Roll Skia Infra from 996f56b64f8b to 42673e90d5d2 (9 revisions)

2024-02-13 Rename @com_github_googleapis to @googleapis.
2024-02-12 Add own config template with archivals.
2024-02-12 [ansible] Add update_gcloud.yml playbook.
2024-02-12 Actually fix roll_cipd_packages
2024-02-12 Update base-cipd to pick up LUCI CIPD package update v2
2024-02-12 Update LUCI CIPD packages again
2024-02-12 [autoroll] Use 'git config --unset-all'
2024-02-12 [autoroll] Add extra cleanup for local gclient-based rollers
2024-02-12 Roll Skia Infra CIPD packages from 536d1c386426 to 996f56b64f8b (5 revisions)

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