Roll ANGLE from 44adf8c68342 to 76a3f0509207 (13 revisions)

2022-09-22 Fix crash in vkGetPhysicalDeviceProperties2()
2022-09-22 Revert "Add ReadPixels Perf Test"
2022-09-21 Roll vulkan-deps from 7d70d765a648 to 13962002fdf0 (7 revisions)
2022-09-21 Roll vulkan-deps from d9371f187fcc to 7d70d765a648 (1 revision)
2022-09-21 Implement the ANGLE_shader_pixel_local_storage API
2022-09-21 Only close COM if it was initialized
2022-09-21 GLES1: Enable PointAntiAlias and RescaleNormal tests
2022-09-21 GLES1: Fix behavior with incomplete mipmap textures
2022-09-21 Suppress VVL error about vkCmdDraw-None
2022-09-21 EGL: Implement EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import_modifiers
2022-09-21 Vulkan: Fix validation error with unset-logic-op in UtilsVk
2022-09-21 Suppress VVL error about input attachment desc
2022-09-21 Add ReadPixels Perf Test

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