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2023-05-26 d3d11: ignore backend debug layer warning from SetPrivateData()
2023-05-26 Add more supported swapchain texture usages.
2023-05-26 [ir][spirv-writer] Emit builtin function calls
2023-05-26 [ir] Emit initializer before var declaration
2023-05-26 [ir] Add a NextIteration instruction.
2023-05-26 [ir] Add the Exit instructions.
2023-05-26 [ir] Add BreakIf instruction.
2023-05-26 Add SwapChain::GetCurrentTexture
2023-05-26 Dawn: Rename remaining DiscoverAdapters to DiscoverPhysicalDevices
2023-05-26 Roll ANGLE from c121b0137b6a to 388a184dd781 (10 revisions)
2023-05-26 Update expectations.txt with Android results
2023-05-26 Tint/GLSL: rename identifiers containing double-underscores.
2023-05-26 [ir] Add explicit continue branches.
2023-05-26 [ir] Add explicit Return instructions.

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