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2021-02-20 Simplify If/Else lowering
2021-02-20 Don't materialize on insertion block changes
2021-02-20 Implement scalar replacement of aggregates
2021-02-20 Report back the Subzero optimizer results
2021-02-19 Fix lowering and optimization of 64-bit absolute addresses
2021-02-19 Eliminate code randomization support from Subzero
2021-02-19 Fix Win32SurfaceKHR::getSurfaceCapabilities asserting when hwnd is no longer valid
2021-02-19 Update requested SPIR-V Tools version to 1.5
2021-02-19 Make vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceCapabilitiesKHR provide a return code
2021-02-19 Revert "Revert "Enable named mmap usage on Android""

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