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git log 540bdf92531d..77090261dabc --date=short --first-parent --format='%ad %ae %s'
2020-03-25 Identify image views based on their state
2020-03-25 Provide packed VkFormat to uint8_t mapping
2020-03-25 Uniquely identify sampler state
2020-03-25 Split vk::Sampler state off into a structure
2020-03-25 Fix handling Memset<> assignment and comparison
2020-03-25 Add script for updating llvm 10
2020-03-25 regres: add daily run against SwiftShader/Subzero
2020-03-25 CMake: Don't export LLVM_INCLUDE_DIR to PARENT_SCOPE
2020-03-25 CMake: Move LLVM rules out to third_party/llvm-7.0
2020-03-25 Add missing copyright header to CMakeLists.txt

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