21 Add error-handling when getting Xcb window size
2020-05-21 Don't write alpha when blitting to a framebuffer with emulated alpha.
2020-05-21 Vulkan: Remove GL_BGRX8_ANGLEX from configurations
2020-05-21 Vulkan: change preferAggregateBarrierCalls to accomodate ARM on linux
2020-05-21 Vulkan:Migrate command buffers to pointers
2020-05-21 Tests: Add a common framebuffer config for perf tests
2020-05-21 Roll SPIRV-Tools from 63fa9114a931 to 3c47dac28208 (17 revisions)
2020-05-21 Roll SwiftShader from b6e8c3f0f483 to cc5cda0f997d (1 revision)
2020-05-21 Roll Vulkan-ValidationLayers from 4683991f7675 to a6d833327f7e (6 revisions)
2020-05-21 Roll Vulkan-Tools from ca8958de1238 to 0c4ea014bf28 (2 revisions)
2020-05-21 Roll glslang from 0ab78114a9e1 to 6f723ebbe3b0 (5 revisions)

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Bug: chromium:1080984
Test: Test: angle_perftest --gtest_filter="*Trace*egypt*"Test: Test: angle_perftests
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